/ Parish Council / 2018 Minutes / 4th June 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 4th June 2018

In the Upper Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings, (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, P Brown, D Finch (from item 18/108), Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight, G Lucas and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. TDBCllr D Durdan. Two members of the public attended.

18/105. Chairs Welcome. The Chair welcomed all.

18/106. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest and C Sampson sent their apologies and the reasons given were accepted.

(YG arrived later during the meeting at item 18/122).

18/107. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. No PCllr declared an interest.

18/108. Vacancy on the Parish Council. The Clerk advised that following PCllr K Reed resignation he had informed

TDBC’s Electoral Officer and placed notices of the vacancy to establish whether there was to be an election. As no one had called an election he advised that the PC can co-opt onto the Council. Two individuals were considered and a decision was taken to co-opt Dee Finch onto the Parish Council as a PCllr. DF then signed the acceptance of office and thanked PClllr’s for their support. SH expressed his disappointment both could not be appointed.

18/109. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised;

(1) Adult Social Care. DF advised that each of the two contracts the County Council have are larger that its Highways budget. A recent court judgment which decided “sleeping in” should be paid for will cost SCC an additional £l.5m a year.

(2) Youth Club Grants: Youth Clubs across Somerset have benefited from £105,000 in grants from Somerset County Council's Youth and Community Service. The grants, for 34 youth clubs in total including establishing a Club in CSM,

(3) BBC Panorama: SCC's has invited Panorama into its adult social care service in order that the challenges of providing elderly care across the Country are better understood. It is hoped that this will raise awareness of the issues being faced by individuals, families and their care staff on a daily basis.

(4) Pothole news: Following the difficult winter weather conditions of the past few months the Government have confirmed additional Pothole Action Fund capital contributions to Somerset of £3.662m for the 18/19 financial year. On average around 19,000 potholes are filled in Somerset every year.

(5) SCC Accounts: Each year the County Council produces a Statement of Accounts which sets out a summary of financial affairs and together with the Annual Plan are available at:

(6) National Volunteers Week: A number of celebratory events and activities are planned to take place during National Volunteers' Week (1-7 June) to thank and honour Somerset's thousands of unsung heroes. Volunteers are invaluable in improving lives.

18/110. District Councillors’ Report. DD advised that;

(1) Car parking. Work has started this week on implementing £1.2million of significant improvements to its car parks and signage. TDBC is introducing Variable Message Signing (VMS) to help drivers find car parks and know how many spaces are available and the type of parking – short stay, long stay and commuter. Seven key car parks will also change to pay on exit from pay and display to make life easier for drivers using the spaces. The changes, being introduced car park by car park to minimise disruption, are planned to be completed in August. The seven car parks are Orchard, High Street, Tangier, Canon Street, Wood Street, Castle Street and Enfield.

(2) Ryesland Way slope to Canal. Along with PB he had met with Richard Burge TDBC Open Spaces Manager on site to request a contribution towards the cost to the PC of installing a surfaced footpath and handrail. PB reported that during the meeting Parishoners were seen struggling up the slope. Despite this RB had advised that no funding was available and had suggested using “payback” labour to reduce the work to the contractor and cost to the PC. The PC expressed its disappointment to DD at a lack of contribution from TDBC. The Clerk advised he had since written to the contractor asking whether it was feasible to utilise such labour in this way and asked the Canal and River trust for permission to proceed and whether the Trust could contribute financially. His advices are awaited.

(3) Laburnum Terrace. A resident had asked if double lines could be put in place along the railway side of the road in order to ensure that access can be maintained at all times. A discussion took place during which enforcement, whether a polite notice or the residents self organising were discussed.

Action. The Clerk to establish whether Laburnum Terrace is a public highway and to put on a future agenda.

18/111. Minutes of the 14th May AGM Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed with an amendment made at 18/99 to make it clear that £4,400 worth of tickets sales had been achieved for Party in the Park. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

It was also noted that a decision had been taken at the meeting at the suggestion of SG that the commissioning of a report on how best to improve road safety in St Michael Rd, CSM be deferred until after the forthcoming “walk through” the Village by the Leaders of SCC and TDBC that CSM PC has invited them to undertake has taken place.

18/112. Matters arising from the minutes of the 14th May AGM Mtg. The Clerk reported;

18/2. Allotments. The Land Owner in response to the Allotment Society preference for a five year agreement had responded by suggesting that a single year be agreed for this year and a new agreement then be negotiated. The Clerk advised he had yet to put this to the Allotment Society. IW suggested that the PC enquire about purchasing the site

and it was agreed that the Clerk ask the landowner and to update the Society.

Action. The Clerk to make enquiries to purchase the site and seek agreement between the Society and Landowner on way forward.

18/6 (8) M5 Tunnel. The Clerk advised that F A’Court and himself are meeting Pete Hobley of SCC Highways on the 5th June in order to show him the tunnel under the motorway at Langaller and to see if it can be opened for pedestrians if possible.

