/ Parish Council / 2017 Minutes / 9th January 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 9th January 2017

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), L Gates, S W Harris, K Hunt, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed,

C Sampson and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill, TDBCllrs D Durdan and K Durdan. Three members of the public attended.   


17/1. Chairs Welcome. SH began by welcoming all.


17/2. Public Speaking.  Mr & Mrs Crowley introduced themselves and asked PCllrs to support their planning application (see item 17/10 (1) below).


17/3. Apologies. PCllr Y Guest sent her apologies and these were accepted. SCCllr DF advised that he would have to leave earlier than he would wish in order to attend another PC who are meeting that same evening.


17/4. Declarations of Interest.

(1) Declarations of Individual Members. No PCllr declared an interest.


(2) The Clerk reminded the PC that SH had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept at the meeting on the 5th December which also covered this meeting.


17/5.  County Councillors Report.

DD advised that;

(1) Taunton had been given Garden Town Status and the sum of £350K to cover the master planning costs and to identify the important infrastructure requirements.  He explained this will be a major benefit in seeking capital funding from the £2.3 billion announced by the Government to support the creation of Garden Towns and Villages.

Development will centre on the urban extensions already identified – Monkton Heathfield (incl CSM), Comeytrowe/Trull and Staplegrove. A discussion then took place about why the West Monkton urban development which is in CSM was being called West Monkton. PCllrs asked DD to take back to TDBC and to persuade them that the development is in and should be called CSM.


(2) DD also presented the PC with a copy of the TD Adopted Site allocations and Dev Man Plan which has just been published.


KD advised that whilst he did not have anything to report both her and DD were just a telephone call away if help was ever required.


DF raised that;

(3) The SCC Budget is currently being considered. He highlighted that 42% of the Counties Budget is spent on Adult Social Care and that a further 30% on Child Social Care. Both are under considerable pressure and there was little scope for making further savings. There is currently a £24m projected overspend on revenue but this will be identified in time for SCC to make a budget decisions in Feb. DF explained that SCC debt is £350m all of which was incurred by the previous administration with no increase since and that interest is costing £100 000 a day. He identified that much of the debt was fixed term, some loans are of 50 years and these will be repaid as they reach full term. In answer to questions DF explained that last year SCC had increased its precept by £3.9m (2%) to fund care cost increases but the introduction of the living wage had actually costed SCC £4.6m. DF reassured PCllrs that SCC is not going bust nor was it at risk of being taken over.


(4) The A38 Adsborough Highway Improvements had been completed bar the two Bus Shelters the PC are having installed. He noted this had been first requested in 2008. It was noted that several letters had been received by the PC reflecting residents thanks to DF, SCC and the PC for their efforts and support in order to achieve this outcome and for providing the bus shelters.


(5) Flooding. SWH advised that weirs had been closed further down on the moor at Hay Moor with the result that back up had been caused and therefore the road between CSM and Ruishton to be flooded.


17/6. Minutes of the 5th December Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the public part of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. An adjustment was made to the confidential item that had been considered at the meeting and the minutes were amended by the Chairman to reflect the agreed change. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


17/7. Matters arising from the minutes of the 5th December Mtg. The Clerk reported;

16/210. The Clerk distributed name banners and advised that, as agreed, they will be used at future meetings in order to help members of the public indentify individual Councillors.

6/213. Police report. The Clerk explained that he had invited the Police to the next PC meeting as requested. He had received updated posters and these would be placed on notice boards when he updated them next. He had also requested the Police to set up the speed watch scheme and had been advised that until recently the scheme was run and maintained  by certain individuals who unfortunately no longer hold this role and so they have a backlog in training etc. The Police hope to resolve this soon and get back on track. The Clerk also explained that another PC had raised with the Police and Crime Commissioner why the Police did not attend PC meeting as a routine and had been advised that this was not the best use of their time and that resources are limited. The reply had highlighted that a website https://www.police.uk/ gives details of crimes reported in the area and as a result he, the Clerk, had examined this and ascertained that in Nov (the latest figures available) that there had been 6 reports in the Parish; 2 at Hopkins Fields (1 of public order and 1 vehicle crime), 1 Arundells Way for antisocial behaviour, 1 Violence and sexual offence shown at St Michaels Close junc with St Michaels Road and 2 in Mill Lane (a theft and 1 Violence/Sexual behaviour). The Clerk added that he would endeavour to examine the site further and consider how the data could best be used.

16/214. Hyde Lane Flooding. The flooding of Hyde Lane (beyond the bend past the Cottages) for the second year running in November had again been reported to SCC Highways, the Env Agency, the Somerset Rivers Authority and to TDBC Planning. SCC Highways had replied advising that the drainage problem was caused by traffic pushing in the ditches and the debris then blocking the piped drainage system on the bend during the construction works on the housing sites. The ditches have now been cleaned out and the drainage system cleared. A small grip (cut) has been reinstated through the back of the ditch system at the low point near the bend, so if for any reason there is too much surface water for the pipe system to cope with, the water will now simply drain directly into the attenuation pond as originally the surplus water would have just drained in the field.  

