/ Parish Council / 2019 Minutes / 2nd December 2019


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd December 2019

in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), B Brighton, P Brown, N Davidson, L Gates, Y Guest, A Gunstone and P Tucker. (Parish Councillors). The Clerk. SCCllr D Fothergill, SWTCllr D Durdan. Two Members of the Public.

19/226. Chairman’s Welcome. SG welcomed all.

19/227. Apologies. PCllrs S Hutchings (Chair) and C Cudlip; apologies were accepted from both.

19/228. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. SG regarding Planning 19/238(1).

(2) SH had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept. The PC granted the dispensation to enable all Councillors to participate in the precept determination discussions at this meeting and at the next meeting on 6th January.

19/229. Vacancy on the PC. As no call was made for an election before the 6th Nov the PC can make a co-option on or after the Dec mtg. (Anyone interested in becoming a PCllr should speak to the Clerk soonest).

19/230. Right of Way T10/15. Mr Sloman of Old Vale Farm attended the PC to explain the difficulties he has experienced from dog walkers and why he had decided he needed to secure two gates on his land leaving walkers to use the adjacent stiles. DF advised that SCC offered contributionary grants to land owners to replace their stiles with more accessible solutions. The PC indicated it would be prepared to contribute too.

Action. Mr Sloman to look at alternative acceptable solutions and advise accordingly.

19/231. SWTC Councillors’ Report. DD advised that;

(1) Crufts Meadow. SWTC engagement lead had arranged for the Willow Trees and vegetation to be cut back and the Canal Society had agreed to cut back the bank vegetation. The Clerk (whilst appreciating getting agreement to cutting was a step forward) asked DD who was going to maintain it in the future (as the Canal Society had previously stated that they did not own the bank and that TDBC had stated they did) suggesting that it was unlikely the Society would wish to continue to if they do not own the land. He asked if TDBC had said they were responsible why wasn’t SWTC maintaining it?

(2) Neighbourhood Plan. SWTC are to make the plan at its meeting on 3rd Dec at 6.15pm.

(3) Crown Lane, Creech Heathfield. It was noted that residents had placed a sign stating “private road, residents only, no through road”.

(4) Rough Sleepers. SWTC Cllr K Durdan had been helping 8 individuals in Taunton. The Salvation Army are offering support at present.

(5) Arundells Way road sign. To be replaced as one side is spelt correctly but the other has just one L.

19/232. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised that;

(1) Winter Health: Residents are asked to look out for vulnerable and elderly. Help can be in many forms

E.g. ensure heating does not drop below 18C, stocks of medication are up to date, shopping and daily chores. NHS Choices info on Winter Health www.nhs.uk/winterhealth. Residents should call SCC Contact Centre if they are concerned about a person or child at risk on 0300 123 2224.

(2) Winter Health 2: There’s still time for a Flu jab ring your GP for further information.

(3) Mindline Health Support over Christmas: Mindline offers an emotional support helpline across Somerset and lines (01823 276 892) are open all year-round including Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

(4) School Places: For those applying for their first school place, the deadline for applications is 15th January - further details can be found at https://www.somerset.gov.uk/education-andfamilies/apply-to-start-school/

(5) Volunteering: Volunteers are urgently needed to help support Somerset children/young people in care Age and background don’t matter. Further information can be found by visiting www.volunteering.somerset.gov.uk

(6) Domestic Violence: SCC is backing a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence in a bid to end it. Sixteen Days of action runs until Mon 10 Dec. The campaign encourages all to be vigilant and ‘look, listen, ask … ask again’ if they have concerns about someone in an abusive relationship. A confidential helpline is also available at 0800 69 49 999. Website www.somersetsurvivors.org.uk has information, advice and support.

