/ Parish Council / 2016 Minutes / 9th May 2016


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 9th May 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair to item 16/86), S Hutchings (Chair from item 16/86),  S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), Y Guest, S W Harris, K Hunt, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill.

Three members of the public attended.   


16/84. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone.


16/85. Public Speaking.  No member of the public asked to address the Parish Council.


16/86. Election of Chairperson. IW asked for nominations for the position of Chairperson and Simon Hutchings was nominated. SH was then elected as Chairperson. SH then signed the acceptance of office and took the Chair. SH thanked IW for his hard work and the way he had performed the duties of Chairperson during the year and paid tribute to his efforts taking forward the new Pavilion /Community Building project and the Neighbourhood Plan process. SH also thanked Parish Councillors for their support.


16/87. Apologies. PCllr L Gates sent apologies and her reason was accepted. SCC DF explained he would have to leave early in order to attend another PC.

16/88. Declarations of Interest. SH declared his interest in respect of the Rec Park Carpark (item 16/97 (3)) and took no part in the discussion on this item.


16/89. Election of Vice-Chairperson. Steve Greenhalgh was re-elected as Vice Chairperson.


16/90. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. SH explained that he would like to see the panels back in operation and that he would put forward proposals to the next PC meeting for voting upon. This was agreed subject to two panels being appointed; PIP (with membership of PCllrs SG,CS,DK,YG along with Jo Morrison and Adrian Birch) and a Neighbourhood Plan panel (with membership of PCllrs LG,KR,IW along with Jo Morrison and Charlie Cudlip, the Clerk and Consultants from CCfS and WYG).

Action. SH to put forward proposals for PC Panels and to also defer the appointment for representation on outside bodies for agreement at the June PC meeting.


16/91. To receive the County Councillors’ Report.

DF reported;

(1) School Transport. SCC are currently consulting on and views can be made on line until 27th May 2016. Webpage



(2) Academy Status. SCC had welcomed the Governments decision not to convert all school to Academies. 92% of SCC

Schools are rated by Ofsted as good or excellent and the decision means all school sites would not pass to the Government.


(3) CSM School. DF asked how the School fared at its recent Ofsted. Whilst the formal judgement letter had yet to be received it was understood the school were pleased with what they had heard to date (Note from Clerk-School since judged Good).


(4) Former School Site, Prioirswood. DF was asked if SCC had let the former School site. DF explained SCC had not and were working to clear the site of Travellers as soon as is practicable.


(5) Park and Ride. DF was asked if the Park and Ride is to be privatised. DF explained that SCC did not have the  funding to invest in the site so had decided to let a contract which would include the operation of both P&R sites as well as the Bus Service. This would take six months so in the meantime mean time a contract to run the Bus Service had been let to First Bus.


(6) Arundells Road. YG asked if the contractors had authority to use Arundells Way to access the Larkfleet Site. DF advised that they did not have permission to use that route as the access is owned SCC who had refused access. YG advised she had photographs of the individuals using the access and agreed to pas these to DF so action could be taken.

Action. DF to take up with the contractors why they are crossing SCC land without permission.


(7) Fire Control Centre, Blackbrook Park Ave, Taunton. GL asked if there had been any progress in finding a use for or the sale of this empty building. DF advised that this Govt owned building was still unused.


(8) Bus Gate, West Monkton. GL asked what would happen if there was a bad accident on the A38 once the Bus Gate was installed. DF advised that the traffic would dissipate in a similar way to that before the new relief road was built. GL suggested that it would go through CSM.  DF agreed some may.


(9) A38 Relief Road, West Monkton. GL expressed his view that the roundabouts were death traps. He explained that a car had overtaken him recently but the car had run out of room with another car facing them as the come around the roundabout. There was no ‘give way’ warning. DF advised that they would have been safety audited prior to opening.

SG explained that there was now new legislation and guidance.


16/92. Minutes of the 11th April Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.








16/93. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 11th April Mtg.

DK advised that he sought sponsorship for dogbins. The Vet Surgery had made an offer which was outlined. It was decided to give further consideration to this in July. In answer to questions the Clerk reminded PCllrs that dog bins cost c£250 to buy and site and c£250 annually to empty (weekly), that two requests had been refused due to finance when setting the precept in Jan, a further request was on hold and that though there is now some C.I.L money available the need to  consider all priorities before allocating this needed to be weighed up.


16/94. Budget Review.  (A report of the PC underlying income and expenditure had been previously circulated to Cllrs). Each budget income and expenditure was examined with the Clerk answering information on each in answer to questions from PCllrs. No amendments were made.  The Rec Parks Pitch costs and charges were reviewed in detail (a further report had been previously circulated to Cllrs) but it was decided it was not the time to amend these given the poor state of the pavilion.

Action. The Clerk to circulate a list of the PC memberships/costs and details of Rec Park Income.


16/95. Accounts.

