/ Parish Council / 2019 Minutes / 4th February 2019


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 4th February 2019

in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), PCllrs S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, B Brighton, P Brown, C Cudlip, N Davidson (from 19/26), Y Guest, and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). TDBCllr K Durdan (part). The Clerk. A Member of the Public attended.

19/24. Chairs Welcome. SH welcomed all.

19/25. Apologies. PCllrs D Knight and G Lucas. Reasons given accepted. SCCllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan

19/26. Vacancies. The Clerk advised that given that the new vacancy is within 6 months of the next 4 yearly election which will take place on 2nd May the PC is able to either retain the vacancy until May or Co Opt at this meeting. A decision was taken to Co Opt Neil Davidson as a PCllr. SH congratulated ND and the Clerk advised on forms to be completed.

19/27. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. CC regarding item 19/29 (18/110(2)) and SH regarding item 19/46 and Caretaker. CS re item 19/26 and did not take part or vote.

19/28. Minutes of the 7th January Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed without any amendments being made. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

19/29. Matters arising from the minutes of the 7th January.

The Clerk reported;

16/58 Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. WW have been and jetted the drains in this area. Further complaints have been received this time on the condition of the footpath and separately on dog mess deposits.

Action. CS is to examine the site.

16/221. Flooding Sign. Action. DK and AB to meet with Ruishton Flood Group to determine best way forward. C/F.

18/103 . Bus Shelters. The Clerk had asked again if TDBC grant programme is now available and is awaiting a reply.

18/110 (2) Ryesland Way slope to Canal. The contractor is to undertake agreed works shortly.

18/131 Bench at the junction of Hyde Lane and Arundells Way.

Action. CC/SH to install on a concrete base.

18/134. Footpaths. (2) M5 Tunnel Langaller. SCC have written to Highways England asking if they would give permission to its use. SCC have now replied advising that HE had yet to reply.

18/135. Taunton Transport Plan Consultation. The Clerk advised that PB and himself had written to SCC with the PC comments to ensure that its views on the Plan are not overlooked. As no response had been received he had written again to ask SCC Highways how this is now to be taken forward. A reply is still awaited.

18/190 Canal Bridge. That he reminded the River and Canal Trust that he had requested that the foliage on their bridge be cut back.

18/195 (8) reminded the PC that at the annual Risk Assessment of Asset’s it had been identified that the Adsborough Bus Shelter was felt to be in need of some scalpings to improve access; a bench in the rec park which is in need of attention and the IPE roundabout that has a fault are in the process of being attended to. A meeting had been held to inspect the roundabout and new bearings ordered.

18/210 (5) Overgrowth outside by the undertakers at North End. The Clerk confirmed that he had brought this neglected area to TDBC attention and as a result they had confirmed that the land had been tidied. DD had asked the Clerk to send him confirmation of the works completion as he is still getting complaints so he we could raise it with TDBC Officers. AB suggested that the overgrowth may be from neighbouring house.

Action. DD to raise with TDBC Officers in the first instance.

18/219 (3) Fingerpost Signs. A third volunteer has come forward and provided an inventory and pictures of the 8 signs locally. Details had been provided to SCC and there now awaiting the next SCC training course (expected april).

18/211 (7) Winter Gritting. A request to site an additional grit bin alongside the red telephone box in St Michaels Rd had been submitted along with a request to top up 7 (and dig out 2) of the existing bins to SCC. A reply had received after two months saying the matter was still with Highways Services Manager for decision.

Action. The Clerk to respond to SCC and once approval has been received from Highways purchase the bin and ensure located and filled.

19/9 (9) West View Pavements. GL had asked when the remainder of the pavement would be completed.

Action. DF to enquire but suggested this summer.

19/17 (2) Rec Park “No dogs” signing. As some individuals despite Dogs being banned are taking their dogs in the park it was previously agreed to buy two signs. AB has got quotes and the signs will be ordered once fencing is in.

19/20. Youth Club. An update had been received from CYP advising that the preferred candidate had asked to start in the summer and options along with accommodation issues would be considered at a youth panel mtg to be arranged.

Action. Clerk to organise a Youth Panel Mtg.

