/ Parish Council / Creech Neighbourhood Plan / Minutes 14th November 2016



Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC Neighbourhood Plan Panel

held at 7pm on Monday 14th November 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present PCllrs I Wright (Chair), L Gates (Vice Chair) and K Reed. Co-opted Parishioners C Cudlip, J McCarthy,

J Scott, E Tucker, J Birch (CCfS), D Summerfield (WYG) and S Altria (Parish Clerk). No Parishioners attended.


NP16/61. Welcome  Cllr Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting and Darren Summerfield from WYG in particular. Darren introduced himself explaining his extensive planning experiences and that he was replacing Alex Bullock as WYG’s representative going forward. DS was asked to thank AB and to pass on the panels best wishes.

NP16/62. To receive any apologies for absence.  None.

NP16/63. Declarations of Interests. The Clerk explained he was a volunteer Director of Wellington Community Support Services a ‘not for profit’ charitable company that runs services in Wellington including a ‘open access’ youth centre. See minute NP16/67 below.

NP16/64.  CSM Childrens Centre. Jeff Brown, Children’s Commissioning Service Manager, Somerset County Council attended to update the panel on the use of the centre. JB explained his predecessor Robert Sampson had left SCC at the end of 2015 and the authority had taken the opportunity to review the management arrangement of children centres before appointing himself recently. The centres are now part of the Somerset ‘Get Set’ services which aims to support families with young people under 25. JB explained that financial cuts meant more had to be delivered with less and a review of the scope for future use of the centre had just started. This would include use by and the possible management by CSM School from Easter 2017, along with other users such as Health, Parent Groups, the Community having use. JB undertook to provide details of the services currently offered in/from the centre and take up. JMcC confirmed discussions had commenced, that the School currently made some use of the centre and that the School itself was under increasing budget pressure. IW highlighted the need for the Panel to identify the needs going forward once the discussions have been completed.

NP16/65.  Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 6th October 2016. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

NP16/66.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 6th October 2016;   

(1) NP/29(3) The Clerk updated on a planning application which impacts on the MH Urban Area; 14/16/0031 Outline Planning Application with some matters reserved for the erection of 35 No dwellings on and to the south west of Creech Medical Centre, Hyde Lane, CSM. CSM PC had previously voted against the application. The Clerk reported the decision of the TDBC Planning Ctte made at their meeting on 2nd Nov to refuse this outline planning application. It is understood this was because the site is outside of the development boundary. It was noted that the land for the footpath is owned by the developer and lies in WM Parish and as a CPO process would take time to acquire we need to persuade WM PC to support.

Action. The Clerk to write to WM PC/NH Plan Panel appraising them of the need for a footpath along Hyde Lane (Motorway to Cottages)

(2) NP16/40(6) Rec Park. The Clerk reminded the Panel that the Parish Council had stated its desire to extend the Rec Park in order to help meet the growing demand from an increasing number of Parishioners for leisure activities. The adj field Owner had been asked again if an agreed sale could be achieved and this time had written in response stating she needed to get professional advice and asked for her professional advisers fees to be paid. This had been considered by the PC who had agreed to ask how much these £ would be before making a decision. 

(3) NP16/40(7) M5 Junc 25 Improvements. The Clerk advised that the PC had received an acknowledgement from SCC Highways following receipt of its response to their consultation. The PC had supported the scheme but also made representations to improve the Creech Castle Junction and to request a package of improvements (to include 20mph throughout the Village, a ‘pinch point’ to stop lorries from routing through, improvements to the pavements on the Railway and Canal Bridges and at Creech Heathfield and a pedestrian crossing) be put in place beforehand.

Action. The Clerk to request details of the traffic modelling for the roundabout and duelling once it was available.

NP16/67. Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation.  JB reported that a draft report would be presented on Monday 21st.  Extensive checking is being undertaken to ensure no duplicate responses are submitted and one had been identified.

JB explained the consultations she had with Cheddon Fitzpayne School and suggested she undertake similar with CSM School. JB advised she had met with JS and a draft survey they had drawn up was circulated. JMcC commented that she hoped the young people could be given some more open questions and other suggestions were made such as including references to other youth groups, TME, sports and cycling/traffic. Action. JB to draw up the survey form and agree and implement with JMcC.

JB then discussed the plans for consultation at the Sec School. This could use the School Council, to ask the School to set up a grouping of CSM Children or send a survey with H/Teachers letter. IW suggested we ask WM PC for the feedback to help inform us.  It was agreed to offer £25 to encourage participation. Action. JB to liaise with Monkton Heathfield School and make arrangements to survey the CSM pupils. The Clerk to ask WM NH Panel to learn of their consultation findings.

The Clerk explained that CCfS had supplied a survey which they had used in Wincanton from which he had constructed a CSM version. Using this and the list of Businesses drawn up by LG (and having identified their addresses he had then written to each by post explaining what a NH Plan is and asking for their views. Notices had also been put on the website, Creech News and in due course the Village facebook site.

Action. All to review listing of Businesses to ensure it is complete and as accurate as possible.

The discussion then turned to holding a more informal youth consultation event. The Clerk advised that the PC had agreed to fund at its last meeting upto £500 (since reduced to £475 as £25 is to be used as a prize). As a result he made enquiries of the professional youth workers at Wellington Youth Centre if they were interested in leading an evening’s event in CSM.  Following the cessation of open youth work by SCC there are few experienced and DBS youth workers and he could vouch for them.  In response they had confirmed that they would run such an evening in CSM so he had asked for a £ quote which is now awaited.

NP16/68. Grants update. The Clerk advised that Awards for All (National Lottery) had now agreed to grant £10,000. This was welcomed by all.

NP16/69. Next Steps/AOB.

CC offered that he and ET still intended to do a Highways issues audit if, as he anticipated, the survey identified traffic issues as a priority.

DS explained that WYG could offer Highways input (at cost) if required.

The Clerk offered to circulate the plan showing the extent of highway land at the shop he had obtained.

JB highlighted that CCfS were offering a free CIL and Neighbourhood Planning Session with a range of relevant speakers on 23rd Nov 1.30pm in West Monkton. CC, JS, KR and the Clerk confirmed they would attend.

The next meeting to be used to consider the consultation report that will have been issued three days prior.

NP16/70. Date of Next meeting

Thursday 24th November 6.30pm in the CSM Village Hall Cttee Room.

The meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net