16/221. Flooding Sign. Action. DK and AB to meet with Ruishton Flood Group to determine best way forward. C/F.

16/58. Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. After the site meeting the Clerk advised that WW had agreed to further inspection, that enquiries had been made of Larkfleet regarding their plans for managing the canal bank and ensuring footpaths join and is awaiting responses. He had yet to go inspect the TDBC land but would do so and then liaise with TDBC over their making progress on the historical work required.

Action. Clerk to continue to follow issues up with DLO/Larkfleet/WW.

17/224 (5) Larkfleet Grant Fund. The Clerk having submitted a bid to the Cambs Community Foundation that manages the Larkfleet Fund is awaiting their decision which could be expected before the end of August .

18/99. Party in the Park 14th July 2018. Clerk confirmed he had added Gazebos to Insurance and arrange septic tank empty for 12th July with Gregory Coles.

18/100. (1) Highways. SCC Highways have been asked when the pavements in West View will be resurfaced and a reply is awaited.

18/103 . Bus Shelters. After visiting the site, SCC Highways has come back with a proposal to replace both stops at Creech Heathfield with a single stop on the grass verge immediately north of the entrance into Heathfield Close, about halfway between the Charlton lane and Crown Lane stops in order to facilitate a bus shelter installation. He had asked Jan Pike for her comments on this which are awaited. SCC also feel that a cantilevered shelter with one side against the road would be suitable for this stop.

Action. The Chairman to consult wider bus users on the proposal. If supported the Clerk to bid for a grant to part fund later this financial year.

18/102. Open Access Youth Club. The Clerk reminded that the panel (CS/YG/JH/Clerk) are meeting the company interested in running a youth club on June 7th to ascertain what they could offer. It is noted that the Village Hall small hall is available as a venue option.

Action. The panel to meet the youth provider and report back.

18/113. Rec Park. (1) To review the requirements for and siting of a replacement pavilion and to decide how to proceed. IW advised that the replacement for which planning permission has been obtained is aimed at young people and would cost approx £1.5m;it was designed to meet the standards and minimum criteria of Sport England who it is hoped would make a major financial contribution. Plans were put on hold whilst the Neighbourhood Plan Survey was conducted and the discussions over how the Rec Park Site is to be laid out take place. SWH suggested a business plan needs to be drawn up as a next step to show costs and funding. PB agreed highlighting that whilst we have some Capital money we don’t have clarity over the remainder. PB also wished to ensure that the new pavilion was not in competition with the Village Hall. IW asked for a copy of the plans and rec park and offered to establish the likely costs. SG suggested a separate dedicated meeting be held after PIP and this was agreed. A decision on retaining the electrical supply to the former Engine Shed is to be made at the meeting.

Action. The Clerk to ask other Parish Councils in order to identify if they’ve a similar pavilion, to circulate copies of the plans and rec park to PCllrs and to organise an additional meeting. IW to identify costs.

(2) To consider the procurement of additional play equipment and a MUGA and their siting in the Rec Park.

SH advised he was awaiting further illustrations and plan so it was agreed this would be considered at the next meeting.

(3) To update on operational issues (if any). The Caretaker had highlighted that the dogbin was found overfilled on Monday 4th. This suggested the DLO had not emptied.

Action. The Clerk to advise the DLO to empty the dog bin.

(4) Caretakers Holiday Cover. It was agreed that once her holidays dates were known the Clerk would circulate a rota sheet for PCllrs to provide cover.

18/114. Parish Councillors responsibilities. (1) To agree Membership of the replacement pavilion panel. It was agreed this would be the full Council until a decision has been taken on how to proceed and it was agreed the panel would be formally constituted with meetings open to the public and formally constituted with agenda/minutes/reports to PC for decision.

(2) Planning Panel. The PC suggested to Brenda Brighton she may wish to be Co-opted onto the planning panel. This appointment is to be ratified at the next meeting.

18/115. Neighbourhood Plan. Appointment of an Independent Examiner. The Clerk advised that the examiner for the West Monkton & Cheddon Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Development Plan was Ann Skippers MRTPI FRSA FHEA AoU. He asked if the Parish Council would like Ann Skippers to be appointed to undertake the examination of the Creech St Michael Neighbourhood Development Plan (the appt is joint with TDBC). A decision was taken to appoint AS.

TDBC is currently consulting on the CSM NH Plan with representations to be received by 5pm on Friday 22 June 2018. The plan can be viewed at  https://www.tauntondeane.gov.uk/planning-policy/creech-st-michael-neighbourhood-development-plan/

18/116. Finance.

