/ Parish Council / 2018 Minutes / 6th August 2018


Minutes of the additional Meeting of the CSM PC held at 8pm on Monday 6th August 2018

at the Rec Park, Hyde Lane, CSM.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, P Brown, D Finch, Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight , G Lucas and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Co-Opted Planning PCllr B Brighton. Cllr TDBCllr D Durdan. Three members of the public attended.

Prior to the meeting the Community Council for Somerset conducted a consultation event to help identify what improvements Parishioners would like to see at the Rec Park.

18/139. Chairs Welcome. SH welcomed all.

18/140. Apologies. PCllr C Sampson sent her apologies and the reason given was accepted. SCClr D Fothergill.

18/141. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. PCllrs SH, DK, AB all declared an interest for item 18/143 and did not vote .

18/142. Planning. (1). Planning applications. The following were considered;





05 07 2018

14 18 0015

The Bartons, St Michael Road, CSM Demolition of dwelling and associated outbuilding and erection of 4 Nos welling with associated works (resubmission of 14/18/0005).

The PC examined this application and noted that the applicant has revised the site layout and reduced the number of houses to 4 in order to address PCllrs and Officers concerns. The PC therefore agreed to support the application.

07 07 2018

14 18 0016

Thorneybees House, Foxhole Lane, CSM. Erection of single storey extension to side and rear.

The PC agreed to support the application.

26 06 2018

14 18 0017

Thorneybees House, Foxhole Lane, CSM. Conversion and extension of outbuilding to provide independent but assisted/cared accommodation.

The PC agreed to support the application.


14 18 0014

20 Ryesland Way. Erection of two storey extension to the side of the property to replace the garage.

The PC noted that a plan had now been submitted to provide 3 off road car parking spaces. As a result the PC agreed that this addressed the concern previously communicated. The PC therefore agreed to support the application.

(2) Planning Appeal. 14/17/0033 Langaller (Gladman’s). It was noted that a Planning Appeal has been made by Gladman’s for the site at Langaller. BB reflected on their recent Appeal at Rockwell Green 43/17/0002 and advised she had attended each day of the hearing. Gladman had won allowing them to build 265 new homes at Rockwell Green.

BB reported that Gladman’s had provided evidence for all five areas that TDBC had challenged and as a result TDBC had withdrawn its objections. The PC has been learnt that Gladman’s further Appeal at Wiveliscombe has been postponed by the Appeal Inspector to allow for consideration of new national planning guidance. The Clerk explained that he had prior to the meeting circulated to PCllrs a draft letter to be sent to the Appeal Inspector. This was considered by PCllrs and the draft agreed.

Action. The Clerk to submit PC views on Gladman’s Application to the Appeal Inspector ahead of his 15th Aug deadline.

(3) Monkton Heathfield Urban Area (MHUA). The Clerk had previously circulated a report of the meeting which PB, Charlie Cudlip (NH Plan Chair) and the Clerk had attended with Nick Bryant, Planning Policy Manager at TDBC, Frances Wadsley (TDBC Planning) and Lisa McCaffrey (SCC Highways) on 2nd August in order to receive an update on MHUA. TDBC had advised that they are now taking the lead on master planning in the absence of significant progress by the developers. There has been a change of Directors at Persimmon and a resultant change of approach. As the next months will be spent master planning it was agreed we would update Qtrly.

A request to TDBC to ensure a funding contribution be made towards a traffic management plan for CSM was been made and attention drawn to £619k figure in the TDBC Infrastructure Plan for Environmental Improvements for CSM/local villages and it was suggested that the Growth/Garden Town funding be used. TDBC had suggested CIL could also be used. We understood TDBC to accept that they will need to understand what needs to be done to feed into the master planning. Also advised was that traffic survey data has just been collected but had yet been interpreted so would be shared in due course. The MHUA pre stage 1 development survey data was also asked for and LMcC agreed to provide both.

TDBC also informed that the developers prefer to retain the A38 on its current route (though it would be narrowed). However SCC have put in a bid to the Housing Forwards Infrastructure Board for funding and its believed that if successful this may finance the eastern WM Relief Road continuing through the middle of the site. We also suggested that land be protected at Walford Cross for a Junc 24a or that developers fund a North Petherton bypass to ease access to J24. SCC have also stated the need for an all through School (i.e primary and secondary), though TDBC question that the MHUA is the best site for this in the Town.

