/ Parish Council / 2017 Minutes / 8th May 2017


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 8th May 2017 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch (from item 17/94),  P Brown, Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed, C Sampson and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). TDBCllr D Durdan, SCClr D Fothergill. Three members of the public attended.   

17/88. Chairs Welcome. SH began by welcoming all and Peter Brown in particular as a new Parish Councillor. SH also congratulated DF on his re-election as SCCllr.

17/89. Public Speaking.  Christine Winchester advised the PC of teenagers driving their cars at excessive speed in West View Park on Sunday 7th. The PC thanked CW for bringing this to the PC’s attention and suggested if it reoccurs to immediately inform the Police and if safely possible note the vehicles registration numbers.

Action. The Clerk to inform TDBC as the park owners and ask for further bollards to be installed.

17/90. Election of Chair. Simon Hutchings asked for nominations for the position of Chair. SH was nominated and then elected as Chairperson. SH then signed the acceptance of office. SH thanked Parish Councillors for their support.

17/91. Apologies.  None.

17/92. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members.  SH restated that his wife was employed as Parish Caretaker. It was noted that this had been previously declared.  No other PCllr declared an interest.

17/93. Election of Vice Chair.  Steve Greenhalgh was re-elected as Vice Chairperson.

17/94. Vacancies on the Parish Council. (1) The PC noted and welcomed the appointment of Peter Brown to the PC.

The Clerk confirmed he had received his acceptance of office. (2) Election of Members to be Co-opted onto the Council. The Clerk advised that there had been two Parishioners show interest but one had subsequently withdrawn. Adrian Birch explained what he could do for the Parish and then left the room. The PC agreed in his absence to co-opt Adrian Birch to the vacancy. AB then completed his acceptance of office. SH welcomed AB onto the PC.

17/95. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. (1) SH explained that he would like to see the wider range of panels back in operation and asked the Clerk to circulate a list to Cllrs to be considered at the next meeting. The following were agreed (2) Planning working party membership; SWH, SG and SH (2) the Neighbourhood Plan Panel Members were reconfirmed along with PB joining the panel. (3) the PIP17 working party membership (which already included AB) and its representation on the following outside bodies as (4) Village Hall (D Knight wef August) and (5) United Charities (Graham Hodge).

Action. The Clerk to circulate the wider working parties listing so PCllrs can agree membership at the June PC meeting.

17/96. Planning. (1) It was noted that a Tree Preservation Order on land south of A361 at Walford Cross is now in place. (2) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. KR advised that the presentation at the APM had been well received and confirmation had been received that the findings as presented did reflect the Parish needs as stated in the various consultation events. No omissions had been suggested. KR highlighted that the Panel had met with TDBC Planner on 11th April and with the Developers and Planners reps on 2nd May.  At these the panel was advised that a delay had been caused by the need to negotiate the moving and replacement of two high pressure gas mains on the site. This had now been agreed to in principle but would cost the developers approx £4.5million to achieve and it would influence the build timing and site layout (as would the flood plain for the Brook across the site).

KR explained that whilst the Government had deemed Taunton to be a Garden Town the development predated the requirement; despite this the Developers and TDBC would be working to the Garden City Principles as the CSM NH Plan Panel had sought. KR highlighted that the developers had showed three possible site layouts but had explained all were likely to change once further work, such as traffic modelling is completed. They also advised that SCC were not clear on their requirement of them for Schools and therefore would provide a flexible School. DF advised that until the developers indentified the number of houses to be built then SCC would not know the educational requirements. He suggested that either 2 primaries or a primary and a secondary would be required on two sites. The Clerk added it would need sorting as the requirements of different age children would mean practical difficulties would arise. SWH queried the need for the employment land given the strategic employment site Nexus and it suggested it would be better to plan at the outset for more housing.

Turning to the desired foot/cycleway along Hyde Lane (M/Bridge to Cottages) KR explained that the Panel had been pressing for an early build but had now been advised that a ransom strip was held on the footpath; in response KR pressed why it was not being deemed a permissive path but she would not respond to the request.

It was agreed to press Persimmon further to take forward the footpath. The Clerk advised that having read through the WM PC NH draft Plan he would recommend that the PC support their plan. This was then agreed. KR then requested approval for a Housing Needs Survey to be conducted by TDBC at cost. This was agreed subject to TDBC agreeing to and subsequently providing the replies for inclusion in the evidence papers supporting the CSM Neighbourhood Plan. KR advised the next step is for WYG to write the plan.

Action. The Clerk to write pressing the developers on the need for the Foot/Cycleway in Hyde Lane, to instruct TDBC to undertake a Housing Needs Survey and to write to WM PC in support of its draft WM NH Plan.

17/97.  County Councillors Report.

DF advised that the last consultation event on the proposal to duel the A303/A358 had been delayed by Highways England. The Clerk highlighted that HE had not however advised of a revised end of consultation date and therefore the PC should still send in its views within the existing Consultation period.

