/ Parish Council / 2016 Minutes / 5th September 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 5th September 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), L Gates, S W Harris G Lucas, K Hunt, K Reed and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. Three members of the public attended.   


16/148. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Hutching began by welcoming all.


16/149. Public Speaking. Christine Wincester advised the PC of the problems being experienced late at night on the green space at the lower part of West View/at the back of Alexandra Close (behind the garages). The police were aware and are attending but scooters and a car have been driven on the footpath.

Action. The Clerk to ask the Police to escalate to the triforce department and to ask the Police to attend a future PC meeting. The Clerk to make TDBC aware as this land is that Councils and to ask that they too take action.


16/150. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest, D Knight and C Sampson had sent sent apologies and these were accepted.


16/151. Declarations of Interest. None.


16/152. To receive the County Councillors’ Reports.

DF advised of the;

(1) Temporary Closure of the Urban Footway between Crufts Meadow and Queens Drive. The footway will be closed from 28th September 2016 for 6 weeks (07.30 - 17.00hrs, excluding the weekend) to enable the construction of a new foul and surface water sewer in the footpath and bank by canal.


(2) M5 Junc 25 Improvements consultation will take place at Ruishton Village Hall 2-7pm Sept 19th/ Taunton Library

2-7pm Sept 21st. DF highlighted the difficulty that the “Black Rock Culvert” had presented the designers and was the limiting factor.


(3) CSM Bus Service. Following a meeting with First Bus from 31st October it had now been agreed a commercial hourly bus service would run via the village.


16/153. Minutes of the 4th July Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed with two amendments being made to item 16/131 (1) Planning Application 14/16/0031 from WofE Developments. A decision was taken to minute the voting record for this application (Cllrs Gates, Greenhalgh and Hutchings voted to object with Cllrs Hunt and Lucas in favour of accepting the application with Cllr Knight abstaining). It was also decided to record a statement by Cllr Hunt made at the meeting that those Cllrs who voted to object should hang their heads in shame. Cllr Hunt then apologised for making that comment. The minutes were then amended, signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


16/154. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 4th July Mtg.

16/134. (2) Inclusive Play Equipment at the Rec Park. The Clerk confirmed that he had advised CS of the problems with the IPE raised by the caretaker.


16/136. Highways/Footpaths (1) Defects. The Clerk confirmed he had reported various defects to the relevant authorities; vegetation on the corner of Ryesland Way and St Michaels Road by the Phone box has been cut back and the foliage by the 40mph signs could be cut back at 40mph signs on Langaller Lane by the A38 link road. GL also reported that the stile on the lane from Creech Heathfield to the former Golf Course is too high.

Action. SH to examine the stile at Creech Heathfield.


16/136. Highways/Footpaths (2) Speeding. The Clerk advised that he had written an appeal for the Creech News to see if enough volunteers are prepared to come forward to enable a Community Speedwatch Scheme to be established.


16/137. Boundary Commission – Electoral Review of TDBC. The Clerk confirmed he had written to the Local Government Boundary Commission advising of the growth facing the Parish and that CSM PC felt that there should be a dedicated CSM Ward with two District Councillors to representing the Parish on TDBC.


16/139. Correspondence. (1) The Clerk advised that he had written an appeal and submitted it to the Creech News team in order to encourage villagers to take greater pride in the Village. He had highlighted the example being set by the residents of North End.


16/139. Correspondence (2) DF confirmed th at the lime tree at the junction of Homefield Close and West View which was hanging too low had been attended to.


16/139. Correspondence (3) The Clerk had highlighted to individual PCouncillors where their information on the website was out of date or missing.

Action.  Identified PCllrs to submit updated biopics.


16/155. Minutes of the 25th July Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed with no amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.




16/156. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 25th July Mtg.


