/ Parish Council / 2018 Minutes / 9th April 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 9th April 2018

In the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings, (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, P Brown, D Knight, K Reed and C Sampson

(Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill. TDBCllr D Durdan.

Five members of the public attended.

18/63. Chairs Welcome. The Chair welcomed all.

18/64. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. No declarations were given.

18/65. Public Speaking. Nick Gibbon raised his concern for the proposals for redeveloping The Bartons. He suggested that the current proposals were over development of the site and that the bedroom windows and garden of his home which neighbours The Bartons would be over looked by two of the properties. He suggested 4 houses are appropriate.

Clive Stone and John Sloman advised the PC of the amount of consideration that they had built in the development to ensure the development enhances the village and that they would take heed of the comments made by PCllrs and NG.

18/66. Planning. (1). The following planning application was considered;







9 Arundells Way, CSM. Erection of a single storey side extension to the side .

To support



1 Horsey's Cottage, St Michaels Road, Creech St Michael - Erection of a two storey and single extension to the rear.

To support



The Bartons, St Michaels Road, CSM. Demolition and Assoc outbuildings and erection of 5 No dwellings and Assoc works.

To make the following observations;

  1. 1. To support in principal the development of the site but wish to see fewer properties (4).

2. Concerned about overlooking of neighbours house and garden.

3. Want plots 4 and 5 (re)orientated to face St Michaels Rd.

4. Wish to see double yellow lines on St Michaels Road and Hyde Lane around site (to stop property owners or their visitors parking there).



Beacon Top, Combe Lane, West Monkton. Erection of a single and two storey extension and alterations to existing dormer

To support



Cathill Farm, Foxhole Lane, Worthy lane, Creech St Michael Erection of two storey and single storey extensions to the side.

To support

For further planning matters please see item 18/72

18/67. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest, S Harris, G Lucas and I Wright sent their apologies and the reasons given were accepted.

18/68. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised;

(1) Henlade Park and Ride. The P&R is closed as Travellers had moved onto the site. The CC has an ongoing injunction

which the Police will enforce shortly.

(2) Hyde Lane “Safe Route to School”. The developers had opened their part of the path. Whilst the path is a big step forward however until the remainder is opened later this year there is a danger that users will walk straight out on to Hyde Lane. He advised that barriers or signs would be put up to prevent this. It was noted that this is a permissive path on land owned by Persimmon and Redrow. DF also mentioned that he had received complaints about motorcycles being driven on the path. Highways have informed the Clerk that the remainder of the path would be opened in the autumn.

(3) Housing Infrastructure. SCC have applied for £83m of funding to improve junctions along the Toneway at Hankridge/Wickes/Shell garage, a rapid bus route and the extension of the A38 from Langaller to Walford. DF advised that the route for the later through the Urban extension proposed had not yet been determined.

(4) Highway Infringements. Wessex water have been fined £3,000.

(5)Bridgwater. £18m is being spent on a new road which will run from Taunton Road to Colley Lane.

(6) M5 J25. Planning permission has been granted and the land acquired.

(7) Fostering. Thanked the PC for agreeing Fostering to be promoted at PIP.

18/69. District Councillors’ Report. DD shared a letter from resident Lynn Stone who had approached him over a smell in Hyde Lane. He also spoke on the proposed changes to Warding arrangements (see item 18/80 below).

Action. The Clerk to refer the matter to Linden Homes to take action.

18/70. Minutes of the 5th March Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

18/71. Matters arising from the minutes of the 5th March Mtg.

The Clerk reported;

18/2. Allotments. The Clerk advised that the Allotment Society were not meeting until 12/4/18 and that he would follow through seeking agreement with the land owner once he knew the societies views.

Action. The Clerk to ask the Society and Landowner of their preferemce and to seek and document the two agreements.

18/5(1)/17/204. Strategic Housing land availability assessment (SHLAA). No reply had been given by TDBC Officers on having the SHLAA updated at its next review (to ensure that the field on the Langaller Road was no longer endorsed as potentially developable). He suggested that given the Green Wedge Policy is being developed this would remove this site at the next refresh once adopted.

18/6 (8) M5 Tunnel The Clerk advised that Highways had he had yet to contact Highways regarding taking forward the idea of using the unused tunnel at Langaller for pedestrians.

Action. Clerk to now to follow up with Highways.

16/221. Flooding Sign. Action. DK and AB to meet with Ruishton Flood Group to determine best way forward. C/F.