(7) Connecting Devon and Somerset: A public consultation has been launched by CDS ahead of undertaking a fresh procurement to find contractors to provide superfast broadband. CDS, which is responsible for rolling out broadband across the two counties, is establishing the remaining area where there are no current or credible future plans to deliver Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband infrastructure capable of download speeds of at least 30Mbps. Comments need to be submitted by Tues 10 Dec to enquiries@connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk

(8) Working with the NHS: A pioneering pilot scheme to help ease pressures will see the authority trial basing a social worker in the A&E departments at Musgrove Park in Taunton and Yeovil District. Some of the people who go to A&E don’t need urgent medical care but go there because they are not sure where else to turn in a crisis. Some of these cases could be better dealt with by social care, and the Social Worker presence will help A&E staff get a better understanding of the support that social care may be able to offer. The Council is also looking to trial having a social worker based at the SW Ambulance Service control centre to see if this too can relieve pressure.

(9) Road Safety: Newly released statistics show there were 971 injury collisions on Somerset’s roads in 2018 – the lowest number ever reported in the county. The number of people killed or seriously injured remained at 154, the same as in 2017 – although the number of road deaths very sadly did increase to 26. In 2018 Somerset Road Safety provided training or advice to over 28,000 members of the public including meeting 5,130 people at public

events, training 1,710 motorcyclists, reaching 910 senior drivers through Route 60+ workshops, and teaching over 10,000 school children at various education programmes.

(10) Winter gritting: Somerset’s highways teams are all set for winter – with 23 gritters on standby and 7,000 tonnes of salt ready to roll when temperatures drop. This winter SCC will be investing an extra £200,000 to grit over 900 miles of road this winter. To check roads included see www.travelsomerset.co.uk/gritting

(11) Library E-Book Service: Thousands of e-Books, e-Audio Books and e-Magazines can be accessed by Somerset residents on their electronic devices completely free of charge. With over 15,000 e-Books to choose from and new titles added regularly. Borrowers can check out as many as ten e-Books at a time, each of which can be borrowed for 21 days. All you need to do is become a member of Somerset Libraries – which is also free!

(12) Purdah: A reminder that SCC, in common with other local authorities remains in the ‘Pre-election period’ otherwise known as ‘Purdah’ until the 13th Dec and is limited in some of its public announcements and responses

19/233. Minutes of the 4th November Mtg (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the 4th November meeting were agreed without amendment. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

19/234. Matters arising from the minutes of the 4th November.

BB asked that where no change has occurred since the last meeting to just state that in future. This was agreed.

The Clerk then reported that;

19/210. Road Safety. The PC asked SWTC engagement lead to organise a walk through the village by the SWTC Portfolio Holder Mike Rigby in order to appraise him of the issues. She has advised that he has been requested but he is focusing short term on the election. CT will follow up post-election.

19/212. (2) RofW T10/20 Langaller. Crops had grown over the RofW close to the motorway.

Footpaths volunteer have examined, reported and raised with SCC RofW.

16/58 Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. Having visited following further complaints to find no real improvement in the vegetation either side of the fencing despite the owners (TDBC) previous commitments to improve over time. Clerk has raised with SWTC and Steve Fletcher from the DLO agreed to inspect the site (w/b 7/10) and would then advise what is to be done. SF responded saying that land not SWTC. Clerk pushed back on this and after 14 days has also reminded SF and asked what he going to actually do cc Brendon Cleere.

As no reply received despite further chasing referred to SWTC engagement lead CT. CT has advised that the matter has been referred to the Canal Trust as SWTC believe they may own it. Clerk has (25/11) sent to CT the Canal Trust advices of 2016 saying they don’t. CT now advises that the Canal Trust have now agreed to cut before 16/12 and she will monitor. See item 19/231 (1) above.

Whilst onsite the Clerk also examined the Derham Close canal bank. He had contacted Larkfleet developers who have advised as there is no fencing, they have decided to leave vegetation insitu as a precaution against children entering the canal and that the bank will become the responsibility of a management co shortly (upon leaving site). The Clerk has raised with both Planning and Developers that the PC wishes the bank to be cleared, tidied and grassed to the water’s edge ahead of their leaving the site and had requested a Lifebuoy. No reply having been received from either reminder were sent. Planning Enforcement have since advised it’s not an enforcement matter but a planning enquiry so have referred to Principal Planning Officer to reply (awaited). Now referred to Engagement Lead to chase a response.

