/ Parish Council / 2019 Minutes / 13th May 2019


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 13th May 2019

in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), A Birch, B Brighton, P Brown, C Cudlip, N Davidson and Y Guest (Parish Councillors). The Clerk. SCCllr D Fothergill, SWTCllr K Durdan. Eight Members of the Public attended.

19/94. Chairman’s Welcome. SH welcomed all.

19/95. Election of Chair. Simon Hutchings asked for nominations for the position of Chair. SH was nominated and then elected as Chairperson. SH then signed the acceptance of office. SH thanked Parish Councillors for their support.

19/96. Apologies. PCllrs S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair). Reason given accepted. SWTCllr D Durdan.

19/97. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. ND re item 19/118 and SH regarding items 19/117 and Caretaker. Neither took part in decision making or voted on their interest

19/98. Election of Vice Chair. Steve Greenhalgh was re-elected as Vice Chairperson.

19/99. Vacancies on the Parish Council. The Clerk advised that there are three vacancies which are being advertised. The PC decided to make decisions at the 3rd June meeting. Anyone interested in becoming a PCllr is asked to contact the Clerk prior to the end of May for an informal discussion and to attend the 3rd June PC mtg.

19/100. HamFour residents reported to Parish Council details of worsening anti-social and potential offences taking place at Ham Footbridge and Coalharbour Bridge by large groups of young people and highlighted the dangers and upset caused. The matters have been reported to the PCSO who had provided advice to resident’s to report incidents on 101 and not to engage. It was suggested that the Public Order Act was being broken and DF offered to raise with the Chief Superintendent Mike Prior and also to raise with Rights of Way re signage. It was also agreed to advise the Env Agency. AB suggested having a stall at the Party in the Park with the aim of increasing awareness of the dangers and YG suggested that the Police Family Liaison Officer be contacted to provide support. The Clerk to pass on details to WM PC as it is understood the youth were from West Monkton.

Action. DF to speak to the Police and Rights of Way. Clerk to advise WM PC and Env Agency.

19/101. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. In view of the decision to appoint to the three vacancies at the next PC meeting it was agreed to hold over this item to a future meeting (with existing responsibilities being extended in the interim) subject to the following appointments made. Footpaths - Fred A’ Court, Diana Eubank Scott (Co-Opted). Recreation Field – C Sampson (Co- Opted) and to agree representation on the outside bodies Village Hall PB and United Charities G Hodge (Co-Opted) and to propose to SWTC/WM PC a new joint advisory panel to oversee the Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension 2 [PB,CC,BB,SH,Clerk].

19/102. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised;

(1) M5 Junc25 Works. The application for road closure on sat evenings was used redoing the Hankridge roundabouts. This will now only be used on occasions if the works can’t be undertaken with a single lane open.

(2) Road Safety Feasibility Report. He had requested whether this report could be provided and he would be in a position to respond within days.

(3) Hyde Lane Safe Route to School Footpath. Linden Homes are due to commence works replacing a street light and completing pavement work. SCC have asked Highway England to raise the bridge parapet height.

(4) Adsborough Bus Shelter. SCC Highways have advised that they need not attend a requested meeting as the matter is for the PC to determine. BB asked why the shelter was sited where it is. DF explained that it was a new scheme being put in place on an existing highway verge and as residents had asked for shelters (through the Parish Council) they were agreed to. As the neighbour had then raised a concern over their sightlines when leaving their property, the lower panels had been removed to ensure they can see. This had upset a bus user who had asked for reinstatement. The PC considered the conflicting issues and after noting that even if a clear panel were installed this would cloud in rain and deteriorate quickly the PC decided, having consulted SCC Highways, to leave the panels removed.

Action. Clerk to advise resident who had raised the issue of the PC decision.

(5) Somerset Day: May 11 was Somerset Day, the day in 878AD on which King Alfred the Great called the great people of Somerset together to rise up and defeat the Danish invaders. This year Somerset day falls on a Saturday with a host of events and activities being held across the County. Details can be found at www.somersetday.com

(6) Somerset Education Business Partnership awards: The first Somerset Education and Business Partnership awards were held recently.

(7) Young Carers: SCC has developed firm proposals to improve and widen support for children who care for a family member - Young Carers. Under the proposals considerably more Young Carers will be identified and supported at an appropriate level, with specialist support from the County Council and the voluntary sector.

