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25th October 2012


A meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council is to be held at 7pm on Monday 5th November 2012 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall, Creech St Michael.


An opportunity for Public speaking will take place immediately before the formal meeting starts.


1.   Chairman Welcome.


2.   Vacancies on the Parish Council.  There is currently a vacancy. The PC will consider any request for co
-option it receives from interested and eligible individuals. These should inform the Clerk of their interest prior to
the meeting.


3.   To receive apologies for absence.      


4.   Declarations of Interest.


5    Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meetings held on 17th September and the 1st October 2012.


6.   Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meetings held on 17 September and 1st October 2012.


7.  Correspondence






Dean & Dyball Civil Engineers 

Reporting that someone’s removing the 20 mph road signs down Ham Road.

See item 10.1



Various. Includes advising that the Election of Police and Crime Commissioner will start soon.  Parishes are recommended not to be seen to support any one particular candidate.  The Poll will be held on 15th November. Also warns of “Bringing into disrepute” and “respect for others” whilst in Council Meetings or on Websites.



Keeley Rudd
Community Involvement Officer
Comm Council for Somerset

Information regarding the forthcoming Police Crime Commissioner Elections. Further information can be found at http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/police/police-crime-commissioners. Invite to a Question Time panel with the candidates for Somerset in Taunton on the 6th Novr, please book places in advance.

Book here
or call the Community Council on 01823331222


Eric R J Chown  

Email asking if there any limits to height and construction materials for fencing on the front gardens in the established housing estates within the CSM parish boundary? If there are, can they be challenged or over-ruled by applying for planning permission by the owner or new owners of property?

Advice being sought from TDBC Planners.


Dave Graham
SCC Highways

Correspondence Speed Indicator Devices. Requesting if CSM wishes to have these.

See item 11.4


Linda Deeley

Informing the PC she is organising a Christmas fun run on Sunday 9th December starting from the Bell Inn Car Park, through to North End, through Creech Heathfield, along Charlton Road and back into Creech along the canal. She is fund raising for a charity trek to the Himalayas raising money for St Margaret’s Hospice



Strategic Land Partnerships

Advising that inconsiderate people are not picking up their dog mess when they walk along the footpath which crosses their land off Hyde Lane. Offering to install a dog bin and asks who empties them.

Dog Warden informed.


Nichola Cockerham

Sent copy of SLP developer’s questionnaire. Supporting development in Hyde Lane and the building of a Scout Hut.




Real Time Information. Advising details of tax deducted must be filed online from 1/4/13.

Relates to Clerks Salary


Richard Graham

Sent copy of SLP developer’s questionnaire. Supporting development in Hyde Lane and the building of a Scout Hut.



Richard Hopkins Open Spaces 

Parish Litterbins. Advising the new bin will be fitted on the rec field within the next week. Apologised for the delay.



Came and Co

Insurers electronic version of Autumn Parish Matters Newsletter.



Western Power

Invite to learn about future investment proposals. Exeter Rugby Club 13th Nov or @t Bristol Science Centre on 15th Nov 9.30 am for 10-3pm.

Book Laura Edwards
or Tel: 0118 983 9466


Wessex Water

Minutes of a public meeting held on 26th September.

See items 10.1


Sharon Grant
Civic Office

Invite to the chairperson (or nominated person) to attend the Remembrance Day Parade as part of the Civic Party in Taunton on 11th November 9am St Marys Vicarage.



Strategic Land Partnerships

Informs the PC his company have held a successful consultation, wide support for a new scout hut and the merits of his site being developed against other potential sites for development in CSM.




Revised Waste Collection Timetables for Christmas and 2013. http://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/collections/days/



Liz Fothergill
Taunton and Dist CAB

Request for funding.




