/ Parish Council / 2018 Minutes / 8th January 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 8th January 2018

In the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings, (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, P Brown, Y Guest, S Harris, D Knight and G Lucas, (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. TDBCllr K Durdan. Two members of the public attended.

18/1. Chairs Welcome. The Chair welcomed all. The Clerk advised that SCC had deferred their presentation that evening on their plans to upgrade the Creech Castle junction until the PC’s February meeting.

18/2. Public Speaking. Pat Campbell, the new Chair of the Allotments Society introduced herself and advised that she had met with the landowner regarding their lease renewal and asked the PC what the position is. SH asked her if the PC needed to be involved and suggested that as there is an Allotment Society in place it would be beneficial to deal direct with the landowner rather than with the PC as an intermediary. Cllrs agreed but also offered to assist the Society if it wished the PC to remain involved.

Action. The Clerk to provide copies of the existing documentation to the Allotments Society.

18/3. Apologies. PCllrs C Sampson, K Reed and I Wright sent their apologies and the reasons given were accepted.

18/4. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. None. (2) Dispensation Granted. SH reminded the PC that he had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept at the meeting on the 4th December. As this had been granted this covered this meeting.

(3) Membership of the Neighbourhood Plan Panel/Dispensation to participate. PCllrs had received a request from Brenda Brighton to rescind John Reads membership of the CSM Neighbour plan Panel or to grant a dispensation in view of his interests and being prodevelopment. The PC discussed this request and decided to retain JR as a member and to grant the dispensation. In so doing the PC noted that the draft plan is now in place, that they wished to have as broad a range of views as is possible input into the NH Plan, that the panel was advisory and not executive, that it had a significant membership with differing ideas and that meetings were open to the public.

18/5. District Councillors’ Report (1) SHLAA. KD asked if TDBC (RB) had responded to TDBCllr D Durdans referral of the PC request to have the SHLAA updated at its next review to ensure that the field on the Langaller Road was no longer endorsed as potentially developable. The Clerk confirmed that no reply had been received.

Action. KD to ask TDBC (RB) to reply.

(2). S106 Annual report. KD asked if the PC had seen the TDBC Annual report as at 18th Dec agreements on S106.

As the Clerk confirmed it had not KD left the Clerk her copy to pass onto PCllrs.

Action The Clerk to circulate the TDBC report to each PCllr.

18/6. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised;

(1) School Autism Centre’s: Three new school autism centre’s are set to open over the year as a result of a £2.3m investment by SCC. To be sited at Westover Green School in Bridgwater, at Holway Park School and at Heathfield Community School these will create 48 places for primary and secondary school children.

(2) County Highways. The Highways Team attended 33 incidents over the Christmas period. The Service are now being kept busy gritting roads.

(3) A361 Roadwork disruption: A major engineering scheme to resurface the busy A361 road near Durston from Walford Cross to the Sedgemoor border is to start on Monday 19 February and will take around three weeks, with the road closed during working hours (approximately 7.30am to 6.30pm).

(4) Home First initiative: The Home First initiative was launched in September. Home First allows people to leave hospital rather than waiting for care assessments and rehabilitation planning, instead they receive the assessments and support at home, or care home or community hospital, to help them get back on their feet. Over 300 people in total, 190 so far along with a further 47 patients are currently on the Home First pathway from Musgrove. Patients leave hospital sooner, average stays reduced by five days for each person and 20 hospital beds have been freed up.

(5) Illegal roadwork’s: Utility firm, Bristol Water has been pleaded guilty and fined by Magistrates relating to three offences of unauthorised roadwork’s. SCC does its best to plan ahead and avoid overlapping or clashing works and unauthorised works and road closures make this difficult job even harder. The charges relate to the Highways Act and New Roads and Street Works (NRSWA) Act and involved three separate incidents of an illegal road closure, unauthorised occupation of the Highway and incorrect work permissions.

(6) School Admissions 2019-2020: A consultation on school admissions arrangements for all children who are due to start, transfer or move schools during the 2019-20 school year is currently taking place until 31st January 2018.
Details can be found at: http://www.somersetconsults.org.uk/consult.ti/AdmissionConsultation1920/consultationHome

(7) A358 duelling – see item 18/14 (3) below.

(8) M5 Tunnel. DF asked if Highways had been in touch yet regarding taking forward the idea of using the unused tunnel at Langaller for pedestrians. The Clerk advised that they had not yet.

