/ Parish Council / 2018 Minutes / 5th November 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 5th November 2018

in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), PCllrs S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair) A Birch, P Brown, C Cudlip, D Finch, Y Guest and G Lucas (Parish Councillors). Co-Opted (Planning) Cllr B Brighton. SCCllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan. The Clerk. 4 Members of the Public attended.

18/186. Chairs Welcome. SH welcomed all.

18/187. Apologies. PCllrs S Harris, D Knight and C Sampson. Reasons given accepted.

18/188. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members.CC regarding item 18/193 (18/110(2))

and SH regarding item 18/193 (18/2). .

18/189. Wessex Water. Stuart Lewis (Programme Manager) and Adam Lynch (Project Manager) of Wessex Water attended and presented to the PC details of a planning application that they intend to submit shortly for three agricultural storage barns within the Ham Sewerage site for the storage of sludge cake, principally during the winter and extended wet periods. Extensive questioning ensued. A local resident then pressed them why their contractors vehicles where still using Ham Rd despite the new access track from the A358. As a result WW have recommitted to the PC that they are working to ensure that this does not happen and will take steps if offenders are indentified. Villagers were encouraged to let WW know of incidents using the local rate contact number 0345 600 4 600. WW asked that any reports should have as much supporting information as possible (Livery/Reg No/Time) so WW can examine; a request to ensure that Adam Lynch is mentioned so the incident will be allocated to him directly to action was made. WW will also propose to SCC Highways that they install “No access this way” signage to be placed on the highway. The PC was then presented with a cheque from WW to cover the cost of replacement Neighbourhood Watch signs along Ham Rd and an offer was made for School visits to take place should the local Schools wish.

Action. The Clerk to publicise the request to report cases, to inform schools re visits and to liaise over replacement Neighbourhood Watch signs.

18/190. District Councillors’ Report. DD reported a villagers concerns about the consequences of the vegetation growing on the canal bridge.

Action. The Clerk to ask Canal Trust to cut foliage.

18/191. County Councillors’ Report. DF reported;

(1) The Somerset Memorial Wood is off Yallands Hill (alongside the new country park.). The Archbishop of Taunton is to plant the first tree on Friday 10th. Thousands more will be planted over the winter.

(2) Girders for the new bridge over the River Parrott (part of Colley Lane Bypass) in Bridgwater have been installed.

(3) SCC consultation on Libraries has been concluded. 19 Branches (incl Taunton) will remain and 15 are on notice of closure from 1/4/19 including Priorswood. It is hoped community partnerships will emerge to keep these open with some ongoing SCC funding. No changes are being made to the mobile library provision.

(4) That the Anne Frank exhibition is on at the Brewhouse until 28th November.

(5) Winter gritting. SCC had gritted on the earliest date in memory. Fewer roads are now being gritted as a result of the latest SCC budget cuts, resulting in St Michaels Rd no longer being gritted. As part of the budget cut SCC Highways will also no longer be stocking and providing rock salt for the grit bins and therefore it was suggested at the Finance Cttee that future budgets would need to include a sum to provide an alternative source and method for refilling the bins. PB asked to learn what the criteria was for excluding roads from gritting routes. It is hoped that a favourable outcome in the Budget or the Local Govt settlement is achieved this may yet be revised for this winter.

Action. DF agreed to provide a copy of the assessment criteria used.

(6) 23 new schools are to be built, the latest is a 14 class school in Somerton.

(7) Somerset Independent Plus Service is to be opened on Nov 8th based at Chelston Business Park, Wellington. The centre aims to allow people to live independently in their home for longer by bringing together Housing Options, Home Improvement and Independent Assessment Centre staff in order to get the equipment and home improvements they need. The Clerk welcomed this initiative. Open every Monday 9am-4pm or via calling Som Direct on 0300 123 2224.

(8) SCC are commencing consultation on Health and Care Services in Somerset provide with partners entitled Fit for the Future. It covers 5 Health areas. A presentation is to be made at the Albemarle Centre, Taunton on 14th Nov 2018.