Action. The Clerk to advise SCC Highways that Hyde Lane had still flooded (cc TDBC Planners).


16/221. Flooding.  The Clerk confirmed that he had requested a “flip over” flood warning sign on the road from Ham to North Curry similar to that which already existed in the opposite direction.


16/169. Ham STW Access Track. Following Wessex Water confirmation that they had completed the purchase of the land required from Tarmac and his being asking if the remaining land purchases had been completed, the Clerk advised that he had reminded the WW Project Manager of his commitment to update the PC at its meeting in February.


16/58.  Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. The Clerk advised that following TDBC confirming that it does own the enclosed land adjacent to the canal he had spoken to TDBC officers again requesting that the over grown vegetation be cut and he had now been advised that a Risk Assessment and Method statement were being prepared in advance of undertaking the works.


16/194 (4) Planning Enforcement. The Clerk advised he had yet to report the two premises which appear to be occupied without having planning permission; one at the bottom of Charlton Lane and the other a caravan alongside the A361 as he needed to be given more precise details.

Action. Clerk to ask KH to provide more details of precise location and then to report to TDBC Planning compliance for examination.


16/196 (1) Rec Park Fencing. SH reported that he had yet to take forward the fencing repairs.


16/218 (7) Bank Account. The Clerk advised he had been into Nat West, Wellington to open an account and had been advised that the forms would be posted to him.


16/221. Flooding. The Clerk confirmed that he had requested a “flip over” flood warning sign from SCC similar to that on the North Curry to Ham Road to be sited on the opposite side of the Ham to North Curry Road.


17/8. Budget and Precept 2017/18. The Clerk reminded the PC that he had issued two papers before the 7th Dec meeting on the draft precept and had taken Cllrs through these at that meeting and had answered questions since.

The recommendation remained no increase in Precept for the coming year, despite the PC having a lower budget, a reduction in the sums to be drawn from reserves, the phased reduction in the Council Grant received (17/18 being the final year) from TDBC.  


The Councils precept and its budget was then agreed (Budget £56,085.00 for 17/18), to using £3,758.00 from reserves in order to achieve no increase to individual Parishioners’ precept for 17/18. It was noted capital expenditure will need to be funded by s106 or C.I.L funding or other funds such as grants if a provision was not in place and that the CIL money the PC in 2017/8 can rely on receiving is £5,329.94. These figures do not include resourcing the needs identified in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan once these had been identified.


The Clerk advised that the Government having considered extending “capping” to PCs had decided against it and that the  key pressure comes from the need to resource the production of the Neighbourhood Plan, though this had been minimised to Parishioners by the PC having obtaining grants. It was noted that the PC sum is a small proportion of the overall Council tax and that the PC gives good value for money.


17/9. Accounts.

(1) Payments approved; the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks Dec Expenses £90.75,Bibby Factors Ltd Security (Rec Park 3d Security 28.11.16 to 1.1.17)      £324.00, WYG (NH Plan Consultancy Fees) £1,674.96, Somerset County Council (Legal Agreement for 2 Bus Shelters at Adsborough) £175.00,

Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co (Bus Shelter cleaning 6.1.17) £45.00 and the Caretakers Expenses £65.44.

(2) Received and banked since the last meeting; Tone Youth (Nov Pitch Fees) £80.00, Creech Cougars (Nov/Dec Pitch Fees) £80.00 and Western Power Distribution (Pole Wayleave at Rec Park 2017) £7.61.

(3) Cheques drawn since last meeting; British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-11-16 to 7-12-16) £121.71

(4) Authorisation to given to make payments before the next meeting. British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7.12.16 to 7.1.17) and Layz Ricks Chips (Fish n Chips for PIP senior citizens lunch. 




17/10. Planning.

(1) Planning Applications received. The following application was considered;







Erection of two storey and single storey extensions at Kerrow House, Ham Road, CSM

  To Support.

(2) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. IW updated on progress on the NH plan. The survey results had just been received and once shared with the panel these would be distributed to the PC. A meeting had been held with WM &CF NH Plan panel and it was clear that there was a lot of common ground shared and that we have to work together as the Planning Inspector would require that. IW advised that he had drawn up a draft vision statement and the NH Plan panel had agreed 9 major aspects to the plan, though as this was work in progress these may yet condense. IW advised that he and the Clerk has met with the Consultants WYG to draw up a time line and had rejected a suggested 18 month time line as we need to complete as soon as is practicable as the developers will simply push on in the interim. A revised document is awaited. IW then highlight the additional work the Clerk was undertaking to his contract and suggested that he be remunerated using funding from the grants received. This was agreed. The Clerk added he was in the process of arranging a meeting with the Ruishton NH Plan Panel.