Arundells Way notice board. PB raised that the board was in need of attention. This is to be examined by SH/CC and consideration to its replacement. Clerk to get quotes and enquire of DD if he had a spare notice board and consideration given to resiting garage notice board.

Action. Clerk to get quote/ask DD re replacement. SH/CC to inspect board.

Canal Carpark. PB raised that the vegetation is in urgent need of major cutting back.

Action. Clerk to ask SCC to cut the vegetation back heavily.

19/30. County Councillors’ Report. DF had submitted a written report circulated previously to PCllrs;

(1) Winter Gritting: SCC grits 720 miles when the temperature is expected to drop below freezing. Secondary gritting routes are then deployed as and when the weather worsens. A detailed review of the impact of changes to gritting routes will be carried out in May ahead of the 2019/20 winter period.

(2) Schools funding: All Somerset’s schools will receive an increase in their funding in 2019. However, Somerset remains in the lowest 40 funded local authorities for education; SCC will continue to lobby the Department for Education and the Treasury to recognise and re-balance this in the 2019 funding reviews.

(3) Ofsted visit: Ofsted has undertaken a Focused Visit (Inspection) of the front door Children’s Social Care services. The Inspectors visit whilst not as detailed as a full inspection is important in giving guidance on the journey to ‘Good’. Whilst the official report is awaited immediate feedback was positive.

(4) Time to Talk: Mental health problems are more common than most realise, affecting one in four people. This February, SCC Public Health are encouraging people to talk about their mental health:

Rethink mental illness advice hotline 0300 5000 927 or Mind infoline 0300 123 3393

(5) How to get involved: Volunteering can open up career opportunities, provide valuable experience, help adjustment from work to retirement and bring a great sense of personal achievement and self-worth. The SCC volunteer website is https://volunteering.somerset.gov.uk/ where people can find opportunities.

(6) SEND provision: Work on the new Hazelbrook campus of Selworthy special school is on track for students to start in September, two further investments into Special Educational Needs will see £400,000 expansion of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASC) facility at Preston School and a £200,000 remodelling at Oaklands Autism Base both in Yeovil.

(7) One stop shop: An online one-stop-shop for education, health and social care information for children with Special Education Needs is website www.choices.somerset.gov.uk/025/local-offer/

(8) Adult Social Care: ‘Somerset Direct’ continues to improve its performance in the resolution of Adult Social Care issues where over 90% of all contacts are resolved satisfactorily at the first contact. In addition the Adult Social Care team have achieved an 89% reduction in the number of people waiting for a social care assessment down to 316 Dec18

(9) Economic Boost: A £293m contract to provide support for the British Army's 50-strong fleet of Apache helicopters has been awarded to Leonardo Helicopters (UK). This follows the award of a further £388m contract securing 175 skilled jobs in Yeovil and a further 500 across the Somerset supply chain.

(10) Major road investment: Following the award late last year of £9.9 million pounds a number of resurfacing and improvement schemes will be implemented by the end of March; incl A38 Huntworth Roundabout (Junction 24), A358 between Thornfalcon and Southfields Roundabout, Ilminster , Admiralty Way and Creechbarrow Way and A358 Hankridge Roundabout, Taunton.

19/31. District Councillors’ Report.

No report. See item 19/29 (18/210 (5)) Overgrowth by the North End Undertakers.

19/32. Planning Application (14/17/0033 PINS App/D3315/W/18/3205705PINs) Appeal by Gladman’s Developments against refusal to build 200 Nos dwellings off Langaller Lane, CSM. [See minute 18/176 (2)]