(9) SCC has a 47 year lease on Dillington House, Ilminster. On the 1st/2nd Dec it will offer a winter wonderland with skating rink.

(10) The Budget had several implications for SCC. £420 m is to be allocated over 156 authorities for roads next year. It is thought SCC may get between £4-8 m. Further pots of money for next year were announced for Councils to bid into for Children Services, Housing Infrastructure and Industrial Strategies but none will resolve SCC ongoing funding rates.

The second phase of which Councils will participate in business rates retention are set to be announced.

(11) Hyde Lane. The second phase of the safe route to School footpath is under construction and will be completed shortly. Further safety works are planned. DF is attending a meeting on weds regarding the crossing planned for outside the School. Speed calming in Hollingsworth Park is awaiting the roads transfer to SCC from David Wilson Homes.

18/192. Minutes of the 1st October. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without amendment .These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

18/193. Matters arising from the minutes of the 1st October Mtg. The Clerk reported;

Defibulator’s. The Clerk has arranged free training provided by Heartstart Somerset on how to use AED’s in the Village Hall on Sat 17th 9.30-12.30a.m. The places are available on first come first served basis places on request to the Clerk.

18/126. (6) Waste Bin to be sited in Bull St. The DLO had quoted to purchase and site a waste bin with lid but had also advised a weekly emptying charge. As to date waste bins have been emptied free the Clerk advised he has queried this and was still awaiting a reply. DD had confirmed he was not aware of any policy change at TDBC. The Clerk had written to ask Environment Agency for permission to site the bin which is to be installed by Cllrs at lower cost.

18/110 (2) Ryesland Way slope to Canal. The Clerk had met with Canal & River Trust agent and secured permission to proceed and a materials contribution rather than cash. CC had since met with agent to agree materials they would provide and work will take place in the new year. The Clerk highlighted his expectation that this would lower cost to the PC and the agent will also restore the path on the other side of the bridge.

18/2. Allotments. A two year deal had been agreed with the society and they have now paid the PC the first years rent. However the members prefer a longer term contract. The Clerk had suggested the PC buy the land using the Societies S106 monies and this is to be considered as well at a meeting of the Owner/Society/Clerk.

Action. The Clerk to arrange a meeting of relevant parties and to also suggest the Society examines other sites.

16/221. Flooding Sign. Action. DK and AB to meet with Ruishton Flood Group to determine best way forward. C/F.

18/103 . Bus Shelters. The Chairman had informally consulted wider bus users on the proposal from SCC Highways to replace both stops at Creech Heathfield with a single stop on the grass verge immediately north of the entrance into Heathfield Close, about halfway between the Charlton Lane and Crown Lane stops in order to facilitate a bus shelter installation (subject to a successful grant application).

Action. The Clerk to bid for a grant to part fund a shelter later this financial year.

18/131 Bench at the junction of Hyde Lane and Arundells Way. SCC Highways permission had been granted and the bench has been delivered to the Chairman for installation.

Action. CC/SH to install on a concrete base.

18/134. Footpaths. (2) M5 Tunnel Langaller. Fred A’Court, the Parish Footpaths Volunteer, Peter Hobley SCC and the Clerk had met on site to examine the tunnel on the 5th June. Unfortunately natural planting and fencing had prevented access but it appeared evident, with some access work that the underpass was capable of being used by walkers. As a result SCC have written to Highways England asking if they would give permission to its use. As no reply has been SCC have been asked three times to follow up with HE and a reply is still awaited.

18/135. Taunton Transport Plan Consultation. The Clerk advised that PB and himself had written to SCC with the PC comments to ensure that its views on the Plan are not overlooked. As no response had been received he had written to ask SCC Highways how this is now to be taken forward. A reply is awaited.

18/138. Mill Lane Lights. As Ruishton PC residents had complained about lights shining in housing from a premises in Mill Lane SH and the Clerk had toured looking for the potential lights. Following a visit one evening a set had identified that could be causing the problem. The Clerk has written to the company asking if they will tilt their lights downwards.

