/ Parish Council / 2017 Minutes / 3rd July 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd July 2017

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, S Harris, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Two members of the public attended.

17/129. Chairs Welcome. SH began by welcoming all.

17/130. Public Speaking. Brenda Brighton asked when the Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results would be published as promised on the website. AB agreed to do it this week. BB then gave the PC some feedback on the public exhibition held by Persimmon Homes in West Monkton on the 22.6.17.

Action. AB to upload the NH Plan survey results to the website.

17/131. Apologies. PCllrs P Brown, Y Guest and I Wright had sent their apologies and reasons given were accepted. Apologies were also received from SCClr D Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan.

17/132. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. AB and CS declared their interest in the payment to be authorised as they are seeking reimbursement of their expenses in getting Licenses for public events and did not vote on their items.

17/133. Wessex Water Ham STW Access Track. In the event WW had sent their apologies earlier in the day and Stuart Lewis WW Programme Manager has confirmed that they will attend the PC’s next meeting on 4th Sept. On land ownership, WW have advised that they still have one landowner that hasn’t agreed final terms with them; but they are close, the solicitors are talking and WW are stressing the urgency to them. Terms have been agreed with two others, but WW has been holding off from finalising until the one remaining has also agreed. Following this, WW feel able to commence within 4 weeks (which is the notice period they need to give to Tarmac) so at the present time they envisage commencing early August. This would mean construction would end in January 2018, though this is subject to the weather. If WW does need to continue with the CPO route, then the timescale will be elongated. The notice period expires on 13th July, at which time WW would need to serve notice on all landowners, whether or not terms have been agreed. This would add a couple of months on to the overall programme for delivery. PCllrs expressed their frustration with the continuing delays and agreed to ask SCC for a 7.5ton weight limit to be placed on Ham road.

Action. The Clerk to ask SCC Highways for a 7.5ton limit on Ham Road.

17/134. County Councillors Report. The Clerk advised that DF had informed him that Highways have met with Persimmon and agreed a way forward on the Hyde Lane footway that will look at SCC providing a footway/cycle link on the north side of the Hyde Lane (MBridge to Hyde Lane Cottages) that the Persimmon development will tie into. Pedestrians and cyclists could then continue on the route through the site to A38 and cross at the already installed crossing point.  The scheme will also include an uncontrolled crossing point east of the bridge before leading the pedestrians over the bridge.  Highways anticipate a departure from standards will be required regarding the route over the motorway bridge and the parapet heights. Detailed plans are now being drawn up by Highways. It is believed that Persimmon had overcome the problem with a ransom strip. Regarding the Crossing in Hyde Lane DF had advised that as the scheme has passed through feasibility it is now in design and that he would chase for a date and share it as soon as it comes through.

17/135. Minutes of the 5th June Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

17/136. Matters arising from the minutes of the 5th June Mtg. The Clerk reported;

17/89. West View Park. At a previous PC meeting Christine Winchester had advised of teenagers driving their cars again at excessive speed in West View Park. TDBC had been informed as park owner of the problems and the PC had asked them again for a further bollard to be installed. This has now been agreed to.

16/221. Flooding Sign. CRISP (Community Resilience in Somerset) had replied to the funding enquiry he had submitted for a “flip over” flood warning sign on the Ham to North Curry road. CRISP had agreed to fund in principle subject to the PC agreeing to develop an emergency plan. The Clerk reminded PCllrs that the Police had been asked to support the setup of a flood group but had advised that they had not got the resources to do so. It was decided to ask Ruishton PC if it was possible to join their flood group and ask if they had an emerg plan in place.

Action. The Clerk to ask Ruishton PC if it was possible to join their flood group and ask if they have an emergency plan.

16/58. Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. Following TDBC confirmation that they own the enclosed land adjacent to the canal an onsite meeting was held on 18th May. The area was largely cut on the 17th May. A number of shortcoming were still apparent and these were indentified; (1) work, hopefully with the canal trust to further improve the bankside along its full length of the site with the aim of removing the briars completely over time. (2) To remove the briars from inside the fence at the east end of the site (3) To remove the briars from overhanging the footpath towards the western end of the site (4) replace the gatepost and install a new gate.(5) The open drain will have the cover put back on it.(6) The tree stump (painted red) on the grassed area will be ground out (7).To cut into the (neighbours) hedge at the eastern end to stop further encroachment of the grass area (8).Work with Larkfleet (Developers) to ensure management  from the outset of the "common space" on their site currently under construction (9) Retighten the wire running the top along the length of the fencing. The Clerk advised he had yet to inspect the site to see if these had been done but planned to do so. CS advised that she and YG would do so.

Action. CS and YG to examine the site during the summer to see if the agreed works had been undertaken.

