/ Parish Council / 2017 Minutes / 6th November 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 6th November 2017

In the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, P Brown, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. Five members of the public attended.

A demonstration to PCllrs was given by Heartstart Somerset of their defibrillators and cabinets. PCllrs asked questions and viewed the products ahead of the meeting.

17/194. Chairs Welcome. The Chairman welcomed all.

17/195. Public Speaking. (1) Keith Bigwood and his advisor Peter Grubb of Savills attended the meeting to explain Bigwoods business expansion plans. It quickly became clear however that the building they intend to use whilst on the entrance to the Parish (On C Heathfield Road close to the A361 junction) is actually in Durston. The Clerk offered to advise them of Tim Hiscock details as he is the contact for the Durston Parish Mtg. A conversation took place on the merits of getting the width restriction on the C Heathfield Road moved further from the A361 to just beyond the barn so deliveries could made from the A361.

(2). Brenda Brighton Thanked the PC for their support over the Gladman Application. PCllrs paid compliment to a turnout of over 130 people at the public meeting held the previous Friday.

17/196. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest and S Harris had sent their apologies and reasons given were accepted.

17/197. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. PB declared his interest in Somerset Hospice and SH advised of his interest in the Rec Park levelling and he left the room when this was considered (see item 17/209).

17/198. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised;

(1) He had objected to Gladman’s Planning application 14/17/0033.

(2) SCC Highways Gritters had treated roads the previous evening for the first time this winter at a cost of £8,500. Details are now on Travel Somerset website. https://www.travelsomerset.co.uk/

(3) A358 Duelling. Consultation expected for Oct has been put back possibly to the New Year by Highways England.

(4) Ofsted of SCC Childrens Services. Notification had been received that an inspection would take place the next day. An improved judgement is anticipated.

(5) Family Support Services & Children's Centres are currently being consulted on. The Clerk explained that the Villages CC in Creech is already a linked centre so the proposal to develop family hubs will change very little. SCC have been working to enable wider use of our buildings for some time and they are seeking options for making better use of Villages. The aim is that the centre will remain available for sessional provision of early childhood services. Essentially CSM centre had changed several years ago.

(6) Flu. As a particularly virulent strain of Flu is expected this year DF strongly recommended having a flu jab.

(7) Dillington House is continuing its ongoing programme of events. See http://www.dillington.com/

(8) Somerset Rural Life Museum at Glastonbury had reopened on Saturday 3 June following a major £2.4 million redevelopment. See https://www.swheritage.org.uk/rural-life-museum

(9) Hyde Lane “Safe Route to School” proposed foot and cycleway is with Persimmon to bring forward proposals.

(10) Ruishton Lipe Lane Flooding. He had no update on the suggestion to raise the road to prevent flooding.

(11) Fly Grazing.KR highlighted to DF the new law coming in to discourage animals being left on land by owners.

(12) Fireworks. KR asked if there was legislation to prevent fireworks being let off.SG advised that you cant store at home for longer than 2 weeks.

(13) North End Sewerage Pumping Station. IW asked when the station was installed adjacent to Withy Tree Cottage. IW suggested it was about 20 years ago.

Action. DF agreed to ask SCC Highways and the Clerk to ask Wessex Water when the NESPS was installed.

(14) ‘Camels Hump’ by WM Garden Centre. DF confirmed that the road was now closed.GL suggested a no through road sign was required.

(15) Bawlers Road, WM. IW highlighted that cars were parking on the restriction in the road. DF acknowledged they are but the road had yet to be adopted so yellow lines cannot be installed.

(16) Hyde Lane Crossing. DF advised he had not got an update.

(17) Charlton Manor Railings. DF advised he had not got an update.

(18) Charlton Road Flooding. Advised that the road had been flooded for a couple of days due to a restriction.

17/199. Minutes of the 2nd October Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

17/200. Matters arising from the minutes of the 2nd October Mtg.

The Clerk reported;

16/221. Flooding Sign. Following CRISP (Community Resilience in Somerset) reply to the funding enquiry he had submitted for a “flip over” flood warning sign on the Ham to North Curry road (CRISP had agreed to fund in principle subject to the PC agreeing to develop an emergency plan) it was decided to ask Ruishton PC if it was possible to join their flood group and to ask if they had an emerg plan in place. The Clerk reported that Ruishton do not have an emergency plan and having spoken to the Chair of their flood group that they had offered a meeting and advice.

