/ Parish Council / 2017 Minutes / 2nd October 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd October 2017

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, P Brown, Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight, G Lucas and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. Three members of the public attended.

17/163. Chairs Welcome. The Chairman welcomed all.

17/164. Public Speaking. Three Parishioners asked to speak. (1) Paul Chetwynd advised of an abandoned vehicle left on the highway at the top of Charlton Road.

Action. The Clerk to report to the Police once PC has advised him of the vehicles registration number.

(2) Brenda Brighton questioned whether the PC choice of location, the telephone box in St Michaels Rd, was the right location for the defibulator and suggested that another location may be more accessible. The PC advised that there was no perfect place and that relocation from the Bell PH to the phone box in due course would improve accessibility. Free training would also be offered.

(3) Bob Williams of Meredith Close raised his concern about the volume and speed of traffic entering the Village using Hyde Lane. He highlighted that the bend close to the Rec Park having no signing was an accident about to happen. SWH explained that the PC had been pressing for a footpath in Hyde Lane. The Clerk advised that the foot/cycleway had been agreed to by SCC Highways and Persimmon/Redrow and it was expected it would be put in place as part of their plans for development between the Motorway Bridge and Hyde Lane Cottages. The PC has also pressed for a crossing in Hyde Lane and this had been accepted by Highways too and is in design stage. He also advised that a letter had been received from SCC this week advised that £5,000 had been deposited with them by David Wilson Homes in lieu of installing speed calming measures on the Hollingsworth Estate and that SCC had requested the PC views on what speed calming it wished. The PC decided to ask SCC Highways for a site meeting to discuss the options, noting that £5,000 was unlikely to pay for much and that the CSM PC Neighbourhood Panel had identified a preference for Village gateways over more speed humps.

Action. The Clerk to request a site meeting with SCC Highways to discuss Hollingsworth Estate speed calming.

17/165. Apologies. PCllrs K Reed and I Wright had sent their apologies and reasons given were accepted. Apologies were also received from SCCllr D Fothergill.

17/166. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. AB declared his interest in North End Verge Cutting and CS advised her sister owned a property in the Village.

17/167. County Councillors’ Report. DF in sending his apologies had sent a report which had been circulated to PCllrs. At present he was not able to update the PC further on either of the Hyde Lane Pathway projects.

17/168. Minutes of the 4th September Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

17/169. Matters arising from the minutes of the 4th September Mtg. The Clerk reported;

16/221. Flooding Sign. Following CRISP (Community Resilience in Somerset) reply to the funding enquiry he had submitted for a “flip over” flood warning sign on the Ham to North Curry road (CRISP had agreed to fund in principle subject to the PC agreeing to develop an emergency plan) it was decided to ask Ruishton PC if it was possible to join their flood group and to ask if they had an emerg plan in place. The Clerk reported that Ruishton do not have an emergency plan and having spoken to the Chair of their flood group that they had offered a meeting and advice.

Action. It was agreed that DK and AB would meet with Ruishton Flood Group in order to determine best way forward.

16/58. Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. The Clerk reported that he had yet to re-inspect the area following his last visit on the 31st August at which he had found that TDBC had done none of the improvements agreed at a site meeting held on 17th May. As a result he had reported again to TDBC that an OPEN man hole had been reported twice three months ago and yet remained open despite it being dangerous; also of concern is a tree stump. This should have been ground out as it presents a formidable trip hazard to any children playing football there as the grass is meadow length and hides the stump. The Clerk reported that it appeared that the grass was much longer than on other estate verges suggesting that Crufts is still not on the TDBC scheduled cutting programme. Briars had not been cut back either and in places had over grown the footpath let alone the grassed areas. It also appears that there is a prospect of a "gap" appearing between the Larkfleet estate path by the canal and the existing footpath. In all nine faults had been reported to TDBC.

Action. The Clerk to advise CS of the faults and CS to examine the site for progress.

17/72 (1). Defibulator’s. The Clerk confirmed that he had submitted an application to SCF for a grant to part finance the costs of defibulator’s in Sept. A max of £1k is available. The Clerk had obtained a quotation for additional defib’s and the metal cabinets that they are to be stored inside the telephone boxes. The vandal proof cases are connected to the ambulance service and released by the controller upon ringing 999 with a need. He acknowledged that PIP had already committed to contribute £500 to the project but in view of the success of this year’s event that PIP may wish to increase the sum in view of the benefit to the whole Parish (see PIP Item 17/172 below). The Clerk advised that he had asked Heartstart Somerset to attend the next (Nov) mtg at 6.30pm in order to demonstrate the equipment ahead of discussing/making a decision in the meeting later.