(1) Payments authorised. Clerks and Caretakers Salaries, HMRC (Tax due on Salaries) £262.03, Somerset Pension Fund Acc £212.30, Clerks (April Expenses) £137.07, Bibby Factors Ltd Security (3d Security 29-3-16 to 1.5.16) £276.00, S P Services (SW) Ltd (Rec Park Septic Tank) £140.00, N Cridge (Merlyn’s Copse Grass cutting) £70.00, Community Council for Somerset (Neighbourhood Plan consultation ) £200.00, Trevor Spurway Architect Ltd (Architects Fees) £8,593.20, SALC (Membership Fee 16-17) £646.07, Newton Comm Ltd (Dep Beach Bums Playbus PIP) £50.00, K Signs (SW) Ltd (PIP banner) £24.00, CSM PC (Transfer to Deposit a/c) £25000.00.

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; TDBC (Precept and Grant) £42,673.76, TDBC (C.I.L) £25,346.06, Creech Cougars FC (Use of Rec Field) £120.00.

(3) Cheques drawn since last meeting; British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion) 8-3-16 to 7-4-16 £46.75

(4) Authorisation to make payment before the next meeting.  The bill from British Gas for Electricity at the Pavilion for March had yet to be received and approval to pay this on receipt of an invoice (subject to 2 PCllrs signatures) was agreed.

(5) Deposit Acc. (A report had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The Clerk explained that following a notification of a reduction of interest rates on the PCs deposit account the Clerk had conducted a review of alternatives and it was agreed to open a ‘ltd access Savings Account’ with the Nationwide Building society and to increase the sum earning interest by £25,000.00.

Action. The Clerk to open a ‘ltd access Saving A/c’ with Nationwide B/Soc and PCllr with authority to sign will in due course need to visit to show identity documents.

(6) Assets. Use of Laptop. The PC considered the future of the laptop and decided to retain it for use by PCllrs as required; to be kept by the Chairperson. The Clerk then passed the laptop to the Chairperson.

(7) Dog Bin Emptying 2016. The quotation from the DLO for emptying the dog bins 1.4.16-31.3.17 at £2.77 an empty was considered and accepted.

(8) Merlyn’s Copse Grass Cutting. A request for an increase to £65 per cut from Mr Cridge had been received, was considered and accepted. Mr Cridge was thanked for his efforts.


16/96. CSM Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk advised that the deadline for the TDBC consultation on the plan area had now passed and it was expected TDBC will make a decision of formal approval at the end of May. The Community Council for Somerset had provided a feedback report from the APM consultation event which would be shared at the first meeting of the NH Panel (see item 16/90 above). The panel will then determine next steps. CS asked if the CCfS quotation included the invoice for the consultation event (see item 16/95 (1) above. The Clerk advised that CCfS had quoted for specific consultation events but the budget had been set above this in order to allow for attendance at such meetings and additional work which whilst not specifically indentified was known to be required.

Action. The Clerk to arrange a meeting of the NH Plan panel and to write to CCfS setting out what the PC would pay for.


16/97.  Recreation Park.

(1) Inclusive Play Equipment/Maintenance update/Goalposts. CS reported that TDBC had approved the request to use S106 funding to finance these and that orders had now been placed for a Thunder Roundabout and a Velocity Basket Swing (and associated pathways) and new goalposts. CS advised that the supplier Play Equipment is due to start work on site w/c 6th June. YG asked about the goalposts and the Clerk advised that the footballers had been asked if there was a preferred date and once we knew that he would advise YG. 

Action. CS to oversee Play Equipments installation of new inclusive play equipment and the Clerk to agree with YG installation arrangements for the new goalposts.


(2) Play surfacing repairs. CS reminded PCllrs that some of the grass matting had silted up and explained that she had met with TDBC Officers onsite. The TDBC Officers had advised that whilst the surface appears safe to them we should get this tested. As the Play Inspection Co is due to do the annual independent safety inspection in June CS suggested and it was agreed to ask PI to do "critical fall height checks/tests" at the same time. The Officers had also suggested to the PC that S106 finance may be used if the PC wished to acquire additional items of play equipment combined with a rubberised surface to  make the small play area all weather or to consider a couple of large but low maintenance items such as climbing boulders or a Play fort or ship.

Action. The Clerk to arrange/agree with the Play Inspection Co to do critical fall height tests.






(3) Update report. CS advised that she and the Clerk had each asked the DLO twice when they were going to repair part of the fence without getting a response. It was agreed to have a working party and to do the fencing repair work as a volunteers. CS reminded the PC that the cycle racks needed reconcreting in again and it was agreed to do this work at the same time and to cancel the order with the DLO. The £500 saved could be used to buy the materials required instead. The septic tank had been emptied. The carpark surface quotes were considered and it was agreed to commission John Miller to lay and compact using his digger road scalpings across the carpark at a cost of upto £350.00.  

Action. SG/SH to set up a working party to repair the fencing and to order materials. The Clerk to instruct John Miller to

lay scalpings in the carpark.


(4) Development. The Clerk reported that the Architect had submitted the Planning application on behalf of the PC for a replacement pavilion and a decision would be made in due course by TDBC Planning Cttee. The Clerk suggested on the whole from a planning perspective the comments were positive. Feedback had been received from 3 of the c50 people attending the APM consultation and Villagers who had posted on the Village facebook site. Some replies were specific questions but concerns such as the number of (lack of) car parking spaces, what the running costs would be and whether the village needed such a large centre had been raised.


