/ Parish Council / 2017 Minutes / 5th June 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 5th June 2017

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch,  P Brown, Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight, G Lucas and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. One member of the public attended.   


17/111. Chairs Welcome. SH began by welcoming all.


17/112. Public Speaking.  Brenda Brighton drew the Parish Councils attention to the bushes on TDBC land at the corner of Ryesland Way growing over the footpath once again. BB asked what the current position is with regards the Taunton Model Engineers and when the various Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results undertaken as part of the Neighbourhood Plan would be publishedBB was advised that the PC following its solicitor’s advice had offered a new lease to TME with a shorter track length and that the PC was trying to get the Copse at the rear of the Park. If successful it may be possible to extend the track into that area. However there are probate issues and the sale or rental of the Copse is not complete. The Clerk advised he had yet to publish the NH Plan Surveys results but would now do so.

Action. Clerk to ask TDBC to cut bushes in Rylesland Way and to update the website with the NH Plan surveys results.


17/113. Apologies.  PCllrs K Reed and C Sampson had sent their apologies and reasons given were accepted.


17/114. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. No PCllr declared an interest.


17/115.  County Councillors Report. DF advised he had met with the CSM NH Plan Panel, that he had reported the need for cutting the verges at Walford Cross junction (these had since been cut), that he had reported the A38 Sedgemoor Sign and requested it be moved back. SWH asked for an update on the North Taunton Inner Distributor Road (NIDR) to which DF advised that the matter was commercially sensitive at this time. The Clerk asked for an update on the Crossing in Hyde Lane and DF offered to follow this up. A discussion took place on the Adsborough Bus Stops in which it was noted that SCC Engineers advice had yet to be received. GL expressed his disappointment that bus services has again been cut. DF explained that budget cutbacks had meant only a 2 hrly service could be afforded but that arrangements had been made for bus passes to continue to be accepted and that the timings of the buses had been carefully selected so as to be most helpful.


17/116. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities.

At the PC Annual Meeting held on 8th May some panel members and representation had been agreed. Since then a list of further working parties had been circulated by the Clerk and these were considered and the following working parties/roles agreed;

(1) Highways and Fly tipping - GL, SG.

(2) Footpaths - Fred A’ Court, Diana Eubank Scott.

(3) Publicity, Website and Communications - AB, CS.

(4) Recreation field - CS, SG, AB, YG, DK.

(5) Wessex Water/Flooding/Environment Agency - AB and DK.  

(6) Health and Safety – IW.

(7) New Pavilion fundraising - CS,SG,AB,YG, DK, IW.


(8) It was agreed that membership of the following working parties are to be determined by full Council as and when required; Personnel, Complaints and Grievances, Appeals, Disciplinary Appeals and all matters relating to TME.


(9) Planning Compliance. It was agreed that the Planning working Party would also have responsibility for compliance.


It was agreed a Finance Sub Committee is to be created (with responsibility for all financial matters incl Contracts, Procurement, Asset Management, Internal Audit and Financial Scrutiny matters) with Membership of CS, PB and the Clerk/RFO. The Clerk explained as a formal Sub Cttee meetings would have agendas, minutes etc and would be held in public.


17/117. Minutes of the 8th May Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


17/118. Matters arising from the minutes of the 8th May Mtg. The Clerk reported;


17/89. West View Park. At the last PC meeting Christine Winchester had advised of teenagers driving their cars again at excessive speed in West View Park on Sunday 7th. The PC had informed TDBC as park owners of the problems and asked them again for a further bollard to be installed. This had been agreed to. As part of the site visit it had been noted that there was a fault in the path close to the bin and this has now been patched following a request for a repair.  DF advised that as all the footpaths in West View are to be replaced shortly by SCC and that the PC may wish to suggest to TDBC that they ask  SCC Highways and take the opportunity to have the footpath redone at the same time.


16/221. Flooding Sign.  He is still awaiting a reply to the funding enquiry  he had submitted for a “flip over” flood warning sign on the Ham to North Curry road to CRISP (Community Resilience in Somerset). SCC Highways had previously advised that they had no budget and had suggested that a grant application for funding be made.