18/103. Bus Shelters. The Clerk having asked yet again if SWTC grant programme is available has submitted an enquiry to SWTC portal in order to be advised who is dealing with SWTC Bus Shelter Grants. As an incorrect reply had been given, he asked CT the Engagement Lead present to establish who is dealing with these. She has now advised SWTC has no funds for Shelter grants this year but hope to in a future year.

18/134. Footpaths. (2) M5 Tunnel Langaller. SCC have written to Highways England asking if they would give permission to its use. The Clerk having reminded RofW that no reply been received had raised with HE representatives at a meeting on 24 9 19. As a result, they reassured the Clerk as at the 4 10 19 this is still being actively considered. A reply from HE is still awaited but this was also referred to Persimmon to pursue on 28/11.

19/17 (2) Rec Park “No dogs” signing. As some individuals despite dogs being banned are taking their dogs in the park and it was previously agreed to buy two signs. AB has got quotes and the signs will be ordered once fencing is in. The Clerk suggested a comprehensive review of the Rec Park Signage including “Access only when open (or similar) signs” was required and that the MUGA came with an emergency sign for emergency contact.

At Nov PC it was agreed SG source No Dog signs and that the Rec Park Panel review wider signage needs.

19/29 and 19/216(8) Notice boards. PC agreed the Arundells board was in need of attention. PC needs to decide what it wishes to do re noticeboards in centre of the Village. The legs of the noticeboard at Ham are showing signs of rot (2 years max life), the Ham dog bin needs a repaint and the noticeboards at Arundells (see item 19/214 (19/24)) and Creech Heathfield (locks) need attention. Clerk had shared details of Woolmer Fitzpatrick’s noticeboards and prices for a range of new recycled plastic Boards. Agreed that the garage noticeboard be removed and resited on new posts to replace that at Arundells.

Action. Clerk to ask Gill Underhay if a noticeboard could be put up on her wall alongside the red defibulator box

19/40 (3) Speed watch. The Clerk restated that the Police had referred to the constabularies website options to take forward operating a scheme. Action. The Clerk to advise volunteers.

19/85. Highways M5 Junc 25. DF agreed to take back to SCC Highways the PC response that the lack of recognition that there is an issue on road safety and that the lack of amelioration proposed is not good enough. A meeting was held with SCC highways on 2 9 19 who had undertaken to put counters in and to advise. SCC have advised that they have data on all the sites requested. Advices awaited. Still ongoing though to be raised on 27.11.19. See item 19/238 (4) below).

19/161. Technology. Village Hall Cartwright Rm/PC. SH/PB/CC/Clerk had met with Richard Harris and Derrick King of the VHall Committee plans to install Wi-Fi and a hearing loop were welcomed and a smart speaker is planned for the main hall. As either a wall mounted smart screen or projector is envisaged for the Cartwright Room the merits of these were discussed. Further discussions are to take place.

19/163. Website Bios. PCllrs were reminded to submit a Bio to the Clerk. 2 have since but are not on website.

19/169. Mill Lane. Problems with heavy traffic using the Mill Lane had been reported. SWTC Enforcement have allocated case ref E/0150/14/19 and have spoken to the Clerk 4 10 19 to advise that they are researching the planning history of the site and have met one of the two Crane Companies and a decision is awaited. The second company have been operating for over ten years and have acquired rights to operate. SWTC Enforcement advised ongoing 25/11.

19/178. Village Hall Staging. On learning of the Village Hall Cttees plans to sell a stage CC had expressed his view that this should not be lost to the Parish. SG suggested that an offer be made to stow the stage at the Rec Park. The Cttee has offered free to the PC providing if it is ever needed, they can use it. This was agreed and

CC is arranging removal and storage at the Rec Park.

19/190(5) Rockett’s Cottages. A parent continues to park outside the Cottages which are owned by SWTC. Neighbour has reported to Police who have spoken to the individual. School have also engaged. It is for SWTC to take action if persists or Police if abuse is given to residents. Clerk has asked DWH when the car park at rear of School will be released to the school to use and advised this is part of handover matters with solicitors.

