/ Parish Council / 2019 Minutes / 7th January 2019


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 7th January 2019

in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall.

Present; S Hutchings (Chair), PCllrs S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), A Birch, B Brighton, P Brown, C Cudlip, Y Guest, G Lucas and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). SCCllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan. The Clerk. 7 Members of the Public attended.

19/1. Chairs Welcome. SH welcomed all.

19/2. Apologies. PCllrs D Finch and D Knight. Reasons given accepted. The Clerk reported that PCllr D Finch had resigned and therefore there was a further vacancy. He advised that he had thanked DF on behalf of the PC.

19/3. Vacancies. The Clerk advised that given that the new vacancy is within 6 months of the next 4 yearly election which will take place on 2nd May the PC is able to either retain the vacancy until May or Co Opt at its next meeting. A decision was taken to Co Opt at its 4th Feb meeting. Interested individuals should inform the Clerk ahead of the meeting.

SH proposed that as it had been decided at the 3rd December meeting to Co-opt from the Jan meeting to the existing vacancy and that BB had expressed interest BB be appointed as PCllr. A decision was then taken to Co-opt BB as a PCllr. SH congratulated BB and the Clerk advised on forms to be completed.

Action . The Clerk to post notices stating the PC’s intention is to Co Opt at its 4th Feb meeting and to inform the Electoral Officer.

19/4. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. CC regarding item 19/8 (18/110(2)) and SH regarding item 19/13 and Caretaker. (2) Dispensation Request. SH had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept at the meeting.

19/5. Planning Application (14/17/0033 PINS App/D3315/W/18/3205705PINs) Appeal by Gladman’s Developments against refusal to build 200 Nos dwellings off Langaller Lane, CSM. [See minute 18/176 (2)]. Despite the Clerk writing to the Inspector asking that the appeal not be allowed (in preference to TDBC request for postponement) as the documentation was not submitted on time the Appeal hearing is set to commence on January 15th. The Statement of Common Ground on Planning Matters, signed by both parties had been made available earlier in the day (7.1.19 despite the deadline set for the statement of common ground being the 20.11.18). BB advised she had met with TDBC Planners earlier to consider the document. BB advised that further papers on traffic calming had been uploaded to the website that day which has yet to be reviewed and there was a residents meeting on Wednesday at the Baptist Church Hall 7pm at which arrangements for public attendance at the appeal and who wishes to speak at the appeal will be agreed. It was agreed to delegate to the Chairman in conjunction with the Clerk authority to arrange transport to the appeal hearing and to reimburse L Gates the cost of meeting hall booking fee. Reconfirmed that the Clerk will speak on behalf of the PC at the Appeal.

19/6. Planning (1) Decisions Taken. The following planning applications were considered and observations agreed;






14 18 0034

Cathill Farm, Foxhill Lane, CSM erection of single storey extension to the side.

To support.


14 18 0035

Husk Farm, St Michaels Road, CSM Variation of Condition

No 2 (approved plans) of application 14 14 0025.

To support.


14 18 0036LB

Husk Farm, St Michaels Road, CSM Conversion of outbuildings and barns into ancillary accommodation and self-contained annex.

To support.

SH thanked BB for her work in preparing the report to facilitate consideration of these applications.

(2) Planning Enforcement. Application ref 16/18/0003 for “Siting of mobile home for occupation by seasonal agricultural workers at Drakes Farm, Glastonbury Road, Durston (retention of works already undertaken)” was reviewed and it was decided not to comment on the application which is outside of CSM Parish in Durston.

(3) Decisions Taken. The response of TDBC planners to the PC request that when they agree changes to planning applications after the PC has considered them that it be notified of changes ”In general terms we do not re-consult the Parish Council unless there are significant changes” was noted.

19/7. Minutes of the 3rd December. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes of the meeting were agreed with one amendment at item 18/214 Planning (1) to read…..failure to comply should mean the appeal not be allowed (rather than fails). These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

A discussion was held to clarify that the item at 18/214 (4) which states that the future CIL receipts will in principle be allocated to the plans priorities as identified in the Neighbourhood and the Community Action Plans provides for the PC to use part of the funds to finance new additional priorities which may emerge at a future date. This was confirmed.

19/8. Matters arising from the minutes of the 3rd December. The Clerk reported;

16/58 Land in front of 2-32 Crufts Meadow. WW have been and jetted the drains in this area. Further complaints have been received this time on the condition of the footpath and separately on dog mess deposits.

