/ Parish Council / Agendas Archive / 6 October 2014


A G E N D A for the meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council to be held at 7.00pm

on Monday, 6th October 2014 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall, Creech St Michael.

(The Public and Press are entitled to attend.  There will be an opportunity for the Public to speak before the start of the meeting.)


1.   Chairperson’s welcome.


2.   To receive any apologies for absence.


3.   Declarations of Individual Members.


4.   To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports.


5.  Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the CSM PC Meeting held on 1st September 2014.


6.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2014.


7.  Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. The Chairperson to explain why he believes that in the short term that areas

      of responsibilities should be left as they are and do not need to be confirmed  pending possible changes at a later date (possibly

      in November).


8.  Merlyn’s Copse (KH, GL, CC). To consider the way forward for the Copse and the removal of the tree stumps.


9.  TME (KH,GL, Clerk). An update report.


10. Recreation Park. (YG,SH,KR,CS). 10.1 Rec Park Plan. To receive draft plan. 10.2 Rec Park Development. To

     consider the appointment of an architect. 10.3 Park Security. To report on enhancements to gating. 10.4 Fencing.

     To consider quotations for repairs. 10.5  Update report.


11.   Planning. Applications received: Panel to report on the application received;









12. Accounts: 12.1 To approve payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries),

      the Clerks Sept Expense’s, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-8-14 to 7-9-14) £30.54, Devon & Somerset Fire

      Protection (Pavilion Extinguisher Maint) £16.50, AON £2.25 (Ins Cover extension for Post P.C.), S P Services (SW)

     Ltd (Rec Park drain Unblocking/Septic Tank Clearance) £240.00, Taunton Fencing Company (Gate to Pavilion

     carpark) £504.00, 3D Security (4-31.8.14 at Rec Park) £288.00. 12.2 Monies received and banked since

     the last meeting; HMRC (Vat reclaim 13-14) £972.21,TME (rent 1 4 14-31 3 15) £ 550, Other income received and

     banked; Parish Post Advert Income for 2014; Ian Beard £30.00 12.3 Risk Assessment of Assets. To receive

     reports on the annual Risk Assessment of the Councils Assets.



13. Highways 13.1 North End virtual Footway project. Update (DF), 13.2 Hyde Lane.  Parking (between the school

      and the entrance to the new medical centre) and impact of new Developments. 13.3 (DF) Updates on A38

      Adsborough , Access to Creech St Michael from Monkton Heathfield (DF), installation of lighting and speed calming in

      Hyde Lane (GH, Clerk), 13.4 Langaller Road Closure. 13.5 Parish Highways Priorities (KR,GH,GL). To agree.

     13.6 Defects reported. (GH,GL). 13.8 Grit Bins. To  consider whether any further bins are required.     


  14. Footpaths and Rights of Way. Update on defects. (SH).


15. Correspondence. To consider any correspondence received that Cllrs wish to raise.


16. Dates. To agree proposed dates for 2015;

     Jan 5th , Feb 2rd, March 2nd,  April 13th, May 11th (Annual Council Meeting), June 8th, July 6th,

     August 3rd (Planning), Sept 7th , Oct 5th, Nov 2nd and Dec 7th.  Annual Parish Meeting: April 24th Friday.


17. New Matters to be carried forward.


  18. Parish Council to decide to exclude Public and Press for these items. 18.1 Staff Matters 18.2 Rec Park

        Copse/s (SH) Update on the proposal to purchase (commercially sensitive).


     Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net


   Please note the next meeting of the Parish Council is to be held on Monday 3rd November and 1st December 2014

   in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall, Creech St Michael.