16/58.  Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. Following TDBC confirmation they do own the enclosed land adjacent to the canal TDBCllr K Durdan and himself had been chasing TDBC officers to get the vegetation cut. After two dates for having the work completed had gone by without the promised work being done so a onsite meeting was held on 18th May. The area was largely cut on the 17th May. A number of shortcoming were still apparent and these were indentified ;  (1) work, hopefully with the canal trust to further improve the bankside along its full length of the site with the aim of removing the briars completely over time. (2) To remove the briars from inside the fence at the east end of the site (3) To remove the briars from overhanging the footpath towards the western end of the site (4) replace the gatepost and install a new gate.(5) The open drain will have the cover put back on it.(6) The tree stump (painted red) on the grassed area will be ground out (7).To cut into the (neighbours) hedge at the eastern end to stop further encroachment of the grass area (8).Work with Larkfleet (Developers) to ensure management  from the outset of the "common space" on their site currently under construction (9) Retighten the wire running the top along the length of the fencing.


16/194 (4) Planning Enforcement. That whilst he had reported the two premises which appear to be occupied without  planning permission; one at the bottom of Charlton Lane and the other a caravan alongside the A361 he still had yet to have any feedback from TDBC planning enforcement officers.


17/59 (1). St Michaels Rd and Bull Street.  That he had had asked for the white lining ahead of the 2nd river bridge and the pinch points to be redone as they had faded and had reported the surface adjacent to the ironwork in the road at the junction. SCC Highways had replied advised they were not yet at the point of having to take action but would be monitoring them and would take action as required. It was now noted that the  ironwork now had an orange marking on it and this  indicates it will be dealt with the month.


17/59 (4) Hollingsworth Estate Speed Calming. The Clerk advised he had made longstanding enquiries of SCC Highways on when speed calming would be installed that it was believed formed part of the planning permission. The PC has now been advised by SCC Highways and TDBC that despite having written agreement that traffic calming will be installed by both the developers and SCC Highways that it was not in the planning consent and now will not be installed. The Clerk had asked for a meeting and now awaits a reply.

Action. DF agreed to speak with SCC Highways and to understand what speed readings had been done.


17/72 (1). Defibulator’s. DK and the Clerk had yet to be given details of SCF grants towards the costs of defib’s and 

and  DK to ask the Air Ambulance Service in Exeter if they had a field designated for their use in Ham.


17/72 (6) Hyde Lane Crossing. Reminded DF that it had been advised that Plans should be out on 26th May.


17/72 (13) Charlton Manor. TDBC have written advising that there has been a planning breech and that they had requested a meeting within a week with the owners. SCC Highways have also been asked to take a look and they too are now in discussions.


17/75.  Open access youth club for teenagers. Advised that he had requested costing’s from Somerset Rural Youth Project for the running of a youth club one night a week on a tiered basis (e.g. with younger members early and older ones later) and was awaiting their quotation which was promised for june. He had made enquiries about using the Children Centre as a venue and had learnt it is not in the Schools management so had requested SCC for their charges and awaited these.


17/104 (1). West View Lighting. A request for street lighting in part of West View had been received and this had been referred to SCC Street Lighting for their consideration.


17/104 (2). A358/A303 Duelling. The Clerk advised he had written to Highways England as tasked to support the principle of the new high quality duel carriageway road from London via the M3 to Taunton in order to bring economic benefits to Somerset, to provide more, reliable journey times and to avoid routing through the Blackdowns AONB.

As a considerable number of infrastructure projects are currently being planned locally he had highlighted that insufficient joint working was taking place and that the impact on neighbouring communities (incl CSM) where a programme of safety works and traffic modelling is required had not been considered. Also that during the construction period no large (6’6”+) vehicles should be permitted.


17/119. Planning.

(1) The following planning application was considered and the PC agreed;







Larkfleet Development. Variation of condition No 02 (external surfaces materials) of App 14/12/0043 on land south of Hyde Lane, CSM.

 To make no observations

(2) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. The Panel had met with SCCllr David Fothergill to explain to DF the Parishes needs regarding roads, foot/cycle ways, Schools and Park and Ride that had been stated in the consultation responses received from the NH Plan Surveys and from the PC. DF had recommended the establishment of a Governance board (to include representation from CSM) for phase 2 of the urban extension (i.e. that in CSM) as he felt this had worked well in holding people to account in the phase 1 (West Monkton) and therefore overcoming problems. In particular the discussion included the safe route to school desired along Hyde Lane, Vehicle access to the West Monkton relief road from Hyde Lane, the need for safety improvements and rat running avoidance measures through the Village rather than an extension to the relief road, the wider improvements planned for Creech Castle/J25/Nexus/A358 dueling, the need for a Bus gate, the routing of Park and Ride buses, improved cycle and footways and the Schools that are needed. The panel had expressed concerns that the plans for school requirements are clearly stated as soon as is possible and that the buses from the new park and ride to be built at Walford Cross are not at present planned to be routed through CSM.