17/72 (6) Hyde Lane Crossing. See 17/157 above.

17/75. Open access youth club for teenagers. The Clerk advised that he had repeatedly requested costing’s from Somerset Rural Youth Project. They had now asked for a meeting in order to understand the requirement. He explained that SRYP had to await the outcome of bids that they had submitted for Nat Citizenship and Youth funding in order to enable them to be in a position to continue to provide open access youth sessions across the County. This had now been confirmed thereby enabling SRYP to proceed.

Action. The Clerk to arrange a meeting with SRYP and to invite KR/CS/YG to attend along with himself.

17/105 Canal Signing. The Clerk advised that he knew SH was progressing the replacement of the Canal sign the PC had agreed to fund but was unaware of the condition of the two further signs at Ham and Bull St.

17/125 Dog Bins. Three of the 4 new bins had been installed by SH and SG and are in use. The remaining one had yet to be put in place as a precise site was being reviewed. It was decided to ask TDBC to install at cost.

Action. TDBC to be asked to install the final dog bin.

17/155. M5 Junc 25 upgrade. The Clerk confirmed that SCC had provided a copy of presentation slides that they had used at the PC’s Sept meeting and that these had been circulated to each PCllr. Some road usage data had also been provided and PB was examining this in dialogue with SCC Highways. The Clerk had obtained a copy of the Transport Reg Order for the Weight limit in the village. SG advised that there was also a width limit of 6’6” (bar emergency vehicle’s, buses whilst in service and where a specific exemption has been granted) throughout the Village however there was no enforcement or physical restriction.

17/156 (2) Planning Enforcement. Planning Officers are examing Planning Enforcement cases E0014 14 17 Alleged unauthorised dev and caravans being used for permanent residential occupation on land at Charlton Lane CSM and Planning Enforcement E0015 16 17 Unauthorised stationing of two occupied static caravans on land adjacent to the A361, Durston. In Charlton Lane E 0014 14 17 TDBC served a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) on Monday 2nd October 2017 asking specific questions about when the caravans were put on the land, what they are used for and when the other structures on the land were built and what they are used for. The PCN gives 21 days for a response so TDBC will provide the PC with a further update in early November 2017 with their decision. At Durston E0015 16 17 the owners have been given 28 days to remedy the breach or submit an application, the owners have engaged a planning agent to sort the matter out for them. TDBC are now expecting a planning application soon for the mobile homes on the site.

17/170. Planning Applications. (1) The following applications were considered and decisions taken;







Erection of a detached agricultural building for housing of livestock and storage at Ham Farm, Ham, Creech St Michael.

To Support.



Erection of extension to an agricultural building for housing of livestock and storage at Ham Farm, Ham, Creech St Michael.

To Support.



Erection of single storey extension to the side of Amaryllis, Adsborough.

To Support.

(2) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. The draft NH Plan had been to sent to PCllrs prior to the meeting and the Clerk reminded that an additional PC meeting is to be held on 16th October 7pm to consider the plan. CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel Members had been invited to attend. The Clerk asked to receive comments ahead of the meeting if possible. Once agreed the plan will go to TDBC for review and consultation. The Ecology Study commissioned by the PC highlights are included in the draft plan and the ES report will be circulated in the next couple of days.

It was noted that TDBC had adopted an updated Playing Field Strategy and that they had not adopted the suggestions the PC had made at the consultation. The Clerk had replied asking TDBC if its Cllrs are even aware of the PC’s response. The next Panel meeting is to be held on 5th October 6.30pm.

(3) Gladman Developments. A letter requesting a closed meeting to discuss their proposed planning application to build 200 houses on Land off Langaller Road was considered. It was decided not to accept at this time but to ask Gladman to keep the PC informed of its plans. It was noted Gladman believed TDBC had not allocated a five year supply of homes in its plans but TDBC advises it has. The similarity with an appeal for a similar development by Gladman in Wellington due to be heard in February was noted.

17/171. Finance.

