/ Parish Council / Agendas / 3rd June 2019


A G E N D A for the Annual General Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council to be held at 7.00pm

on Monday, 3rd June 2019 in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall, Creech St Michael.

(The Public and Press are entitled to attend. There will be an opportunity for the Public to speak before the meeting).

1. Chair’s welcome.

2. To receive any apologies for absence.

3. Declarations of Interests. Declarations of Individual Members.

4. Vacancies on the Parish Council. There are vacancies which have been advertised. PC to make decisions

on who to co-opt into the Council. Anyone interested in becoming a PCllr is asked to contact the Clerk prior to the end

of May for an informal discussion and to attend the 3rd June PC meeting.

5. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. (1) To agree Finance Sub Ctte Membership,

(2) To agree the PC working parties and their membership (see separate report); (3) Neighbourhood Plan to

Reconfirm membership of the NH Panels membership (4) to reconfirm the PIP18 working party.

6. To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports.

7. Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 13th May 2019.

8. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 13th May 2019.

9. Planning. 9.1 Planning Applications received. To consider the following applications received;




1 5 2019

14 19 0007

Rec Park off Leighton Drive, Hyde Lane, CSM – Erection of two large additional pieces of play equipment and lighting to existing and an additional MUGA.

9.2 CSM Neighbourhood Plan. To update the PC of the progress of the plan. 9.3 Monkton Heathfield Urban

Extension2. to update on the response to the agreed aims (see separate document) and representations, including the

proposal to establish a MHUE2 joint advisory panel with representatives from involved Councils and developers.

10. Finance –

10.1 To approve payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks

May Expense’s and other invoices received; Zurich Municipal (Insurance 19.7.19-18.7.20) £1,627.43,

Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (Rec Park 3d Security 25.4.19-21.5.19) £ ,

10.2 Monies Received and banked since the last meeting;

10.3 Payments made since last mtg (as authorised) British Gas (Pavilion Electricity Supply 8.4.19–7.5.19)

Layz Ricks (PIP Clean Up Day) £133.50. EDF (Pavilion and Engine Shed Electricity Supply DD).

10.4 Banking. Clerk to update on new Current Account progress and closure of deposit account.

11. Party in the Park 6th July. Update report on preparations for PIP19.

12. Rec Park. 12.1 To update 12.2 Improvements. To update and agree how to progress projects to (i) fence park

(SG), (ii) to provide an additional MUGA, lighting and additional play equipment (iii) to ensure youth club can meet in

the pavilion.

13. Highways. 13.1 Defects or Issues to be reported /considered. 13.2 Road Safety. The commissioning of a Feasibility

Report to show potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM.

14. Footpaths/Rights of Way. 14.1 Defects/Issues and report of the Parish Footpath volunteers. 14.2 Rights of Way.

15. Youth Club. To update on the setting up of an open access youth Club.

16. Canal Carpark. Update and to agree the way forward to include instructing Solicitors.

17. Correspondence. To consider any correspondence received that Cllrs wish to raise.

18. New Matters to be carried forward.

19. Council to decide to exclude Public and Press for these items. 18.1 Allotment site. To consider next steps.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

The next CSM PC mtgs are on 8th July and 2nd Sept at 7pm in the Cartwright Room, Village Hall.

A Planning meeting will be held on August 5th at 7pm if there are applications to be considered.