18/176 (2) Application (14/17/0033 PINS App/D3315/W/18/3205705PINs) Appeal by Gladman’s Developments against refusal to build 200 Nos dwellings off Langaller Lane, CSM. To note that the date for Appeal has been set for January 15th.

Action. Clerk to put on the Dec agenda to review and agree actions to be taken.

18/184 (1) Fingerpost Signs. The Clerk advised that a volunteer had come forward seeking to help maintain the Parish’s fingerposts. This had been reported to SCC who will now liaise with them. It is clear though to make progress a second volunteer is needed and the signs in the Parish identified.

Action. The Clerk to ask the NH Plan Panel if they will conduct an audit and to advertise the need for a further volunteer.

18/184 (3).West View Park. GL had advised that a neighbour had reported vegetation overgrowing their garden fence and though the Clerk had asked TDBC to cut vegetation back this had yet to be done.

Action. The Clerk to raise with TDBC again.

GL also asked when TDBC will clear the ditch to the rear of the bungalows in West View/Cooks Close in order to prevent its flooding.

Action. The Clerk to ask TDBC when this will be done this autumn.

18/194. Planning. (1) Applications. The following were considered;







5 The Glebe, CSM . To carry out management work to one cedar tree included in TDBC (CSM No 1) TPO at (TD122).

To support



Fairview, Worthy Lane, CSM Erection of conservatory at rear.

To support


14/18/0031/ AGN

Walford Farm, Walford Cross. Application for prior notification for the erection of an agricultural building for the storage of straw.

IF TDBC agree this is Permitted Development then to offer no observations.

(2) Decision taken. It was noted that this planning decision was taken under delegated powers;







Worthy’s Farm, Worthy's Lane, CSM Erection of two storey ext to side, detached three bay car port and creation of Access.

To support.

(3) Delegated Powers. The PC decided to reconfirm the existing (see item 12/66) delegated powers when the 21 days TDBC normally gives the PC to respond can’t be complied with. This occurs on occasions such as immediately after a meeting. In such cases there are three options open to the Council; To call an additional meeting of the PC, to apply to TDBC planners for an extension of the 21 day period and for the Council to agree or in the case of de minimus application’s (such as porches) that the decision can be delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the planning panel. At present an extension to the time period is requested wherever possible or the planning panel make decisions on future non controversial applications in consultation with the Clerk. If the 21 days extension is refused the Clerk also emails all PCllrs and ensures a notice is placed on the website and notice board before a decision is made.

(4) Planning Enforcement. TDBC had notified they were examing a potential breech of an unauthorised position of a fence and erection of metal buildings near Foxhole Cottage, Worthy Lane, CSM. Later following a site visit they had decided that the posts are not on the public highway and that the buildings appear to be agricultural and longstanding.

(5) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. It was noted that the draft plan is still with the Independent Examiner and her advices

have yet to be received. As a result of this and a European case the timeframe for completion would move from Dec 2018 to March 2019 for completion. The Panels next mtg is on November 19th when further work on the draft Community Action Plan (which sits alongside a Neighbourhood Plan and focus on non land based issues) is planned.

18/195. Finance.

(1) Cheques drawn since last meeting as approved at the October meeting. EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 13.9.18-25.10.18) £8.31 and British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 7.9.18–7.10.18) £36.28.

(2) Grant. The PC agreed to make a grant to St Michaels Church of £685 for maintenance of the burial grounds. The grants budget of £1,000 remains unspent.

(3) Payments approved the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 1.10.18-28.10.18) £302.40, SALC (Training Fee-Councillor Essentials) £25.00,

J Miller (use of field for Allotment 18/19) £650.00, A Birch (Reimb North End Grass Cutting Expenditure) £486.85,

SLCC (Annual Membership 18/19) £147.00, ALCC (Annual Membership 18/19) £30.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co

(Bus Shelters 17.10.18) £75.00, St Michaels Church Council (Grant Burial Ground)£685.00, C Sampson (Reimb Childcare Oct) £15.00.