(8) Primary School places for Sept 2019: Nearly 97.7 per cent of Somerset’s 5664 children placed at one of their top three choices, SCC's latest school admission figures show 92.17 per cent got their first choice.

(9) Education: 12 new Institutes of Technology announced across the UK. The Institute of Future Technologies (SWIFT) will be based at Yeovil College and the Institute of Technology in the South West part of Bridgwater and Taunton College joining forces with Exeter University and others.

(10) Somerset Diverse Communities: During last 18mths the Diverse Communities Small Grants Fund has distributed £5,921 in a total of 22 grants (max £500). Funding is from the Som Equalities Officer Group.

(11) Libraries: The Librarian Theatre is touring Somerset Libraries presenting 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake between 1st May and 30th June 2019. Four in Somerset. Details at www.librariantheatre.com/thegreenship

(12) Highways: BT have become the latest utility company to be taken to court and will have to pay a total of £36,237 on six counts. BT executed street works without approval and were in contravention of safety guidance.

(13) Somerset Choices. The Adult Social Care content of the successful Somerset Choices is being revamped and updated. The Somerset Community Connect website is an online information and advice guide and directory of services for adult residents in Somerset to find information, advice and services to manage their own health and wellbeing. By the beginning of June, it will also provide information on what help and support is available at home (micro providers) as well as an equipment self-assessment.

(14) West Somerset Railway: SCC are the owners of the trackbed of the West Somerset Railway. Work to upgrade the Seaward Way level crossing in Minehead at a cost of £1m to comply with rail regulations is underway.

(15) Dillington House: Over 1,000 people visited for the Easter Eggstravaganza. The house is open for local visitors and hotel guests alike, with afternoon tea and a Sunday carvery on offer, alongside beautiful wedding and conference settings and wide ranging adult education opportunities - visit www.dillington.com

19/103. District Councillors’ Report. KD advised;

(1). Rec Park Lights and Play Equipment. She had received a copy of the Parish Councils Planning Application.

(2) School Car Park (Hopkins Field). KD asked when the carpark will be handed over. DF advised that the school is considering CCTV and that the handover is imminent and will occur before this summer.

(3) Langaller. Residents have asked for a directional sign.

Action. The Clerk to ask SCC highways for a sign to be installed.

19/104. Minutes of the 1st April Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). Item 19/79 (13) Adsborough Bus Shelter. BB questioned whether a decision had been taken not to replace the shelter with one of cantilever design. As it was agreed a vote had not been taken it was decided to replace the word “dismissed” with “not favoured.” The minutes of the meeting were then agreed with the one amendment made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

19/105. Matters arising from the minutes of the 1st April. The Clerk reported;

16/58 Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. WW have been and jetted the drains in this area. Further complaints have been received this time on the condition of the footpath, dog mess deposits and grass height.

Action. Clerk to examine the site.

16/221. Flooding Sign. Action. ND agreed to meet with Ruishton Flood Group to determine best way forward.

Clerk had provided name/email contact address.

18/103. Bus Shelters. The Clerk had asked yet again if TDBC grant programme is available and is awaiting a reply.

18/134. Footpaths. (2) M5 Tunnel Langaller. SCC have written to Highways England asking if they would give permission to its use. SCC have now replied advising that HE had yet to reply.

18/135. Taunton Transport Plan Consultation. The Clerk advised that PB and himself had written to SCC with the PC comments to ensure that its views on the Plan are not overlooked. As no response had been received, he had written again to ask SCC Highways how this is now to be taken forward. A reply is still awaited.

18/210 (5) Overgrowth outside by the undertakers at North End. The Clerk confirmed that he had brought this neglected area to TDBC attention and as a result they had confirmed that the land had been tidied. DD had asked the Clerk to send him confirmation of the works completion as he is still getting complaints so he we could raise it with TDBC Officers. AB had suggested that the overgrowth may be from neighbouring house.

Action. DD to raise with TDBC Officers in the first instance.

18/219 (3) Fingerpost Signs. Two volunteers have come forward and an inventory and pictures of the 8 signs locally have been provided to SCC. The next SCC training course is on 24th May and both have agreed to attend

19/17 (2) Rec Park “No dogs” signing. As some individuals despite dogs being banned are taking their dogs in the park and it was previously agreed to buy two signs. AB has got quotes and the signs will be ordered once fencing is in. Clerk also suggesting “Access only when open (or similar) signs” as youths are entering when closed.

