/ Parish Council / 2018 Minutes / 2nd July 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd July 2018

In the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, P Brown, D Finch, Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight, and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). TDBCllr D Durdan and TDBCllr K Durdan. Two members of the public attended.

18/123. Chairs Welcome. S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair) in the Chairs absence took the Chair and welcomed all.

18/124. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest, S Hutchings (Chair), G Lucas and C Sampson sent their apologies and the reasons given were accepted. (YG arrived later during the meeting at item 18/137). SCClr D Fothergill.

Action. The Clerk was asked to present a year attendance report to the Sept PC meeting.

18/125. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. No PCllr declared an interest.

18/126. District Councillors’ Report. DD advised that;

(1). A resident had conveyed thanks for reporting a pothole in Laburnum Terrace which has since been repaired.

(2). He would speak to Idverde in order to remove waste in Walford Cross.

(3).That he had spoken to TDBC Officers about the overgrown hedge behind the bus stop and regarding the high path in St Michaels Road and requested that they take action. The Clerk advised that he had not had a response from the officers yet on action taken.

(4) Planning was now underway regarding the representational arrangements for the new Somerset West and Taunton Council. (See item below 18/136)).

KD advised that;

(5) TDBC reimbursed Cllrs childcare costs to enable attendance at approved meetings and that the Cllr determined who the carer is (as long as they are outside of the family unit) and that they did not have to be a registered childminder. The Clerk advised that this would therefore also apply to CSM PC scheme (see item 18/116 (11.5).

(6) A request had been made for a Waste Bin to be sited in Bull St. This was agreed subject to the bin being bird proof and sited adjacent to the existing dog bin.

Action. Clerk to arrange for waste bin to be purchased and installed in Bull St.

18/127. Minutes of the 4th June Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without amendment .These were then signed and dated by the VChair as an accurate record of the meeting.

18/128. Matters arising from the minutes of the 4th June Mtg. The Clerk reported;

18/110 (2) Ryesland Way slope to Canal. He had written to the contractor asking whether it was feasible to utilise such labour in this way and asked the Canal and River trust for permission to proceed and whether the Trust could contribute financially. Replies are awaited from both.

18/110 (3) Laburnum Terrace. In response to a resident asking if double lines could be put in place along the railway side of the road in order to ensure that access can be maintained at all times the Clerk advised that SCC Highways had obtained confirmation that the road is Public Highway and on a visit had seen parking to both sides.

Action. A decision was taken to write to all houses asking residents to park on one side only and that side is to be the house side. The Clerk to draft a letter to the residents of Laburnum Terrace for delivery to each home.

18/2. Allotments. The Clerk had written to the owner making enquiries to purchase the site and had yet to get a reply. It is understood another purchaser was interested too. He had hoped this could have been agreed so had not pursued getting agreement between the Society and Landowner on way forward in the interim.

Action. The Clerk to contact the owner again for a response.

16/221. Flooding Sign. Action. DK and AB to meet with Ruishton Flood Group to determine best way forward. C/F.

16/58. Canal side - Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow and arrangements for managing the bank side on the adj Larkfleet Estate. That he was continuing to follow issues up with DLO/Larkfleet/Wessex Water. He was awaiting a report from WW. Larkfleet had advised that in respect of their estate a management company had been appointed to manage the site post completion, that the site would be cleared ahead of their commencement and that they then would be responsible, that there would NOT be a fence alongside the canal and had confirmed that the footpath alongside the canal would join up with that at Crufts Meadow.

Action. PCllrs decided to raise a concern with TDBC Planners and Leisure Officers over lack of fencing. Clerk to write.

17/224 (5) Larkfleet Grant Fund. The Clerk having submitted a bid to the Cambs Community Foundation that manages the Larkfleet Fund and is awaiting their decision which could be expected before the end of August.

18/99. Party in the Park 14th July 2018. Clerk confirmed Gregory Coles are to empty the septic tank before 12th July

18/100. (1) Highways. SCC Highways have advised that they intended to continue resurfacing the pavements in West View this year, as funding permits.