16/194 (4) Planning Enforcement. That the two premises which appear to be occupied without planning permission; one at the bottom of Charlton Lane and the other a caravan alongside the A361 had finally been acknowledged by TDBC Planning Enforcement Officers and they had advised that an site visit will take place shortly.

17/59 (1). St Michaels Rd and Bull Street. It was now noted that the ironwork had an orange marking on it at the last PC meeting and this normally indicates it will be dealt within the month. However this had not been done as he had checked that evening.

Action. The Clerk to make enquiries of SCC Highways along with other identified works similarly marked at North End and by Rockets Cottages as why the works had not been done.

17/59 (4) Hollingsworth Estate Speed Calming. The Clerk had asked for a meeting with SCC and is still awaiting a date. Several complaints had been received and passed to SCC for reply. The PC had been previously advised by SCC Highways and the developers in writing that traffic calming would be installed but Highways are now saying no. DF had agreed to speak with SCC Highways in order to understand what speed readings had been done and these are awaited.

Action. DF to make enquiries of SCC Highways.

17/72 (1). Defibulator’s. The 3 telephone boxes have now (1/7/17) been transferred to the PC and the remaining one at Worthy Lane to be removed by BT. DK and the Clerk confirmed that they had not yet been given details of SCF grants towards the costs of defibulator’s.

Action. The Clerk to make enquiries of SCF re grants for defibulator’s.

17/72 (6) Hyde Lane Crossing. See 17/134 above.

17/72 (13) Charlton Manor. TDBC have written advising that there has been a planning breech and that they had written advising the owners they need to rectify this by submitting a retrospective application for consideration or removing the work done. A reply is awaited.

17/75. Open access youth club for teenagers. Advised that he had requested costing’s from Somerset Rural Youth Project for the running of a youth club and these were still awaited.

Action. The Clerk to remind SRYP of the outstanding requested quotation.

17/104 (2). A358/A303 Duelling. The Clerk reminded the PC that he had previously written to Highways England as tasked to support the principle of the new high quality duel carriageway road from London via the M3 to Taunton in order to bring economic benefits to Somerset, to provide more, reliable journey times and to avoid routing through the Blackdowns AONB. As a considerable number of infrastructure projects are currently being planned locally he had highlighted that insufficient joint working was taking place and that the impact on neighbouring communities (incl CSM) where a programme of safety works and traffic modelling is required had not been considered. Also that during the construction period no large (6’6”+) vehicles should be permitted.

He had since attended a further HE presentation called by Stoke St Mary PC and it was clear that HE had undertaken a flawed consultation as there were options that would get more traffic out of Henlade but these had not been consulted upon. The HE presentation had not picked up on the need for safety works in adj villages (including CSM ) either so he suggested that further letter be sent to HE reinforcing these points. This was agreed. It was also agreed to suggest traffic lights or a roundabout at Henlade Crossroads and to ensure that the local access needs of local people are met.

Action. The Clerk to write to HE again.

17/105 Canal Signing. SH advised that the artist Phil Stone had kindly been able to give him the artwork for the sign on the canal by St Michaels road. It was agreed to redo the sign at a cost of £85. DK highlighted that there were further signs at Ham (by suspension bridge) and at Bull St and he volunteered to check their condition.

Action. SH to arrange for Canal sign to be replaced and DF to check the two further signs at Ham and Bull St.

17/112 Ryesland Way Bushes. The Clerk had asked TDBC to cut these again and this had since been done.

17/119 (3) TDBC Pitch strategy. The Clerk confirmed that he had reply to this TDBC consultation as requested highlighting that whilst the strategy itself was welcomed there was felt be a need for it to have been put into better context and to have more transparent systems of resource allocation, to consider a wider range of sports, for the Parish to be reassigned from the Taunton area to the East of Deane Area, for provisions to be co-located along with pavilion facilities, to try and secure an artificial pitch and for greater prior (and the future implementation) consultation in the drafting of the strategy. No response had yet to been received from TDBC.

17/125 Dog Bins. Somerset Highways had now responded without raising any objections to the siting of 4 new dogbins; he had spoken to Env Health who also were happy as long as the bins were emptied frequently by specialist contractors (DLO). The Clerk had ordered the bins and these are awaited. Quotations for their installation are being collected at present and a decision will be made for their installation as early as possible this summer. A complaint had been received from Pauline Hallett who had thought one was being sited outside her home and that no consultation had been held but she had been reassured that no bin was being placed there and informed that householders effected had been consulted.