19/29. Arundel’s Way notice board. PC agreed the board was in need of attention. This is to be examined by SH/CC and consideration to its replacement perhaps with resiting garage notice board.

Action. Clerk to get quote. SH/CC to inspect board.

19/33. Road Safety. SCC Highways had replied advising following the works they would be asking Highways England for higher parapets for Hyde Lane bridge.

19/40 (1). Safe Route to School. The Clerk has written to Linden Homes to ask them to complete surfacing works in Hyde Lane and is still awaiting reply.

19/40 (2). Carpark at the rear of the School. CS had asked why the new carpark is not yet in use.

Action. Clerk to contact David Wilson Homes and ask SCC Highways to see if the road has been adopted by highways.

19/40 (3) Speed watch. The Clerk restated that the Police had referred to the constabularies website options to take forward operating a scheme.

Action. The Clerk to advise volunteers and also encourage attendance at PIP.

19/63. Road Safety. It was decided to request if SCC Highways (or their consultants) could provide a feasibility report to show the potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM.

Actions. DF to make enquiries of SCC highways.

19/68. Footpaths/Rights of Way. The Clerk had made evidence forms available. The Parish Volunteer footpaths officer had briefed at the APM and Evidence forms are to be collected from villagers who have walked the paths. BB highlighted that it appeared that the landowner had fenced the field and that would prevent walkers using these routes in the interim.

19/79.(11) Hyde Lane Pedestrian Crossing. GL asked for a progress update and DF agreed to ask SCC Highways to provide.

(13) Adsborough Bus Shelter. BB advised she had referred this to SCC Road Safety as an issue (The Clerk had also referred to SCC Public Transport/local Highways Inspector). SCC had advised no safety issue exists however this is not surprising as the lower end panes are removed. A suggestion that the PC provide an open cantilever shelter as an alternative was dismissed as this was felt to be a worst solution for users. It was agreed to seek a site meeting from SCC Highways but they have advised it’s a matter for the PC to resolve with two parties and do not see a need for them to participate.

(5) Rockett’s Cottages Parking. DD had advised that he was dealing with this issue and had circulated correspondence. SG asked if the residents parking was enforceable and BB suggested the signage was too small. It was noted the issue of parking is a matter for SWTC.

19/85. Highways M5 Junc 25. DF agreed to take back to SCC Highways the PC response that the lack of recognition that there is an issue on road safety and that the lack of amelioration proposed is not good enough.

19/87 (1). Garden Town Consultation. Consideration was given to the SWTC Vision consultation report and PCllrs made decisions on the aims they wished to see included in the reply which the Clerk had sent within the consultation period.

19/87 (2) Air Quality. The Clerk had requested from SWTC Env Health that a Air Quality assessment be undertaken in CSM. SWTC had replied saying its monitoring programme was already set for 2019/20.

19/88. Annual Parish Meeting (26th April 7pm for 7.30pm). The APM was held with a range of speakers and a meet the PCllrs session afterwards. SG provided teas.

19/106. Minute Format/Use of Technology. BB proposed that the Proposer, Seconder and votes be recorded in future minutes of meetings. PB advised that as minutes were a record of the decisions of the PC acting as a Corporate body the information is not required. BB highlighted that there were occasions when who had said what was of benefit and as that the Clerk (under GDPR) regulations did not keep his notes once the minutes had been agreed. The discussion then focused on the use of technology; with reintroducing the microphone system, considering the WIFI Screen used at WM PC meetings and whether the microphone system contained a hearing loop or a separate loop was needed. It was agreed to examine these. The Clerk advised that WM PC meet the second Tuesday of each month and suggested a visit to see the screen in use. AB/CC agreed to examine the microphone system. CC asked for PC email addresses.

Action. PCllrs to visit WM PC to see their screen in use. AB/CC to examine the microphone system. PB to establish Village Hall Cttee plans. AB to provide PC Email addresses and a backup facility for the Clerks use.

19/107. Planning Applications:

(1) 14/19/0004 Amaryllis Cottage Adsborough Lane Adsborough Conversion of de-consecrated chapel to ancillary accommodation. BB reported that it had been agreed to observe the PC’s support and to suggest a limit on hours to be worked be placed given the proximity to the adjacent houses.