16/146. Correspondence (1) Amaryllis Cottage, Adsborough. The Clerk confirmed he had written to Design Associates following planning application 14/16/0029 Change of use and conversion of de-consecrated chapel to holiday accommodation in response to TDBC Planners asking Design Associates to undertake a sequential test (see TDBC Published Plan Core strategy Doc Policy DM2.7b) as part of the Planning Application process. Whilst the PC had confirmed  that the PC has no need for the building for community use, nor was it aware of any such need from within the Village or CSM, it was aware that the community and Villagers of Adsborough hold regular meetings and therefore suggested that Design Associates consult the Villagers of Adsborough to establish if they have a Community Use for the building.


16/146. Correspondence (2) New Community Bdg/Pavilion, Rec Park. The PC had just received confirmation from TDBC that no S106 Community Hall money would be available to part finance the new building. The Parish Council should however be able to draw upon the outdoor recreation contributions for that part of the proposed building that will be used by outdoor sports teams and any future CIL funding that will be made available to it.  


16/157. Planning.

(1) Planning Applications received. The following application was considered;







Erection of single and two storey extensions at Withy Tree Cottage, North End, CSM

Application supported.


(2) West of England Dev’s Application for 35 homes in Hyde Lane 14/16/0031 and offer of land for footpath along Hyde Lane. IW reported that the TDBC Planning Cttee had deferred a decision at their meeting held on 25th August. The Planning Officer had recommended refusal and had informed the TDBC Planning Cttee that the offer of land for a footpath by WofE could not be linked to the application. SWH reported he had attended the planning meeting and the Planners had stated that they had allowed far too much development in CSM and that had been a mistake. Four of the TDBC Cllrs had voted to support their officers recommendation to reject the application but as five are required to make a decision TDBC would now have to make a decision on how to proceed (it is anticipated that the application would be refused).


IW suggested that WofE were pressurising the Community into supporting their development but as it is outside of the village development boundary it should have been refused. DF explained that his priority was safety and whilst he had made it clear he did not support the additional housing he had therefore supported the application; as he had made clear at a previous PC meeting. SWH advised the two District Councillors had not supported the Village and KH asked if they were going to take a contrary view to the PC that they advise the PC in advance. IW suggested we need to be clearer and more forceful in opposing such applications with better attendance at the Planning Cttee.


The Clerk restated the PC submission to TDBC which made it very clear the PC were against the application and that SCC Highways should provide the safe route to school.


SG advised that the PC had not helped itself because it had not been unanimous in supporting refusal. Other Cllrs had used this to suggest the application was welcome by many and should therefore be passed.


(3) Tree Preservation Order at Langdon’s , Walford Cross. It was noted and welcomed that a tree preservation Order has been placed on these trees by TDBC.


16/158. CSM Neighbourhood Plan.

IW reported that the Panel had met with representatives from Redrow and Persimmon and TDBC who are working closely together. It had been expected that they would share their intentions but they sought information from the panel. As the survey had not yet been sent out and therefore the results are not available we were not able to advise them of what the Parish wanted. The volume of housing was discussed and we were advised that some 2000/2500 houses are set to be built in the CSM Urban area (in addition to the c1000 in the WM Urban area) between WM and Walford Cross over next 12 years.


It was noted that the NH survey had since been issued to all households in CSM. That the bid to the lottery for a contribution towards the cost of the Plans development had been declined and that a further bid (to Locality) had been submitted and a decision is awaited. The PC agreed to the panel’s recommendation that Parishioner Jackie Scott be co-opted on the panel. IW advised Parishioners interest was building and more requests were likely to be forthcoming.


16/159. Accounts.

(1) Payments were approved for the Clerks Salary, HMRC £207.65, SCC Pension Fund £213.41, Clerks Pt July/ August  Expenses £134.17,  CPRE (Membership 16-17) £36.00, Grant Thornton (2016 Audit Fees) £360.00, TDBC (Grass Cutting 2016) £2,661.35,  John Miller (Allotment Field Rent to 4.9.2017) £500.00, WYG EPT Ltd (NH Plan Consultancy Fees pt) £900.00, Bibby Factors Ltd Security (Rec Park 3d Security 1-8-16 to 28.8.16) £306.00, A Birch (North End Vol Group Grass Cutting Exps) £72.98, N Cridge (Merlyn’s Copse Grass cutting 7 8 16 and 4 9 16) £130.00,  Cash (Clerks Imprest (repl of out of date cheq 100459) £100.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning (Bus shelters 31.8.16 Cleaning) £45.00.


