/ Parish Council / Creech Neighbourhood Plan / Minutes 18th August 2016



Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC Neighbourhood Plan Panel

held at 7pm on Thursday 18th August 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present PCllrs I Wright (Chair), L Gates (Vice Chair) and K Reed. Co-opted Parishioners E Tucker and C Cudlip. A Bullock (WYG) and Steve Altria (Parish Clerk). 1 Parishioner attended; Jackie Scott.

For item NP16/40 the panel where joined by Julie Moore (TDBC Monkton Heathfield Project Team Leader), Francis Wadsley (TDBC Planning Officer), Lisa Mc Caffrery (SCC/TDBC Highways), Keith Annis (Redrow Homes) and Robert Taylor (Persimmon Homes).


NP16/31. Welcome.  Cllr Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting.


NP16/32. To receive any apologies for absence.  J Birch (CCfS).


NP16/33.  Declarations of Interests. None.


NP16/34.  Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 21st July 2016.

(These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


NP16/35.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 21st July 2016;   

NP/29(1) TDBC have now confirmed Ruishton and Thornfalcon NH Plan proposals. The plan area is the Parish boundary.


NP/29(3) The Clerk updated on two planning applications which impact on the MH Urban Area;

(3.1) 14/16/0031 Outline Application with some matters reserved for the erection of 35 No dwellings on and to the south west of Creech Medical Centre, Hyde Lane, CSM. The developer is offering land for a footpath along Hyde Lane and as at yet no decision has been made by TDBC Planners. Highways are not objecting but WM PC have (though WM TDBCllr Cavill is supporting).

(3.2) 48/16/0028 Planning Application for Proposed Sports Pitches and Pavilion, Monkton Heathfield. This application has been agreed by TDBC Planners without CSM PC request for vehicle/cycling/pedestrian access from Hyde Lane.


NP16/36. Neighbourhood Plan - Parish Awareness Raising. 

(1) CC advised that he had circulated the flyers extensively across the Parish.


(2) LG advised that she has sent a flyer to each employer in the Parish. A list of all recipients is to be sent to and held by the Clerk.


(3) Other events and locations. Action. The flyers to be made available for use at other events (including the Flower Show 3/9/16 by LG) and other events over the summer. LG has the stock.


(4) Creech News. Action. KR to arrange for the Sept edition to include the flyer as a page.


NP16/37. Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation Questionnaire. 

IW reminded the panel that Version 2 of the proposed Questionnaire was out for review and invited final comments.

A small number of points were made along with need for a revision to the map and to the logo.

Action. Clerk to inform CCfS of requested changes.


NP16/38. Neighbourhood Plan – Finance bids. 

The Clerk confirmed that IW and he had several exchanges with both Awards for All and Locality responding to their questions on the submitted bids. Awards for All are now processing the application (est another 7 weeks) whilst Locality had indicated in principle they would be making an award but had asked for yet further details about costs and he had asked JB to provide. The aim remains to minimise the cost of the NH Plan production on CSM Parishioners.           Action. Information to be submitted to Locality by the Clerk once obtained from JB on her return.


NP16/39. NH Plan Panel decided to exclude Public and Press for the next item.


NP16/40. Meeting with TDBC/Persimmon and Redrow Homes. An initial meeting with representatives and to be advised by the builders of their plans and progress was held.


NP16/41. Date of Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Monday 12th September 6.30pm in the Village Hall Cttee Room.


The meeting closed at 8.37pm.


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net