Action. DF offered to follow-up with Highways.

(9) Hyde Lane Crossing. DF advised that he was expecting details later tonight and would pass these on.

18/7. Minutes of the 4th December Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

18/8. Matters arising from the minutes of the 4th December Mtg.

The Clerk reported;

17/220 (7) Ham Lane. That he had raised with the Internal Drainage Board that hedge cuttings had been left in the ditches. The IDB inspected the next day and had the ditches cleared the following week.

16/221. Flooding Sign.

Action. DK and AB to meet with Ruishton Flood Group in order to determine best way forward. C/F.

17/220 (9) Fly Tipping. He had informed Planning Enforcement that materials were being dumped in a field off Long Lane (RofW10/29) Langaller as ‘no change of use’ had been obtained by the land owner this was thought to be a matter for planning enforcement. Planning Enforcement had since been chased for an update report.

16/58. Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. The Clerk reported that he had re-inspected the area following his last visit on the 31st August and had found that TDBC had apart from shutting the manhole had not made progress on any of the 8 other improvements agreed at a site meeting held on 17th May. As a result he had asked TDBC again for an update on their intentions. KD asked to see the correspondence and reply once received and offered to follow this up if required.

Action. The Clerk to report the response of TDBC Open spaces in due course to KD and brief CS.

17/125 Dog Bins. The Chairman is to identify a site. Alternatively the bin will be sited somewhere else in the Parish.

Action. The Chairman to identify a site, the Clerk to await Chairman’s advices and then ask DLO to install.

17/204. Strategic Housing land availability assessment (SHLAA). The Clerk reported that he had written to TDBC (Tim Burton) as requested asking that the field at Langaller be removed from the plan as a possible site for future development (beyond the existing plan period) and for support for extending the green wedge He had received a short reply advising that it isn’t a policy-making document and the inclusion of this particular site as a potentially developable site should be given no weight in the decision-making process and that TDBC does not (and has never) consulted with Parishes or the public on the inclusion or otherwise of individual sites as per national planning policy and practice guidance. This had been referred to District Councillors for support who had referred the matter to TDBC (RB) but no reply has yet been received.

Action. KD offered to speak to TDBC (RB) and obtain a response.

17/207. Defibulator’s. He had ordered the cabinets as instructed and is now waiting for the Chair to replace the backboards in the Telephone Boxes and to receive from Heartstart Somerset the specification for electrical works from Heartstart Somerset so quotations can be obtained from electricians.

17/211. Footpaths/RofW. He had written to the Sally Vickery RoW Officer at SCC before her recent retirement in order to thank her for her service to the Parish’s Footpaths over an extended period. She had suitably replied.

17/224 (5) Larkfleet Grant Fund. Asked AB to provide him with details of the agreed Gazebos and quotations obtained in order then he could write the bid to Larkfleet in January.

Action. AB to provide the Clerk with required details and the Clerk to then submit a bid to Larkfleet.

17/226 (4) Rec Park Pitch Rolling. Advised that he had instructed the DLO to roll the pitch and amend the annual contract to include one roll per annum in future years.

17/228. Footpaths/RofW. Advised that it was not known if IW had yet been able to speak to the canal ranger regarding the “missing Link” on the approach to canal bridge 26 at the bottom end of Ryesland way.

17/232. Creech St Michael Website. That KR had agreed to put in an appeal in the next edition of the Creech News calling for volunteers to help identify, collect and upload content timely on a voluntary basis.

18/9. Budget and Precept 2018/19. The Draft budget circulated ahead of the Dec PC meeting had been scrutinised in detail at that meeting resulting in concern being raised over the planned expenditure continuing to exceed income and an ever increasing reliance on drawing on diminishing unallocated balances. In addition to relying on drawings from balances this year there are key pressures coming forward to start the pavilion replacement project, to set up and start an open access youth club, Inflationary pressures, additional expenditure on dog bin empting and a lower income following the removal by TDBC of their annual grant. Each of these was discussed in depth. It was decided that the investment in the NH Plan is to be funded from CIL £5k and enhancements in the Park from S106 monies. As SCC are to proposing to start charging from April for the speed indicator device service this too was considered and a decision taken not to proceed due to cost and an absence of enforcement.