 (2) Cheques drawn since last meeting; A number of payments previously authorised were reported; British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-6- 16 to 7-7-16) £38.80, SPS (Septic Tank Empty 8 7 16) £140.00, A Birch (North End Vol Group donation for blower) £245.00, D Sweeting (Final Caretakers Salary), HMRC Recalculated Tax due on August Salaries following Caretakers resignation £236.83, CCfS (Flyers for NH Plan awareness raising and deposit for NH Consultation) £2,250.96,  Mrs M Mockridge (Clean Pavilion & Park 4.8-18.8.2016) £148.50, British Gas

(Electricity at Pavilion 7.7.16 to 7.8.16) £55.32, Wessex Water (Water at Rec Park 18.1.16-18.7.16) £12.44, Bibby Factors Ltd Security (Rec Park 3d Security 4-7-16 to 31.7.16) £216.00,  Soccertackle.com (Goalposts) £1,192.36.


(3) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; PIP16 (Cash takings) £5,230.00 and £416.25, (Stalls) £30.00, Beat Ales (Refund) £119.16, Wellington Bouncy Castles (stall donation) £100.00, TME (stall donation)£50.00.

Creech Allotment Society Rent 16-17 £540.00.


(4) Authorisation to make payment before the next meeting. B Gas Electricity at Pavilion 7-8-16 to 6-9-16).


(5) Accounts 2016-17. The Clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation report for the period 1/4/16 to 30/6/16 prior to the meeting. The Council’s receipts for the period 1st April 2016 to 30th June 2016 was £71,975.88 and the expenditure for the same period £28,798.77.  A detailed explanation of the figures was given, including a detailed examination of the Councils provisions and expenditure to date. The report was accepted and then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record.


(6) Ext Audit. The Clerk had circulated a copy of the Ext Auditor Grant Thornton audit letter in advance of the meeting. The Auditor had accepted and signed the accounts for 2015-2016 as correct. In doing so they had raised one minor point advising that an extra days notice of the commencement of the audit was required to be given. The Clerk reminded the PCllrs that he was happy to answer questions all year around and not just in the statutory audit period.


(7) Financial Controls. A review of the Parish Council Internal Controls was undertaken. It was decided to increase

to £250 (from £200) the amount in urgent situations the Chairperson in agreement with the responsible financial officer can authorise (and then report) a payment.


(8) Risk Assessment of Assets. The PC considered and agreed the approach to the annual Risk Assessment of the Councils Assets. The Clerk having previously circulated a listing of the PC Assets in advance of the meeting. The Council discussed these and agreed its approach to the annual RA of the Councils Assets would be to ask each PCllr and the Clerk to volunteer to examine some of the assets. These responsibilities were then agreed.

Action. The Clerk to coordinate PCllrs reports on the condition of each asset so a report can be presented to the PC at

a future  meeting.


(9) Printer. A decision was taken to purchase a new Printer for the Clerk at an estimated cost of £100.


16/160. Recreation Park.

(1) Appointment of Caretaker; SH reported that no appointment had been made. The arrangements were discussed and it was agreed the working party (SH,SG,CS) would re-advertise locally based on 2 hours a day. Also to examine providing new bins in the Rec Park (with covers) clearly signed to encourage their use. A discussion took place on how best to cover the caretaking duties until an appointment could be made. Despite some PCllrs suggesting that Cllrs should not have to act unpaid refuse collectors and therefore an agency should be employed as a temporary solution others volunteered to open the Rec Park weekdays and a decision was then taken for PCllrs to do the cleaning and litter for the next three weeks. It was also agreed that if this proved not to be possible then the Chairman/Clerk were authorised to employ a cleaner. CS offered to unlock each morning.