(2) Planning Appeal. No 33 Dillon’s Road App/D3315/W/18/3219264. The Planning Inspectorates decision to grant the appeal for a bungalow on side garden was noted.

(3) Planning Appeal Barn Oaks, Worthy Lane, CSM App/D3315/W/19/3220211. The Planning Inspectorates decision to uphold SWTC refusal to grant permission for the erection of single storey dwelling was noted.

(4) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. The draft plan is still with the Independent Examiner (IE). The further consultation undertaken following the reassessment required after the EU legal ruling ended on the 11.4.19. Three responses were received by SWTC but no new points emerged and therefore no commentary was submitted to the IE whose report is now awaited.

(5) Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension2 (MHUE2). A meeting was held with West Monkton PC and then with WM PC, SWTC Planners and their master planners Thrive at which their proposals were discussed. It had been decided to propose a MHUE2 joint advisory panel with representatives from involved Councils being created (see item 19/101) and to establish the aims of the PC. These had been documented and circulated ahead of the meeting and they were then voted upon and agreed.

Action. Clerk to send PC Aims from MHUE2 document and the proposal for an advisory panel to other Councils.

(6) SWTC decision to cease forwarding plans of applications to Parish Councils. The PC noted this decision was made without consultation and agreed with the Clerks response to SWTC that it continues to provide plans.

Action. The Clerk to restate to SWTC that the CSM PC want large scale paper plans to continue to be provided.

19/108. Finance.

(1) Payments Approved: The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks

April Expense’s £101.57, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 25.3.19-21.4.19) £302.40, KSigns (SW) Ltd (APM Banner Update) £24.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co (Bus Shelter Cleaning 6.4.19) £75.00, B Howe (Internal Audit Fees 2018-2019) £306.00.

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; Tone Youth (Pitch Fees March 19) £100.00, Tone Youth (Pitch Fees April 19) £40.00, SWTC (CIL) £6,578.62, SWTC (Precept 1st half) £26,403.45, Creech Cougars (Pitch Fees Spring 2019) £320.00, South West Lottery (March sales) £4.00, Ruishton FC (Pitch Fees March 19) £80.00, Way ahead Care (Website Advert 2018) £50.00 PIP19 (Material things) £40.00.

(3) Payments made since last meeting (as authorised at the meeting). British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 8.3.19–7.4.19) £120.98, JM Entertainment (Deposit for PIP (Unity Acc) £810.00 and EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 11.3.19-10.4.19) £6.30.

(4) Authority to make payments as accounts received. Final payment to BGas (Pavilion Electricity Supply) and for 4 Neighbourhood Watch Signs for Ham Village and a further 4 for Ham Road.

(5) Internal Audit. The Internal Audit had been completed and the auditor had signed off the accounts as accurate. He had made a number of comments which the PC considered along with the observations of the Clerk. The Papers along with variance explanations are now ready to be sent to the PC external auditors and the audit notice posted. The Clerk is happy to continue to answer questions at any time and not just in the audit period.

Action. Clerk to forward Papers for 18/19 year to PKF Littlejohn, the Councils External Auditors.

(6) Banking. The Clerk explained the need to finance the improvements to the Rec Park and explained that this would involve agreeing a programme of stage payments and claims for funding reimbursement as work progresses. In order to do this, he recommended the closure of deposit account in order that all the PC money can be utilised. This was agreed and bank signatories then signed a letter to close the account and transfer the balance to the Councils current account. It was also agreed to open a new Deposit Account with Nationwide BS once the final reimbursement had been received this autumn. The Clerk also advised of progress on opening a new current account with Lloyds Bank (with online facilities that permit any 3 of 6 to authorise) and that he had partially completed the application forms and asked PCllrs that are to be authorised signatories (CC,PB,YG,SG,AB) along with himself sign the forms.

Action. Clerk to send off completed application forms to Lloyds and to ask SALC if three signatures was still required and about paying for childcare allowances.

(7) Pavilion electricity supply. The Clerk updated on the further difficulties experienced with transfer of the supply for the engine shed from British Gas to the new supplier EDF. This would now take place on 24th May.