18/103 . Bus Shelters. After visiting the site, SCC Highways has come back with a proposal to replace both stops at Creech Heathfield with a single stop on the grass verge immediately north of the entrance into Heathfield Close, about halfway between the Charlton lane and Crown Lane stops in order to facilitate a bus shelter installation. Jan Pike for her comments on this which are awaited and the Chairman to consult wider bus users on the proposal. SCC also feel that a cantilevered shelter with one side against the road would be suitable for this stop.

Action.. Chairman to consult wider bus users on the proposal. If supported the Clerk to bid for a grant to part fund later this financial year.

18/118. Highway Defects Advised that he had reported the pothole in the road outside North End Farmhouse ent.

18/119. Footpaths. The Clerk had reported the footpath from Downe House at Creech Heathfield as overgrown.

18/121. Transport. He had responded to SCC Consultation on its new Public Transport Strategy stating the importance of the Bus Service to the Parish and the need to access timely the Hospital, Colleges, Town and a loop around the villages to the east side of Taunton. Also that more buses were required; with an earlier and later timings and that fares were too high. With 3,500 houses to be built in the urban extension it’s important that the existing village links and needs are also met.

18/129. Planning. (1). Planning Panel. The invitation to Brenda Brighton to join as a co-opted member was agreed.

(2) Planning applications. The following were considered;






14 18 0010

33 Dillions Road, CSM. Erection of dwelling to the south.

To object to this application. The PC is aware that a previous application for this site was refused and views this development as over development of the site, not in keeping with or in character to the existing properties. A concern exists over the lack of off road parking which would increase vehicles difficulty in turning on the highway and cause blocking of other, neighbouring properties.


14 18 0014

20 Ryesland Way. Erection of two storey extension to the side of the property to replace the garage.

Resolved to raise a concern over parking as this application would create a 5 bed house with no garage thus forcing parking onto the street - The PC believes development should provide sufficient parking onsite in accordance with guidance.

(3) Application Withdrawal. 14/18/0005 The Bartons, St Michael Road, CSM. It was noted that the proposal to demolish the dwelling and assoc outbuildings and erect 5 Nos dwellings and assoc works has been withdrawn on 11th June 2018.

(4) Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension. The Clerk had invited Nick Bryant of TDBC to update the PC at its meeting on the progress of the MHUE but he was not available.

Action. The Clerk to arrange a daytime meeting.

(5) Neighbourhood Plan. In response to the TDBC public consultation 17 correspondents have submitted responses which will now be considered to the Independent Examiner. The PC considered the responses and advices on each from its planning consultant advisors and agreed its own submission to be sent to the Independent Examiner to be considered alongside the draft plan. The Examination will now start and her decisions will be received in the autumn. For plan see


18/130. Finance.

(1) Cheques drawn since last meeting as approved at the last meeting. British Gas Pavilion Electricity Supply (7th May -7th June 2018 and replacement of Feb cheque unpresented) £76.24.

(2) Payments approved the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC for both July and August, SCC Pension Fund payments for August and September, the Clerks Expenses for June £107.89 and July £36.13, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co (Bus shelters 14.6.18) £75.00, TDBC (Licensing Act Annual Fee)£70.00, Funtasia Entertainment Ltd (Wipeout Activity PIP) £740.00, Brandon’s Hire (Lighting etc PIP) £1,028.22, Exmoor Loos (Toilet hire Balance PIP) £1,286.40,

1610 Ltd (Climbing Wall Balance PIP) £295.00, Jim Pike (Wiring in Garage) £286.00, EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 12.5.18-13.6.18) £6.24

(3) Income Received. P Chorley PIP Stall £10. Clerk explained C Cougars had paid £240 not £250 as reported in June.

(4) Payments authorised to make as accounts are received. Bibby Factors Bristol (3d Security Park June and July), British Gas (Pavilion electricity (June and July), WYG NH Plan Consultancy, EDF Energy (Rec Park Shed Electricity (July) and authorised PIP expenditure.

18/131. Party in the Park 14th July 2018.