Action. DK and AB had yet to meet with Ruishton Flood Group in order to determine best way forward. C/F.

16/58. Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. The Clerk reported that he had yet to re-inspect the area following his last visit on the 31st August at which he had found that TDBC had done none of the improvements agreed at a site meeting held on 17th May. As a result he had reported again to TDBC that an OPEN man hole had been reported twice three months ago and yet remained open despite it being dangerous; also of concern is a tree stump. This should have been ground out as it presents a formidable trip hazard to any children playing football there as the grass is meadow length and hides the stump. The Clerk reported that it appeared that the grass was much longer than on other estate verges suggesting that Crufts is still not on the TDBC scheduled cutting programme. Briars had not been cut back either and in places had over grown the footpath let alone the grassed areas. It also appears that there is a prospect of a "gap" appearing between the Larkfleet estate path by the canal and the existing footpath. In all nine faults had been reported to TDBC.

Action. The Clerk had yet to advise CS of the faults so he rather than CS would examine the site for progress.

17/72 (6) Hyde Lane Crossing. See 17/198 (16) above.

17/105 Canal Signing. SH had replaced and installed a replacement of the Canal sign the PC had funded.

17/125 Dog Bins. Three of the 4 new bins had been installed by SH and SG and are in use. The remaining one had been in the process of being installed when a neighbour advised that the site was private land. As SCC Highways and TDBC Env Health had agreed the site and it was adj to a speed sign the Clerk advised he had asked SCC Highways to advise.

Action. The Clerk to await SCC Highways advices and then take appropriate action to have the dog bin installed.

17/155. M5 Junc 25 upgrade. The Clerk confirmed that he had no update.

17/156 (2) Planning Enforcement. The Clerk confirmed that he was expecting an update later this month. Planning Officers are examing Planning Enforcement cases E0014 14 17 Alleged unauthorised dev and caravans being used for permanent residential occupation on land at Charlton Lane CSM and Planning Enforcement E0015 16 17 Unauthorised stationing of two occupied static caravans on land adjacent to the A361, Durston. In Charlton Lane E 0014 14 17 TDBC has served a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) on Monday 2nd October 2017 asking specific questions about when the caravans were put on the land, what they are used for and when the other structures on the land were built and what they are used for. The PCN gives 21 days for a response. At Durston E0015 16 17 the owners have been given 28 days to remedy the breach or submit an application, the owners have engaged a planning agent to sort the matter out for them. TDBC are now expecting a planning application soon for the mobile homes on the site.

17/164. (3) Hyde Lane. Bob Williams of Meredith Close had previously raised his concern about the volume and speed of traffic entering the Village using Hyde Lane. The PC are pressing for a footpath in Hyde Lane. The Clerk advised that the foot/cycleway had been agreed to by SCC Highways and Persimmon/Redrow and it was expected it would be put in place as part of their plans for development between the Motorway Bridge and Hyde Lane Cottages. The PC has also pressed for a crossing in Hyde Lane and this had been accepted by Highways too and is in design stage. He also advised that a letter had been received from SCC this week advised that £5,000 had been deposited with them by David Wilson Homes in lieu of installing speed calming measures on the Hollingsworth Estate and that SCC had requested the PC views on what speed calming it wished. The PC decided to ask SCC Highways for a site meeting noting that the Neighbourhood Plan process had identified a preference for Village gateways over more speed humps. The Clerk had arranged a site meeting with SCC Highways for 14/11/17 with SH,GL and the Clerk to attend.

17/179. Ham Bridge Bin. SH had supplied a replacement for the damaged bin and replaced it voluntarily at no cost to the PC.

17/180 (1) Tidy Up day. The Clerk advised TDBC contractors idverde had agreed to provide litter pickers, hi viz vests and to support with bags and a collection of waste providing given appropriate notice.

17/201. Minutes of the 16th October Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

17/202. Matters arising from the minutes of the 16th October Mtg.

17/185. CSM NH Plan. The Clerk confirmed that he had arranged a meeting with TDBC Ann Rhodes. See Minute

17/205 below. He did not know if SWH had provided written details of the SSSI in the field close to Charlton Farmhouse to WYG yet.

17/186 Rec Park. SH had purchased and installed ‘keep out’ signing .