(1) Accounts authorised for Payment. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks Sept Expenses £118.65, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 28.8.17-1.10.17)£270.00, CSM Village Hall (Room Hire April to June incl) £119.00, A Birch (North End Grass

Cutting Exps Reimb) £357.81, Taunton Model Engineers (Statutory Compensation) £2,600.00.

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; For Party in the Park: Wellington Bouncy Castles (PIP stall holder donation) £90.00 (to be confirmed when bank statement received). Other: Tone Youth FC (Football Sept Pitch Fees) £80.00.

(3) Authority to make payments as accounts received. British Gas (Gas and Electricity supply).

(4) External Audit (of 16/17 Accounts). The Ext Audit letter from Grant Thornton (previously circulated) had been received. It was noted that the accounts were fine and the audit letter simply highlighted that the Clerk had signed the accounts during the acc period on the 31st March and not afterwards i.e. on or after 1st of April.

(5) Risk Assessment of Assets. The Clerk reminded PCllrs of the need to examine the Parish Councils Assets and to undertake the Annual Risk Assessment of each. The PC having received a request from the Village Hall Committee for use of the laptop and this was agreed on a loan basis.

(6) Utilities. The Clerk explained that the Gas supply had not transferred from BG to Opus as arranged and he had yet to be made aware why despite asking. BG had reopened an account in order to levy charges. The Clerk advised that he will refer to the Ombudsman shortly if not transferred. Problems also still exist with BG billing for Electricity and the Clerk is working on a month by month basis to agree correct sums due since March (as attempts to do complete period had failed 3 times). It is known a sum is now due to BG and this would be paid once agreed. The PC decided that once correct to move to payment by Standing Order.

17/172. Party in the Park. CS advised that this year’s event had again been very successful and thanked all involved. £7,859 had been raised bringing total sum available to £16,059.95. The 2018 event will be held on 14th July 2018 and further help would be welcomed. AB advised that it had been decided to support a number of causes and these were agreed; PreSchool, Dee Finch £200 plus VAT towards replacement glass for telephone box, Flower show to sponsor some category prizes, to Fred A’Court the Parish footpath volunteer a £200 voucher in recognition of his efforts and for equipment to aid his work, to enhance the £500 already agreed for the defibulator project by reallocating a further £750, for a notice board for the Rec Park £500 est, to purchase storage racking for use at future PIPs, to consider purchasing some commercial grade gazebos, Primary school Sensory Garden/IT projects, Donate £500 for Baptist church youth events held throughout the year and events (Senior Citizens Fish & Chip lunch/Easter Egg Hunt/Village Tidy Up & BBQ).

17/173. Rec Park. (1) Update. The Clerk reported that there had been problems with someone deliberately sabotaging the play equipment on two occasions. These had been repaired by SH. A safeguarding issue had occurred by youths and these had all been reported to the Police along with fireworks being let off.

The Clerk advised that TME had chosen not to take up the offer of a new Lease to operate at the Park and had removed their tracks and returned the keys. It had been agreed to pay £2600 on advice of the PC solicitors. As the land would need levelling and preferably seeded this year as well as some fencing removed/repaired/added works an assessment would need to be made of the extent of works and how to proceed. It was agreed to keep the container hard standing in case a container was required in the future. It is noted Business Rates are nil as buildings are empty.

Action. CS to ask Larkfleet if they would make available a digger available to level the site. Panel to bring forward site usage development plans. The Clerk to insure buildings and secure electricity supply

(2) Safety Inspection Report. CS advised a safety inspection report had highlighted a number of tasks that needed addressing and the panel would be looking to address these.

17/174. Highways.

(1) Defects. GL highlighted that the two drains opp doctors Surgery are blocked. Need for jetting between them.

(2) A358/A303 Highways England duelling project. HE have advised that further consultation will take place on more than one route this autumn and that they are monitoring traffic at 34 sites. PB highlighted that he had been in discussion with SCC Highways to establish what traffic volume data in the village they have.

17/175. Footpaths/Rights Of Way. Defects. Fred A’Court, the Parish Footpaths Volunteer had sent his monthly report (circulated prior to the meeting) for which he was thanked. It was reported that the pavement by Hyde Lane Court (marked up with red paint a month ago) remains unrepaired. GL felt that areas of West View pavement still needed repairing. It was agreed the caretaker would examine a overhanging hedge opposite the school. The hedge at 2 Sycamore Drive is overhanging and the Clerk will write to the owners requesting that their hedge is cut back.