AB advised that £7,000 worth of tickets sales for the evening event had now been achieved. It was noted that the limit on the field is 5,000 people but the event will be limited to 2k. All preparations are in place. Given the recent issue elsewhere in the UK with a bouncy castle an updated risk assessment and additional reassurance has been sought from the operator.

DF advised that the Village Clear Up day held on 30th June had been very successful with 50 people taking part with 20 sacks of rubbish, a trailer load of vegetation as well as a wheel, tyre, a scooter and 2 gas bottles being collected.

A request was received to install a bench at the junction of Hyde Lane and Arundells Way. This was agreed. To be funded from PIP monies.

Action. Clerk to seek SCC Highways permission and to arrange bench purchase. The Chair to be asked to install.

18/132. Rec Park.

(1) Update. AB reported on extent of broken glass found in the Park and the dangers that this presented. The Clerk confirmed that he reported to the DLO the dogbin reported at the last meeting that had not been emptied.

(2) Fencing. SG suggested that upto £5k be spent on fencing as a first step to improving park security.

A discussion took place on the merit of proceeding ahead of agreeing further works in the rec park. It was agreed to proceed with purchasing the fencing as it would improve security and the area to be fenced is outside of that being considered for building or additional play equipment.

(3) Pitch Fees. These were reviewed and it was decided to make no change to the tariffs for the 18/19 season.

(4) Replacement pavilion. The date for a meeting to agree the requirements for and siting a new pavilion was considered. It was agreed to hold the meeting on 6th August at the Rec Park with public consultation commencing at 7pm to be followed by a PC meeting at 8pm at which decisions would be considered on how to proceed. AB suggested views be sought at the PIP event too, SG offered to do this and encouraged other PCllrs to also do so. IW (previously circulated) referred to a document entitled Affordable Sports Halls that he had obtained from Sports England which gave indicative build and operating costs. AB highlighted that this related to Halls on school sites to which IW explained they were similar. IW showed the plans of the building that had been previously agreed and planning permission obtained three years ago for as many PCllrs had not seen what is already agreed and suggested that the Neighbourhood Plan consultation evidenced the continuing need for indoor sports.

AB questioned the operating costs. SG advised that the august meeting would consider the requirement. IW advised that the plans had been agreed and that the PC was going back on what had been agreed. IW left the meeting at 8.40pm. AB advised he had written to Richard Huishes College to identify what their running costs are of their centre. SWH and PB stressed the need to understand what the need is as they did not want the new building to compete with the Village Hall or to become a white elephant. At DF request the Clerk explained that the current building which has planning permission granted had been designed by a specialist architect to provide an indoor sports hall which matched the minimum requirement of all the major sports governing body’s requirements (including the football foundation) along with changing rooms and toilets, kitchen and a community room. It was envisaged funding would principally come from the Lottery and the Football Foundation with a contribution from the PC. AB added Viridor. An alternative is to build a replacement changing rooms, toilets and a community room without the sports hall element. SG stated that SASP at the Ann Parish Mtg had suggested that there were other sources of finance. DD advised that it’s was not clear yet what was going to be provided in the urban extension and the needs of the residents there. The Clerk agreed and responded why didn’t the PC know and why hadn’t the PC yet been consulted by TDBC

(5) To consider the procurement of additional play equipment and a MUGA and their siting in the Rec Park.

CS had previously circulated two sets of option plans for play equipment. No decision was taken on these but it was agreed CS could consult young people and schools on what play equipment they required.

A suggestion was made to also have more play equipment for toddlers; in particular items to develop balance.

Action. CS to consult young people and schools on the plans for add play equipment and a MUGA.