The PC noted no increase in the precept had been made this year (17/18) and agreed that the budget needed to be balanced so agreed the minimum the precept increase could be £3,500 (= 6%/£3 increase per band “d” equivalent house) so agreed this level of increase. The precept figure for 18/19 was therefore set at £49,737.90 which equates to £44.92 p.a (86 pence pw) per band ‘d’ property. It was noted that pressures across the whole of local government are likely to require continual future year increases in Council Tax and that any new demands arising during the year would not be provided for.

Action. The Clerk to inform TDBC of the increase in precept and to draw up a revised draft budget to reflect precept.

18/10. Planning. (1). The following planning applications were considered;







30 West View, CSM. Replacement of side extension.

To support.



9 Laburnum Terrace, CSM (amended address) Erection of single storey extension to the rear of

To support.



Ham Road, CSM. Notification to remove 4 No. sections (5m width each) of hedgerow within field and roadside boundaries on land surrounding.

To support as to be replanted following works.

(2). Planning - CSM. Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk advised that the two requested changes (aim to achieve ACV status for the whole of the green wedge and the provision of access from Hyde Lane to WMRR when satisfactory traffic management measures are in place in Hyde Lane as part of the village traffic management plan) to the c5 draft plan had been made by WYG and that the Section 14 consultation had commenced. A serviced public consultation had taken place in the Village Hall Cttee Room on Friday 8th (2pm to 6pm) and on Saturday 9th Dec (9.30am to noon). Unmanned displays are now in place in the Village Hall entrance and Baptist Church Hall (ending 2nd Feb). Letters had also been emailed to all the statutory bodies as identified by TDBC, local employers, residents who had replied to the village survey and anyone who had submitted a planning application in the Parish in the past year). Details are also available to view or download from the website www.creechstmichael.net/NHP/ and comments can be made until 2nd Feb.

The Clerk advised he had written to Persimmon, Redrow and Ruishton PC asking for support regarding the planning application off Langaller Road. Persimmons reply appeared to suggest that they would support though they also advised that the CSM NH Plan should be reviewed alongside West Monkton and CF NH Plan and that these should be consistent in regards the urban development. Details of the plans to attend a future planning meeting regarding the Langaller Road had been circulated and volunteers to speak should speak to Brenda Brighton direct. Ruishton PC will consider at their January PC meeting. Ruishton had also agreed to a meeting between the PC and NH Plan Chairs and the Clerk to be held on the 30th Jan.

HE Ltd had provided count data for St Michaels Road and he advised that he was examing this. The pictures taken for later inclusion in the plan have been reviewed and those to be used chosen along with the need for some additional pictures identified.

Strategic Environmental Assessment. As TDBC (AR) and WYG had recommended that we request TDBC to undertake the SEA in parallel to the Section 14 consultation this was agreed. It was noted that there was some risk but this had been assessed as low and all wish to avoid delaying until after the completion of the consultation.

The Clerk also advised that he had submitted an application for ACV status for the field of Langaller Road. TDBC had now advised that they are undertaking a review of their ACV policy and a decision would follow after its completion.

18/11. Finance.

(1) Cheque drawn since last meeting. Cheque no 274 amount £66.23 payable to B Gas for Pavilion Electricity supply 7th Nov -7th Dec 2017

(2) Accounts authorised for Payment. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments,

SR Altria (Clerks Dec Expenses) £124.86, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 27.11.17-1.1.18) £318.00,

WYG Env Planning Trans Ltd (NH Plan consultancy 17.11.17-9.12.17) £3,277.88, Nigel’s Windows Cleaning (5 Bus Shelters 14.12.17) £75.00, rt signs (Canal Sign) £102.00.

(3) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; Som Community Foundation (Grant towards Defib in Telephone Boxes project)£1,000.00, Tone Youth FC (Football 5th/11th/25th Nov) £60.00, Tone Youth FC (Football 17th Dec) £20.00, South West Lottery (Lottery proceeds Dec) £8.00, Creech Cougars (Pitch hire 18.11.17 and 2.12.17)£80.00, SLCC (Disc as also a membership of ALCC) £20.00, Western Power Distribution (Wayleave on Pole in Rec Park) £7.61. A discussion took place on the merit of asking WPD for a one off payment in lieu of annual payments. Action. The Clerk to ask WPD.

(4) Authority to make payments as accounts received. British Gas (Pavilion Electricity supply 7th Dec 2017-7th January 2018) £tba and PIP items (as authorised Oct&Dec PC).