It was noted that West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Councils had thanked the PC and NH Plan panel for supporting the Draft West Monkton and CF NH Plan.


The Panel had considered the TDBC Pitch Strategy and the panel decided to make a number of recommendations and observations to CSM PC to be included in its response to the TDBC consultation (see item 17/119(3)).


Housing Needs Survey. Following the decision by the CSM PC to commission a housing Needs Survey the Panel Members reviewed a draft survey that been provided and several additional and amended questions where suggested.

The Clerk had instructed TDBC to proceed and advised them of requested amended and additional questions.


DS of WYG Planning consultants is now working on writing the plan in earnest and a first alliteration had been circulated. This is not complete but Panel members have been asked to review the documentation and framework and to provide feedback either to the Clerk ahead of its next meeting on the 15th June.  The PC asked that the draft be circulated to PCllrs

Action. The Clerk to ask TDBC to set up a Governance Board, to press the Developers again to progress the safe route to School and to circulate to PCllrs the first draft plan for review and comment.


(3) TDBC Pitch strategy.

The PC considered its response to TDBC consultation on its new pitch strategy. Whilst the strategy itself was welcomed in principle there was felt be a need for it to have been put into better context and to have more transparent systems of resource allocation, to consider a wider range of sports, for the Parish to be reassigned from the Taunton area to the East of Deane Area, for provisions to be co-located along with pavilion facilities, to try and secure an artificial pitch and for greater prior (and the future implementation) consultation in the drafting of the strategy.

Action. The Clerk to reply to TDBC consultation.


17/120. Finance.

 (1) Accounts authorised for Payment.  The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks May Expenses £128.51, Bibby Factors Ltd Security (Rec Park 3d Security 1.5.17-28.5.17) £246.00,  Porter Dodson LLP (Solicitors Fees and Expenses re Rec Park) £3,459.00, B J Howe (Internal Audit Fees and Expenses)£265.50, Nigel’s Windows (Bus Shelter Cleaning 20 5 2017), £75.00, WYG EPT ltd (NH Plan Consultancy 16-4-17-13.5.17) £5,411.88.


(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; HM Revenue & Custom (Vat reclaim 16-17) £11,416.97.


(3) Cheques drawn since last meeting; A payment to B Gas Electricity at Pavilion 7-4-17 to 7-5-17 £59.16 (as previously agreed).


(4) Audit. The Internal Audit had been completed and the auditor had signed off the accounts as accurate. He had made a number of recommendations which the PC considered. The PC decided to ask SG to review the caretakers work sheets, to create a Finance Sub Cttee in view of the  large amount of financial activity, to introduce an increasing percentage spend/income against budget % when carrying out budget monitoring, to reclaim £40 on two invoices that had been omitted and £13.31 over claimed on the VAT return and to open a separate bank account for CIL receipts once sums justified it. The Papers along with variance explanations had now been sent to the PC external auditors Grant Thornton and the audit period notice had been posted and would cover 7th June to 17th July. The Clerk added that questions would be answered at anytime of year and not just the audit period.


(5) Insurance. The current 3 year contract for Insurance expires on July 19th and the Clerk had asked for quotations so a decision can be made at the July PC meeting.  The Clerk was asked to ensure that the new insurance covers Cllrs and Volunteers helping at community events.


17/121. Recreation Park. (1) Update reportYG advised that she had asked the rugby club stewards to advise on improving the pitch condition and now awaited their visit. SG highlighted bigger bins with lids are required and it was agreed to include these in a future improvement scheme. IW asked for plans for the proposed layout of the Rec Park. AB explained that it was not possible to finalise them until the position with TME was determined though it was agreed options be developed in the interim. A discussion took place about the arrangements of covering caretakers holidays and it was agreed that the Clerk could engage a cleaner for her future absences and that Cllrs would cover unlocking on weekdays. Arrangements have been made for the agreed termly empty of the septic tank on the 17th July.

Action. The working group to develop options ahead of a decision to be made in the autumn.

(2) Development. The Clerk reported that SCC Highways had replied asking for drawings and more details of proposals to extend the park. A discussion took place on the process being followed and the Clerk explained that the likelihood of getting planning permission being obtained was being explored ahead of deciding how to proceed.


