/ Parish Council / 2016 Minutes / 6th June 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 6th June 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), L Gates, S W Harris, K Hunt and K Reed (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. TDBCllr D Durdan.  Fourteen members of the public attended.   


16/107. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Hutching began by welcoming everyone.


16/108. Public Speaking. Five members of the public asked to address the Parish Council on behalf of the fourteen people that attended (all of whom advised that they were residents of Worthy Lane and the local landowner and that they were all against the development applied for at Barnoaks, Worthy Lane (14/16/ 0018) see item 16/111 below).


(1) Andy Webb. AW explained the application was for 4 large houses replacing one dwelling, the nearest of which would be just 6ft from his Home and that it would have windows overlooking.AW suggested the building was out of keeping with the lane of bungalows on medium size plots whereas this was four large family houses that would have small plots and no frontages to speak of. They were out of scale and on the wrong orientation looking over neighbours. AW also highlighted that Worthy lane was an unadopted highway and 4 more houses would bring more wear and tear and cost to all. SW suggested this was speculative development to make money and he asked for the PC’s support.


(2) Neil Grout. NG agreed with AW and added some secondary points advising that in 2012 the flooding affected the houses in Worthy Lane resulting in the Env Agency putting in ditches along the back of two thirds of the houses which run to avoiding flooding. Opposite the hedgerows have been taken out without any impact surveys for nature being done. No Neighbour consultation has been done at all. The houses, fences, tarmac are out of keeping and will add to soak away flooding. NG highlighted that the application fails to highlight that there is no pavement along part of North End making it difficult for four more families to access the Village and its amenities. NG also advised that there is no mains drainage but the application states there is.


(3) Eric Paddiham. Highlighted the risk to the young families in Creechwood Terrace as they play in their frontages and families’ park cars on the opposite forcing fire engines and others to use footpath to get by as the lane is so narrow.


(4) Chris Butters. CB explained he was local land owner that owns the field along Worthy Lane and that he had provided the Env Agency with the land for drainage ditches which had prevented the houses in Worthy Lane from being flooded. The water table from the former golf course is high and there is no way of stopping the water, as soak aways would not help the flooding. A lot of trees had been cleared from the site. Down Worthy Lane CB suggested the part that would take the most wear was his. He had not had a problem with traffic for twenty years and costs had been shared and the road maintained. CB asked where the builders and supply lorries were going to park for a year whilst the build was undertaken? CB also asked that the footpath be kept open.


(5) Mr Foster asked where was the Village building line.SH advised that the development was outside the village boundary.


DD explained that all the houses had septic tanks. The builder would have to dig all the way along Worthy Lane to get to the main drain on the main road and if the planning application is changed to providing septic tanks instead that this would affect all the houses.


SWH explained to the public that the Village is being attacked in all directions but that residents are coming forward with individual cases.CSM needs to speak with one voice and it needs to band together against any development on the wrong scale or in the wrong place; not just when its effects an individual. SWH suggested this was a speculative development outside of the village development line which would be far too disruptive.


16/109. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest, D Knight, G Lucas, C Sampson and I Wright sent apologies which were accepted. 


16/110. Declarations of Interest. LG declared an interest in the planning application for 15 West View (see item 16/111 below application 14/16/0026) and took no part in the discussion on this item.


16/111. Planning (1) Applications received. The PC considered the applications received and decided to comment;







Erection of single storey orangery at Charlton House, Creech Heathfield.

To support.



Erection of summerhouse to the rear of 15 West View , CSM

No objection providing the requirements on height and distance from boundary fences are met



Demolition of bungalow and erection of 4 detached houses with assoc works at Barnoaks, Worthy Lane, CSM

To object.


(2) Appeal. The PC also considered the APPEAL APP/D3315/W/16/3146733 – Somersby Lodge, Langaller Lane, CSM erection of 4 dwellings and assoc works in Garden to the rear and decided not to make any further observations.


16/112. To receive the District and County Councillors’ Reports.

DD suggested that consideration be given to developing a 2m track around the Rec Park boundary; using S106 monies.

DD also mentioned that a reserved matters planning application had been received that night for the land behind the Health Centre.


DF reported;

(1) Rec Park. Complaints had been noted about the noise and drug taking and that the Police were stepping up patrols. A discussion then took place about the merits of installing CCTV and it was noted coverage could only be on the Rec Park and not the adjacent Highway.


(2) Speeding in Ham.  See item 16/120 (2) below.


(3) East St, Taunton. The road has been closed for eight weeks to enable new traffic lights and crossings to be replaced/relaid out.


(4) Webberbus. Whilst this company had gone into receivership this would not affect the CSM Bus Service as another operator run the service through the village.