(1) Payments approved the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments,

the Clerks May Expense’s £106.30 and other invoices received; Heartstart Somerset (Cost of materials used fitting

defib’ s into Telephone boxes) £145.00, EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 11.4.18-11.5.18) £5.86, Zurich Municipal

(Insurance 19.7.18-18.7.19 Premium) £1,583.63, SALC (GDPR Training) £25.00, Bibby Factors (3d Security at Rec

Park) £216.00

11.2 Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; Tone Youth (Football Pitch Fees 11/12/18/20 May)

£80.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co (Website Advertising 2017) £50.00, Ruishton FC (Football Pitch Fees 14/18/21

April) £60.00, Creech Cougars pitch Fees £240.00. PIP Stalls Just for You £10, Natures Treasure £10, Linda Godfrey

£20, Cloud Dolly £10, Rosie’s Angels £10.

11.3 Authority to make payments as accounts received. British Gas (Electricity supply).

11.4 Community Infrastructure Levy. The Clerk explained that when the budget was prepared the PC was not due

to receive any CIL funding this financial year. As the development at Somersby Lodge has since commenced the PC

will now receive £3,395.75 in October 2018 and £10 187.25 in 2019/20.

11.5 Child Care payments to PCllrs. (A separate report had been circulated previously). In order to ensure that

Councillors on the Parish Council reflect the Parish the Clerk proposed to the Council that a scheme of meeting the

costs of childcare or carers allowances be introduced. This was agreed. The scheme will reimburse the additional cost

of PCllrs childcare costs incurred in order to attend authorised meetings when no one in the family unit is available.

Action. Clerk to ascertain with TDBC if childminders used have to be registered or not.

11.6 Audit. Following the completion of Internal Audit the Clerk advised that the Accounts and additional papers had

been sent to the External Auditors and the required notices posted on the CSM website.

18/117. Party in the Park 14th July 2018. AB reported £5,000 worth of tickets sales had now been made and plans are progressing as planned. SH advised that the former turning circle had now been levelled and seeded.

Action The Clerk to ask the DLO to cut the grass the week before PIP.

DF advised that the leaflets for the Village Clear Up and BBQ on 30th June are out around the Village and the Scouts had been given them. Facebook posts will be made shortly.

18/118. Highways. (1) Defects reported. AB Advised that there is a pothole in the road outside his entrance. PB highlighted the overgrowth at Sycamore Walk which was forcing pedestrians into the carriageway (by the bus shelters in St Michaels Rd). The low hanging foliage from the house with grey gates (adj to Cranmere) on the high path in St Michaels Road.

Action. DD offered to ask TDBC to cut both back. The Clerk to report the pothole.

(2) Highways Safety (SH, PB, Clerk); The Clerk reported that in response to the invitation to TDBC Cllrs J Williams and R Habgood and SCCllr D Fothergill to participate in a Safety walk through the village a date had been agreed for 8th June 2018. At DF suggestion SCCllr John Woodman (Portfolio Holder for Highways) had also been invited. DD to attend.

A further quotation has been received for the provision of a Feasibility Report to show potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM as a first step to the development of a Traffic Management Plan.

18/119. Footpaths. The footpath from Downe House at Creech Heathfield was reported as overgrown. Fred A’Court, the Parish Footpaths Volunteer had sent his monthly report (circulated prior to the meeting) for which he was thanked.

Action. The Clerk to report.

18/120. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). (See separate briefing sheet). The Clerk had attended training provided by SALC and explained that the aim of the act is to enhance data security and processing. A plan of improvements would be required and the PC approach was agreed as set out in the paper, to include no longer recording public questions. A decision was taken to buy a PC for the Clerks dedicated use for PC business and a crosscut shredder.

18/121. Transport. The PC considered the new Public Transport Strategy (previously circulated) which SCC are presently consulting on and in view of the importance of the Bus Service to the Parish the Clerk was tasked to write highlighting the need to access timely the Hospital, Colleges, Town and a loop around the villages to the east side of Taunton. Also that more buses were required; with an earlier and later timings and that fares were too high. With 3500 houses to be built in the urban extension it important that the existing village links and needs are also met.

Action. The Clerk to respond to SCC Consultation.

18/122. Matters to be carried forward.

(1) Taunton Transport Plan consultation. PB to attend a briefing at SCC County Hall on 22.6.18.

(2) Future warding arrangements for the new district council that will replace WSDC and TDDC. SH to attend a

presentation from the Boundary Commission on Monday 25.6.18.

(3) Urban Development. It was decided to invite N Bryant of TDBC to update the PC on progress at its July meeting.

(4) The Bartons. BB advised that though some changes had been made essentially the application remains unchanged with the same no of houses facing the same directions. TDBC have yet to make a decision.

(5) A need for further dog bins by Canal to be considered at a later date. The meeting was closed at 9.10pm.

Future Meetings; The next scheduled PC meetings are on July 2nd and Sept 3rd at 7pm.

A meeting will be held on 6th August only if Planning Applications are received for comment.

These meetings are to be held in one of the Village Hall Cttee Rooms (which to be dictated by building works progress).

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net