Action. CS is to examine the site.

16/221. Flooding Sign. Action. DK and AB to meet with Ruishton Flood Group to determine best way forward. C/F.

18/103 . Bus Shelters. The Clerk had asked again if TDBC grant programme is now available and is awaiting a reply.

18/110 (2) Ryesland Way slope to Canal. The contractor is to undertake agreed works shortly.

18/131 Bench at the junction of Hyde Lane and Arundells Way.

Action. CC/SH to install on a concrete base.

18/126. (6) Waste Bin to be sited in Bull St. Agreement had been received from the Env Agency to the request to site a bin adjacent to the seat in Bull St. The PC to consider the terms.

18/134. Footpaths. (2) M5 Tunnel Langaller. SCC have written to Highways England asking if they would give permission to its use. As no reply has been received from SCC have been asked three times to follow up with HE and a reply is still awaited.

18/135. Taunton Transport Plan Consultation. The Clerk advised that PB and himself had written to SCC with the PC comments to ensure that its views on the Plan are not overlooked. As no response had been received he had written again to ask SCC Highways how this is now to be taken forward. A reply is still awaited.

18/184 (3).West View Park. TDBC had advised that work cutting back of overgrowth had been undertaken.

18/190 Canal Bridge. That he reminded the River and Canal Trust that he had requested that the foliage on their bridge be cut back.

18/195 (8) reminded the PC that at the annual Risk Assessment of Asset’s it had been identified that the Adsborough Bus Shelter was felt to be in need of some scalpings to improve access; a bench in the rec park which is in need of attention and the IPE roundabout that has a fault are in the process of being attended to. A meeting is to be held on Saturday to repair the roundabout.

18/210 (5) Overgrowth outside by the undertakers at North End. The Clerk confirmed that he had brought this neglected area to TDBC attention and as a result the land had been tidied. He had then written to N Ford Undertakers enquiring whether it is interested in maintaining the area. A reply is awaited.

18/219 (3) Fingerpost Signs. Action. PCllrs to send the Clerk details of these Signs and a picture of each.

18/211 (7) Winter Gritting. A request to site an additional grit bin alongside the red telephone box in St Michaels Rd had been submitted along with a request to top up 7 (and dig out 2) of the existing bins to SCC. A reply is awaited.

Action. The Clerk to purchase the bin and ensure located and filled once approval has been received from Highways.

18/219 (4) Speedwatch. The Police provided a response required training to use the Cameras referring PCllrs to their website and this is to be considered by PCllrs.

18/224. SCC Consultation on ‘Getset Services’. A response had been sent in response to SCC consultation expressing concern over the loss of ‘Getset Services’.

19/9. County Councillors’ Report. DF reported; (1) Bus subsidies consultation: Given the improving state of Somerset County Councils finances it has been agreed to reverse a decision taken last September to consult on the future of all subsidised bus routes across the County. This consultation would have looked at the future for all such routes, which are currently part-funded by SCC such as that through CSM. The decision effectively protects subsidised routes from any cuts as part of the 2019/20 budget process.

(2) County Finances: The County Council was delighted to be made one of the pilot areas for the Business Rate Retention pilot in the recent Local Government Settlement. In total this will retain around £6.7 million in the County, shared between all the Somerset authorities including District Councils.

(3) County Finances: The recent Public Health settlement reduced Somerset's grant for this important preventative work, by over half a million pounds. Most worryingly it again illustrated the disparity between local authorities with Somerset receiving £35 per head against a national average of £57 and some other authorities receiving over £70 per head! The difference for Somerset against average is £10million and will represent a key line of demand in next years Govt 'Fairer Funding' review.

(4) Somerset Wood, memorial to the fallen: Volunteers are being sought to help the first big tree-planting initiative for the Somerset Wood which will eventually create a community wood in honour of the 11,281 Somerset residents who died in World War One. The first batch of 1,200 broad-leaved trees will be delivered by The Woodland Trust in early Jan and organisers want to get them in the ground before the end of Feb. A second phase will take place in winter 2019/20, with a third phase (if needed) in the winter of 2020/21- creating a living memorial to the County's Fallen. Anyone interested to get involved should contact Alan Hall of West Monkton Parish Council on alanhall@westmonkton.net

Action. AB to contact Eric Chown to learn of CSM residents that died and advise DF.