(5) Park and Ride. Travellers had entered the Park and Ride over the Week end and on moving out had moved to Hatch Beauchamp Playing Field.


(6) WM PC NH Plan. West Monkton PC is working towards a referendum in May 2017 on their Neighbourhood Plan.


(7) Station Road Bridge.SWH asked who will pay the additional costs. DF replied that he will let him know once he can.


16/113. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. SH explained that he spoken to individual PCllrs as to what roles they would like to undertake during the forthcoming year and the following was then agreed by the PC;

(1) Panels. Finance/Procurement: SH,SG,CS,DK; PIP CS,SG,YG,DK along with Jo Morrison and Adrian Birch; Rec Field: CS,SG,SH,YG,DK; Neighbourhood Plan IW,LG,KR,SWH along with Emma Tucker, Charlie Cudlip and the Clerk;

Highways and fly tipping: GL, SG; Planning: SWH,SG,SH; Footpaths/ROW:SH,GL; WW Ham STW Project: DK; Complaints and Grievances: KH; Appeals: SG; Disciplinary: KH. It was noted that the last three panels would have additional non involved members allocated as each case required.

(2) Outside Bodies. The following were agreed by the PC; Village Hall: LG; United Charities Graham Hodge. It was noted that the Twinning Assoc had ceased.


16/114. Minutes of the 9th May Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


16/115. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 9th May Mtg.

16/91(7). Fire Control Centre. KH asked DF who was funding the centre at Blackbrook Park Ave. DF advised that the Home Office was.


16/91(6). Arundells Road/Larkfleet Development. DF confirm that the contractors had been told not to use the field gate to access the development and that Hyde Lane should be used.


16/94. Budget Review. The Clerk had circulated a list of the PC memberships/costs and details of Rec Park Income.


16/100. A303/A358 Duelling. The Clerk had written to SCC Highway/Highways England to explain the impact this major highway upgrade would have on the Parish. He had suggested as agreed a 20mph speed limit for the Village, footpaths over the railway and canal bridges and improved junctions at Creech Castle and at J25 M5 were necessary.


16/106. Merlyn’s Copse. The Clerk had written to the prospective purchasers advising of the PC decision to sell and requesting their Legal representative details; these are now awaited.


The Clerk advised that he had examined the PC Standing Orders and was satisfied that the advice to PCllrs from TDBC on what to do when considering planning applications they had submitted was correct and consistent with the PC S/Orders.


16/116. Neighbourhood Planning. (1) CSM NH Plan. The Clerk had previously circulated draft minutes of the panel’s inaugural meeting along with its suggested Terms of Reference (TOR). As this panel meets in public the minutes will be put on the website once approved along with the TOR. The PC agreed to accept Emma Tucker onto the panel, approved the panels TOR and for the PC to finance the Flyer and Survey (the latter subject to also submitting a grant bid to cover the cost).

The PC welcomed TDBC decision that the NH Plan Area would be the whole Parish of CSM.

Action. The next CSM NH Plan Panel Mtg is to be held on 23th June starting at 7pm.The Public are welcome to attend.


(2) Ruishton NH Plan. The PC considered Ruishton Parish Council decision to develop a Neighbourhood Plan based on its Parish Area and decided to support.

Action. The Clerk to convey the PC support for the Ruishton PC NH Plan application to TDBC (Ann Rhodes).


16/117. Finance.

(1) Salary Scales. The National Joint Councils two year agreement to increase the Clerks salary scale by 1% wef 1.4.16

and a further 1% from 1.4.17 was endorsed and agreed. The PC also decided to increase the Caretakers Salary by the same sums.

Action. The Clerk to implement the pay increase agreed.





(2) Payments Authorised. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks May Expense’s £85.73 and other invoices received including Bibby Factors Ltd Security (3d Security at Rec 28-4-16 to 27.5.16) £216.00 ,  SALC (Audit Training) £15.00, B J Howe (Internal Audit Fee) £233.20, WYG  EPT Ltd (NH Plan Consultancy pt) £2111.88, N Cridge (Merlyn’s Copse Grass cutting) £65.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co (Bus Shelter Cleaning 3.6.16) £45.00.


(3) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; PIP16 (Stalls) £120.00, PIP16 (Ticket sales) £12.00,

PIP16 (Food Vendors) £620.00, Tone Youth FC (Use of Rec Field April) £80.00 and HMRC (VAT refund 1.4.15-31.3.16). £2,238.25.


(4) Cheques drawn since last meeting; British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion) 8-4-16 to 7-5-16. Cheq 100510 £50.15.


