/ Parish Council / 2017 Minutes / 4th December 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 4th December 2017

In the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), P Brown, Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. Three members of the public attended.

17/216. Chairs Welcome. The Vice Chairman in the Chairman’s absence chaired the meeting and welcomed all.

17/217. Public Speaking. No member of the public asked to speak.

17/218. Apologies. PCllrs A Birch and C Sampson had sent their apologies and their reasons given were accepted. S Hutchings (Chair). TDBCllr D Durdan.

17/219. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. None. (2) SH had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept. Action. The PC granted the dispensation to enable all Councillors to participate in the precept determination discussions at this meeting and at the next meeting on 8th January.

17/220. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised;

(1) After a 3 yearly Ofsted Inspection SCC had been advised that the authority had made ‘significant progress’ in its Children’s Services. The formal announcement will be made at the end of Jan 18.

(2) Adult Social Care: As part of the comprehensive ‘Promoting Independence’ strategy for Adult Social Care comprehensive advise can be found by calling 0300 123 2224 or emailing adults@somerset.gov.uk  . Alternatively people can call into one of our drop in centre’s details of which can be found at www.somerset.gov.uk/dropin or by visiting https://www.somersetchoices.org.uk/ to see the many options.

(3) SCC has a Teacher Training facility run in conjunction with Uni of Worcester which provides training for 70. It has been judged as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and they would like it to be increased to 160 places.

(4) Somerset has 3 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. £1.9m has been granted to the Quantocks AONB by the Heritage Lottery fund to launch and manage the Inspire live and learn project over the period 2020-2024.

(5) SCC is responsible for Public Health. The Somerset Director of Health has had a report entitled “End of Life” published. DF offered a short presentation on a future occasion; whatever you take out of it the vast majority of people do not discuss with their relatives how they wish to be dealt with when it comes to the end of their life. The message is ‘Do talk to your relatives’.

(6) Hyde Lane “Safe Route to School” proposed footpath is to proceed in three sections, the first section to the MWay Bridge will be provided by Linden Homes, the second section from MWay bridge to short of Hyde Lane Cottages by SCC and a new path alongside and behind the cottages will be provided by Persimmon and Redrow “as soon as possible”. DF advised “the monies there, the lands there and it just a matter of getting on with it now” . Linden homes will also provide new bridge parapets. The path agreed will not be lit (or a cycleway) but SCC will seek to vary it later.

(7) Ruishton Lipe Lane Flooding. The suggestion to raise the road between Ham Road and Cheats Rd junction to prevent flooding had now been looked at and costed at est £2m. £15,000 will now be spent on a topographical survey

and then the question of where to get the money will be examined. KR asked if the culvert under the road can be cleared in the meantime. DF advised these had all been looked at and it had been agreed that they would be. DK informed DF that someone when cutting hedges along Ham Lane had allowed the ditches to be filled up with the cutting. DF suggested that the Clerk report this to the Internal Drainage Board.

Action. The Clerk to advise the IDB.

(8) Langaller Road. GL asked what the orange markings either side of the road that appeared on the 10th Sept are. DF advised he did not know but would make enquiries of Highways.

(9) SWH noted that there was Fly Tipping of materials taking place in a field off Long Lane (RofW10/29) Langaller.

As ‘no change of use’ had been obtained by the land owner this was a matter for planning enforcement.

Action. The Clerk to report flytipping to TDBC enforcement.

17/221. Minutes of the 6th November Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

17/222. Matters arising from the minutes of the 6th November Mtg.

KR asked if the landowner had advised regarding allotment lease renewal. The Clerk advised he had yet to his knowledge but as the 5 years had expired a lease renewal negotiation was required. He referred KR to SH.

The Clerk reported;

17/198 (11) North End Sewerage Pumping Station. The Clerk advised that he had written to Wessex Water twice asking when the station was installed adjacent to Withy Tree Cottage but had yet to get a reply. IW and SG suggested it was about 20/25 years ago.

16/221. Flooding Sign.

Action. DK and AB had yet to meet with Ruishton Flood Group in order to determine best way forward. C/F.

16/58. Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. The Clerk reported that he had re-inspected the area following his last visit on the 31st August and had found that TDBC had apart from shutting the manhole had not made progress on any of the 8 other improvements agreed at a site meeting held on 17th May. As a result he will report again to TDBC the dangerous tree stump that presents a formidable trip hazard. The Clerk reported that the other issues are that the grass was much longer than on other estate verges suggesting that Crufts is still not on the TDBC scheduled cutting programme, Briars had not been cut back, that also appears to be the prospect of a "gap" appearing between the Larkfleet estate path by the canal and the existing footpath.