(5) New Schools Programme: Consultation on a proposal to build a 420-pupil, 14 class primary school with nursery provision in Somerton, will be held in late January. With the aim to open the school Sept 2020. At the same time approval has been given for a multi-million pound investment at Bishop Fox's Sec School in Taunton to allow for new classrooms, extended dining areas and expansion by 350 places.

(6) Major road investment: A £19.2m scheme to upgrade the busy M5 Junction 25 roundabout at Taunton has been formally approved by SCC. It was noted SCCs decision to proceed in the Spring includes some temp and unspecified amelioration works in CSM. DF was asked if it was known what work would be done. This is the third major scheme which SCC is currently delivering incl the Yeovil Western Corridor and Colley Lane in Bridgwater representing a Total £52million.

(7) Foster carers recognition: Congratulations go to Elaine Koerner of Yeovil who was awarded an MBE in the New Years Honour’s list. Together with her husband Ian, Elaine has been a Foster Carer with Somerset for over 39 years. They have helped to improve the lives of over 100 children. With nearly 500 children in care in Somerset there is still a big demand for Foster Carers in the County. Full details can be found by visiting www.fosteringinsomerset.org.ukor calling 0800 587 9900.

(8) 11th May 2019, Somerset Day 2019. As the date falls on a Saturday, Passion for Somerset are encouraging even more events. DF encouraged Creech residents to get involved and have a fund raising event for their own local charities. An "Ideas pack" will shortly be available with lots of information on the web site to help with planning the day. Check the web site and register soonest. www.somersetday.com

(9) West View Pavements. DF asked when the remainder of the pavement would be completed.

Action. DF to enquire but suggested this summer.

19/10. District Councillors’ Report.

DD advised that a new Chief Executive had been appointed to the new South West and Taunton Council.

19/11. Road Safety. The PC discussed how to best address the increasing traffic volumes, physical features of the Village and lack of regard for safety by some drivers. Traffic volume and speed data had been received and circulated from radar boxes; two of which had been installed in St Michaels Road (one by Baptish Church and the other by Laburnum Terrace) and one on Creech Heathfield Road which give details of vehicle nos and speeds by hour and supplemented the existing data for the Langaller Road and from Highways England which is already held. The Clerk provided details of quotations from two traffic consultants for providing a feasibility report to show the potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM and suggested these be evaluated. After discussion it was agreed to defer a decision to the February meeting.

Action. Clerk to put on Feb agenda.

19/12. Budget and Precept 2019/20. PCllrs considered the Councils budget in considerable detail along with its CIL monies and balances before setting its precept (draft papers having been previously circulated and discussed at the 3rd Dec meeting) at £52, 806.90 (an increase worth 50pence per week for a band ‘D’ home equal to 3.25%) in order to agree a balanced budget. It was noted that pressures across the whole of local government are likely to require continual future year increases in Council Tax and that any new demands arising during the year would not be provided for.

Action. The Clerk to inform TDBC of the precept.

19/13. Allotments. SH took no part in this item which SG took the Chair for. The Clerks report following the meeting held on the 5th Dec between the Allotment Society, the Landowner and himself was considered. He had recommended that the land be valued by an appropriate skilled Land Valuer as a potential first step to purchasing the site. The PC agreed to this and to fund the valuation fee of £325.

Action. The Clerk to instruct Land Valuers and report to future PC meeting.

19/14. CSM Neighbourhood Plan. PCllrs noted that the draft plan is still with the Independent Examiner and her advices have yet to be received, delayed in large part by the EU court decision in the cases of ‘People Over Wind, Peter Sweetman v Coillte Teoranta’ which the UK Govt had been assessing. PC Consultants WYG are discussing with TDBC Planner (AR) who has received special Counsel opinion and others which effectively says that the approach we are taking now to Habitat Regulations Assessment is a robust one. TDBC are speaking to the Inspector to confirm how we might go ahead. The evaluation models used will need to be redone and then there is likely to be required to hold a 4/5 week consultation period before the findings are submitted. As a result the inspectors report is unlikely until march. A meeting with Planners is being held 8.1.19 to get an update on the Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension progress.

19/15. Finance.

(1) Cheques drawn since last meeting as approved at the December meeting; EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity 13.10.18-25.11.18) £4.73 and British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 7.10.18–7.11.18) £45.82.

