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Those Present:          

Parish Councillors:  E Webb (Chairperson), A Bishop, A Birch, R Rooke, G Lucas, R Jeanes,  D Durdan  also TD Cllr K Durdan, Dr Moyse and surgery colleagues, Mr T Coke – GPI Corporation Ltd and A Lehner – West Country Developments and members of the public


The Chairperson (Mrs E Webb) opened the meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed everyone.  She handed over to Mr T Coke and Mr A Lehner to talk through the proposed new medical centre.


Mr Coke outlined how the Primary Care Trust (PCT) provide better services at practise level through new builds.  GPI work with the PCT and local practices, to provide new sites which help towards improving services as well as providing value for money.

The previous site outlined for the medical centre at North End was rejected by the Parish Council, Highways and Taunton Deane Planning on the grounds of road safety for pedestrians as well as poor access.  (Full details can be found on the TDBC planning web site).


A new site at Hyde Lane has been put forward and the plans of the site and building were outlined.  To date the planning application had not been sent to TDBC.  The new site would provide 42 car parking spaces, 4 disabled car parking spaces, a new footpath from Rocketts Cottages to the surgery.  The new building would be two storey and would provide double the capacity of work space currently provided at the moment.  A dispensary would also be included. 


The initial response from the Parish Council, TDBC Planning and SCC was positive.

Questions were asked by the public with the relevant answers from Mr Coke, Mr Lehner and Dr Moyse and Parish Councillors:


1.  Timescale – to be completed as soon as possible.  Hopefully the planning application would get approval by May and building works could commence June time.  A contractor was already in place to start the works.


2.  The Funding for the medical centre was secure and available.


3.  The Blood Donor service was outside the PCT and they would have to make their own arrangements.


4.  Concerns were raised regarding the access to Hyde Lane during the busy times of the day – ie dropping off and collection of school children.  This had already been discussed when the new housing development plans were going through.  It was agreed that as Hyde Lane was recognised as a Safe Route of Children, a traffic management plan was a priority and would be put in place.


5.  Concerns regarding the car parking at the school and causing congestion was raised.  It was agreed that the Parish Council would be speaking to the school and Education Authority to see what could be done to provide car parking facilities away from Hyde Lane opposite the school.


6.  Hyde Lane road width would remain at 5m to enable two cars to pass either side.  The footpath planned to the medical centre would not encroach onto the road width.


7.  Concerns regarding traffic volumes along Hyde Lane were expressed.  This issue did not involve either GPI or West Country Developments.  SCC Highways were responsible for assessing the situation and any concerns should be brought up with them.


8.  Drainage concerns at the medical centre - Wessex Water authority had investigated the situation and were satisfied at the position where the drainage system would be connected.


9.  There was support for the new medical centre from the public.  Dr Moyse stressed how lucky Somerset was in the support the PCT gave to investing in the future of general practices and improving services. 


10.  Thanks went to the doctors and staff at the surgery for all their support and people were pleased that the new medical centre would provide for the future needs of the parish.


11.  The Planning Application was due to go to TDBC within the next two to three weeks.  The Parish Council would hold a special meeting to discuss the plans once they had received them from TDBC, so as not to hold up the application.


12.  Dr Moyse stated that there would be a pharmacy at the surgery – but he could not confirm this would not change at some point in the future, depending upon the Government’s views. 


13.  It was noted that should anyone have any issues regarding the planning application, they could voice their opinions at TDBC Planning.  Highways should be contacted regarding highway issues too.


14.  The general consensus was that the residents were pleased with the new medical centre plans and realised the parish needed this new surgery as soon as possible.


15.  The Chairperson thanked everyone for coming.  All residents were welcome at any of the Parish Council meetings, which would let everyone know what was going on.  The rumour that the Parish Council had rejected the medical centre had been untrue.  The Parish Council had rejected the North End site for the medical centre.


The meeting closed at 8.25pm.