17/220 (9) Fly Tipping. He had received pictures form Env heatlth showingthe flytipping referred to as being dumped in a field off Long Lane (RofW10/29) Langaller was in fact a load of wood. Environment protection having visited the site.

16/58. Over grown vegetation on TDBC owned Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. After the site meeting the Clerk had documented with Wessex Water and Larkfleet items identified. Larkfleet have been about the arrangements for clearing their bank and fencing it, ensuring their path join the existing path and what regular maintenance arrangements will be once they theve left the site. A report from Wessex Water on one of the drains is awaited from WW. Further progress on cutting the bank side weed by the DLO is required though it had been accepted that this would be achieved over time and as the footpath was deteriorating at one point was in imminent need of attention. Other points identified included asking

Action. Clerk to follow issues up with DLO/Larkfleet/WW.

17/125 Dog Bins. The Chairman had identified a site for the bin at C Heathfield and the DLO had been requested to install asap.

17/207. Defibulator’s. The Chair had installed new backboards in the Telephone Boxes and will shortly be installing the defibulator’s. The Clerk had sought quotations from electricians and as these were due back on 13th the PC authroised the Chair in conjunction with the Clerk to award the contract.

17/224 (5) Larkfleet Grant Fund. The Clerk reported he had submitted the adult safeguarding policy to Cambs Community Foundation that manage the Larkfleet Fund in support of the PC bid and is now awaiting their decision. The Clerk had made enquiries when a decision could be expected and had been advised that it would hear between June and August . As a result it had been decided to buy a further 4 gazebos for use at this year’s event.

17/228. “Missing Link” on the approach to canal bridge 26 at the bottom end of Ryesland Way. FA’C had asked the Canal Society as owners of the “missing Link” on the approach to canal bridge 26 at the bottom end of Ryesland Way

if they would surface it. As the Canal Society had advised that they did not have the money FA’C had suggested that the PC offer 50% of the cost and that the £200 PiP had allocated to footpaths be part funding. In order to make an informed decision the Clerk had been asked by the PC to get two quotes and the Clerk had sought a specification which he awaited and then would seek quotations for work.

18/17 (4) Hopkins Field. Clerk had contacted DWH and asked them to complete the roads and footpath surfacing. David Wilson Homes had advised that quotes were currently being sought a decision taken shortly.

18/51. Road Safety. Highways England Ltd had been invited to attend with SCC engineers the planned walk through of the village to be held on 13th April but were not available. HE had confirmed their commitment to undertaking a walk through and had requested another date.

Action. The Clerk to set up a walk through meeting of the village with HE.

18/72. Planning. (2). 4/38/17/0205 Junction 25 improvements, M5, Taunton, SCC have granted planning permission and purchased the land. (3) 4/40/18/0001 Ham Sewage Treatment Works: Construction of proposed Motor Control Centre (MCC) Kiosk and cake reception building. SCC have granted planning permission with a requirement that all vehicle movements associated with the development shall use the new access track and that no vehicles shall use the public highways between the A358 and the site. (4) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. Version6 of the draft plan has been circulated previously to PCllrs; this reflects the changes agreed after the Sect 14 consultation undertaken between Dec and Feb. Further Sect 14 consultation had now been completed (13th March to 3rd April) on the Green Wedge Policy and the Housing Needs Survey. Ten responses had been received mainly positive which had also been circulated previously to PCllrs. These were considered and it was agreed to amend the Ver6 plan by accepting the suggestions from TDBC that the Green Wedge be extended further northwards and north of Walford removed. Also that the Traffic Volume data provided by Highways England and that SCC had agreed in principal to developing a Traffic Management Plan at a cost of £750. It was agreed these will now be incorporated into a new Version7 of the plan and along with the SEA screening report and a letter serving as the environmental report now be submitted to TDBC. They will then undertake section 16 consultation on the plan (this will take approx 2 months) and prepare for examination. A presentation will be made at the Ann Parish Meeting to advise Parishioners of what’s been done in the past year, to advise on what remains to be done and to explain the importance of voting in the ballot. A draft Community Action Plan is also to be developed.

18/73. Finance.

(1) Cheque drawn since last meeting. Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 29.1.18-25 2.18) £210.00

and BGas (Pavilion Electricity 6th Feb -7th Mar 2018) £53.45.