(5) Utility Accounts. British Gas have again stated in writing that their Gas account is closed and Opus have confirmed that they opened an account last year with a 3 year £nil s/charge contract. A £30 credit had been given in recognition of problems experienced. BGas had incorrectly twice invoiced for several months Electricity and though these had been eventually corrected and only then paid a late payment charge of £45 remained on the account. BG had refused to clear this and had sent a “deadlock” letter. The Clerk has referred the whole experience to the Ombudsman.

18/12. Party in the Park 14th July 2018. AB advised that there were 95 Bookings for the free senior citizens Fish and Chips Bingo Lunch and the event to be held on the 19th January is expected to be full. A meeting to advance PIP18 Plans is to be held next week. The food vendors (bar a second icecream seller) have been agreed and income requested

18/13. Rec Park. SG advised that a meeting would be held in February to examine how best to take a new pavilion and improvements forward.

18/14. Highways.

(1) West View. GL reported that the surface at the junction with Hyde Lane is breaking up.

Action. The Clerk to inform SCC Highways.

(2) Hollingsworth Park Estate speed calming. PCllrs considered the improvements they wanted following the request from SCC Highways. PCllrs identified a 20mph limit (as a minimum from Park to the School with remainder 30mph if not) with better warning signs starting the other side of the motorway bridge. The crossing point needs to be made more prominent and SCC are to be requested to provide costing’s to the PC for a gateway and 3 speed humps for decision.

(3 ) A358/A303 Duelling. Highways England Ltd will launch their second round of consultation on the 16th January to which the Chair and Clerk have been invited. A briefing had also been offered and the PC decided this should be requested to take place at the next PC meeting. Various public consultation events will take place between 20th Jan and 21st Feb. The SCC deadline for the PC and/or community to input into their decision making is 15th Feb.

18/15. Youth Club. Since the last meeting SRYP had advised that it had a shortage of youth workers and was not in a position to provide a youth club in CSM at this time. Subsequently they had offered (from Oct 17) to see if there was sufficient adult support to establish a volunteer led club. This would be for a three month period which would be free. The Clerk advised that whilst this may appear tempting at first sight recruiting, training and maintaining a sufficient cadre of volunteers with the sufficient skills to provide an interesting programme of activities that appeals to teenagers in a safeguarded environment on a sustainable ongoing basis would be a significant undertaking and if it can be accomplished using volunteers it would be a considerable achievement. He also highlighted some of the difficulties that can be experienced with such a club and that the worst situation was to interest young people in setting a club up and then not be able to then run it. Having said this the Club was clearly a key priority that emerged from the NH plan consultation (both the Parish Survey and surveys direct with young people) and he recommended that he explore if there were alternative providers for running an open access club professionally for further consideration. This was agreed though it was noted funding was an issue and the extent of interested young people would need to be established before anything other than a short term contract would be considered. The venue options were also considered and the issues around the using the former engine shed discussed.

18/16. Annual Parish Meeting April 27th Friday 2018. The Inland Drainage Board and Wessex Water have confirmed they will speak. Sport England has been asked and a reply is awaited. It was agreed to also ask TDBC Planners to update on the urban extension. Any further speakers to be identified and notified to the Clerk.

18/17. Correspondence.

(1) The merger of West Somerset DC and Taunton Deane BC and its replacement with a new authority was considered. It was decided to restate to the Sec of state the PC objection to the merger as an evaluation of all the options by the Boundary Commission had not been undertaken and that it appears to be a political decision already taken.

(2) TDBC are considering the establishment of a Town Council to cover the unparished area of Taunton. This was supported. It was noted that all TDBC Council tax payers are currently paying for these areas services.

(3) Allotments Society. See item 18/2 above.

(4) Hopkins Field Fencing to rear of West View. GL raised that fencing alongside the DWH Site is in poor condition and asked if the Clerk would ask DWH to reinstate. This was agreed.

Action. The Clerk to write to David Wilson Homes requesting reinstatement of their fencing at Hopkins Field.

18/18. Matters to be carried forward. The next meeting agenda to include presentation by SCC Highways on Creech Castle plans and Highways England to be invited to present their plans for the A358.

The meeting was closed at 9.05pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled Parish Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday February 5th and 5th March 2018.

All meetings held in the Lower Cttee Room, CSM Village Hall.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net