The Appeal hearing has been heard and a decision is expected on 22nd March 2019; PCllrs thanked BB and LG for

their efforts in making a difference at the Appeal showing the community was against the application. A reflective discussion on the Appeal took place and it was recognised that the Appeal Inspector had given time to hear the village and PC. A decision was taken that PRofW’s be applied for on the site and adj fields as they have been walked for over 20 years and for the landowners to be notified. The Clerk will inform SCC and BB/PB/FA’C are to canvas villagers to complete the evidence forms (Clerk to obtain blank forms). The discussion also extended to the footpath along North End that Gladman’s would have to build if successful. As the carriageway is narrow there is a conflict between pavement and road width and it was decided to raise with SCC that a wider pavement (1.2m not 0.9m) should be provided. It was also decided to raise with SCC Highways the need to heighten the parapets on the Hyde Lane Motorway bridge as the new “safe route to school” footway is not to be used as a cycleway as the parapets are too low. In practice this means that school children who ignore the signing will be putting themselves at risk or have to continue cycling in the road; both of which was felt to be unacceptable. Repeating the offer to buy some of the field adjacent to the rec park as it was now clear that the owner was prepared to sell another part to Gladman’s to build a foot/cycleway was considered but it was decided not to at this time.

Action. Clerk to request a meeting with Somerset Highways.

19/33. Road Safety. See item 19/32 Mtg with SCC Highways to be organised. It was decided to consider the need to commission consultants to provide a feasibility report to show the potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM until after that meeting. It was also noted that Gladman’s had made proposals for Langaller Lane, suggestions on how improvements could be made at North End but that St Michaels Rd and Creech Heathfield Road remained to be considered. Also concern over the safe route to school (see item 19/39).

19/34. Planning Applications received. The following applications received were considered;





21 12 18

14 18 0037

Driffields Adsborough. Erection of pitched roof on the garage.

To support.

23 1 19

14 19 0001

Homestead North End CSM - erection of double garage at rear access

To support.

19/35. Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension (MHUE2) Area.

The Clerk had previously circulated a report on the meeting held with TDBC Planners on the 8th Jan. Planners had advised that they had submitted a report to TDBC Scrutiny Committee for the 15th January. Developers have advised that they are to hold a public consultation event at the Monkton Heathfield Village Hall on Thursday 28th February 10am-1pm and 4pm to 6.30pm. Between 1pm and 2pm is reserved for local Councilors and Parish Councils.

As the Proposals appear to have insufficient regard for Parishioners and that there’s a lack of meaningful and prior consultation PCllrs decided an urgent meeting is needed with Planners.

Action. Clerk to organise a meeting with TDBC (AP).


19/36. CSM Neighbourhood Plan (see separate update report previously circulated). The draft plan is still with the Independent Examiner. The European Court Ruling has caused considerable uncertainty for Neighbourhood Plans at Examination where there neighbourhood area has a European site (in the case of CSM this is the Hestercombe House Special Area of Conservation). In December the Government laid before parliament an amendment to the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations which confirms that neighbourhood plan screened in and requiring appropriate assessment can progress through examination (provided requirements of Chapter 8 of Part 6 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 are met) which came into force on 28 December 2018.  Unfortunately the legislation specifically states it cannot be applied retrospectively, so CSM PC cannot use the revised HRA screening with appropriate assessment which was dated September 2018.  Conversations involving the Examiner/ TDBC/

Natural England/SCC Ecologist/WYG and Special Council to make sure that we have an approach to the HRA which was acceptable and could begin as soon as was practically possible after the changes came into force have been taking place.

The SCC Ecologist has produced a new HRA scoping and appropriate assessment and Special Counsel have recommended a period of consultation on the appropriate assessment.  Natural England have confirmed that they view the amendments that came into force on the 28th December 2018 resolves the ‘procedural’ issues in regard to the Creech St Michael NDP, and there are no other issues of concern for NE so we are hopeful that they will be able to respond formally on the HRA in a reasonable timeframe. Lepus Consulting who produced the original Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening and its addendum are reviewing the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process and the results have just been received. There is a requirement to have five weeks consultation on these documents. TDBC are about to started HRA and SEA consultations and are running both at the same time.  When this has concluded, and assuming no substantive issues have been raised which require further investigation, we hope that we will have sight of a draft examiners report shortly afterwards.

It was agreed that BB join the Neighbourhood Plan Panel.

19/37. Party in the Park 6th July 2019 (SG,CS,DK,YG,AB).