17/126. TDBC and West Somerset DC Merger Business Case. Following the ‘Business Case’ that had been received in May it had become clear that not all the options have been considered, that the report had been written to favour the desired outcome, that the online consultation format steered responses to the set questions and that CSM PC reply stating its view not to support the merger have not been included. Despite the Boundary Commission advising the PC in writing that their "rewarding" of the District had been put on hold until a decision was made it was also clear that work has continued by TDBC as it states CSM should be merged with West Monkton as part of a 4 TDBC Cllr ward. As no reasoning to support this had been given and it is contrary to CSM communicated view to have its own 2 Cllr ward (other Parishes of similar size have been recommended for a two Cllr Ward) no one had explained why CSM could not. The Clerk confirmed he had therefore sent letters to the DCLG, the Boundary Commission and TDBC as requested restating the PC’s decisions against the proposal and suggesting the Boundary Commission be asked to undertake a review of all options. Replies had been received from each. DCLG had confirmed a decision had yet to be made, the Boundary Commission had confirmed it had yet to recommence its work and two replies from TDBC had attempted to respond to some of the points but in doing so had simply further highlighted the shortcoming of its work. An apology for omitting CSM PC views from the Business Case had been given.

The Clerk advised he had also attended a meeting organised by SALC at which Penny James the Chief Executive of TDBC had explained how the two Councils joint working had come about and had developed into a quest to be replaced by a single authority and why they had chosen to ask the Sec of State (DCLG) in preference to asking for a Boundary Commission review. The replies had not persuaded most of the c25 Parish Councils represented at the meeting of the merits of the plans contrary to the business plan which shows overwhelming support.

17/127. Somerset West Lottery. The Clerk had successfully registered CSM PC as a “good cause” and is highlighting the opportunity to others to similarly register. Players nominate the cause they wish to see benefit when they play the lottery online or by phone to the operator and they win prizes 20% of the money raised. Their website is www.somersetwestlottery.co.uk and the first draw is 29th July.

17/137. Planning.

(1) The following planning applications were considered and the PC agreed;







Reconstruction of stone boundary wall to side of Withy Tree Cottage. North End, CSM

To Support.



Construction of single storey carport at Rowans, Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield.

To Support.

March 2017


M5 motorway Junction 25 Improvement scheme (SCC)

To request a meeting and in the interim to support in principle subject to the Scheme being amended to reflect the need to;

  • Address the issue of rat running through CSM and the need for a programme of safety works in the village.

  • We could not see any quantified projection of what traffic growth could be through Creech.   Is this in SCC model? Nor can we see that the effect of the HE proposal for the duelling of the A358/A303 has been modelled.

  • Indeed the scheme appears to be developed in isolation of the HE A303/358 duelling scheme.

  • Taken together the Scheme does not deal adequately with the Henlade traffic.

  • Also suggests traffic lights or roundabout at Henlade Crossroads

  • The PC feels the lorry access for the Nexus Employment Site must be off the HE duelled A303/358 road.

  • The PC is not convinced with the large number of large development sites in Taunton area even with the upgraded J25 that it will be sufficient for the volume of traffic.

  • Pleased to see that the Creech Castle Junction is to be upgraded.

  • That their needs to be a widely consulted upon and agreed programme for all the number of infrastructure schemes in the area to minimise the impact on local villagers.

  • to ensure that the local access needs of local people are met.

(2) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. KR highlighted that WYG had provided an early draft ver1 of the plan and that this had been circulated to both the NH panels and to Cllrs with comments fed back to WYG. A revised Ver2 is due on 7th July and this too will be circulated for review (deadline for comments 20/7).

KR reported on the sale of a piece of land adjacent to the village sold and that it is anticipated a planning application for a development will now be submitted. It was decided to see if the NH Plan could be strengthened to prevent further developments being undertaken in the village.

The Clerk had asked TDBC to set up a Governance Board as had been requested. TDBC had advised that they are presently reviewing the arrangements now there are three urban development’s and Taunton has been designated a garden town. The Clerk had also pressed the Developers again to progress the safe route to School along Hyde Lane (see 17/134 above for their response).

The PC response to the TDBC Pitch Strategy consultation had been sent and the Housing Needs Survey commissioned.

The Clerk advised that Darren Summerfield is to leave WYG and that his manager, Simon Coles would now be our direct contact.

Action. PCllrs to comment on the draft Ver2 of the NH plan before the NH Plan panel’s next meeting on the 20th.

17/138. Finance.

(1) Accounts authorised for Payment (nb no meeting in august is planned). The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments for July and August, the Clerks June Expenses £115.93 and for July £60.65, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 29.5.17-2.7.17) £282.00, K Signs (SW) Ltd (PIP Banner date update) £24.00, CPRE (Membership 19.7.2017-19.08.18) £36.00, S Greenhalgh (Reimb of DBS check and license fee PIP)£62.00, C Sampson (Reimb of DBS check and license fee PIP)£62.00, Brandon Hire (PIP Generator and Lights hire)£724.62, Exmoor Luxury Loos (PIP Toilet hire) £1,458.00, Glasdon UK Ltd (4 Dogbins (for CHx2, NEnd and Rec Park) £608.11, Zurich Municipal Insurance 2017-2018 £1,305.56, WYG EPT ltd (NH Plan Consultancy 13-5-17-13.6.17) £5,171.88, Otter Brewery Ltd (PIP drink) £304.63, K Hutchings (Caretakers Expenses) 128.52.