DF explained that the Highway Verge cutting timetable plans had been issued. Concern was raised about the height of foliage at Walford Cross, Monkton Elm and at the  Lipe Lane/Cheats road Corner in Ruishton and the need for these to be cut so drivers could see. Action. The Clerk to report to SCC Highways.

GL advised that the Sedgemoor Sign on the A38 had been moved forward and asked DF if this could be moved back to its former position of 40 years. Action. DF undertook to look into this.

17/98. Minutes of the 3rd April Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

17/99. Matters arising from the minutes of the 3rd April Mtg.

The Clerk reported;

16/221. Flooding Sign.  He is still awaiting a reply to the funding enquiry  he had submitted for a “flip over” flood warning sign on the Ham to North Curry road to CRISP (Community Resilience in Somerset). SCC Highways had previously advised that they had no budget and had suggested that a grant application for funding be made.

16/58.  Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. Following TDBC confirmation they do own the enclosed land adjacent to the canal TDBCllr K Durdan and himself had been chasing TDBC officers to get the vegetation cut. Two dates for having the work completed had come and gone and an onsite meeting had now been set up for 18th May.  

16/194 (4) Planning Enforcement. That whilst he had reported the two premises which appear to be occupied without  planning permission; one at the bottom of Charlton Lane and the other a caravan alongside the A361 he still had yet to have any feedback from TDBC planning enforcement officers.

17/59 (1). St Michaels Rd and Bull Street.  That he had had asked for the white lining ahead of the 2nd river bridge and the pinch points to be redone as they had faded and had reported the surface adjacent to the ironwork in the road at the junction. SCC Highways had replied advised they were not yet at the point of having to take action but would be monitoring them and would take action as required.

17/59 (4) Hollingsworth Estate Speed Calming. The Clerk advised he had made enquiries of SCC Highways as the speed calming that forms part of the planning permission had yet to be installed. At the time he had been advised that the scheme is currently under review and that no further information was available. He had asked for the findings since and now awaited a reply.

17/72 (1). Defibulator’s. DK and the Clerk had yet to submit a bid to SCF for a grant towards the costs of defib’s and and  DK to ask the Air Ambulance Service in Exeter if they had a field designated for their use in Ham.

17/72 (3). SW lottery.  Reminded that Local Good Causes are invited to Somerset West Lottery Launch for Taunton Deane at Albemarle Centre, Taunton, TA1 1BA to be held on the 16th May 6:30pm - 8:30pm

17/72 (6) Hyde Lane Crossing. Reminded that it had been advised that Plans should be out on 26th May.

17/72 (9) Bus Shelters, Adsborough. Explained he had chased SCC again as though the PC had been advised that SCC Highways have been out to see the shelter their engineers report has yet to be issued/received.

17/72 (13) Charlton Manor. SCC Highways having been asked to take a look had advised they are now in discussions with the buildings owner.

17/75.  Open access youth club for teenagers. Advised that he had requested costing’s from Somerset Rural Youth Project for the running of a youth club one night a week on a tiered basis (e.g. with younger members early and older ones later) and was awaiting their quotation. He had made enquiries about using the Children Centre as a venue and had learnt it is not in the Schools management so had requested SCC for their charges.

17/100.  District Councillors Report.

DD advised that business case for the proposed Merger of TDBC and West Somerset Council had been published and advised that it set out the Councils preferred structure for its Cllrs warding. The Clerk advised that the Sec of State for DCLG had written advising that his decision would not be taken until after the election and that the Boundary Commission had put on hold their review of ward arrangements until after that decision.

Action.  The Clerk to copy the Business Case document to PCllrs.

17/101. Finance.(1) Accounts authorised for Payment. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks April Expense’s £183.68, Bibby Factors Ltd Security (Rec Park 3d Security 27.3.17-26.4.17) £270, Devon Assoc of Loc Councils (SW Reg Conf Clerk Training 16.3.17) £72.00, K Signs (SW) Ltd (Banner for NH Plan Panel) £108.00, CCfS (attendance at NH Plan Mtgs 1.2-21.4) £612.00, CSM Village Hall (use of VHall for meetings 1.10.15-31.3.17) £624.00, WYG (NH Plan Consultancy 19-3-17-15.4.17) £1,008.00, Universal Marques (Marque for PIP17) £756.00, Wessex Ballooning Ltd (Discounted raffle prize for PIP17) £150.00, Caretakers Exps (7 5 17) £39.20.

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; PIP17 Stall and Food Vendors M Armstrong and A

Waddon (Little Grey Pizza Box) @£150 each = total £300.00, PIP17 Stall Holders P&SE Dunn (Miss Duns Wax melts) £10, SO Venn £10, EM&AC Shorthouse £10, MA&A Thornton £10, AJ Westcott (Natures Treasures) £10 = total £50.00.

Newcote Services (PIP17 donation) £500.00,  Tone Youth (March Pitch Fees) £80.00, TDBC (17/18 Precept) £46,164.95 (and CIL) £ 2,664.98.                               

(3) Cheques drawn since last meeting; A payment to B Gas Electricity at Pavilion 7-3-17 to 6-4-17 £54.92 (as previously agreed).

