/ Parish Council / Agendas Archive / February 2010

The next Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council will to be held at 7.00pm on Monday 1st February 2010 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall, Creech St Michael.




Members of the Public are invited to attend. There will be an opportunity for Public speaking after Agenda Item 3.


1.  Chairperson’s Welcome.

2.  To receive apologies for absence

3.  Declarations of interest

4.  Minutes – 10/383 – 10/399 for January 2010 to approve and sign

5.  Matters arising from the above Minutes.

6.  Chairperson’s Report

7.  A38 @ Adsborough Report – Update on where we are now
7.1  Adsborough Residents Funding – do we ask for their contribution now?

8.1 To approve Clerk’s wages, expenses and invoices due to be paid.
8.2  Financial Risk Assessment – updated version to approve – previously circulated
8.3  Approve cost for clerk to attend the Clerk’s Workshop for the new Model Standing Orders on 16th February 

9.  CSM Parish Council Complaints Procedure – to approve – previously circulated

10.  Freedom of Information – to approve updated publication scheme for website – previously circulated

11.  Planning






Removal of condition 03 of Planning Permission 14/95/0015 to allow unrestricted B1 (office) use at Green Briars, Former Langdons Depot, Walford Cross, Taunton


12.  Matters of Report

13.  Annual Parish Meeting -  Friday, 16th April  -  To discuss who will speak/be invited to attend

14.  Taunton Deane Local Development FrameworkCore Strategy and Small Sites Consultation -  deadline 28th February 201.   Any views and thoughts from councillors to be made before deadline.  A book is available to read, as well as contacting TDBC website directly giving your comments.
14.1  TDBC – Strategy Consultation Documents -  Allotments, Green Space, Housing (Affordable), Sports Facilities and Village Halls -  deadline for comments 16th March 2010.  Booklets being circulated, but can be found on the TDBC web site.

15.  Rights of Way

16.  CSM Recreation Field

17. Correspondence:-






Chris Robinson

A pictorial guide to the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal

Request for a donation towards funding this guide


St Margaret’s Hospice

The Work carried out by the hospice

Request for a donation


Mayors Parlour

Taunton Dean Citizenship Awards 2010

Any nominations?  - closing date 19th February


18.  To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports.

19.  Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting.


Signed Jill Loader
Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council