17/203. Minutes of the 2nd November Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

17/204. Matters arising from the minutes of the 2nd November Mtg.

17/191 Langaller Planning Application 14/17/0033. The Clerk advised that he had drafted a letter to TDBC reflecting the PCllrs decision and Parishioners views to PCllrs and had received positive responses. IW had suggested that an additional paragraph be added to reflect the low density of housing proposed and his concern that if successful the applicants would then submit an application with a higher density. The final letter was agreed.

Action. Decisions had also been taken on the 2nd for the Clerk to write challenging the SLAA and to apply for ACV status.

17/205. Planning- CSM Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk updated the PC on the recent meeting with TDBC Ann

Rhodes attended by SH, PB, CC, RR(WYG) and himself. AR had critically reviewed v4 draft of the plan and had advised that whilst there was nothing likely to fail at a public inspection there were some points that could be better worded in order to achieve the PC aims or read more clearly. AR had suggested a number of points to improve and along with the already suggested PC changes, Maps and Pictures WYG would now produce a v5 for consultation.

AR had also explained the requirements of the Reg 14 consultation. It was confirmed consultation can go over the Xmas period as long as the 6 week consultation period is appropriately extended.

The Clerk had also raised the PC concerns (regarding the newly consulted TDBC Playing pitch strategy and now awaits learning more of TDBC other policies and estimates of Green space to be provided within the urban extension area.

An update on the master plan for the WM urban extension phase 2 had also been requested.

Following the meeting WYG had provided an estimate for attending the meeting with TDBC, making the changes to the drafts of the plan and undertaking the next steps Reg 14 consultation. The Clerk confirmed the cost was within the agreed budget. This was agreed subject to the Clerk sending out statutory consultation documents and WYG providing materials such as large Maps and response sheets for use at the consultation event.

17/206. Finance.

(1) Sub Committee. The sub committee had met on the 24th October and PB had been appointed Chair. The meeting had reviewed the PC first half year reconciliation in detail, verified balances and had recommended grants be made to St Michaels Church £685, Somerset Hospice £250 and Taunton and Dist CAB £250. These were agreed. Virements of £10,000 from CIL provision to NH Plan budget and a similar sum from NH Plan budget to Uncommitted balances in order to restore the Council balances. These were agreed

(2) Cheque drawn since last meeting . Cheque no 239 Cheque amount £11.26 to A Birch redraw of unpresented cheque 216 reimbursing cost of keys for rec park.

(3) Accounts authorised for Payment. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments,

Clerks (Oct Expenses)£222.99, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 2.10.17-29.10.17) £216.00,

Porter Dodson ( Solicitors Fees) £1,200.00, Som Assoc of Loc Councils (SALC & NALC Aff Fees 17/18) £684.79,

Nigel’s Window Cleaning (Bus Shelter Cleaning 17 10 17) £75.00, Zurich Municipal (Insurance Premium for Former Model Railway Bdgs) £168.16, TDBC (Housing Survey)£2,160.00, CSM Baptist Church (Church Hire 2.11.17 £20.00),

WYG Env Planning Trans Ltd (Ecology survey and NH Plan consultancy 20.8.17-14.10.17) £4,425.00, Somerset PFA Membership 2018 £15.00, British Gas (Electricity for Pavilion-8th Feb-7thOct 2017) £108.09, X2Connect PIP Grant (Parts for Village telephone box) £283.02, CSM Baptist Church (PIP Grant Donation to children’s activities Programme) £500.00, CSM Pre School (PIP Grant)£550.00,K Hutchings (Caretakers Expenses) £121.70, St Michaels Church (PC Grant) £685, Somerset Hospice (PC Grant) £250 and Taunton and Dist CAB (PC Grant) £250.

Noted; TDBC (Rates on former Engine shed and Ticket Booth 17/18) £Nil as empty.

(4) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting;

Wellington Bouncy Castles (PIP stall holder donation) £90.00, Other; Tone Youth FC (Oct Pitch Use) £120.00, South West Lottery (Lottery proceeds) £19.00, TDBC Grant (Burial Grant) £315.00, TDBC Grant (Pitch Grant) £1840.00, TDBC ( CIL) £2,664.97.

(5) Authority to make payments as accounts received. British Gas (Gas supply), British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 7th Oct-7th Nov 2017) £tba, British Gas (Former Engine shed), Electricity Supply (PIP donations as authorised October PC mtg).