19/215(2) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. It was noted that the Referendum held on 10th October resulted in clear support for the CSM Neighbourhood Plan and that as a result SWTC have put in place arrangements to ‘make the plan’ (adopt it) at the SWTC Full Council Mtg on 3rd Dec 6.15pm to be held in The Deane House, Taunton. Having checked SWTC have confirmed that the meeting is going ahead despite purdah.

19/216(7) Fin Regs. Following the adoption of new Fin Regs the Clerk had identified new requirements and provided a position statement on them to the Finance Sub Cttee. The Fin Sub Cttee had considered this report and endorsed a number of recommendations. These included (v) That Risk Assessments are done for all Activities (at present PIP, Rec Park Eqp and Assets). It was agreed that CC would take the lead on developing further Risk Assessments/Register/ Method statements.

19/216(8) Asset Audit. The Clerk reported that all the items had now been seen. It was also agreed in principle to sell the conference system. Clerk had asked vendor to buy conference system but they have replied saying no suggesting selling to another Council with similar equipment or on Ebay. Decision required. See item 19/239(7).

19/219. Canal Carpark. The Legal docs for the purchase had been received from Solicitors and reviewed in detail at the Finance Sub Cttee. The PC are being offered the best possible title. Clerk had sought clarification from the PC Solicitor on some points and she has put these to SCC’s Solicitors.

Paddocks Close street light. SCC had been requested to attend to Post no2 and this had been fixed in two days.

Ham Village. A request had been submitted to SCC for No HGV Signs. No response has yet been received.

19/235. Budget 2020/2021. The Clerk advised he was proposing a three-year budget in line with the newly adopted financial regulations. He distributed his report giving details of the next three years expected income and expenditure along with details of existing available funds (provisions) for specific projects. He recommended a (Band D Equiv) increase from £46.17 to £49.30 per house in the PC Precept for the year 20/21. PCllrs were asked to reflect on the reports in order to make a decision at the 6th January 2020 PC meeting.

19/236. Rec Park. (1) Panel Mtg. SG reported that the panel had met last weekend on site and earlier this evening. The Panels priorities are to complete the fencing, levelling of the pitch, sorting the lighting/cctv/wifi out, accessing the new MUGA (incl their management) and then the buildings. It had been agreed to put a small kitchen in the former ticket booth in order refreshments can be served. The Clerk had offered to seek grants towards the works to establish the former engine shed as a community/youth building once plans were drawn up and quotations obtained and this was accepted. The Clerk reported on the handing back meeting held on 27th. The harass fencing had been removed (bar a small muddy area), there remains a number of snagging issues and the independent safety inspection to be done. It was agreed that the PC do its own independent inspection as well and stickers be put on items to advise appropriate age.

Action. The Clerk to organise safety inspection and arrange for relevant age stickers on equipment.

(2) Operations. There is a need to strim the vegetation along the bottom of the new fencing and as there is now more equipment in the park requiring inspection and greater usage the caretaker’s views should be sought.

Action. Clerk to speak to the Caretaker.

19/237. Party in the Park. (1) PIP Event 18/7/2020 Update. Whilst twenty volunteers had come forward offering to help at the recent panel meeting only one person had actually turned up. As a result, it had been decided that only the evening event could progress. It was suggested that a call for volunteers be made and those who had come forward be contacted in order to establish their interest before making a final decision.

(2) Senior Citizens Chip Lunch is to take place on 24th January 2020 in the Village Hall and requests were now coming in from over 65’s. DF is the caller.

19/238. Planning. (1) Planning applications. The following observation was agreed by the PC;





22 11 19

14 19 0037

White Horse, White St, Ham, CSM. Erection of first floor ext to the rear.


An application 14/19/0036 for an additional dwelling at Rockets Cottages had been received just before the meeting so an extension has been requested of SWTC so it can be considered at Jan meeting.

(2) Enforcement. Occupation of static caravan adjacent to A361, Durston. It was noted that SWTC had advised that as Planning application 16/18/0003 has been approved and the breach of planning has been resolved.

