/ Parish Council / Agendas Archive / July 2011

The next Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council to be held at 7.00pm on Monday, 4th July 2011 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall, Creech St Michael.




The Public and Press are entitled to attend.  There will be an opportunity for the Public to speak before the start of the meeting. 


1.  Chairman’s Welcome.   

2.  To receive apologies for absence

3.  Co-Option of a new Councillor – final member to elect

3.  Declarations of interest

4.  Minutes –   11/726 – 11/741 for June 2011 to approve and sign

5.  Matters arising from the above Minutes.

6.  Parish Magazine Editor – update

7.  Planning






Erection of double garage at North End Villa, CSM



To fell 4 sycamore trees and 1 oak and to carry out management work to 1 oak tree included in TDBC (CSM no1) Tree Preservation Order 1981 at Top Cottage, Coombe, West Monkton (TD231)



Minor amendment to Permission 4/14/09/0042 for alterations to buildings for collection and bailing of recycling materials at Langdon Depot, Walford Cross, Taunton TA2 8QP (GR 327740 – 127825)


8.  Context Construction – eco dwelling on agricultural land at the end of Vicarage Lane proposal – for information

9.  Queens Diamond Jubilee – thoughts and suggestions

10.  Recreation Field Committee – update

11.  Change of Date of Meeting – from 1st to 8th August (planning only) – due to Clerk’s Holiday to approve

12.  Clerks Report

13. Accounts
13.1 To approve Clerk’s wages, expenses & other invoices – see separate sheet
13.2 Insurance quote for 2011/12 for approval
13.3  Bank Mandate changes to approve and sign

14.  Highways – any issues – GL

15.  Rights of Way – any issues – RR/SH

16.  To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports.

17.  New Matters to be carried forward.

Signed Jill Loader
Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council
Tel: 01823 400801


Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety, and Human Rights.