(4) Payments authorised to be made as accounts are received. EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 25.10.18-13.11.18) and British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 7.10.18–9.11.18).

(5) Invoices not paid; Opus £Nil (Pavilion Gas supply 12.9.18- 11.10.18 as £19.50 in credit).

(6) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; South West Lottery (August sales)£4.00, Tone Youth (Sept Pitch Fees)£180.00, CSM Allotments Society (Allotments Rent Sept 18-19) £650.00, Ruishton FC (July pitch fee) £20.00,

Creech Cougars (Sept Pitch Fee)£40.00, TDBC (CIL) £3,395.76.

(7) Accounts (2018/2019). The reconciliation report was provided for the 1st half year and questions answered. The Council’s receipts for the period 1st April 2018 to 30th Sept 2018 is £65,012.02 and the expenditure for the same period is £44,927.54 (excl provisions) is in line with expectations at this stage of the year as reported and examined in detail at the Finance Sub Ctte Mtg which had taken place on 29th October.

(8) Risk Assessment of Asset’s. The Clerk reported that the annual examination of Assets had been concluded and thanked PCllrs involved in examing, risk assessing and reporting on individual items. An updated listing was circulated. Most items had been found to be satisfactory. The Adsborough Bus Shelter was felt to be in need of some scalpings to improve access, a bench in the rec park is in need of some attention and the IPE roundabout has a fault (which is in the process of being attended to).Two grit bins need digging out and three restocking. Finally the Computer has aged software problems and after examination had been deemed beyond economic repair so the PC decided to write it off.

(9) Grit bins Filling. In view of the SCC decision to no longer grit St Michaels Road or to restock the 9 grit bins across the Parish PCllrs discussed the emerging need for an increased system of monitoring the three bins at North End, Dillons Rd and Mill Lane and a stockpile of salt bags in the Rec Park Engine Shed for use when required. It was noted that SCC had been allocated additional funds in The Budget and it is hoped that as a result that SCC would rethink their decision on ceasing gritting for this winter; particularly in view of the traffic volumes in St Michaels Road. See 18/191 (5) above.

(10) Rec Park Security Contract. In response to the increase in security charges the Clerk had obtained alternative quotations however these were higher than the proposed charges. The PC decided to renew its contract with 3d Security.

Action. The Clerk was asked to renew the new contract with 3d.

(11) Planning Leaflet. The request from Mrs B Brighton to pay £38 for a flyer to be printed to be delivered to every house to provide details of the forthcoming public planning appeal regarding 200 houses to be built at Langaller was withdrawn. The PC is to consider the appeal at its December meeting.

18/196. Party in the Park 6th July 2019 (SG,CS,DK,YG,AB) Nothing to report. Meeting is to take place in November.

18/197. Rec Park. (1) Update and Annual Safety Inspection Report. Repairs had been made to the toilet handle. The IPE roundabout had been found to be outside of warranty and a meeting to repair and examine the inspection reports finding is planned for thursday.

(2) Improvements. Quotes are being obtained for a trim trail. At CS request a meeting is planned to consider how best to take improvement projects forward. CC to review buildings and to give cost effective options for refurbishments C/F.

AB suggested getting some more tables and benches.

18/198. Highways. (1) Defects. None reported. (2) Hyde Lane Improvements SCC Highways had commenced the second phase of safe route to school this week and this will take 4 weeks to construct. DF explained Hollingsworth Park Speed calming could not yet proceed as DWH had not yet passed over the road for adoption and that he was attending a meeting on weds to discuss the crossing outside of the school. (3) Road Closure. GL asked what route the Bus would take during the planned closure of the road by the Aquaduct and suggested that Buses could still come into the village. DF suggested asking Transporting Somerset.

Action. Clerk to ask Transporting Somerset to ensure Buses come through the village during the road closure period.

