/ Parish Council / 2016 Minutes / 18th January 2016


Minutes of the additional Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 18th January 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair), L Gates, S W Harris, K Hunt, G Lucas and K Reed (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk) and

SCClr D Fothergill. No members of the public attended.   


16/14. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone to the additional meeting of the PC which had been called principally to enable sufficient time to focus on the Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. IW explained that there were additional items he would also like to consider if time permits as they had been held over from previous meetings.


16/15. Public Speaking.  Ken Hunt expressed his disappointed at the emails that had been sent in recent weeks by some Cllrs. KH advised that he had intended to resign from the PC in December on health grounds but had as a result decided to remain and help coordinate a resolution.


16/16. Apologies. PCllr S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), Y Guest, S Hutchings, D Knight and C Sampson sent apologies. SCClr D Fothergill explained he was just back from holiday so could stay for an hour.


16/17. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. None.


16/18. Parish Council Planning.  Neighbourhood Plan for CSM Parish.

IW reminded the PC that the Clerk had been asked to get an amended quote from the planning consultants WYG. The Clerk advised that the new quotation reflected WYG taking the PCs draft plan through the Neighbourhood Plan process on a proactive and lead basis working with the Community Council for Somerset who would undertake the survey and consultation work elements required. The PC agreed to appoint WYG and CCS.


IW having reissued a further reiteration of the draft NH plan asked PCllrs again that they give their comments in order to help further develop the document into a final draft for issue. A wide range of points were raised including (but not exclusively) safe routes to Schools, need for a joining up of sports areas, aspiration to enlarge the Rec Park, a footbridge adjacent to the railway bridge (eastern side), the need to retain the identity of the village, the relationship of the new housing with the village and the PC influence on the contents and design of that build and a desire to retain the fields at the rear of West View as fields. Action. IW to update the draft plan; the Clerk to instruct WYG and CCS and to apply for ACV status on the two fields at the northern boundary of West View.


16/19. Party in the Park 9th July 2016

The Clerk advised that following the last meeting he had sought advice from County Exec Officer of Somerset Association of Local Councils (SALC) on whether individual  PCllrs on the PIP panel needed to have declared an interest or not. He had been advised that was not required but SALC had advised him that if a Committee is to be formally constituted then it must have a Terms of Reference in line with the Councils Standing Orders. The PIP Proposal document agreed (see item 16/12) at the last meeting therefore is ultravires and is not valid. To address this if a PIP Cttee is to be constituted then the TOR document would be required to be agreed and this should include such additional matters as meetings being held in public with minutes, agendas/ summons etc in the same way as the PC meetings are, that its existence and membership would be decided annually at the PC Annual Meeting, individuals would have to formally declare their interest in the items being considered at each meeting, Quorum and cover arrangements should be established, all members are to be subject to the PC’s Code of Conduct and its S/Orders and the responsibility to act and what it can’t do (Incl whether further events can be organised) should be set out. If unacceptable then the options are for PIP to remain as Panel or to establish a community group/not for profit company exists.

Action.  IW to meet with the PIP Panel PCllrs and agree a way forward and if a Committee is still desired to work together on a TOR document to be approved by the PC


16/20. Highways.  No defects were reported. KR raised that in the recent flooding the left hand side (opp the layby) of the road under the old bridge flooded in a way that suggested a block culvert.

Action. The Clerk to report to SCC Highways.


  16/21. Footpaths and Rights of Way.

  No Defects were reported. A suggestion to put an appeal on the website to recruit a volunteer to walk the local ROW was

  made and agreed.

Action. The Clerk to place an appeal on the village website for a volunteer footpath warden.


16/22. Transport. GL advised that he had spoken to Mark Pedlar of Webberbus about the need to improve the bus services in CSM. MP had advised that SCC Public Transport had recently surveyed citizens and until the outcome of that survey is available no changes would be made.

Action. The Clerk to ask SCC Public Transport what is happening.



16/23. Asset of Community Value.

(1) The Bell Inn Site. The Clerk advised he had been informed that there had been a dispute over the grass strip of land at the side of the carpark and that had been resolved with the ownership being transferred to the owner of Curvalion House. As no sale had taken place the ACV on the land had not been enacted and the ACV would no longer apply on the strip of land as it is now in private ownership. The loss of the land was discussed and it was agreed to see if it could be obtained by the PC.  

Action. The Clerk to write to the Owners asking if they would sell the strip of land to the PC.


(2) Garage site, St Michaels Road. The Clerk advised that the application for ACV Status had been submitted and was being considered. A request to learn the PC intention for the site should the ACV ever be enacted had been made by




TDBC and the PC confirmed that it would wish to retain it as a mixed business (not housing) use site providing a central focus to the village which also added to the sustainability of the village.

Action. The Clerk to reply to TDBC.


16/24. Website.

The PC desire to see greater use of the website was discussed.

Action. The Clerk to use Facebook to highlight the website in order to encourage users.


16/25. Annual Parish Meeting (April 22nd Friday).

The Clerk asked PCllrs who they would wished  to invite to the APM as Speakers. It was agreed to invite the new Chief Constable and the Canal and Rivers Trust.

Action.  PCllrs to advise of their further suggestions at the next PC meeting to be held on 1st Feb and the Clerk to invite the new Chief Constable and the Canal and Rivers Trust.


16/26. Merlyn’s Copse. The Clerk advised that the Solicitors had informed him the sale was proceeding through to sale as had been previously agreed by the PC and this was welcomed. He asked who would sign the sales documents and it was agreed GL and SWH would.

Action. The Clerk to inform the PC Solicitors who would be signing the sale documents.


16/27. Rec Park

(1) TME.  KH asked what was happening regarding a lease for TME use of the Rec Park. IW advised that the priority is still to get planning permission for the new building. Once this was obtained, as agreed we would issue a new lease but there needs to be some T&C review/amendments made first.

(2) Adj field. LG reported she had spoken to the owner who had made clear she did not wish to sell the field and wont be persuaded otherwise. The Clerk reconfirmed that ACV status had been granted on the field.


16/28. Staff Matters. The PC discussed a confidential Staff Matter.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 1 February 2016 in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting will be on Monday 7th March also at 7pm.   


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net