/ Parish Council / Creech Neighbourhood Plan / Minutes 19th December 2016



Minutes of the Joint Meeting of the CSM PC and WM PC Neighbourhood Plan Panels held at 7pm on Monday 19th December 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present CSM PC NH Plan Panel Members PCllr I Wright (CSM NH Panel Chair), PCllr L Gates (CSM NH Plan Vice Chair), Co-opted Parishioner C Cudlip and S Altria (CSM PC Parish Clerk).


WM PC NH Plan Panel Members K Tuthill (WM NH Panel Chair), TDBCllr N Cavill, J Woolacott, R Tully, T Cavill (WM PC Clerk).


No Parishioners attended.

NP16/90. Welcome  Cllr Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting and everyone introduced themselves.

NP16/91. To receive any apologies for absence.  For CSM J McCarthy, D Summerfield (WYG) and J Scott and for WM J Pearson (Clerk Cheddon PC).

NP16/92. Declarations of Interests.  N Cavill declared his pecuniary interest as he farms land in development area.

NP16/93. Discussion with WM NH Plan Panel on areas of mutual interest to both/each Parish.

(1). An update on each Parish’s Plan progress took place;


CSM PC explained that their plan covered the whole Parish and that the draft survey results have just been received and is now in the process of being analysed. The plan headings had been identified and agreed as Road Safety, Green Spaces, Community, Housing, Youth, Bus/Employers, Facilities, Recreation and Environment.


WM PC advised that their draft plan is joint with Cheddon PC though one field off Staplegrove Lane on the western edge of the Parish (see x on map provided) was not included due to this being viewed by TDBC as part of Staplegrove NH Plan area. WM advised that their plan will be issued mid Jan 17 and that had four sections Housing, Transport, Employment and Recreation. Consultation would then take place over 6 weeks before formally going to TDBC at the end of Feb before Independent Inspection and a referendum in June/July.


WM advised that they had met recently the developers Redrow/Persimmon who had showed them a draft plan for the CSM urban development area; this showed three possible routes for the roads. WM advised to expect changes as these had occurred since the first plans merged of their area with an extra 100 homes being built (up from 1000 to 1100) and that the School, Shops, Roads and Employment areas had all moved.


It is thought the developers are currently trying to establish land value is as they have to buy the land and will be seeking to see what is needed to enable that to be determined.


(2). Discussion then followed around specific issues;


2.1 CSM raised the need for a safe route to School for children walking to Heathfield School and access to sports facilities in the WM Urban Area.


2.2 WM advised that they are seeking a Green Corridor alongside the Motorway down to the canal path. The aim is to get over the railway line and to use 2 redundant rail lines to enable access into Taunton.


2.3 WM PC highlighted that they were looking to establish a ‘Rapid Bus’ route from the proposed Park and Ride in the Springfield House to Walford Cross area and that we need to identify a route to be able to get buses through quicker than the other traffic. This is likely to require a piece of the green wedge required.


2.4 As TDBC policy supports WM PC aims for Green Spaces this has not been put in NH Plan in detail.


2.5 Flooding. The Walford stream in the development area is in the flood plain so it’s unlikely to be able to be developed upon. WM suggested CSM consider flood elevation policies such as weeping dams. Also whether CSM want this to count as open space as the Developers are likely to want to. The flood ponds at Longrun Meadow and that being planned for Bradford were identified as examples of land that is available for leisure use outside of periods of flooding.


It was noted that the upper parrot catchment area policies of the Env agency and Somerset River Authority are open to suggestion but they wish to avoid hard engineering as they wish to avoid ongoing maintenance liabilities.


Joanne Iglo of the Farmers Advisory Group based in the Charities Commission Office can provide maps of storm water courses, spring water and their run off maps.


2.6 A bus gate is to be installed by the developers along by Nerrol’s Farm on the A259 before the western relief road is built. At present a second bus gate is due to be on the A38 near Procter’s Farm. At present Redrow are paying for crossing patrol person outside of the School.


2.7 CSM advised that there is strong support for the idea of a village wide 20mph speed limit. WM advised that often we were told what we can do and then we are left to explain to Parishioners ‘you asked for this’ and ‘what the outcome is’. WM explained that SCC don’t like to have blanket policies as outside the School we discussed a 10mph but their reluctant to do it as in holiday times as theres no children at the school or if it’s a national policy they won’t allow a policy in the NH Plan. They will only allow a policy in the NH Plan if you can demonstrate the policy is backed up with evidence.   CSM added that traffic calming in CSM village was also wanted.


2.8 CSM advised that the survey had highlighted that a footpath/cycleway from North Petherton to Taunton was desired with connection through to CSM, Ruishton and the motorway junction. Also that a bridge over the canal to Ruishton was desirable.


2.9 CSM advised that their employers survey had indentified little demand for additional employment land beyond start up units and with the large scale plans for alongside the motorway junction and the difficulty of access suggested that it was likely there would be little interest from developers or employers. WM PC confirmed their wish is to retain the identified employment land rather than housing pointing out that the motorway junction development is unlikely to be available for some time.


2.10 Gas Main. WM PC highlighted that a high pressure main gas line runs right across the development area site across to the pumping Station alongside the motorway at Walford. This would create a swathe 200m wide across the site which can’t be built on.


2.11. Housing. CSM advised that their survey results showed a desire for a village feel to the development and that the priorities are for housing with accessible housing, housing tailored in design for disabled people, sheltered housing for older people, ensuring adequate 1-2 bed roomed starter homes are provided, ensuring adequate bungalows for the elderly, affordable housing, ensuring adequate sheltered housing, bungalows, single occupancy housing and family housing rather than 4-5 bed houses which developers appear to prefer. WM suggested that CSM consider their need for houses for rent and for self builds. The Clerk added some starter homes could be made available on a shared equity scheme though it was reconised that would require developers to take a long term view. The importance of design and variety of design and features and the need to agree percentages for each type of housing was acknowledged.


Other areas discussed included the need for social housing not to be distinguishable from other housing (e.g. to have drives and garages and not to be back to back and to be pepper potted rather than being grouped all together), for there to be more off road parking, desire for chimneys etc. Also to specify eco requirements such as pv cell are on all houses (not loaded onto industrial Bdgs) and ensure this is on each development application and that developments are mixed and not of one social type.  


2.12 S106 Money. For WM most of the planning gain is in the form of S106.WM PC have given Cricket Club a long lease and a long-term loan from S106 monies. The aim in NH terms is to ensure the Ground is sacrosanct. For CSM benefits will be in CIL plus S106 for play equipment.


2.13 Screening of the motorways and roads. This was thought to be needed by both panels.


2.14 Creech Castle Junction. This was thought to be need of upgrade by both panels.


2.15 Quantocks AONB. WM advised the AONB don’t want anymore development on the foothills of the Quantocks.


(3). Discussion then turned to practical matters.


KT agreed to provide CSM with a copy of the WM PC draft NH plan in mid Jan. TC added that the developers had provided some of the policies i.e. bat survey as if they hadn’t the PC would have had to do them. WM advised that Mark Pollock is the consultant supporting them and suggested Darren Summerfield the CSM Consultant contact him and obtain policies.


Finally it was agreed that the meeting had been mutually beneficial and highlighted the extent for the commonality both Panels have and the importance of being at one and supporting each other on overlapping issues was acknowledged. A further meeting is to take place in due course.


NP16/94. Dates for future Meetings. 24th Jan 2017 6.30pm Village Hall Lower Cttee room.


The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

The next meeting of CSM PC NH Plan Panel is to be held on Monday 24th Jan 6.30pm in the Lower Cttee Room of the Village Hall.


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net