Action. The caretaker to examine the hedge opposite the school and the Clerk to write to the hedge owners at 2 Sycamore Drive requesting that they cut their hedge back.

17/176. Housing Needs Survey. The Survey was commissioned by the PC and conducted by TDBC on behalf (report already distributed to PCllrs). It is noted that the Survey represents the findings at a set point in time, that personal circumstances are constantly changing and this should be taken into account when making any recommendations.

Based on the analysis of the information received, none of the respondents were identified to be in high priority housing need.

It is noted that 8 respondents highlighted a preference for renting from the Local Authority or a Housing Association, plus a further two highlighted this option as a second choice. This is in contrast to the 26 applicants currently expressing Creech St Michael as their parish first choice on Homefinder Somerset. However, in view of the existing 80 rented properties offering a range of accommodation type already present within the Parish, of which 20 rented properties were provided within the last three years, it is considered that this level of need could be met within existing stock.

11 people indicated that they may be interested in Low Cost Home Ownership options, including Discounted Open Market and Shared Ownership properties. Taking into account the financial information provided, despite the larger preference for Discounted Open Market properties, it is not considered that this type of property would be affordable to the majority.

A reasonable level of interest was also expressed in Shared Ownership houses and the financial information submitted appears to support their suitability for this. There have been 15 new shared ownership properties provided within the Parish over the last three years. Feedback from the housing associations marketing these properties advised they struggled to sell some homes to local people, despite intensively advertising within the local vicinity.

9 of the respondents were seeking non-affordable tenures including lower cost open market housing and 15 were already homeowners, who were looking for a more affordable open market home ownership option and down-sizing opportunities.

There were 9 current homeowners who stated that they would be interested in a small bungalow/flat in the future, which includes instances of specific adaptations. Whilst not within the affordable element of the report, it is important to note that this has nonetheless identified a specific future need for smaller open market bungalows to be provided to meet the needs of current homeowners who wish to downsize/move to more manageable accommodation.

In view of the information received through the survey, although a low level of affordable housing need has been identified, taking into consideration the existing housing options available within the Parish, it is not considered necessary to provide any additional affordable housing at this time. However, it is recommended that a housing needs survey is undertaken every 3-5 years to reassess the housing need within the parish.

For future plans affordable housing should be incorporated to provide a broad choice of homes for local people at a price they can afford.

17/177. 2018 Meeting Dates. The dates for PC meetings in 2018 were agreed as Jan 8th, Feb 5th, March 5th, April 9th, May 14th (Annual Council Meeting), June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th (Planning), Sept 3rd, Oct 1st, Nov 5th , Dec 3rd (to be held in the Cttee room of the Village Hall at 7pm) and the Annual Parish Meeting: April 27th Friday (Main Hall). ,

17/178. Telephone boxes. The PC heard that Nathaniel and Rowan (and Mum Dee) Finch as young volunteers had offered to repaint the telephone box in St Michaels Road in preparation to their running a small exchange library and the box housing the defibulator and their cleaning/looking after the box on behalf of the PC. This was greatly welcomed and their offer accepted. Similarly Maggie and Jon Machin had volunteered to keep the Ham Telephone Box clean and had arranged for it to be repainted. A similar volunteer is being sought for the Creech Heathfield telephone box.

17/179. Correspondence. DK highlighted the damaged bin reported at Ham Bridge. SH advised he had a spare bin which he would replace it with voluntarily if suitable and if not it was agreed the PC would pay for a replacement bin.

17/180. New Matters to be carried forward. (1) Tidy Up day. Action. Clerk to ask TDBC if it will provide a skip and/or pick up bags and loan Hi Viz Jackets and Pickers. (2) Defibulator. Heartstart Somerset had been requested to demonstrate their equipment from 6.30pm before the next meeting ahead of making a decision in the meeting. PCllrs were asked to attend early to see if at all possible.

The meeting was closed at 8.45pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled Parish Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday 6th November (defib demo from 6.30pm).

An additional PC meeting to consider the draft NH Plan will take place on 16th October 7pm

The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on 5th October at 6.30pm

All meetings held in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net