17/122. Party in the Park 8th July 2017. AB advised that tickets have sold well to date but are on hold as objections had been received to the premises license. The Police and TDBC had suggested that this license be applied for as the previous one was a temporary License and our event had now become regular. A mediation meeting has been scheduled for weds 7th June. Concerns centred over the license if granted  would permit unlimited use of the park for licensed events and that there are problems with parking. It was agreed that AB and SG would attend the mediation meeting and CS and AB the subsequent licensing meeting (if required) with replacements if ill or unavailable. Arrangements had been made to use a triangle of land opposite for parking and it is hoped a nearby field would also be made available.


17/123. Highways. GL reported that the manhole cover at the Junction of Rockets Close and Hopkins Field is loudly vibrating each time its driven over and is loose. AB highlighted as similar problem at North End.

Action. The Clerk to report the loose manhole covers to SCC Highways.


17/124. Footpaths. Fred A’ Court, the Vol Parish Footpath Officer had provided another detailed report of issues he and his asst Diana Eubank Scott had indentified and reported to SCC ROW which the Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting to PCllrs. He was particularly pleased with the dog-friendly arrangement that could be installed at Ham in the field at the far side of Ham Bridge. The Chair advised he would look at the stile on ROW T10/14A.

Action. The Chair to look at the stile on ROW T10/14A


17/125.  Dog Bins. At the last meeting a request to provide two dog bins to be sited either end of Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield was agreed to with the Chair to identify preferred sites. The Chair had visited and two sites were agreed (one near pill box and one between Francis Close and Mead Drove way). As the Clerk had already sent a plan showing the preferred sites for two further dog waste bins that had been previously agreed to be sited outside the Rec Park entrance and at Worthy Lane (by telephone box) to SCC Highways for their agreement and their response is awaited he would now ask them for permission for all four. The Clerk advised he had got quotes for new bins and it was agreed to order the four new bins from Glasdon, to arrange installation and to contract TDBC DLO to empty.  

Action. Clerk to request SCC Highways agreement, order bins and arrange installation and emptying.


17/126. TDBC and West Somerset DC Merger Business Case. The Clerk had previously circulated the ‘Business Case’ that had recently received and it is clear that not all the options have been considered, that the report had been written to favour the desired outcome, that the online  consultation format steered responses to the set questions and that CSM PC reply stating its view not to support the merger have not been included.  Despite the Boundary Commission advising the PC in writing that their "rewarding" of the District had been put on hold until a decision was made it is clear from the document that work has continued by TDBC as it states CSM should be merged with West Monkton as part of a  4 TDBC Cllr ward. As no reasoning to support this had been given, that it was contrary to CSM communicated view to have its own 2 Cllr ward (other Parishes of similar size have been recommended for a two Cllr Ward) no one had explained why CSM could not.  Consideration was given to how best to respond and it was agreed letters be sent to DCLG, Boundary Commission and TDBC.

Action. The Clerk to write letters to the DCLG, the Boundary Commission and TDBC restating the PC previously communicated decisions against the proposals.


17/127. Somerset West Lottery. The Clerk explained that he had attended the launch on the 16th May. TDBC have engaged a lottery operator to run a lottery for them with odds far better than the Nat Lottery and with 60% going to local good causes. He suggested that organisation in the Parish be encouraged to sign up as a good cause in their own right and that CSM PC could be deemed a good cause (subject to acceptance) so that the PC could raise funds for community projects within the Parish. As the lottery success depends on take up and promoting the lottery to supporters (this can be done via facebook, website etc using materials the lottery provides or perhaps via the newsletter). There is no risk or cost to the PC at all. Players nominate the cause they wish to see benefit when they play the lottery online or by phone to the operator and they win prizes 20% of the money raised. Their website is www.somersetwestlottery.co.uk is live but the first draw is 29th July. It was agreed to register as a good cause.

Action. The Clerk to register CSM PC as a good cause and to highlight the opportunity to others to similarly register.


17/128. Correspondence. (1) Wessex Water had shared with the PC a notice of Compulsory Purchase Order. It was agreed that they be asked if they now own the land for the access track and when the contractors will start building it and to remind them that they had been invited to the July PC meeting. (2) TME had requested a statement be put on CSM website. As this is not correct it was decided not to agree. (3) A letter had been received regarding PIP/TME issues and it was agreed that the mediation meeting needed to take place before a reply can be considered.



The meeting was closed at 9.25pm.


Future Meetings;

The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on 15th June at 6.30pm

The next Parish Council meetings will be held at 7pm on Monday 3rd July and 4th September.

A planning meeting will be held only if its required on Monday 7th August 7pm.

All meetings held in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall.   


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net