A discussion then took place on the need to agree the layout (how best to accommodate the various aims) of the Park. As the current planning application for a replacement pavilion/comm building was being considered and the possibility of enlarging the park is ongoing it was reconised that a separate meeting would be required to consider this. The Clerk confirmed that the adjacent field had been designated an ‘Asset of Community Value’ by TDBC and suggested the PC may wish to consider asking TDBC to compulsory purchase part of the adjacent field on its behalf. YG suggested that an astro turf should be considered.

Action. The Chair to determine a separate meeting at a future date to consider the use of the Rec Park and the Clerk to make further enquiries about the purchase of the Copse.


16/98. Party in the Park 9th July 2016. CS advised that £750 of sponsorship had been raised and that the event was within budgeted income and expenditure. 15 stalls were booked in along with local groups. A variety of food outlets had booked, a full programme of displays were in place and using the sponsorship free activities for children such as a Playbus, puppet theatre and gladiators jousting would be put on. Traditional country sports would also take place and there will be a Creech Bake Off . The formal lottery License applied for had been granted so tickets can be sold publically and some nice prizes such as a balloon rides have been donated. The formal event license had also been granted. In the evening there will be two bands and 60% of the tickets (priced £4 adult and £1 per child) have already been sold. CS confirmed a risk assessment was in hand. The PIP panel was thanked for their endeavours.


16/99. Carey Grove Park.

It was decided to consider this park alongside the future deliberations on the Rec Park (see item 16.97 (4)).

TDBC will pass to the PC so it meets the maintenance costs (without funding) and replacement equipment costs (using S106 monies). It was noted access was partly blocked off, the equipment was aged and that the Village Hall Committee views were not known.


16/100. Highways.

(1) Defects. A pothole had opened up in the entrance to Dillons Road.

Action. The Clerk to report the pothole to SCC Highways.


(2) A303/A358 Duelling. The Clerk asked PCllrs what impact this major highway upgrade would have on the Parish. He suggest he could write on behalf of the PC to SCC Highways/Highways England to make representations as they are developing plans at present and it would be better to inform their plan development than comment later.

The Clerk suggested a 20mph speed limit for the Village, an improved junction at Creech Castle and a footpath over the railway and canal bridges.

Action. The Clerk to write to SCC Highway/Highways England making these points and others raised by PCllrs this week.


16/101. Footpaths and Right of Ways.

A Volunteer/s is still required to monitor these.


16/102. Bus Transport.

GL advised that the timing for the buses in the Village had not changed at all. He would continue to press for improvements as a Bus is needed c9.30am.


16/103. Parish Council Planning.

(1) Applications received. To consider the following applications received;







Charlton Manor, Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield. Listed Building Consent Application - Alteration /removal of partition walls, additional newel posts, hand rails and stair strings and reinstatement of stair finials

No observations.



Land off Bridgwater Road, West Monkton. Variation of condition No.1 (List of approved drawings) to update Materials Plan DrNo RHSW.5410.02.MP001 Rev C to Rev D.

No observations.



CSM Rec Ground, Hyde Lane, CSM. Demolition of pavilion and erection of pavilion /community building.




Land to the west of Ham Farm and south of White Street, Ham-Hedgerows Regs 1997-  Notification to remove 200 metres of hedgerow.

To express a concern over the loss of hedgerow and to ask if permitted that hedgerow be replaced elsewhere by the applicant.



Land opposite Broomhay, White Street, Ham, CSM - erection of aviary building.

To OBJECT to this application due to the close proximity with properties and the noise these birds will create in the absence of its offsite owner.



Hartnells Farm, Monkton Heathfield - Removal of  condition No 12 of application 48/13/0008 to enable more than 150 dwellings to be constructed before the opening of the WM Western Relief Road.

To OBJECT. The Parish Council believes the developer should be held to delivering ALL the requirements of planning consents given. In particular the CSM PC wants the long promised "safe route to School" delivered along Hyde Lane (Motorway bridge to M Heathfield School) before any relaxations are considered.



Proposed Sports Pitches and Pavilion, Monkton Heathfield


To SUPPORT the principle of the provision of two pitches and the planned pavilion in West Monkton. The CSM PC raised a number of longstanding concerns 1) The PC is very keen to see a "lit safe pedestrian and cycle way to School" be provided along the length of Hyde Lane from Motorway Bridge to M Heathfield School. 2) Full vehicle and pedestrian access to be provided from Hyde Lane to the site.

3) That access to CSM Village should be provided from WM Relief road to Hyde Lane. Clearly this could be from either roundabout but this should be agreed prior to or at least as part of this applications consideration as granting the application reduces options.


16/104. Correspondence. PCllrs did not raise any items.


16/105. New Matters to be carried forward.

PCllrs did not raise any items.


16/106. Merlyn’s Copse. Parish Council decided to exclude the Public and Press for this item. 


The meeting closed at 9.30pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 6th June 2016 in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting will be on July 4th at 7pm.


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net