/ Parish Council / Agendas / 14th May 2018


A G E N D A for the Annual General Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council to be held at 7.00pm

on Monday, 14th May 2018 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall, Creech St Michael.

(The Public and Press are entitled to attend. There will be an opportunity for the Public to speak before the meeting).

1. Chair’s welcome.

2. Election of Chair.

3. To receive the Chair’s declaration of acceptance of office.

4. To receive any apologies for absence.

5. Declarations of Interests. Declarations of Individual Members.

6. Election of Vice-Chairperson.

7. Vacancies on the Parish Council. The Clerk to advise that PCllr K Reed had resigned and that he had informed

TDBC’s Electoral Officer. The PC has placed notices of the vacancy to start the process of establishing whether there is

to be an election or if the PC can co-opted onto the Council (Anyone interested in becoming a PCllr should speak to the

Clerk or TDBC Electoral Services Manager on 01984 635272).

8. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. (1) To agree Finance Sub Ctte Membership,

(2) To agree the PC working parties and their membership See separate report; including to agree Youth working party

and the Constitutional arrangements for the New Pavilion (3) Neighbourhood Plan to reconfirm membership of the

NH Panels membership (4) to reconfirm the PIP18 working party and to agree representation on the outside bodies

(5) Village Hall (vacant/liaison DK) and(6) United Charities (GH).

9. To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports.

10. To note SCC commissioning of feasibility work to explore local government reorganisation options for


11. Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 9th April 2018.

12. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 9th April 2018.

13. Planning. 13.1 Planning Applications received. To consider the following application received;






9, Dillons Road, CSM. Erection of single storey extension and construction of dormer window to the rear.



Maizehaven Barn, White Street, Ham, CSM. Prior approval for proposed change of use from agricultural building to dwelling house (Use Class C3) and associated building operations.




Ham Sewage Treatment Works, Ham Lane, CSM. Development within the Sewage Treatment Works site to construct sewage sludge dewatering plant including Motor Control Kiosk, Poly Handling Kiosk and Poly Dosing Kiosk. The remaining works on site are to be conducted under Wessex Water's Permitted Development Rights.

13.2. Planning - CSM Neighbourhood Plan. To update the PC on the meeting held on 12th April (see draft minutes),

confirmation of the submission of the draft plan to TDBC and their Sect 16 consultation arrangements (10th May to 22nd

June). To note that the West Monkton and Cheddon Fitzpaine Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum took place

on Thursday 19 April 2018 with a result that 94% of those voting, voted in favour of the NDP and that TDBC at its full

Council meeting held on Monday 23 April made their Plan part of the development plan for the area.

14. Finance –

14.1 To approve payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments,

the Clerks April Expense’s and other invoices received; WYG (Neighbourhood Plan (Consultancy 18.3.18 -14.4.18)

£2,400.00, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 26.3.18-29 4.18) £270.00, TDBC- DLO (Dog Bins emptying

2017-18) £1,326.96, K Signs (SW) Ltd (PIP 2xBanners Change of dates) £18.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co (Bus

Shelters Cleaning 18.4.18) £75.00, British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 7th April -27th June 2018) £30.61,

SALC (SALC and NALC Affiliation Fees 2018/2019) £720.90, Jim Pike (Rewiring Telephones boxes for defib’s/new lights)


14.2 Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; SW Lottery (proceeds) £4.00,

14.3 Authority to make payments as accounts received. British Gas (Electricity supply).

14.4 Invoices Paid since last mtg (as authorised) Somerset Heartstart (2 Defibrillators) £2,132.00 and B Gas

(Pavilion Electricity supply 6th Mar -7th April 2018) £229.83.

14.5 Internal Audit. To consider the report of the Internal Auditor (separately circulated).

14.6 Pay Award. To ratify the National Joint Council decision to make a Pay Award of 2% to Council staff wef 1/4/18.

15. Party in the Park 14th July 2018 (SG,CS,DK,YG,AB) To report on preparations for PIP18 and projects/grants.

16. Rec Park. (SG,CS,DK,YG).16.1 To update 16.2 Improvements . To update and agree on how to take forward plans.

17. Highways. 17.1 Defects to be reported. 17.2 Highways Safety (SH. PB, Clerk); Report on the Safety walk through

held on the 13th April and to consider next steps, including considering the commissioning of a Feasibility Report

to show potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM.

18. Footpaths/Rights of Way. Defects to be reported and the Monthly report of the Parish Vol Footpaths Officers.

19. Youth Club. To update on the possible setting up of an open access youth Club.

20. Bus Shelters. To consider a suggested site for shelters at C. Heathfield (note: subject to a grant being obtained).

21. Correspondence. To consider any correspondence received that Cllrs wish to raise.

22. New Matters to be carried forward. To consider the Taunton Transport Plan.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Future Meetings; The next scheduled PC meetings are on 4th June and July 2nd at 7pm.

These meetings are to be held in one of the Village Hall Cttee Rooms (which to be dictated by building works progress).