AB reported that the Fish and Chip Supper afternoon had been well received and many of 115 participants had conveyed their thanks. It had been decided to hold a Clean Up day to coincide with Somerset Day (11.5.19) and volunteers are wanted. The arrangements for PIP are progressing with plans for toilets being considered, two bands booked, food vendors have been agreed and are now paying their licence fee. It had been decided to purchase more gazebos (Buyer Direct Ltd 4 Gazebos and canopies, sidewalls etc) along with tables, seats (RINKIT Tables and Chairs PIP), lights ( Gala Tent Ltd 4 LED light sets) and Cable Reels, Ropelights and Ratchets (Combined Precision Components PLC PIP) and these were agreed. PIP had also decided to support a grant to SCC for their Somerset Wood project of £500 in order to recognise the 20 people from CSM who had died serving their Country. This was agreed.

19/38. Finance. The draft minutes of the Finance Sub Cttee meeting held on the 21st January had previously been circulated.

(1) Grant requests. The PC considered the recommendations of Fin Sub Ctte on the requests received. PIP had agreed to support the Somerset Wood project (see item 19/37). It had been decided not to support St Michaels Church request for a contribution towards the costs of employing a family worker. A request to pay for new Neighbourhood Watch Signs for Ham Village est £60 and a grant to Taunton CAB of £250 towards cost of providing advices were agreed.

(2) Cheques drawn since last meeting as approved at the December meeting; EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 13.12.18-17.1.19) £6.80, British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 8.12.18–6.1.19) £53.32, CSM Village Hall (Use of Village Hall 1.9.17-31.12.18) £465.50.

(3) Payments approved the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, Clerks Jan Expenses £238.17, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 24.12.18-20.1.19) £344.40, WYG (Consultancy re NH Plan) £630.00, L Gates (Reimb of Hire of CSM Baptist Church Hall 9.1.19) £29.00, Water2Business (Rec Park Water 31.7.18-7.1.19) £11.02, Play and Leisure (Roundabout Bearing Set)£264.00, Berry’s Coaches (Taunton) Ltd (Coach Hire Planning Appeal 15/16/22/23rd Jan) £800.00, Combined Precision Components PLC (PIP Cable Reels, Ropelights and Ratchets)£247.50, RINKIT (Tables and Chairs PIP)£2,219.75, Buyer Direct Ltd (4 Gazebos and canopies, sidewalls etc PIP)£2,242.03, Gala Tent Ltd (4 LED light sets PIP) £159.96, A Birch (Reimbursement PIP 6 Storage Boxes Office Outlet)£60.00, A Birch (Reimbursement F & Chip Supper Expenses) £266.14, A Birch (Reimbursement North End Tree Lights £63.85), Somerset County Council (PIP Grant towards 20 Trees for Somerset Wood) £500.00, Taunton CAB

Grant £250.00, Creech St Michael VHall (Cartwright Room use Jan 19), £15.00 Unity Trust Bank (Opening Balance for CSM PC PIP Acc) £500.00.

(4) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting. Western Power (Pole Wayleave)£7.61, Ruishton FC

(Nov pitch fees)£40.00, South West Lottery (December sales) £5.00, Tone Youth (Dec Pitch Fees) £60.00 and (Jan Pitch Fees £140.00. PIP19 Food Vendors South West Event Catering £150.00, Alfies Ices £100.00, J Crome £150.00, Great Tastes £150.00, Som IC T>AS SW £100.00.

(5) Payments authorised to be made as accounts are received. EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 14.1.19-13.2.19), British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 9.1.19–8.2.19) and Grants for 4 Neighbourhood Watch Signs for Ham Village and a further 4 Ham Road (later paid by WW).

(6) Invoices not paid; Opus (Pavilion Gas supply 12.12.18- 11.1.19) Inv £Nil and account £19.50 in credit.

(7) Accounts 2018/2019: Bank Reconciliation and budget monitoring. The reconciliation report was provided for the first nine months, questions answered and accepted. The Council’s receipts for the period 1st April 2018 to 31st Dec 2018 are £71,070.68 and the expenditure £53, 619.11(excl provisions) are in line with expectations at this stage of the year as reported. Bank Balance and figures had been examined in detail at the Finance Sub Ctte Mtg on 21st January.