Action. The Clerk to report the lack of progress and brief CS.

17/125 Dog Bins. SCC has provided a highways map of Charlton Road. The Chairman would examine and identify a site on the Highway land. Alternatively the bin will be sited somewhere else in the Parish.

Action. The Chairman and KR to identify a site, the Clerk to await Chairman’s advices and then ask DLO to install.

17/156 (2) Planning Enforcement. The Clerk confirmed that he had received an update on two cases.

At Charlton Lane E 0014 14 17 Alleged unauthorised dev and caravans being used for permanent residential occupation. TDBC had served a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) on Monday 2nd October 2017. As a result TDBC had advised on 20th November that the only clear breech on the land is the storage of a touring caravan and that it had been agreed this would be removed within 14 days.

At Durston E0015 16 17. Unauthorised stationing of two occupied static caravans on land adjacent to the A361.  TDBC also advised on the 20th November that the mobile home does not amount to development requiring planning permission and is used ancillary to the main use on the land.

17/204. Strategic Housing land availability assessment (SHLAA). The Clerk reported that he had written to TDBC (Tim Burton) asking that the field at Langaller be removed from the plan as a possible site for future development (beyond the existing plan period).

He had received a short reply advising that it isn’t a policy-making document and the inclusion of this particular site as a potentially developable site should be given no weight in the decision-making process and that TDBC does not (and has never) consulted with Parishes or the public on the inclusion or otherwise of individual sites as per national planning policy and practice guidance.  PB

Responded that's all well and good but why do they have a category of "not developable" as then they are making a planning judgement and it seems that TDBC want this site in their back pocket in case their 5 year supply fails.

Action. The Clerk was asked to respond to TDBC and to seek Dist Cllrs support for the green wedge extension and for a reassessment of this site in the next SHLAA as not developable.

17/207. Defibulator’s. The Clerk advised he had spent a morning with Lawrence Rayment of Heartstart Somerset inspecting the three telephone boxes to identify any works required ahead of fitting the defibrillators and their cabinets. All three backboards were found to require replacing and the Chair had offered to undertake this subject to the PC meeting material costs (plywood, wood stain and bolts). This was agreed. The Clerk confirmed he had seen Heartstart Somerset supplier’s website and ascertained that their charge to the PC is lower. KR advised that the Hospital had recommended Heartstart Somerset as they are the best linking to the Ambulance Service.

Action. Clerk to get quotes for Installation/Electrician, to order equipment. Chair to replace the backboards.

17/211. Footpaths/RofW.

The Clerk advised that he had yet to write to the RoW Officer at SCC who is to retire at Christmas thanking her for her good service but that he would before she leaves. (note from Clerk since done). At the last meeting it had been reported that DWHomes had cut the hedges in the path leading from Hyde lane to the Rec Park and left the cuttings on the footpath in need of picking up. As a result the Chair and himself had been along to examine only to find that they had since been removed. As a result no action was taken.

17/223. Planning. (7.1). The following planning applications were considered;







Wortheys Farm, Worthy Lane, Creech St Michael. Application for a prior notification for the replacement of extension of an agricultural building for the storage of feed and machinery.

To support.



Coalharbour House, White Street, Ham, Creech St Michael. Various internal alterations.

To support.



Hillview Barn, Adsborough. Erection of an agricultural bdg with installation of solar pv panels.

To support.



Charlton House Farm, Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield. Conversion of workshop outbuilding to ancillary accommodation

To support.



Unit 20 Creech Mill CSM. Erection of an extension to existing Unit.

To support.

Action. As decision 0035 had already been made and communicated by TDBC the Clerk was asked to establish why.

(7.2) App 48/17/0043 Land adjacent to the A38 off Hardy’s Road, Monkton Heathfield; Erection of 4 No

Commercial buildings for Class B1/B8 usage, with amenities. The Clerk to report that he has registered a concern with Planners about the impact of additional traffic this application in West Monkton will have within CSM.

