/ Parish Council / Creech Neighbourhood Plan / Minutes 12th April 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC Neighbourhood Plan Panel
held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 12
th April 2018

in the Upper Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present Co-opted Parishioners C Cudlip (Chair), J Birch, F A'Court, L Crowley, A Hayes, J Read and J Scott.

PCllr P Brown. S Altria (Parish Clerk). No Members of the public attended.

NP18/14. To receive any apologies for absence. Co-opted Parishioners A Oldham and J McCarthy. PCllr K Reed (Vice Chair). S Coles (WYG).

NP18/15. Declarations of Interests. No additional declarations were made.

NP18/16. Minutes - to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 20th February 2018. (These had been previously circulated to Panel Members). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

NP18/17. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 20th February 2018.

The Clerk advised that all items arising were covered by agenda items with the exception of item NP17/138 RofW T10/23 Langaller (use of tunnel under M5) as he had yet to write to HE and the adjacent landowners.

NP18/18. Community Action Plan (CAP).

The CSM Neighbourhood Plan exercise had identified a number of suggestions that did not relate to the use of land allocation and it had been identified that these should be dealt with by way of a CAP. The Clerk circulated the listing of identified actions highlighting that these were the actions identified to date and that further points could be added by agreement as could deleting and amendments. He distributed a template he had prepared and suggested that each member complete a template for each action and that he would then compile these into a draft plan document for further consideration. It was agreed each point would be discussed in turn and it was agreed that the importance be rated as 1 to 5 (were 1 is high) and timescales as A =under 5 years, B-5-to 10 years ad C= Over 10 years. The panel then spent two and a half hours discussing each point and completing templates.

NP18/19. Feedback, Update and Next Steps on CSM NH Plan post sect 14 consultation completion.

Version6 of the draft plan has been circulated previously; this reflects the changes agreed after the Sect 14 consultation undertaken between Dec and Feb. Further Sect 14 consultation had now been completed (13th March to 3rd April) on the Green Wedge Policy and the Housing Needs Survey. Ten responses had been received mainly positive which had also been circulated previously. These have been considered and the PC has agreed to amend the Ver6 plan by accepting the suggestions from TDBC that the Green Wedge be extended further northwards and north of Walford removed. Also that the Traffic Volume data provided by Highways England and that SCC had agreed in principal to developing a Traffic Management Plan. There will now be a Version7 of the plan published and along with the SEA screening report and a letter serving as the environmental report now be submitted to TDBC. TDBC will then undertake section 16 consultation on the plan (this will take approx 2 months) and prepare for examination. A presentation will be made by CC the Panel Chair and Simon Coles of WYG at the Ann Parish Meeting to advise Parishioners of what’s has been achieved in the past year, to advise on what remains to be done and to explain the importance of voting in the ballot.

NP18/20. Highways. The Clerk advised;

(1) Highway Traffic volumes. The results of traffic counts done in Sept by Highways England Ltd had been previously circulated. The figures show that the traffic volumes in the Village are extremely high - similar to the A361 (Thornfalcon to Street Rd) which does not have the housing, narrow or no footpaths, bridges, is much wider etc. A walk through with SCC Engineers is to take place the next day (13th April).

(2) A358/A303 consultation. Representations are being made by local councils to secure representation during the period HE Ltd consider the consultation responses they received rather than after a preferred route is indentified. It is expected that CSM PC would be represented if agreed. HE Ltd had been invited to the “walk though” of the village to examine the various safety issues and to seek mitigation ahead of works commencing. However they were not available tomorrow but had promised to attend at a future date.

(3) Creech Castle Junction Upgrade. SCC Highways had presented their plans to upgrade the junction to PCllrs on the 5th Feb and a planning application is expected for commenting upon as a next step. It is understood that SCC would like to do M5 J25 works at the same time.

(4) M5 J25 Junction Upgrade. SCC Regulation Ctte had granted Planning permission for the scheme and land brought.

(5) Safe route to School along Hyde Lane. That part of the footpath to be delivered by the developers has now opened. This was welcomed. The path is a big step forward however until the remainder is opened there is now a danger that users will walk straight out on to Hyde Lane. DF had advised that SCC would ensure barriers or signs would be put up to prevent this. It was noted that this is a permissive path on land owned by Persimmon and Redrow. Highways have informed the Clerk that the remainder of the path would be opened in the autumn. It was noted that the PC had also asked for a cycle lane and lighting but that these had not been provided.

(6) Hyde Lane Crossing. The PC have asked SCC Highways for a crossing immediately outside the School entrance. it was hoped that additional calming may also be provided further down Hyde Lane (nr junction with West View).

(7) Hollingsworth Park Estate Speed calming. The Highways Officers involved to date had handed the project over to their colleagues dealing with the proposed Hyde Lane Crossing. Unfortunately it appeared that briefing could have been improved as questions now being asked of the PC had already been answered. It had been agreed that the Clerk would respond on the PC behalf.

NP18/21. Planning. The Clerk advised;

(1) Updates on Gladman’s Application (14/17/0033, to build 200 houses on the land off Langaller Road). TDBC planning has yet to consider or list the application. A similar application by Gladman at Rockwell Green in Wellington had gone to appeal last in feb but on the second day Gladman had introduced new evidence and the Inspector decided to postpone the appeal for three months in order that it can be properly considered.

(2) TDBC Nexus Employment site. TDBC had granted itself a Local Development Order (LDO) and the site has been sold so the developer is now able to proceed.

(3) Planning Application 48/17/0043 Employment development in West Monkton (village side of Western Relief Road). This had been granted following mitigation works incl limiting loading hours.

(4) Planning Application 14/17/0020 Walford Cross (former Langdon’s site). This had now been granted following agreement to mitigation works. It was noted that when it was occupied by Langdon’s traffic volumes were higher than at present so no objection from Highways had been made.

(5) Planning Application 14/18/0005 The Bartons, St Michaels Road, CSM. Demolition and Assoc outbuildings and erection of 5 No dwellings and Assoc works. The PC had made the following observations; to support in principal the development of the site but wish to see fewer properties (4), concerned about overlooking of neighbours house and garden. Wants plots 4 and 5 (re)orientated to face St Michaels Rd and double yellow lines around site.

NP18/22. Open Access Youth Club. The Clerk reported that the grant application he had submitted for £3,000 to SCC Youth Service had been successful for 2018. The PC had agreed to hold a meeting with two interested companies that wish to run the club to ascertain what they could offer.

NP18/23. Date of Next Meeting. It was agreed to hold a meeting when TDBC had completed the Sect 16 consultation.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net