(6) Bank Reconciliation and budget monitoring report for the 1st Half year. The Council’s receipts for the period 1st April 2017 to 30th Sept 2017 are £78,531.21 and the expenditure for the same period is £47,035.40.

Following acceptance the Chairman then signed the reconciliation and budget report as accurate.

(7) Virements. £10,000 from CIL to NH Plan budget and same sum from NH Plan budget to Uncommitted balances.

(8) Risk Assessment of Assets. The Clerk thanked PCllrs for reviewing the PC assets and would report that the audit was complete. Work was required in the Rec Park to the site and equipment as previously reported. SH advised that the caretaker is working through some of the outstanding items. Noticeboards will need some attention next year and the siting of the board in St Michaels reconsidered. Once agreed the Chairman signed the audit off.

(9) Utilities. Clerk advised that the problem with the Pavilion electricity invoicing had now been resolved and an agreed payment made upto date of £108.09 for usage, though a demand of £45 unpaid remained for late payment charge he is contesting. Invoicing for the gas supply remained probmatic as the transfer from BG to Opus using Switchmybusiness.com had not been successful. The Clerk had advised each of the relevant people and the organisations and asked them to sort themselves out and is awaiting a response. Notification of the former engine shed and ticket booth had been given to BG for a transfer of electricity supply.

17/207. Defibulator’s. Earlier a demonstration had been given by Heartstart Somerset of the defibrillators and cabinets proposed to be installed in each of the PC’s three telephone boxes. The Clerk advised that the PC’s bid to the Somerset Community Foundation had been successful with a grant of £1,000 having been awarded. The Clerk advised that the Defibs, their cabinets and installation costs could be financed using the £1,250 generously donated from Party in the Park, £3,606 CIL finance and £500 of Parish Council funds. It was agreed to proceed with Heartstart Somerset subject to the Clerk confirming that as their not VAT registered a lower VAT exclusive price could not be obtained by going direct to the supplier of the cabinets. Training for 16 people would also be provided.

Action. Clerk to get quotes for Installer/Electrician, order equipment having obtained VAT price from supplier.

17/208. Party in the Park 14th July 2018. No further update.

17/209. Rec Park. (1) Site Levelling/Fencing Work. SH left the room. 3 quotes had been obtained for the site levelling work and it was decided to appoint lowest tender from J&J Miller. As much of the scalpings as possible will be kept for use on the carpark. (2) Safety Inspection Works. SH had advised that the caretaker is working through some of the outstanding items.

17/210. Highways . Nothing reported.

17/211. Footpaths/RofW. Defects. Fred A’Court, the Parish Footpaths Volunteer had sent his monthly report (circulated prior to the meeting) for which he was thanked. A discussion took place regarding the motorway underpass at the rear of Langaller field. SCC are to look to see if it can be used to provide a pedestrian route.

It was noted that the RoW Officer at SCC is to retire at Christmas and in view of her good service it was agreed to send her a letter of thanks. The Clerk reported that he had written to the Occupiers of 2 Sycamore Drive asking them to cut back their overhanging hedge and that this would now be monitored. The caretaker had cut an overhanging hedge opposite the school. Whilst DWH had cut the hedges in the path leading from Hyde lane to the Rec Park the cuttings had been left on the footpath and is in need of picking up.

Action. The Clerk to write to RofW Officer and to ask DWH to pick up cuttings.

17/212. Allotments. It was noted that the 5 year lease of the land was now up and it was agreed to negotiate a new lease with the site owner on the same grounds as previously.

17/213. Open Access Youth Club for teenagers.

Action. The Clerk has arranged a meeting with SRYP for 9th November and had invited KR/CS/YG to attend along with himself.

17/214. Correspondence.

(1) A letter had been received about the mess outside the shop. The owners were not providing a bin due to the cost.

(2) A request had been made that the PC list the old farmhouse near the shop. The PC thought it would not meet the criteria of TDBC who determine listing status.

(3) Complaints had been received that the Canal Carpark Dogbin was frequently being found full despite it being a large capacity bin and being emptied twice weekly. It was agreed to monitor.

17/215. New Matters to be carried forward. Draft Budget 18/19 and APM18 format.

The meeting was closed at 10.05pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled Parish Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday 4th December and January 8th.

The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on 16th November at 6.30pm

All meetings held in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net