(7.3) App 14/17/0020 Walford Cross. Erection of 11 No. light industrial units (2 No. buildings) for Class B1/B8 usage. The Clerk reported that in response to the additional professional representations the applicant has made to TDBC he has restated the PC views, highlighted the concern over road safety and in response to the applicants agent’s suggestion that SCC reline the Walford Cross to make it safer suggested that if so it should be funded by the applicant. This will be heard by TDBC Planners at their meeting today, 6th Dec. SCC Highways have supported conditionally as traffic volumes are less now than in 2006.

(7.4) App 14/17/0033 Development off Langaller Road of 200 houses by Gladman’s. Two requests had been made asking if the PC would request asking Persimmon and Redrow to write a letter against the development. IW suggested as Gladman’s was not the developers we proceed with caution at this stage. DF advised at the appeals stage new objections cannot be raised. It was agreed to write. It was also agreed to write to Ruishton PC seeking their support. LG asked if some of the PC would speak at the TDBC Planning Cttee (likely to be Jan 10th or 31st or Feb 28th) and it was agreed that the Clerk would circulate a list of subjects to be covered for individual PCllrs to decide and notify LG. LG advised that some PCllrs had yet to submit their formal objections to TDBC and asked that they do.

The Clerk also advised that he had submitted an application for ACV status for the field of Langaller Road. TDBC had asked for details of recreational use beyond the walking and dog exercising uses he was already aware of. Parishioner Lynn Gates (LG) advised the PC that she and her family had regularly picnicked there as had other families.

Action. Clerk to write to Persimmon, Redrow and Ruishton PC asking for support and circulate PCllrs subject topics.

PCllrs to volunteer to speak and write in objection.

(7.5). Planning - CSM. Neighbourhood Plan. The CSM NH Panel meeting of the 16th Nov draft mins were separately circulated. Following amendment to take on board PCllrs requests for changes on draft v4 Plan (including the development of a “green wedge” policy) and the improvements suggested by TDBC (AR) a revised draft (v5) Neighbourhood Plan had been circulated to PCllrs separately earlier that day. The public and statutory consultation (Reg 14 Consultation) would start this Friday 8th Dec for a 2 month period (ending 2nd Feb). Displays manned by the NH Plan Panel would be held in the village Hall Cttee Room this Friday 8th from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturday 9.30am to noon. Following that unmanned displays would be placed in the Village Hall entrance and Baptist Church Hall for two months. Regular posts would be made to the village facebook site including daily this week as this had over 1000 friends. All maps, the draft plan and a feedback form are also available to view or download from the village website www.creechstmichael.net/NHP/ . PCllrs were asked to notify the Clerk of any “must have changes” this week otherwise comments made will be included along with other outcomes for consideration for v6 in February. It was agreed to request two changes. PB asked that the Project list include a sentence on the opening of a link between Hyde Lane and the Relief Road “Provision of access from Hyde Lane to WMRR when satisfactory traffic management measures are in place in Hyde Lane as part of the village traffic management plan” and IW asked that Map 10 have a line added to the text to the effect that "it’s the PC aim to secure ACV status for the whole of the Green Wedge”. It was also agreed to pay WYG £750 for the preparations of maps and to meet the costs of laminating consultation displays.

PG advised he and the Clerk had met a SCC Transport Planner in an effort to get traffic volume data in the Village; hopefully in the New Year we will get data to support what we are saying regarding speeding and safety.

KR had arranged for Pictures to have been taken for later inclusion in the plan. A meeting had been held to select which to use and this ha identified the need for additional pictures highlighting the difficulties the plan refers to.

TDBC Planners had given the go ahead for the Local Development Order for the Nexus strategic employment site and that this would be considered at the full Council meeting on 12th Dec. The site originally thought to be 25hacres has now been measured as 17.3hacres and this reduces the number of jobs from 3-4,000 proportionately.

Action. The Clerk to ask WYG to make two requested changes to the draft plan ahead of Reg 14 consultation.

17/224. Finance.

(1) Cheque drawn since last meeting . Cheque no 262 amount £39.62 payable to B Gas for Pavilion Electricity supply 7th Oct-7th Nov 2017.

(2) Accounts authorised for Payment. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments,

SR Altria (Clerks Nov Expenses) £222.82, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 30.10.17-26.11.17) £216.00, WYG Env Planning Trans Ltd (NH Plan consultancy 16.10.17-16.11.17) £3,600.00, CSM Village Hall (Hire of VHall July-Sept 17) £93.50, Soc of Local Council Clerks (2018 Membership) £147.00, Assoc of Loc Council Clerks (2017/18 Membership) £50.00, Heartstart Somerset (3 BT Spec Class 2 AED Cabinets) £3,735.00.