TDBC made it clear that there will not be an indoor sports centre provided though the new school may choose to make its facilities available for community use. A request was made for a 3G pitch and a variety of sports, leisure provisions and green spaces to be agreed with the PC, not just given an allocation of pitches. TDBC suggested recreation may be expressed in pitches but used differently. It was acknowledged that a pavilion possibly similar to that to be built at MH may be provided at best.

The need for the employment land was questioned given it impact, Nexus, distance from M5 J25 and the NH survey suggestion little local demand. TDBC agreed to review. It was asked that the MHUA be renamed to reflect its siting in CSM. The Clerk expressed his view that progressing a solution to CSM Traffic Safety Issues was likely to take a longtime. PB highlighted the need to acquire evidence.

Action. The Clerk to pursue obtaining the further highway count data from the project team.

(4). CSM Neighbourhood Plan A number of documents have been received from Ann Skippers the Examiner of the NH Plan which outline her approach to her work. These have been circulated to PCllrs and will be placed on the website. AS does raise some points (mostly minor procedural which will be dealt with) which we will respond to but she has highlighted that the plan period is too long given the requirements to refresh TDBC's Local Plan periodically i.e. our NH plan would commit TDBC too much when they draft their future Local Plans - so AS has stated that the plan period should be for ten year not a twenty year period (and refreshed every five years). For plan see


18/143. Finance.

(1). Cheques drawn since last meeting as approved at the last meeting. EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 13.6.18-13.7.18) £12.89, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 30.5.18-27. 6.18) £270.00 and (Rec Park 3d Security 30.6.18-27. 7.18) £192.00 and British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 7.6.18–9.7.18) £34.21

(2). Payments approved: A Birch (Reimbursement of North End Grass Expenses) £76.07, A Birch

(Reimbursement of PIP Expenditure) £581.23, Gregory Coles Cleansing Serv (Septic Tank Empty 12.7.18) £168.00,

3d Security (PIP Security) £702.00, DC Direct (Shelving PIP) £562.31, Water2business (Rec Park Water 12.1.18-30.7.18)£13.47 and J&J Miller Plant hire (Level Railway former track)£840.00.

(3). Income Received; PIP Proceeds £10,073.64 , Rolys Pantry Minehead (PIP Stall)£10.00 and Mrs P Bowerman (PIP Stall) £10.00. Other - South West Lottery (June) £4.00, Heathfield Hair and Beauty(Website Advert 2017) £50.00

(4). Authority to make payments as accounts received. Glasdon (Bench for Hyde Lane), CCS, Waste bin for Bull

Street, Computer and Shredder for Clerk, and agreed PIPS items.

18/144. Youth Club. The Clerk had previously circulated a report of the Panels meeting with Elaine Harris of CYP held on 19th July to review a draft contract which the Clerk had prepared. The draft was reviewed and after CYP suggested some changes which were accepted as reasonable (and within the agreed budget) the contract agreed; it is ready for signing once a venue has been agreed. CYP have advertised for staff and volunteers which they will employ.

EH had also been shown various buildings. She felt the Young People should decide were their club should meet but she clearly views as the panel did that the Engine Shed is the most suited and most likely to be preferred by youngsters. The PC was asked to make the building available for the Youth Club to use. The PC considered the request but in accepting the Rec Park was the best place to run a youth club it could not agree to making the required changes to the engine shed until it had greater certainty that the club was viable and attracting enough young people. It was agreed that the Pavilion be cleared and used instead as a base and a review take place should club numbers justify it. An enquiry has also been made by the Clerk to SCC on the Childrens Centre availability.

The Clerk reported that he met on the 2nd August with SCC Youth Service at their request to review progress and to detail their requirements to ensure the Club meets their “Safe and Welcoming” criteria which is a requirement for future grants. It was note that any club building must have a fire alarm, emergency lighting and a first aid kit . The Youth Service are very pleased to support the establishment of an open youth club in CSM though they had anticipated being further ahead with its establishment and would review their grant.

Action. The Clerk to inform CYP of venue. The Panel to ensure the “safe and welcoming” requirements of SCC Youth Service are met. Rec Park Panel PCllrs to arrange for the pavilion to be cleared.

S Altria

Clerk, CSM PC 8 8 18.

The meeting was closed at 7.55pm.

Future Meetings; The next scheduled PC meetings are on Sept 3rd and 1st Oct at 7pm.

These meetings are to be held in the lower Village Hall Cttee Rooms.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net