(4) Road Safety Improvements. CC highlighted the importance of getting a traffic management plan in place as Road Safety was the highest priority in the Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk advised that the recent TDBC Executive minutes had made it clear that within six weeks of the “walk through” taking place that authority had decided how to spend £9m of CIL monies and that did not include road safety in CSM. Also whilst a Housing Infrastructure Fund bid had been submitted it was becoming evident that whilst money was being in concluded to remodel the old A38 road safety work in CSM was not. DF explained why setting out what should be done was important. It was agreed to put this matter early on the December meeting agenda. Action. Clerk to ask for a radar box for St Michaels Rd close to Ryesland Way junc.

18/199. Footpaths. (1) A report had been received this month from the Parish Footpath Volunteers. A recommendation

had been made to remind farmers who planted crops too close to RofW of the need to leave enough room.

Action. Clerk to ask RofW to contact farmers who have been planting too close not to repeat.

18/200. Somerset West and Taunton Council (The new Council replacing WSDC and TDBC in 2019). The Loc Govt Boundary Commission has concluded their review of the warding arrangements, in time for its first elections in May 2019.They are proposing that Somerset West and Taunton Council should have 59 councillors and that CSM would be included along with Durston in a 2 Cllr Ward named Creech St Michael.

18/201. Youth Club. Panel Members (JH/Clerk) had met with Elaine Harris of CYP on 1st Nov. EH had produced a report which has been circulated. CYP had not been successful in recruiting to either of the Youth Club Leader posts but two volunteers have come forward whom she had now met and is vetting. To date CYP had advertised using social media and it is felt a more traditional advert in the Creech News and County Gazette at cost to PC be tried in addition to continued social media advertising with a deadline of closing date of 14th Dec. As a result it is evident that the originally envisaged initial contract time frame will now need to move from Sept18-March31 to Jan19-Aug19. EH suggested that a chargeable SLA to reflect her efforts should be in place for the period to Dec18. This had not been agreed too but CYP is to draft for consideration at the dec PC mtg. It was noted that SCC has given a grant to use for Youth Club by 31/3/19. Should recruitment not be successful EH has offered to bring a youth bus to CSM to run a series of sessions during the jan-march to ensure youth of CSM benefits from the grant. CYP are submitting a bid to the Big Lottery for all its supported Council’s incl CSM. Initial discussions have suggested that the Lottery are looking for a county wide bid from all youth providers post SCC closure of their youth service and SCC Officers are seeking to ensure some form of mutual support arrangement is in place before their demise on 31 1 19 and they hope that will form the basis of submitting the county wide bid. It was noted that this will take time, even if it were possible and that in the interim many of the smaller clubs will have financial problems likely to lead to their closure. The panel had been reassured that CYP where financially sound and that all eight PC’s who buy their services have committed to continuing to fund them. CYP were informed of the PC decisions on buildings and the need to remove the footballers items (i.e with a ships container in place) and ensure basic H&S requirement such as an fire alarm, emergency lighting and a first aid kit is in place before the club can commences in Jan. The PC agreed to proceed with these items. It was agreed that the standards set in “SCC safe and welcoming” would continue to be the standards to operate to.

18/202. Correspondence. (1) Fingerpost Signs. The Clerk advised that a volunteer had come forward seeking to help maintain the Parish’s fingerposts and SCC had been contacted. It is clear a second volunteer was required before any work could commence. The Clerk also suggested that the NH Plan panel be asked to do a survey of the posts.

Action. The Clerk to continue to seek a second volunteer and to ask the NH Plan Panel to identify where the posts are.

(2) West View Park. The vegetation overgrowing the garden fence remains uncut.

Action. The Clerk to remind TDBC to cut vegetation back again.

18/203. Somerset Libraries Service. See item 18/191 (3) above.

18/204. Items for next meeting. To include; Budget 19/20, Gladman Planning Appeal, suggestions for APM Speakers and addressing Road Safety.

The meeting was closed at 9.25pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled PC meetings are on 3rd December 2018 and 7th January 2019 at 7pm.

These meetings are to be held in Ground floor Village Hall Cttee Room.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net