(4) Dog Bin Emptying 2017. A quotation provided by the TDBC DLO was agreed.

17/102. Recreation Park. (1) Update reportYG advised that Creech Cougars had offered to take down the goalposts on 10th June and this was agreed. YG suggested that the ground staff at the rugby club be asked to provide advice on how best to improve the pitches condition. SG suggested that the PC create a working party to steer the Pavilion replacement project fundraising. This was agreed with PCllrs to consider membership at the next PC meeting.

It had been reported that youths had been lighting fires in the copse at the rear of the park so this had been reported to the Police. The annual independent safety inspection will take place in May with a report in June.

The Clerk advised that the play equipment was now out of warranty but the supplier had promised to send replacement zip wire springs/brake stoppers and these are in the process of being posted to the caretaker.

Action.  YG to ask ground staff at the rugby club to provide advice,  PCllrs to consider joining the New Pavilion fundraising working party and the Clerk to circulate details of S106 monies and place on the next PC meeting agenda.

(2) Development.  The Clerk advised he had requested SCC Highways advices on the PC plans for the sites adjacent to the Park. The cost of applying to TDBC for planning permission is £385 discounted by 50% as Parish Council.  The cost of pursuing a Compulsory Purchase Order has not been identified.

17/103. Party in the Park 8th July 2017. CS advised that premises licence had been applied for and that this would remove the requirement to limit the number of people attending. SG and CS had also applied for personal licenses. The fall back position is a temporary license as in previous years.  CS and AB are to attend a TDBC Safety Adv Group meeting in June. An Event Safety Man Plan and a Risk Assessment have been produced, submitted and had been deemed impressive. 

£1,650 in donations have been promised incl £150 from Larkfleet Homes. A whole Pig had been donated by the Abattoir.

A full programme of entertainment had been arranged including 3 bands playing 7pm -11.30pm, Aerial Acrobatics, Donkeys , a full arena of events, 30 stalls are confirmed. Fizz Pop is doing Science and a Climbing Wall  Additional toilets would be provided this year. A discussion then took place on buying the benches and it was decided to put on hold for the time being pending a larger scheme of enhancements which has yet to be agreed.

17/104. Highways. (1) Defects. The Clerk advised he had reported the condition of Heathfield Close and an 8” pipe which had been found without a cover close to Charlton Manor.  A request for street lighting in West View had been received and it was agreed to refer this to SCC Street  Lighting to consider.

Action. The Clerk to refer the request for Street lighting to SCC.

(2) A358/A303 Duelling. (See also item 17/97 above) The PC had previously seen the HE consultation papers, a letter and report from the Leader of TDBC and a report from the Clerk. A discussion took place and it was agreed to support the principle of the new high quality duel carriageway road from London via the M3 to Taunton in order to bring economic benefits to Somerset, to provide more, reliable journey times and to avoid routing through the Blackdowns AONB.

As a considerable number of infrastructure projects are currently being planned locally it was apparent to the PC that insufficient joint working was taking place and that the impact on neighbouring communities (incl CSM) where a programme of safety works and traffic modelling is required had not been considered. Also that during the construction period no large (6’6”+) vehicles should be permitted.

Action. The Clerk to respond to HE expressing these views as part of their consultation.

17/105. Footpaths. Fred A’ Court, the Vol Parish Footpath Officer had provided another detailed report of issues he and his asst Diana Eubank Scott had indentified and reported to SCC ROW which the Clerk had circulated prior to the meeting to PCllrs. The Chair advised he would look at the Canal notice board (adj to St Michael’s Road) as the Footpath Volunteers had requested. It was agreed to finance a sheet of Perspex being fitted if this was felt to be required. The Clerk reported that the problem path at the rear of Hopkins Field had been addressed. It was noted though that cutting back of nearby vegetation had been done had been placed in the nearby brook; as this is prone to flooding it needs to be kept clear. It was noted that a 15 foot piece of the hedgerow had been removed and a pipe culvert inserted.

Action. The Clerk to report the removed hedgerow and to make representations about the brook being kept clear.

17/106. Dog Bins. A request to provide two dog bins to be sited either end of Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield was agreed to with the Chair to identify preferred sites. The Clerk advised he had sent the plan showing the preferred sites for two further dog waste bins that had been previously agreed to be sited outside the Rec Park entrance and at Worthy Lane (by telephone box) to SCC Highways for their agreement and their response is awaited.

Action. Chair to identify preferred sites in Charlton Rd and the Clerk to then request SCC Highways agreement.

17/107. Correspondence. (see item above 17/100).  The Sec of State for DCLG had written on 20th April advising that his decision on the proposed merger of TDBC and WSDC would not be taken until after the election.

17/108. New Matters to be carried forward. TDBC Playing Field strategy had just been issued for consultation.

17/109. The Council decided to exclude Public and Press from this point on the grounds that prejudicial  information is to be discussed. 

The meeting was closed at 9.02pm.

Future Meetings;

The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on 18th May at 6.30pm

The next Parish Council meetings will be held at 7pm on Monday 5th June and 3rd July.

All meetings held in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall .                                                                          

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net