Advising Precept info must be with TDBC in Jan 2013 and that the Local Government Finance Settlement is due after the Chancellor's Autumn Statement (Weds Dec 5th)



Stuart Bailey, Nat Property, Highways Agency

Acknowledgement of our Letter regarding the transfer of land to the Parish Council. Advises he is investigating the matter and will contact us in due course.

See item 8.5


Nigel Rea
Customer and Communities Director
Somerset CC

Inviting a representative to attend a on Tues 20th Nov workshop 7-9pm at Somerset College. A first round of Local Choices events was held earlier this year these clarified a number of challenges and demonstrated SCC commitment to work with and help communities who want to build capacity, become empowered and take on services. This next round of events will take those initial discussions further. They will focus on Youth Services, the Community Warden Scheme and Library Services.




Safety Advice on Firework Display Organisation.



8.   Recreation Field. (SH,KR,YG,GH,SW). (1) Update on the project to install play equipment and a MUGA; to include the appointment of a solicitor, an accountant and a safety inspector to assist the PC with the playground works at the Rec Field (within s106 monies) (2) the initiative to improve and manage the site, incl thinning of trees. (3) to consider the appointment of a caretaker (4) to learn of the progress to the PC request to reinstate former  site office on verge, (5) the ownership of verge, (6) to learn of the outcome of the meeting with Henlade Scouts,  (7) the panels review of the budget and (8) the signing re no car parking outside of the field gate.


9.  TME (SW). Update on the agreement between the PC and TME.


10.  Planning.


10.1 Wessex Water Ham Sewerage Works. (GL and GH) Update on the application, highways and works progress.


10.2 Adsborough, Lapthorne (CS). Update on the planning application.


10.3 Applications received: (SH, PC and GH).






Erection of single storey extension to replace conservatory, conversion part of garage to form ancillary accommodation and erection of extension to garage at 2 West View, CSM



Prior notification for the erection of agricultural storage building to the west of the barn at West Newton Fruit Farm, West Newton, CSM



Display of 12 No. Signs in the area of Bridgwater Road, Monkton Heathfield (retention of part works already undertaken).


11.  Highways (GL, KH and PC). (1) Update of issues reported/identified, (2 CS) the A38 Adsborough (3) to receive the outcome of the panels reviews on the nos and site of salt bins to be procured. (4) Correspondence Speed Indicator Devices – update on panel decision. (5 KR) To consider whether to ask Highways to implement a 40 mph zone from the motorway bridge into CSM.


12.   Footpaths and Pavements (SH, PC) Update report.


13.   Newsletter. (CS) Update


14.   Merlyn’s Copse. (KR, SW) Update report on the tree work , clearing and improvement of the Copse, the
Obtaining of quotes for ‘no dog’ signs and two pedestrian gates and the need to remove silt from the stream..  The Clerk to advise regarding movement of fencing.


15.  Portable Defibrillator. (CS, KR). Offer from DF to provide and Update report on installation.


16.  Parish Magazine. (CS,SC) An update of the latest issue and Editorial arrangements.


17.  Housing Needs Survey. (Clerk). To consider commissioning a HNS for CSM.


18.  No Called Calling Zone. (KR) To consider the creation of a no cold calling zone.


19.  CSM Facebook Site. Request from Jo Morrison to learn what the PC would like to see on the Village Facebook site.


19. North End Noticeboard. To consider feedback on the need for and siting of a replacement notice board.


20.  Accounts.
(1) Invoices to be paid.
SR Altria November  Clerks Salary £598.48,  HMRC Tax due on Clerks  
October Salary £149.62, SR Altria Clerks October Expenses  and to consider other invoices. 
(2)  Monies received and banked; £25  for a Parish Magazine advert (3) Accounts. Report to end of Sept.
(4)  Adsborough Bus Shelter. To consider
quotations to remove the adjacent bank and to install a small wooden  retaining wall.
(5) Taunton and Dist CAB. To consider a grant. (6) CSM Parish Church. To consider a grant.


21.  To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports.


22.  Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting.


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net