(3) CSM Neighbourhood Plan. It was noted that the Referendum held on 10th October resulted in clear support for the CSM Neighbourhood Plan and that as a result SWTC have put in place arrangements to ‘make the plan’ (adopt it) at the SWTC Full Council Mtg on 3rd Dec 6.15pm to be held in The Deane House, Taunton.

(4) Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension2. A Joint Panel Mtg with WM PC had been held and SWTC on 7th Nov. SWTC Andrew Penna had advised that following the decision to call a general election SWTC had entered a period of Purdah and therefore the Councils Executive would not be considering the plans in Nov and Dec as intended. As a result, he was not able to discuss the Plans. AP explained that whilst the content of the document was not political, the potential for it to be used as part of political campaigning, the Council had taken a cautious approach. New dates would be set for the SWTC Exec and then there would be targeted consultation on a concept masterplan and the South of Langaller plans which would first be shared with the panel. AP reassured the panel that these would not be ‘set’; if issues emerged, they would be addressed and changes made. AP also informed the panel that following Exec in Feb would be considering a Development Guide for MH2 and the wider SS1 policy area, to guide the development and form the basis for determination of future applications.

A number of PCllrs and the Clerk had spent a morning walking around MHUE1 had on 20th Nov in order to see the development and learn any lessons so they can be avoided in MHUE2. BB highlighted the social problems and design issues. The Clerk highlighted the contradiction between buses meandering through estates but demand was for rapid transport into Town.

A meeting had been held with the Developers and SCC Highways on 27th Nov and minutes will be circulated once received from WM PC Clerk. Persimmon had confirmed that the contractor is ready to start work on the Western Relief Road and the legal agreements are very close to being finalised with SCC. Work is expected to start in January / February. Consultation in respect of the traffic calming measures in Monkton Heathfield must commence before the start of the WRR construction work; the consultation being prepared by Persimmon will show the traffic calming already agreed (which includes traffic lights, puffin crossings and bus gate) and the areas under consultation i.e. additional traffic calming including road markings, coloured tarmac etc. Persimmon’s engineers are currently scoping a report for the traffic modelling for MHUE2, that report will be shared and discussed with SCC on 11th December 2019. The data currently being collected at locations in and around CSM will help to inform the traffic modelling and this will be shared with the Parish Council as soon as it is available. It was agreed that a joint meeting in the new year would look at the scope of the traffic modelling for MHUE2 with a view to developing a travel plan. Persimmon stated that MHUE2 is their priority as they hope to submit a planning application in March/April 2020, based on the LA Masterplan, and therefore the former employment land site is not a focus for them at the moment. It was noted that the reallocation of part of the former employment land site is due to go to SWTC Executive in Dec. It was agreed that the Joint Panel should request a meeting with SWTC (AP) as soon as possible after the Executive Meeting / General Election to discuss plans preferably before Christmas. Persimmon confirmed that their master planners are working closing with SWTC and their master planners.

The Clerk highlighted that the planned design guides for Taunton Garden Town are still being developed so SWTC has now developed design checklists which will be used until the guides are available.

(8.30pm PCllr YG left the meeting.)

19/239. Finance. (1) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; SWTC 5th Reimbursement net of vat S106 monies for Rec Park works £58,333.33 and Somerset West Lottery Proceeds £4.00,

(2) Payments made since last meeting; the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks November Expense’s £125.30 and other invoices received; Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (3d Security Rec Park 21 10-24.11.19) £378.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning (bus shelters 8 11 19) £75, CSM Village Hall (Oct hiring’s) £45.00. CSM Village Hall (PIP use 24 1 20) £30. Sutcliffe’s (Play Equip Works stage payments), EDF (Pavilion Electricity) £30.00DD EDF (Engine Shed) £10pcm DD, Somerset PFA (Replacement cheque 913 not banked Dec 2018) , Somerset Playing Fields Assoc (Membership) £15.00, Glasdon UK Ltd (Replacement Waste Bin for Bull St) £567.26, CYP (Youth Club 1.9-30.11+reimb of Flower show grant items) £2,013.71.

(3) Payments authorised for payment at the meeting; S Greenhalgh Reimb for Bingo Equipment £76.65.