17/11. Recreation Park. (1) Update report.  YG had asked if some soft sand could be obtained and laid in the goal mouth area of the pitch and it was agreed the Caretaker would be asked to do this. The discussion then moved onto the possible need to postpone matches if the weather deteriorated. CS reassured the PC that YG and herself regularly kept the state of the pitch under review and would stop games from being played as required. (2) Grass Cutting 2017. It was agreed to appoint the DLO for grass cutting, strimming, lining and weed spraying in the rec park during 2017.

A discussion then took place about the need to the keep pitch fees under review.

(3) Septic Tank Emptying. The Clerk reported the existing contractor was not in a position to be able to continue emptying the tank so he had obtained four quotations. Cllrs decided to use Oneline Survey of Wellington in future.

10.4 Development. The Council considered a request from the adj landowner to meet her professional fees and subject to the Clerk confirming that the Council were not acting ultra vires to agree to her request subject to a maximum fee of £700 which is to be recovered from any sale fee obtained and to have a copy of the advice given. The PC also considered whether to discuss and apply to Planners for permission for the field to be formally used for recreation, whether to use the planning consultant to do this on its behalf or not to proceed. The PC agreed the Chair would apply for preapplication advice to paying TDBC standard planning fees.

Action. The Clerk to write to the adj Landowner having first spoken to SALC and the Chair to get Planning Officer advice.


17/12. Party in the Park 8th July 2017.

CS advised that the complimentary Fish and Chip lunch with prize bingo for the Parish’s Senior Citizens is to take place on 27th Jan. Leaflets had been delivered across the Parish and an article had appeared in the Som Gazette. At present 51 places were booked but this was expected to rise upto a max of 100. A PIP working party meeting is to be held to start the planning for PIP17 and a budget would be presented to the PC at the next meeting. SG suggested and it was agreed that the constitution and basis of working for PIP17 would be the same as in previous years eg a working party of the PC.


17/13. Highways.

(1) Defects reported. SG highlighted that the road was breaking up at the junction of West View and North End.

Action. Clerk to report to SCC Highways.


(2). A38 Adsborough Bus Shelters.  The Clerk reported that he had instructed Shelter Solutions to supply and fit the two shelters the PC had agreed to purchase at its last meeting from the four quotations obtained and that they had come highly recommended by Suffolk Highways. The shelters are enclosed with a seat, will be in green and have sky bond to waist height. The Clerk advised that though SCC has levied a one off legal fee of £175 in return for granting permission to site them on their Highway they had also laid bases for the shelter which would reduce the cost of the installation by more. The payment for the fee was agreed and the Chair and Vice Chair signed the legal document from SCC.

 Action. Clerk to add the two Bus Shelters to the PC Insurance policy.


17/14. Footpaths

Fred A’ Court, the Vol Parish Footpath Officer had provided another detailed report of issues he had indentified. PCllrs expressed their appreciation for the way he was undertaking the role and for the clarity of the reports he produced.

His report had been shared with PCllrs by the Clerk ahead of the meeting.

Action. The Clerk to inform Fred A’Court of the PC appreciation of his work and for the website administrator to put the reports on the Parish website.


17/15. Annual Parish Meeting Friday 21st April 2017.  The Clerk had asked PCllrs to consider who they wished to invite to speak at this event at the last meeting. A suggestion had been made by the NH Plan panel to use part of the evening to feedback to Parishioners the identified needs that emerged from the Parish NH Plan Survey and as required to consult further. This was agreed and to include using the consultants. Other speakers were identified and agreed.

Action. The Clerk to invite agreed speakers and for the NH Plan panel to make arrangements for their key part of the evening.


17/16. Correspondence.

(1) Pauline Hallett had written in following the decision to retain the telephone box at Creech Heathfield requesting it be allowed to be removed. Her request was considered by the PC who decided to stand by the decision to retain the box for the benefit of the wider community as this had worked well elsewhere. It was noted that across the Parish volunteers had proactively approached the PC to help maintain and keep clean the box local to them and it is the PC hope and intention to recruit support in Creech Heathfield however the PC reconised it will need to monitor and keep under review.

Action. The Clerk to reply to Pauline Hallett with the decision.


(2) The Clerk was tasked with checking with the listed building officer that the electric gates and works to the garden at Charlton Manor had been given permission.


17/17. New Matters to be carried forward.

The Police and WW Project Manager have been invited to attend the next meeting.


The meeting closed at 9.10pm.


Future Meetings;

The CSM Neighbourhood Plan Panel will meet on Tuesday 24th January 6.30 pm

The next Parish Council meetings will be held at 7pm on Monday 6th February 2017 (Open to all) and on Monday 6th March 2017 (Open to all).

An additional PC meeting will be held on 23rd January 2017 (meeting to be closed to public and press).

All in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall.


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net