(3) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting;

Creech Cougars (Pitch Sept/Oct Fees) £120.00, Ruishton FC (Pitch Sept/Oct Fees) £100.00, Tone Youth FC (Pitch Fees 1st/7th/8th/14th/15thx2 Oct) £120.00 and South West Lottery (Lottery proceeds Nov) £10.00.

(4) Authority to make payments as accounts received.

British Gas (Pavilion Electricity supply 7th Nov-7th Dec 2017) £tba, British Gas (Former Engine shed Electricity Supply-

PIP items) and PIP items (as authorised October PC mtg and item 17/225).

(5) Larkfleet Grant Fund. The Clerk had examined their criteria for applications and recognising that a requirement of bidders is to have a Equalities and H&S Policies in place as well as the existing Safeguarding Policy (along with review dates) he had written these and circulated to PCllrs ahead of the meeting. These were agreed with an amendment to the Safeguarding Policy. As PIP had requested that a bid should be submitted for new gazebos and tables and this was agreed. IF unsuccessful in the bid it was agreed PIP can then purchase these. DK highlighted that PIP were currently hiring a marquee and that over three years would get the money back.

Action AB to provide the Clerk with details and the Clerk to submit a bid to Larkfleet in January.

(6) Budget/Precept 2018/19. To discuss draft budget/precept (papers separately circulated).

The Clerk circulated a draft budget and precept for the 2018/19 year. He advised that he was not necessarily looking for immediate reactions but it would be on the Jan agenda for decision. In the meantime the budget should be scrutinised and questions asked. The budget was introduced and changes between years highlighted. The draft suggested that both the draw on balances and precept needed to increase (following last year’s no increase). The draft budget had been reviewed by the Finance Sub Ctte. He highlighted that it was important to identify as aspirations for consideration as possible so Cllrs aims for the year are considered (including any Neighbourhood Plan Community Actions to be taken forward) in the budget as there was unlikely to be finance available otherwise. SG asked for suggestions of how money can be saved. It was noted that the Council Tax Support Grant had now been completely withdrawn by TDBC, that the rec field income will reduce whilst costs are generally increasing and that increased play equipment maintenance, commencing the new pavilion project, addressing the former TME site works, enhancing facilities in the Park, the cost of emptying the increased number of Dog Bins and the running of a Youth Club (see item 17/229 below) all are additional costs. That the Neighbourhood Plan could be financed from CIL and new play equipment from S105 monies received for that purpose.

Action. PCllrs to review draft budget and identify savings, any new projects and to put questions to the Clerk.

17/225. Party in the Park 14th July 2018 (SG,CS,DK,YG,AB) To report on PIP18 and projects/grants.

SG advised that arrangements for PIP18 were well in hand with vendors booked, tickets ordered and bands being considered. The Safety Advising Group would be attended and SG and CS will be licensees. The event will remain free during the day time with evening tickets (adults) priced at £5 and teens aged 14-17 at £3.

On 19th Jan is Senior Citizens fish and chip supper. AB had asked for support and volunteers should let him know.

17/226. Rec Park. (1) Site Levelling/Fencing Work. SG reported that the site levelling work had commenced and the site would be grassed over once complete. (2) Rec Park Improvements. SG advised that a meeting was being scheduled to take place shortly to consider the many suggestions and how best to take the pavilion replacement project forward. Further ideas are welcome and the further Neighbourhood Plan consultation will contain suggestions.

(3) Safety Inspection Works. SH had advised that the caretaker is working through some of the outstanding items. The Clerk drew attention to the need to address the matting underneath too.

(4) Pitch rolling. A quote from the DLO was considered and agreed. It was also agreed to add a roll into the grass maintenance contract in place with the DLO as the pitch need an annual roll.

17/227. Highways.

(1) SG advised that the verge banks just beyond the Hyde Lane Corner are collapsing again on left hand side.

(2) IW advised that whilst walking on the pavement opp the shop a car wing mirror had hit him on the elbow and this highlighted the need to address the safety issues that exist.