Action. The working party to advertise and recruit for a new caretaker and the Clerk to circulate a rota amongst PCllrs.


(2).Update Inclusive Play Equipment/Goalposts. SH advised that there were two issues with the IPE equipment and that CS had brought these to the attention of the supplier and was now awaiting their reply. Payment was being withheld pending. The Clerk advised that the footballers had requested changes to the pitch markings which had now been done and that the new goalposts had been ordered and are in production. At the company was Sheffield based their quotation for installation was far too high and therefore a local company would be required. It was agreed that the Chairman and Clerk could instruct a local company to remove the old sockets and install new ones upto £500 (from S106 monies).

Action. CS to ensure IPE fit for purpose. The Chair/Clerk to get new goalposts installed.


(3) Annual Safety Inspection/Play surfacing repairs Quotes. In the absence of CS it was decided to carry forward this item to the next meeting.


(4) Working Party. SH reported that no further work had been undertaken.


(5) Development. The Parish Council reconfirmed its desire to extend the Rec Park, to include purchasing a strip of the adjacent field (approx 70m wide down the fields length; equal to c3 acres) in order to help meet the growing demand from an increasing number of Parishioners for leisure activities. The aim is to own the land all the way down to the Motorway preferably though agreed purchases. The Clerk had prior to the meeting circulated papers from the Nat Assoc of Loc Councils and correspondence from Bruce Lang Asst Chief Executive of TDBC in response to enquiries made of them. Both confirmed that it was possible for Principal authorities (TDBC) to compulsory purchase (CP) land on behalf of and with the land to be owned by the Parish Council if required. CP was discussed and considered as the process is onerous, relatively expensive and time consuming. LG offered and the PC authorised her to speak again on its behalf to the owner of the field adj to the Rec Park in order to try again to achieve an agreed sale without the expense and time of CP so as to benefit the Villagers. The Clerk was asked to commence the CP process, initially speaking to TDBC planners and Play Specialists to ensure that they were fully onboard with the aim of extending the Park.

Action. LG to speak to the field Owner to see if an agreed sale can be achieved. The Clerk to speak to TDBC planning and Play Officers as first steps to CP of part of the adj field.


(6) Taunton Model Engineers (TME). SG updated the PC on correspondence received that day from TME outlining their future plans and this suggested that TME were continuing to invest in the Rec Park. SG suggested that the PC should appraise TME of its ambitions and to counsel against any major spending. IW reminded the PC that it had entered into an agreement with Fields in Trust (FIT) along with TME. TME are on the contract and that we will need to talk to TME if any changes are wanted. IW suggested the best way forward is to buy the extra land, build the pavilion and then sort TME. In the meantime the lease agreement needs taking forward as their running without an agreement in place.

The Chairman invited Graham Hodge to speak.GH advised that at the time he was a PCllr he had over seen the agreement  with FIT and had got the agreement of the TME Chairman.


KR highlighted her concern with the lack of a lease and had been told that over the B/H week-end one of the trains and passenger carrying carriages had derailed. Whilst happily no injury was caused this time she advised she was not sure that all safety measures are being observed and highlighted that the PC had never seen TME's risk assessment or their health and safety procedures. KR stated the loop took up a great deal of space and should be done away with.


Action. The Clerk to write to TME updating them on the PC’s aims and their possible implications. The Clerk to recirculate the draft lease with TME to all PCllrs and to ask each to feedback to the Clerk any changes required.


16/161. Party in the Park 9th July 2016. SG reported that this year’s PIP had again been a great success and he thanked the organising Cttee for their efforts; praising DF for his efforts on the P.A. SG asked for ideas as to how the older people in the village could be supported. The Clerk advised that £5,224.96 had been raised.