(2) Accounts authorised for Payment. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, Clerks Mar Expenses £14.91 and Buyer Direct Ltd (4 Gazebos for PIP) £1,766.00, K Signs (Update 3 APM Banners) £24.00, WYG (NH Plan Green Wedge, Sect 14 Consult, plans and mtg) £3,000.00, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 26.2.18-25 3.18) £198.00, SALC (Member Training) £25.00, EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 3.2.18-12.3.18) £7.37, K Hutchings (Caretakers Expenses) £12.84, A Birch (Redraw of unpresented/out of date cheque)£11.26,

Somerset Pension Fund Acc (Redraw of unpresented/out of date cheque.

(3) Invoices received but not paid; TDBC-DLO (Dog Bins emptying –invoicing error [3 of 5 bins charged for full year incorrectly) £1778.40, TDBC (Former Model Railway Engine Shed Rates 18-19 Nil £, British Gas Pavilion Electricity Supply (£180) referred to Ombudsman and Opus Pavilion Gas supply (11.2.18- 12.3.18) as in cr£19.50.

(4) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; South West Lottery (Lottery proceeds) £7.00, Ruishton FC (Football Jan and Feb pitch fees)£120.00, Tone Youth (Football 3rd/4th/18th Feb) £60.00, Wayaheadcare (Website Advertising 2017 (BACS 20.4.18 tbc) £50.00, QSP Printers (Website Advertising 2017) £50.00, Tone Youth (Football Pitch Fees 25/3 and 19/3) £40.00, TDBC (Precept) £49,737.90, Ruishton FC (Football March pitch fees) £40.00, PIP18 Emma Wigmore/Emma’s Occasions (Food Vendor) £75.00 and the Folly Nursery (Stall Holder) £10.00.

(5) Approval to pay these on receipt of invoices (subject to 2 PCllrs signatures) was approved;

British Gas (Pavilion Electricity supply 7th Mar -7th April 2018).

(6) Final Year End A/cs. The final accounts for the year 2017-2018, bank reconciliation and asset listing had been circulated previously and were reviewed in detail. The total income for the year was £94,806.06 and the Expenditure £89,568.71. The Balance in the Bank is £98,568.71 (uncommitted £20,581) at 31.3.18. These were agreed and then signed by the Chair. Action. Clerk to add PIP Gazebos to Insurance Policy once received.

(7) Annual Governance Statement. The PC then reviewed and confirmed it has undertaken each responsibility during the year and was then signed by the Chair.

(8) Accounting Statements . The Accounting Statements for the year were reviewed, agreed and signed by the Chair.

(9) Dog Bin Emptying. The quotation from the DLO was accepted for 2018/19 with 20% increase due to increased waste disposal costs and wage increase.

(10) Telephone Box wiring. The Chairman had replaced the backboards in each of the telephone boxes and the quotations for the three telephone boxes are awaited. It was agreed that the Chair in conjunction with the Clerk would appoint an electrician to enable works to install defib cabinets already purchased) and lighting to proceed.

(11) Grant Request – A request from the “Love Musgrove Appeal” for a grant towards a 3rd MRI Scanner was considered. A decision was taken not to award a grant.

(12) Pavilion Electricity. The Clerk having referred a late payment charge to the ombudsman after a protracted period of receiving incorrectly invoiced bills for supply in 2017 had now received their judgement. BGas should apologise for poor service and pay the PC £30 compensation however the charge of £45 should remain. PCllrs expressed their dismay that the ombudsman should insist that public money be used to pay an incorrect invoice rather than await an accurate one. It was agreed to make that point to the Ombudsman, to ask that further late payment charges as a result of the referral are removed and to accept the judgement.

18/74. Party in the Park 14th July 2018. AB reported that a further meeting had taken place. Proceeding well with almost all arrangements now in place, including additional activities. Paramedics have now been booked from Sth West Ambulance Trust. PB advised an approach is be made to the Flower Show to see if a connection can be made with PIP. SG advised that on 30th June a Village Clear Up day is to take place starting at the Rec Park (time to be fixed yet) with a BBQ afterwards. idverde have agreed to remove the waste collected.

18/75. Rec Park. SG advised that a meeting has yet to be arranged to discuss improvement plans but would be shortly. It was intended that further consultation would take place at the APM on what is proposed. SG highlighted that the Plunkett Fund and Hinkley could be potential sources of funds. CS highlighted S106 monies. The quotation from the DLO was accepted for 2018/19 grass cutting despite a 20% increase due to increased waste disposal costs and wages. CS highlighted the matting had sunk at the bottom of the slide and need of repair, also similar repair in small play area.