(8) Unity Trust Bank. As instructed an application has been prepared by the Clerk for submission to open an account for PIP funds. It was noted that the PC will need to adopt new Standing Orders and Financial Regulations as the account is online rather than traditional methods and that charges apply. Details of the charges had been circulated and the controls to be operated have been developed by the Clerk and considered by the Fin Sub Ctte. It was agreed to proceed and the five signatories (the account requires three of the five to authorise transactions) then signed the application form and a second form to open a cash paying in facility to the Account at CSM Post Office.

(9) Dog Bin Emptying 2019. The quotation from the DLO was considered and it was agreed to proceed despite a one third increase in cost following a previous large increase as it was recognised that waste disposal costs have increased.

(10) Electricity Supply. Two reports from the Clerk detailing the contracts for the Pavilion and Engine Shed where considered and it was decided to agree to a three year contract for the Pavilion and a single year for the Engine Shed both to be with EDF and to be settled by direct debit. It was noted that a £90 sum remains on the account with the present supplier and the Clerk was tasked to reach settlement on these so that the transfer can proceed.

(11) Internal Audit. The PC agreed to reappoint Bryan Howe as Internal Auditor.

19/39. Rec Park. (1) Caretakers Leave (8/2/19- 20/2/19 inclusive/9 days annual leave). It was agreed to contract cover with a local man (who is DBSd) for one a hour a day. (2) Improvements. SG advised he was seeking to obtain a quotation for fencing the rec park in sections. The fencing would be similar to the schools 8’ high. Though discussed and funding available no decisions was made until written quotation received. CS referring to a detailed costed report she had prepared outlined proposals that she had obtained quotations for: a MUGA (incl Tennis), Flood Lighting (both MUGAs), a running Track, Gym Equip, Toddler Area Improvements (add equipment/resurfacing/straightening fence) and a centre piece and further play equipment. These were considered and it was agreed that S106 forms could be completed and planning permission applied for (required for large piece of equipment and flood lights). It was noted some rearranging of pitches etc was required which the contractors would be asked to assist with.

19/40. Highways. (1) Hyde Lane Safe Route to School. It was noted that Linden Homes have yet to

complete their section of footpath across the motorway bridge and that as the surface had been dug up pupils are being forced to walk in the road.

Action. Clerk to contact Linden Homes.

(2). Carpark at the rear of the School. CS asked why the new carpark is not yet in use.

Action. Clerk to contact David Wilson Homes.

(3) Speedwatch. The Clerk restated that the Police had referred to the constabularies website options to take forward operating a scheme.

Action. The Clerk to advise volunteers.

19/41. Footpaths/Rights of Way. SG advised that the electric fence in the field behind the undertakers at North End had now been relocated the previous weekend and this had resolved the difficulties of carrying dogs over it to access the RofW. See item 19/32 re support an application to apply for RofWs on the two fields behind the undertakers.

(2) Bull St. The Env Agency agreed to the PC request to site a waste bin alongside the existing seat on the riverbank had provided a draft agreement which was considered and agreed. It was agreed that the Clerk order the bin.

(3) SCC Parish Path Consultation. The Clerk had not had objections from Ruishton and West Monkton PC’s on the contents (following the residents consultation) of the draft reply from Parish Footpath volunteers (which the PC had agreed at its Dec meeting). As the PC had agreed to the reports submission subject to sharing with the adjacent PC’s (in order to ensure responses are joined up) the Clerk had submitted the report to SCC on 31st January.

19/42. Annual Parish Meeting April 26th Friday 2019. PCllrs were asked to consider the arrangements for and suggest further speakers. The Fire Service, TDBC Planners and the River and Canal Trust had already been asked as requested and the Clerk suggested a presentation on Neighbourhood Plan should be made. CS offered to organise a stand with pictures of the proposals for the rec park. PIP to have a similar stall. A desire for fewer speakers coupled with an opportunity to meet the PCllrs invitation was suggested along with a more informal format with more stalls and community involvement.

19/43. Correspondence. None considered.

19/44. Items for next meeting. None requested.

19/45. The Council decided to exclude Public and Press for these items. (1) Allotments. To consider valuers report on the allotment site. (2) Staff Matters.

The meeting was closed at 9.30pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled PC meetings are on 4th March and 1st April 2019 at 7pm in Cartwright Room of Village Hall.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net