18/133.  Highways. (1) Defects to be reported. None. (2). Highways Safety. PB reported on Safety walk through held on 15th June and attended by TDBC Cllrs J Williams, R Habgood, D Durdan and SCCllrs D Fothergill and J Woodman and to agree next steps. A separate report by PB had already been distributed. Requests were made to SCC to identify CSM as priority for the production of a Traffic Management Plan and to agree to devote sufficient officer time to assist in the production of options for public consultation when the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted. TDBC was requested to identify the needs of CSM for remedial Traffic Management measures as a priority for funding from CIL arising from Phase 2 of the Monkton Heathfield development. SCC and TDBC stated that they are sympathetic to the concerns of the PC and agreed that the principle of the village needing remedial traffic management measures was established but both authorities are constrained in terms of resource availability.

Discussion then considered how best to move forward and what help could be provided to progress a scheme. To help ‘get the ball in motion’ SCC agreed to carry out a traffic speed check with counters at three points on St Michaels Road, to carry out an air quality check and to provide Creech PC with some officer time to help scope out the basis for a practical scheme proposal which could be taken forward by all three Councils. TDBC agreed to review the position regarding CIL and to advise on the likely availability of funds for a scheme (detailed design and works) for St Michaels Road. IW highlighted his concern that TDBC would expect the PC to use its CIL money to address this rather than their own. The Clerk highlighted the irony of the reported commitment of TDBC to fund flood protection works in Taunton from using its CIL from the MHUE and the impact this may have downstream. The Clerk also stated his concern regarding the delay the Councils response may lead to.

18/134. Footpaths. (1) The Clerk had reported the footpath from Downe House at Creech Heathfield as overgrown.

(2) M5 Tunnel Langaller. Fred A’Court, the Parish Footpaths Volunteer, Peter Hobley SCC and the Clerk had met on site to examine the tunnel on the 5th June. Unfortunately natural planting and fencing had prevented access but it appeared evident, with some access work that the underpass was capable of being used by walkers. As a result SCC have written to Highways England asking if they would give permission to its use. A reply is awaited.

18/135. Taunton Transport Plan Consultation. PB reported on a consultation meeting held by SCC on 22.6.18. In the event the meeting did not consider the plan as the PC representatives raised numerous highway issues of concern to them and these became the focus of the meeting. The Clerk highlighted that the plan had been considered by the TDBC Exec in Dec.

Action. PB and the Clerk to write to SCC with comments to ensure that its views on the Plan are not overlooked.

18/136. Somerset West and Taunton Council (New District Council to replace WSDC and TDBC). In SH absence the Clerk advised that a presentation by the Boundary Commission had been given on 25.6.18 which outlined the Commissions approach to setting warding arrangements for the new Council. The key dates are to consult on the proposals 3.7.18 to 27.8.2018 and to produce final recommendations Oct 2018, an Order made early 2019 with Elections held in May 2019. The proposals for the new Council provide for a 2 Cllr ward covering CSM and Durston.

Action. The Clerk to write to the Commission stating the PC wish to have a 2 Cllr Ward for CSM & Durston named CSM.

18/137. Youth Club. The Panel had previously circulated a report recommending that CYP (Community Youth Project) following interview and taking up references be appointed to establish and run an open access youth club in CSM for young people aged 12-17. This was a key request that had emerged from the consultation undertaken directly with young people as part of the Neighbourhood Plan development. A grant from SCC has been obtained of £3k to help meet costs. CYP already run 15 youth clubs across Somerset villages incl Somerton. It was agreed to appoint CYP initially for a year with a formal review after 6mths and to provide £1k towards setup costs.

Action. To agree terms with and appoint CYP to enable them to start the process of establishing a youth club.

18/138. New Matters to be carried forward.

(1). The Clerk had received from Ruishton PC complaints about light shining in housing from bright lights in Mill lane. Action. Chair to examine.

(2). A need for further dog bins by Canal to be considered at a later date.

The meeting was closed at 9.20pm.

Future Meetings; The next scheduled PC meetings are on Sept 3rd and 1st Oct at 7pm.

These meetings are to be held in one of the Village Hall Cttee Rooms (which to be dictated by building works progress).

A public meeting will be held on 6th August at 7pm at the Rec Park to consult on required developments at the Rec Park.

This will be followed at 8pm by a PC Meeting also at the Rec Park to consider and make decisions. Also to consider Planning Applications if any are received for comment.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net