Action. The Clerk to recirculate to PCllrs Parishioners responses to Neighbourhood Plan ahead of the meeting.

Improvement mtg and Working party to repair ground under matting to be organised by SH/SG.

18/76. Highways.

(1) Defects reported. PB highlighted a pothole in Curvalion Road. Overhanging hedge at the junction of Charlton Road forcing north bound traffic over white line and south bound onto verge.

Action. Clerk to report to SCC Highways.

(2) Hollingsworth Estate Speed Calming. The Clerk advised that the Highways Officers involved to date had handed the project over to their colleagues dealing with the proposed Hyde Lane Crossing. Unfortunately it appeared that briefing could have been improved as questions now being asked of the PC had already been answered. It was agreed that the Clerk would respond on the PC behalf.

(3) Road Safety. In the separate representations and discussions with SCC Highways and HE Ltd concerning the plans to improve the Creech Castle Junction, the Toneway, M5 J25, Nexus and the A303 duelling the PC had made the case using HE traffic count data of the need to take action along N/End and St Michael’s Road ahead of the works proceeding. The agreed walk would be held on 13th April to ascertain the issues with SCC. SH, PB and Clerk to attend.

Action. The Clerk to arrange with HE Ltd Engineers a similar walk through the Village with HE.

18/77. Footpaths/RofW. (1) Defects. Fred A’Court, the Parish Footpaths Volunteer had sent his monthly report (circulated prior to the meeting) for which he was thanked.

(2) Ryesland Way to canal bridge 26 slope. See 18/71 above.

18/78. Annual Parish Meeting April 27th Friday 2018. PCllrs considered a draft agenda from the Clerk on the speakers and agreed promotional arrangements, to include a consultation on the planned improvements in the Rec Park.

TDBC Planners had again been asked to update on Urban Ext but were not available. SG kindly offered to do the Teas.

18/79. Open Access Youth Club. The Clerk reported that the grant application he had submitted for £3,000 to SCC Youth Service had been successful for 2018. It was agreed to hold a meeting with two interested companies that wish to run the club to ascertain what they could offer (CS/YG/KR/Clerk).

Action. The panel to meet the two youth providers and report back.

18/80. West Somerset and Taunton Council - new Council Warding arrangements. A report had been circulated previously to PCllrs. When the Boundary Commission started to look at TDBC’s wards (seeking to deliver electoral equality for voters and to reflect the interests and identities of local communities) they postponed their work whilst the merger with West Somerset Council was under consideration. Now the merger had been confirmed TDBC has started to examine the warding arrangements of the new Council. When looked at previously PCllrs had decided that CSM Parish should not be split across Dist Council wards and that Cllrs for CSM were preferred. TDBC had initially proposed a four Cllr ward with West Monkton; DD advised however that TDBC now preferred a two Cllr ward with Durston to avoid having the four Cllrs. This change of view was welcomed and agreed.

Action. Clerk to inform TDBC that the PC would agree with a two Cllr Ward with Durston.

18/81. Bus Shelters. A request had been made by Mrs Jan Pike for a bus shelter to be sited at Creech Heathfield and this was considered. It was noted that the Bus presently stops at the junction at Charlton Road and that there was no room there for a Shelter nor had funds been set aside for a shelters. It was decided to ask Highways if there was another site that a shelter could be located and if there is a grant be applied for. IF both are successful and permission from the site owner and the Bus Company is granted shelters be installed. The Clerk has asked about grants and applications would be considered at the end of 2018/19 financial year so this will be a long term project.

Action. The Clerk to ask Highways, obtain permissions if possible and in time apply for a grant if a site can be found.

18/82. Matters to be carried forward. It was noted that the promised consultation on the Taunton Transport Plan had yet to commence. Need for further dog bins by Canal to be considered.

The meeting was closed at 9.05pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled PC meetings are on 14th May (PC AGM) and 4th June at 7pm.

The next CSM Neighbourhood Plan meeting date has yet to be confirmed (see website for update) 6.30pm.

These meetings to be held in the Village Hall Lower Cttee Room. (During VHall building works in upstairs Cttee room)

The Annual Parish Meeting is to be held in the Main Hall on 27th April. Doors 7pm for 7.30pm start.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net