(5) Authorisation given to make payment before the next meeting.  B Gas Electricity at Pavilion(7-5-16 to 6-6-16)


(6) Audit. The Clerk had circulated previously the Internal Auditors Certificate confirming that he was happy with the PC financial procedures, books and accounts. The Certificate along with required explanations of variations between years and other information requested had now been sent to the External Auditors Grant Thornton for their review. The Internal Auditor had also sent a letter and this along with the Clerks comments had previously circulated to Parish Councillors; this was discussed at the meeting. Notwithstanding that the Clerk answers all reasonable requests for financial information from Parishioners all year around a formal audit period has to be posted and this year that would be between June 7th and 19th July 2016.


(7) Request for Financial Information. The Clerk reminded PCllrs that each time someone asked for financial information that he had been asked to report that to the PC. As he had received a request from Parishioner P Chetwynd (on the Council Tax) he had responded explaining why the increase was required.


 16/118. Rec Park.

(1) Security. A letter had been received from a resident outlining problems occurring in the Rec Park at evenings. KH suggested that as there were problems at the Rec Park more patrols from 3d Security be considered. The Clerk questioned whether access arrangements on week days during term time should be reviewed given item 16/112 (5) above.

It was decided to ask the Clerk to write to the Chief Constable enclosing the letter received along with a request to take action.

Action. The Clerk to write to the Chief Constable.


(2) Play surfacing repairs. As some of the soil has moved some of the safety matting has become exposed and in order to avoid becoming dangerous some action was needed. The Som Playing Fields Assoc had examined the site and suggested Wet pour be installed on the damaged areas and the matting left were it was not damaged.

Action. Rec Panel to obtain quotations for the repair for the PC’s consideration at the next meeting.


(3) Damage. The Caretaker had reported that some 60 plastic nut caps had been damaged deliberately. Two padlocks and spray paint to cover graffiti were also required. These were agreed.

Action. The Clerk to obtain required nut covers and paint. The Chairman to inform the caretaker to purchase padlocks.


(4) Summer Cover. As the caretaker would be taking a holiday in august it was agreed that 3d security be asked to open the Rec Park during his absence and that the Rec Park ask a local person to keep the Rec Park clean.

Action. Rec Park Panel to arrange for cleaning cover and the Clerk to ask 3d Security to cover the Caretakers holiday.


(5) Inclusive Play Equipment/Maintenance update/Goalposts. The Clerk advised that the suppliers were to start work on site any day now. The Clerk also advised that the footballers had been asked if there was a preferred installation date and once we knew that he would advise YG. 

Action. Rec Park Panel to oversee Play Equipments installation of new inclusive play equipment and the Clerk to agree with YG installation arrangements for the new goalposts.


(6) Fence and Cycle rack Repairs. SH advised that a working party of volunteers had been arranged for the forthcoming weekend and that he would obtain required materials prior to then. John Miller had been asked to do work on the carpark.


(7) Development. The Clerk reported that the Planning Application on behalf of the PC for a replacement pavilion

had reached the end of the public consultation period and no objections had been made;though SCC Highways have yet to comment. The next step is for the application to be considered at the Planning Cttee. The Clerk advised he had made further enquiries about the purchase of the Copse but had been advised by the owner’s solicitors that legal matters could not be taken forward at this time and they would inform him once progress was possible.


16/119. Party in the Park 9th July 2016.

SG reported that arrangements were in a hand for the PIP16 and that 500 tickets for the evening part of the event were all but sold out (Note from Clerk; these have since sold out).

The Clerk reminded of the need for early details of any payments that were required for the event and in due course the risk assessment.





16/120. Highways.

(1) Defects. KR reported that the pothole in the entrance to Dillons Road had yet to be repaired.

Action. The Clerk to report the pothole to SCC Highways.


(2) Speeding in Ham/Ham Road. DF advised that he had been able to arrange installation of the Speed Indicator Device (SID) in Ham the next week. This will flash the speed limit to passing speeding traffic and will also record speed levels over a period of days. DF suggested that a Community Speed Watch be set up as this was a good way for communities helping themselves and could operate across the Parish. This required to be PC led and for an individual to take forward as a first step.

Action. The Clerk to speak to DK on how he wished reducing the speed in Ham to proceed.


16/121. Bus Transport.

Whilst Webberbus had gone into receivership this would not affect the CSM Bus Service as another operator runs the service through the village.


In the absence of GL it was not known how his continuing to press for improvements in the Bus Service was progressing


16/122. Correspondence.

(1) KH asked why the traffic flow in Henlade was backing up. It was suggested that sheer volume of traffic was causing delays.

(2) War Memorial. The Clerk advised that Historic England had confirmed that the War Memorial had now been designated Grade 2 Listed.


16/123. New Matters to be carried forward.

PCllrs did not raise any items.


The meeting closed at 9.03pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 4th July 2016 in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting would be a planning meeting and would only be held if required on 1st August at 7pm. The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on Monday 13th June 7pm.


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net