(2) Payments approved the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks £89.38 and Caretakers £90.00 December Expense’s and other invoices received; Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 26.11.18-23.12.18) £302.40, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co (Bus Shelters 11.12.18) £75.00, SW Ambulance Service Trust (First Aid at PIP18) £600.00, Layz Ricks (121 Fish n Chips for PIP Senior Citizens Lunch) £574.75.

(3) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; Ruishton FC (Oct pitch fees) £40.00

South West Lottery (November sales) £4.00, Western Power Distribution (Rec Park Pole Wayleave 2019) £7.61.

(4) Payments authorised to be made as accounts are received. EDF Rec Park Garage (Electricity 14.12.18-13.1.19) , British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 9.12.18–8.1.19) and CSM Village Hall (Use of Hall 1.9.17-31.12.18).

(5) Invoices not paid; Opus (Pavilion Gas supply 12.11.18- 11.12.18) Inv £Nil and account £19.50 in credit.

19/16. Party in the Park 6th July 2019. The “Fish and Chip Supper” will be held in the Village Hall on 18th Jan for senior citizens and 121 meals have been booked. AB advised PIP will consider an event for Somerset Day and will also consider supporting the Somerset Woods project. CS advised that in discussion with the Clerk that there was merit in opening a bank account with Unity Trust Bank for the PC for use for PIP monies which would facilitate online viewing and authorisation of payments (by three individuals). It was agreed to open an account with Unity Trust. CS suggested that the details of the procedures and controls be considered at the Finance Sub Ctte and amended financial regulations be considered in due course.

Action. Clerk to open an account with Unity Trust Bank.

19/17. Rec Park. (1) Improvements. CS advised that she had obtained 2 quotations for each of the Toddlers area, the larger feature play equipment and MUGA (incl tennis Courts and Flood Lighting) improvements. Quotes have not been obtained yet for a running track or skateboard park. Also yet to be costed are the requirements for building improvements. A discussion took place on improving the pavilion ahead of the engine shed as that would meet needs and would require less work and then the sectioning off an area within the shed for storing footballer goalposts. SG reported he had got a quote for fencing works. PB suggested that a budget/timing plan be drawn up to pull the project together. It was agreed to hold a meeting in February.

(2) Update. SG suggested that “No dogs” signing was needed. Despite Dogs being banned some individuals are taking their dogs in the park. It was agreed to buy two signs.

Action. AB/Clerk to get quotes and buy two no dog signs.

19/18. Highways. (1) Hyde Lane Improvements. PCllrs had met with SCC Highways and SCCllr David Fothergill

on 20th December. Highways proposals to provide a zebra crossing and other improvements between the School and St Michaels Rd received support. A report from the Clerk had been previously circulated. The projects next steps are for Highways to analyse pedestrian count, undertake a cost benefit analysis, then consult (a letter drop to neighbours with link to website) ahead of a final scheme being determined. PC had raised asking Wessex Water if sewer replacement is planned prior to work being conducted. No timescales were discussed but 18 months possible to project completion.

DF advised that the remaining works at the motorway bridge is to be completed by Lindon Homes and lighting by SCC within weeks. (2) A358/A303 duelling. It was noted that Highways England Ltd had decided to postpone its announcement of their preferred route from Dec to Spring 19. (3) M5 J25 Improvements. See item 19/9 (6) above.

19/19. Footpaths/Rights of Way. SCC Parish Path Consultation. The Clerk reported that no further responses on the contents had been received from residents following local consultation on the draft reply from Parish Footpath volunteers which the PC had agreed at its December meeting. The PC then agreed the reports submission subject to sharing with Ruishton and West Monkton PC’s in order to ensure responses are joined up ahead of submission to SCC before the end of the month deadline. One volunteer had come forward to look after three specific paths in the Langaller area and they would work as part of the CSM team.

19/20. Youth Club. An update had been received from CYP just ahead of the meeting. The preferred candidate had asked to start in the summer and options along with accommodation issues would be considered at a youth panel mtg.

19/21. Annual Parish Meeting April 26th Friday 2019. PCllrs were reminded to consider and suggest further speakers. The Fire Service and the River and Canal Trust had been asked and TDBC Planners would be later this week.

19/22. Correspondence. None considered.

19/23. Items for next meeting. To include; addressing Road Safety, Allotments and suggestions for APM Speakers.

The meeting was closed at 9.10pm.

Future Meetings;

The next scheduled PC meetings are on 4th Feb and 4 th March 2019 at 7pm to be held in Cartwright Rm of Village Hall.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net