16/162. Highways.

(1) Defects. 

SH highlighted the final surface dressings had not been laid on the Linden Homes Estate (Sweeting Close) despite their no longer being on site. DF highlighted that the Highways Authority would not adopt the road until it was completed to their specifications and that Linden would remain responsible until that happened.

Action. The Clerk to ask the Planning enforcement Officer to speak to Linden Homes in order to get these completed.


SG also suggested that the request to SCC for a crossing (which is likely to be a zebra crossing) in Hyde Lane be put on hold until the results of the NH Plan survey were known as Parishoners may identify another priority. DF advised that if a request is dropped or put in hold this does not mean an alternative would be accepted in its place as the system for considering which projects to take forward is more complex than that. It was agreed to continue to press for a crossing in Hyde Lane.


(2) Ham STW Access track. The Clerk reminded the PC that they had been advised by Wessex Water that the access track would be built by now and that works would be continuing with loads increasing. He had regularly asked WW for updates and had just been advised that there had been land ownership issues which had only just been resolved. A further update explaining the implications of this on the track build, including whether to build the track during the forthcoming winter had been promised. DF advised WW had been discussing this since 2008.

Action. The Clerk to invite WW to next PC meeting.


(3) M5 Junc 25 Improvements. The Clerk explained that SCC Highways were consulting on their plans and encouraged PCllrs to attend and examine them in order to help ensure that they benefit the Parish. The consultations will take place

at Ruishton Village Hall 2-7pm Sept 19th and Taunton Library 2-7pm Sept 21st.


(4) Access Lane adj to shop. A request had been received from a resident to replace the single white line with twin yellow lines to replace existing white line to ensure access can be maintained. DF agreed to look at this. DF asked who owned the lay-by outside the shop.

Action. The Clerk to pass the request to DF to follow up and to inform the resident of this.


16/163. Footpaths.

(1) Parish Footpaths Volunteer. The Clerk advised that parishioner Fred O'Court had shown interest in being a Parish Footpaths Volunteer. The PC agreed to support his nomination to SCC ROW.

Action. The Clerk to pass the nomination of Fred O'Court to SCC ROW and to inform him of this.


(2) Stiles. IW raised that three stiles had fallen. DF highlighted that these could be reported on the SCC website direct to ROW and IW agreed to do that.


(3) Canal Bridge, St Michaels Road. LG highlighted that the growth cleared earlier this year had regrown again and was in need of removal. Action. The Clerk to request that the undergrowth be cut.


(4) Hedgerow along footpath from Rec Park to rear of the Estate behind the School. SG highlighted that the footpath was being over grown. DF highlighted that the Hedgerows were owned by the adjacent home owners but as David Wilson Homes had fenced their gardens they are unlikely to realise this. DF agreed to ask SCC if they would cut this.

Action. The Clerk to ask DW Homes who owns the hedgerow and to ask them to cut the growth back. DF to ask SCC.


16/164. Merlyn’s Copse.

The Clerk advised that he had received the sale documents from the Councils Solicitor and that this had been signed that evening by GL and SG in accordance with the PC’s decision to sell MC.


16/165. Correspondence.

PCllrs discussed a reply that had been sent to a Parishioner from TDBC who had then forwarded it to the Clerk. The Parishioner had asked if the field behind the Funeral Directors was to be built on as he had seen surveyors in the field and the crop had been cut. In their reply Planners had used the words "it would not seem preferable" that the field is developed. The Clerk suggested this did not mean it won't and that TDBC would not make a decision until an application  is considered. Action. The Clerk to recirculate the reply from TDBC to PCllrs.


16/166. New Matters to be carried forward.

PCllrs did not raise any items.                                                              The meeting closed at 9.40pm.


Future Meetings; The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on Monday 12th Sept 6.30pm. The next Parish Council meetings will be held at 7pm on Monday 3rd October 2016 and 7th November 2016 in the Lwr Cttee Rm, CSM Village Hall.


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net