(3) Hollingsworth Park Estate speed calming. PC/AB/Clerk along with a resident had attended a site meeting held on 14th November with SCC Highways DM and AJ). Highways had acknowledged that there is a problem with drivers breaking too late when descending the MWay Bridge and therefore travelling too fast at the road crossing point on the corner outside the Rec Park. The speed limit will be extended out to address this. Highways are also to extend the parapet to the bridge to ensure vehicles cannot roll down onto the motorway embankment. Highways had also asked to learn what speed calming measures PCllrs would like to see and had sent some suggestions. It was agreed to read through these and to make a decision at the next meeting. DF highlighted that speed humps are not liked and the Clerk highlighted that the NH Plan consultation had identified Village Gateways as preferable.

(4) A358/A303 Duelling. The Clerk explained that Highways England Ltd have taken the decision that following further review, to consult again on the whole route from early 2018. HE intend to present a number of options for consideration and have widened the scope of the consultation to the whole route meaning that they need more time to work on the consultation and to prepare.

The Clerk advised that the consequence of this is that the scheme will now, given the timing of this consultation and "reconsideration of the whole route", mean H.E will find it virtually impossible to complete all necessary stages in time to put a "spade in the ground" by their given deadline of 2020. There is likely now to be a year's delay in the A358 Expressway programme (which was already over stretched financially due to the cost of the tunnel at Stonehenge) as a result of the re-consultation and this will push the project's construction into the period of the Government's next Road Investment Strategy, 2020-2025.

(5) M5 J25, Nexus Employment Park and Creech Castle Junction. At the TDBC Planning Mtg it was stated that HE have removed their “hold” on the Motorway Junction and Nexus schemes so SCC and TDBC can proceed with these schemes if they decide to. Given the A358 duelling delays this would mean that the traffic (including the heavy Lorry’s) wanting to access Nexus would have to travel through Ruishton or use the Motorway junction; thereby increasing the likelihood of rat running through CSM. SCC Highways will attend the PC Jan meeting to explain their proposals for improving the Creech Castle Junction.

17/228. Footpaths/RofW. There was no formal report presented this month. FA’C and PB had raised a “missing Link” on the approach to canal bridge 26 at the bottom end of Ryesland way. The slope is a mess and asked whether this could be improved . SCC RofW have advised that it is not a RofW. If improved it would negate the need to cross the canal bridge. The Clerk asked if anyone knew who owned the land. IW offered to speak to the canal ranger.

17/229. Youth Club. CS, KR, Judith Hodge and the Clerk had met with Rich Hedger (Youth Investment fund Youth Worker) from the Somerset Rural Youth Project on 9th November to explore the setting up of a youth club for teenagers running one night a week in CSM. A note of the meeting had been circulated and details of costing’s requested. It is likely SRYP would meet setup costs but the PC would get ongoing running costs. It was noted that the Children Centre was no longer available as a possible venue and that the VHall was fully booked weekday evenings. CS suggested the old engine should be used as it could be made a dedicated space and it facilitated Rec Park use. JH offered that the Creech News would contribute to building adaptations costs. The Clerk suggested PIP may wish to contribute too. It was noted that as there are ongoing commissioning, management and premises issues associated with a youth club some form of body (either external or a PC panel) would need to be established to handle these.

17/230. Annual Parish Meeting April 27th Friday 2018. PCllrs considered Speakers and suggested that Wessex Water, Land Drainage and Sports England be invited. Further speakers to be identified and notified to the Clerk.

17/231. Equalities, Safeguarding and H&S Policies.

These three policies had been circulated previously. The H&S and Equality Policies were adopted. The Safeguarding Policy which already existed was reviewed and a change made before being agreed. It was agreed to review all three the policies annually in future at the Nov meeting.

17/232. Creech St Michael Website. The Clerk advised that a Parishioner had suggested that the website needed to be kept more up-to-date and to have a more modern appearance. This would need a team of volunteers establishing or someone being paid to obtain and upload content whilst the rewrite of the website would involve a cost. BB said the site was old fashioned and highlighted that the bus timetable shown is 2014. She appreciated it is maintained on a voluntary basis but with people new moving in the first thing they do is check the website. KR agreed to put in an appeal for volunteers in the next edition of the Creech News. BB asked if the News could also show PCllrs names and email addresses.

17/233. Correspondence. None raised.


17/234. Matters to be carried forward. The next meeting agenda is to be kept to urgent items to provide time to fully discuss the 2018/19 Budget and to receive the Creech Castle Junction presentation.

The meeting was closed at 9.11pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled Parish Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday January 8th and February 5th 2018.

All meetings held in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net