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; PIP

For Party in the Park: Stall RJ&J Selway £10.00, Albert Goodman £600, Spillers of Chard £600 and Larkfleet Homes £150 PIP Sponsorship and PIP Food Stall The British Box £150.00. Other: Creech Cougars (Pitch Fees Jan17+) £120.00.

(3) Cheques drawn since last meeting; None

(4). Cheques authorised for payment before the next meeting

British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7.5.17 to 7.7.17), Bibby Factors Ltd Security (Rec Park 3d Security 3.7.17-31.7.17),

Contractor (as appointed by Clerk to install 4 dog waste bins), Nigel’s Windows (Bus Shelter cleaning), One Line Survey (Septic Tank empty at the Rec Park) £120, A Birch (Reimbursement for 2 sets for keys cut for Rec Park £30. Water2Business (rec Park supply Jan-July)..

(5) Insurance. The Clerk had previously circulated a report detailing the PC Ins cover requirement, that offered and quotations obtained from Insurance Companies for cover for both a 1 and 3 year contract from 19/7/17. It was recommended and agreed to place the cover on a three contract with Zurich Municipal. As a further two year extension was available at the fixed price it was agreed that closer to the 3 year anniversary the benefits of that option would be considered and a decision taken at that time. The Clerk had ensured that the new insurance covers Cllrs and Volunteers helping at community events such as PIP.

(6) Gas/Electric Contracts at the Pavilion. The Clerk advised that the Gas contract had expired and BG had not informed the PC timely. As the meter is being kept to avoid removal and or installation charges and no use occurs he had sought renewal with another nil s/c contract. This had necessitated the PC changing suppliers and this was in hand. He had also reviewed and renegioated the Electric Contract and a lower s/c and unit tariff achieved.

17/139. Party in the Park 8th July 2017. CS advised that a premises licence had been obtained for 3 years. There are lots of free activities for children during the afternoon and bands for adults in the evening. Sponsorship, advanced tickets sales, food and stall Fees meant the events costs are covered. Volunteers are required for Friday and Saturday from 9am and on Sunday from 10am. This year there would be more Marshalls, increased security and additional car parking.

17/140. Highways. GL reminded the PC that the A38 Sedgemoor sign had not been moved yet and asked that DF be reminded of the need to move this. The Clerk reported back on his attending a meeting held by Stoke St Mary PC at which Highways England had taken and answered questions about their proposal to duel the A358 and A303. Several PCllrs had attended a similar meeting held by Ruishton PC. It appeared HE had not taken on board the PC’s earlier representation to include a package of safety works in CSM and it appeared that in deciding to consult on one option they had suppressed consulting several other options which would remove more traffic from Henlade. The Clerk was asked to write to HE and make these points and to suggest traffic lights/a roundabout at Henlade crossroads and to press for the needs of local people being able to get around after the new expressway is built are met.

Action. The Clerk to write to HE re their scheme and to remind DF regarding boundary sign.

17/141. Footpaths. Fred A’ Court, the Vol Parish Footpath Officer had provided another detailed report of issues and praise for these and the work he and his asst Diana Eubank Scott were achieving was made. The Chair SH was also thanked for repairing the stile on ROW T10/14A.

17/142. Correspondence. A couple of emails had been received in support of TME and comments placed on the village facebook site and these were noted. Two letters had been received from TME Solicitors stating that TME would not be taking up the new lease offered and these were considered. TME had asked for compensation; as it had been understood that this would be twice the rateable value of £1,300 it was agreed to pay this sum subject to asking the PC Solicitors first if the sum was still payable as Bus Rate Relief had been granted and the payment being made after vacating the site timely. As TME are due to leave at the end of Sept an additional 3 months grace period (to clear site only) to the end of the calendar year end would be given and it was agreed to levy a penalty if site vacated after this period. TME had also asked the PC if it wished to buy the two buildings on site for £25,000. It was decided to advise TME that they could leave the building ‘as is’ or remove them in their entirety (incl foundations and restoring the site to level soil) but no further payment would be made. It was noted TME would remove the container on site. TME had also asked about the PC making available alternative sites and it was agreed the PC would if it could but having tried two pieces of land it had not been able to at this time, though it may be possible at a future time.

Action. The Clerk to inform the PC solicitors of the decisions taken.

The meeting was closed at 8.50pm.

Future Meetings;

The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on 20th July at 6.30pm

The next Parish Council meetings will be held at 7pm on Monday 4th September and 2nd October.

A planning meeting will be held on Monday 7th August 7pm.

All meetings held in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net