19/109. Party in the Park 6th July and Somerset Day Clean Up 11th May 2019 (SG,CS,YG,AB) AB reported that arrangements were proceeding well for PIP. The Somerset Day Clean Up was viewed as a fantastic event with 80 people attending with Geoff and Sylvia Pinney being given a special mention for their work along St Michaels Road. Feedback was good and a bar b cue with chips was enjoyed afterwards funded as agreed from PIP funding.

PB then suggested drawing up a plan to establish what other environmental issues villagers would like to see improved. A suggestion was made to include the land at the end of Ryesland Way. AB suggested PIP may wish to support financially.

The height of the grass at Arundel’s Way and West View was raised. The Clerk advised he had already reported to SWTC and had asked to learn of their cutting schedule.

19/110. Rec Park Improvements (1) Issues. It was noted that the park had not been lined for the Creech Cougars game on 3rd May. SH, SG, CC reported that they had repaired the roundabout.

(2) Improvements -Additional Equipment and MUGA. The Clerk confirmed that the Planning Application had now been posted as 14/19/0007 by SWTC. Contracts had been sent to Sutcliffe with a MUGA supply only from Lightmain following Tender. It was agreed to appoint Porter Dodson Solicitors to handle the contract. Work will commence immediately after PIP providing Planning is granted timely with the Park open during the school holidays (with limited areas closed) before scaling up of work in September. It was noted that the field would be out of action for a year due to soil redistribution and levelling. As a result, YG had informed the football teams of the need to relocate for 19/20 season and the corresponding loss of income was noted. AB suggested suppliers be asked to produce notices that can be issued and plans supplied for an information stand at PIP. CC offered to make and man the stall on the day. Clerk to do an announcement for the Creech News.

Action. Clerk to instruct Porter Dodson, do a Creech News Article and ask supplier for plans and notices.CC to make a display stand and man at PIP.

(3) Improvements – Fencing, SG has issued order for fencing from Nailsea Fencing. The Clerk advised he had submitted the forms to SWTC for the remaining S106 balance from SWTC as agreed and this would be available in addition to the £12k allocated for fencing. AB advised that the grass at the rear of the rec park (nr the old container site) would need cutting in future and it was recognised that the wider improvements works would also alter the grass cutting programme and that the DLO would need to respond flexibly.

Action. Clerk to advise DLO.

(4) Youth club use of pavilion - see item 19/113 below.

19/111. Highways.

(1) Issues reported. None

(2) Road Safety. DF advised that SCC would respond shortly to the request to see if the commissioning of a Feasibility Report to show potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM could be undertaken by SCC or its agents.

(3) Hopkins Field/Hyde Lane. SCC Highways proposal to implement parking and waiting restrictions was considered and the PC agreed to ask why they are making this proposal and request the survey/traffic management plan and risk assessment. In essence this was not felt to be the PC’s priority, particularly when the new car park is about to become available to the School thereby enabling the staff carpark to be relocated there.

(4) Adsborough Bus Shelter. See item 19/105 (13) above.

19/112. Footpaths/Rights of Way.

F A’Court’s report for the month had been previously circulated.

19/113. Youth Club.

The Clerk advised that the panel had agreed with CYP to meet on 3rd June. CYP had confirmed that the Youth Club worker was available to commence from 3rd June but the contract needs to be signed before they appoint him. The Clerk had asked for revised draft of the contract which would be shared with PCllrs for comments to be raised ahead of the meeting. A volunteer helper is in place and a paid asst role would again be advertised. The commencement for the youth club prompts the need to clear out the pavilion and to install an emergency light and mains smoke alarm. AB agreed to source a wind-up bell. First Aid kit to be checked. These items of expenditure were agreed.

Action. Clerk to instruct Electrician, AB to purchase a Bell. PCllrs to clear out pavilion.

19/114. Correspondence. None were raised;

19/115. Items for next meeting. Appointment of Additional PCllrs, Allocation of responsibilities, Rights of Way.

19/116. The Council decided to exclude Public and Press for these items. (1) Allotment site. To consider next steps. (2) Canal Car Park. To consider acquisition. (3) Planning enforcement. To note confidential actions being taken by SWTC.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Future Meetings;

The next PC mtgs are on Mondays 3rd June and 8th July 2019 at 7pm Cartwright Room, Village Hall.

The meeting was closed at 9.15pm.