(4) Insurance Claim. Progress report. The Loss Adjuster has now agreed the sum claimed in full of £6,959.35 less the Policy excess of £250 and all bar £100 of the damage quotations £710. Total Sum £7,319.35.

The replacement rubbish bin for Bull St had been ordered and received, is ready for fitting.

(5) Grants. To consider adopting a grants policy (draft previously circulated by the Clerk). After making two amendments the PC agreed to adopt the policy.

(6) Banking. Details for PCllrs ND, AG and PT as additional PCllrs as signatories had been submitted to Lloyds and response awaited. Need for Unity Account for PIP was discussed as were charges. It was suggested that PIP items could be direct into Lloyds Acc and agreed a debit card be acquired as a means of providing access to enable purchases for consumables for PIP.

Action. Clerk to look at how best to meet PIP requirements.

(7) Assets. It was agreed to sell the conference equipment via ebay with a starting price of £250.

Action. The Clerk to sell on ebay. CC to organise recording of PC meetings.

19/240. Highways. (1) Defects or Issues to be reported /considered. None. (2) Cooks Close - Dumped cars on Highways land. DF explained that the cars are not dumped as someone locally owns them. It was noted that the cars were largely incomplete and in poor state and should not be allowed to remain as they are.

DF confirmed SCC are addressing this.

19/240. Footpaths/Rights of Way. (1) Defects/Issues. The report of the Parish Footpath volunteers had been circulated. (2) (2) RofW T10/20. Langaller. As it had been reported that crops had grown over the RofW SCC had written to the Landowner. A letter of explanation had been received in response from the land owner saying situation would be rectified in the growing season (3) RofW T10/15 Old Vale Farm. See 19/235 above.

19/241. Carey Grove Park. The rearranged meeting with SWTC Estates is to take place on weds 4th Dec 2pm.

19/242. Website and standard email addresses for PC Emails. LG asked PCllrs to advise her what name they wanted to appear on the generic email addresses (suggesting firstname.secondname@csmpc.com) being set up and initial password. LG reported that she was continuing to work with Adrian Birch to deliver the new website and is working through pages of the existing website to edit and update before passing to AB to populate the new website. Will also be updating community Groups contact details. LG also distributed a draft document retention policy, highlighting the exit statement for departing PCllrs. LG asked if fewer general emails could be sent around i.e Griffiths’ J25 progress monthly emails.

Action. PCllrs to advise LG on naming/password for generic email and to comment on document retention policy.

PCllrs to let the Clerk know of any example of emails to be reduced.

19/243. Annual Parish Meeting April 24th Friday 2020. PCllrs to agree format and contents. It was discussed and agreed that after a presentation by the Chair of the work of the PC during the year the format of the APM should consist of local community groups advertising themselves and Parishioners being able to see what was on offer in the village and an opportunity to meet their PCllrs.

Action. Clerk to invite community groups to have a stall once update community contacts list is on website.

19/244. Youth Club. The Panel had met on 9th Nov 2019 and its report had been previously circulated. The Club leader Chris Higgin’s has handed in his notice and experienced leader Kayleigh Smith appointed wef 21st Nov. CYP are now seeking to recruit an Asst Leader at £8.90@3hrs pw. Volunteer Barbara Williams was thanked for her support. After consultation with Young people the Club night had moved to Thursday 6-8pm. The Arts award accreditation was welcomed. CYP to give advice on where to get support if required (i.e Mee Two, Kooth, Childline) over Christmas. It had been agreed priority is increasing club membership from the Village and publicising the Club under Kayleigh’s Leadership, adding over 14s (though it was recognised this may arise through aging younger members). In response to CYP reminding the panel that a seat on the management Cttee of CYP was available to CSM PC they would provide papers to keep in the panel informed.

19/245. Correspondence. PB asked that a letter of thanks be sent to those people picking up litter.

Action. PB to identify who and Clerk to write letter of thanks.

19/246. Items for the next meeting. Budget 2020/2021, Website, Carey Grove Park.

The meeting was closed at 9.10pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Future Meetings; The next CSM PC mtgs are on 6th Jan 2020 and 3rd Feb 2020 at 7pm in the Cartwright Room, Village Hall.