/ Parish Council / Creech Neighbourhood Plan / Minutes 24th May 16


Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of the CSM PC Neighbourhood Plan Panel

held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24th May 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present PCllrs I Wright (Chair), L Gates (Vice Chair) and K Reed. Parishioners E Tucker and C Cudlip. A Bullock (WYG),

J Birch (CCfS) and Steve Altria (Parish Clerk).  No members of the public attended.   


NP16/1. Introductions.  As this was the first meeting of the panel the meeting began with everyone introducing themselves.


NP16/2. To receive any apologies for absenceNone given.


NP16/3.  Declarations of Interests. ET declared an interest as an engineer employed by SCC.


NP16/4. Terms of Reference. A draft had been circulated by the Clerk and amendment to include quorum arrangements and working with other PCs were added. A revised document was then agreed (see attached).

Action. CSM PC to be asked to agree TOR.


NP16/5. Election of Chairperson/Vice Chair person. The Clerk asked for nominations for the position of Chairperson; Ian Wright was nominated and then elected as Chairperson. IW then took the Chair. IW then asked for nominations for the position of Vice Chairperson; Lynn Gates was nominated and then elected as Vice Chairperson.


NP16/6. Membership. (1) It was noted ET Membership will need to be confirmed by the CSM PC. (2) The Group membership was discussed and it was agreed to keep under review but to try and interest a couple more Parishioners.

It was agreed that the Group needed to remain of a manageable size.

Action. CSM PC to be asked to agree ET becoming a member of the Panel.


NP16/7. Plan Area. AB advised that two responses had been received to TDBC consultation on the CSM PC Plan application area; the PC having asked for the whole of the Parish to be designated. North Curry PC was supportive but Persimmon Homes had written objecting to the inclusion of the Monkton Heathfield urban extension area. As a result he had drafted a response which had been considered by the PC and TDBC. TDBC had since confirmed that the CSM PC NH Plan Area would be the whole Parish. This was welcomed.

A need for a large plan showing the Parish the urban extension and other areas with planning designations was agreed. Action. AB to obtain a plan of the Parish showing areas designated for development, incl employment areas.


NP16/8. Annual Parish Meeting consultation feedback. JB advised 17 responses had been received from 50 attending. The positive responses were mainly on leisure orientated matters. The Negative comments were for facilities and the future wishes are for more community facilities. The issues raised would be considered later in the process.


NP16/9. Next steps. The need for awareness raising of the Neighbourhood Plan and the opportunities to participate in shaping the Parishes future was identified. It was decided to use the Parish website, to have a NH Plan facebook page and to ask for a stall at the forthcoming Party in the Park event (to be held on 9th July). It was decided that a flyer to hand out was required.

Action. JB to obtain a quote for A5 flyer design and production. CSM PC to be asked to fund. KR to ask if the flyer can appear in the sept Creech News.


JB/AB advised the panel that the next step was then a full survey of the Parish. It is believed a grant can be obtained to cover the cost of this. A copy of other PC plans were reviewed and ways of consulting considered. It was decided to keep the survey short-20/25 questions over few pages in order to identify the key concerns for CSM and to survey every house. This would be supplemented with public consultation events held perhaps at the school, with employers etc.

JB suggested having a lucky prize draw to encourage response rates and asking the Village Agent to assist those who are known to need help with responding.

Action. JB to obtain a quote for questionnaire design and production and obtain details of grant availability.


JB suggested Ann Rhodes (TDBC) to be invited to a future meeting. This was agreed but not to the next meeting.


NP16/10. Frequency/Dates and timings of future meetings.

It was decided that meetings would be held as required but it is anticipated monthly. It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on 13th June 7pm in the Village Hall Cttee Rm.


The meeting closed at 9.15pm.





Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net












NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN PANEL - TERMS OF REFERENCE                                            



Local Government Act 1972. Sections 101 and 102 {4).


In an area that has a Parish Council, the Town & Country Planning 1990 Act provides for the Parish Council to take the lead role in neighbourhood planning.


The Parish Councils Vision is to produce a Plan which will provide a framework for development over the next 20 years from 2017 in the CSM Parish which will meet the needs and expectations of the community and improve the quality of life in the Parish.


CSM Parish Council (PC) have decided to establish a NH Plan Panel (NHPP) as an advisory body to carry out the work required to produce the CSM PC Neighbourhood Plan. 



To steer the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and advise the Parish Council on whether the Plans development is meeting its objective of developing a NH Plan that meets the needs of the Parish.


The NHPP shall endeavour to represent everyone in the Parish, act in its best interests and avoid personal agendas.


To operate within PC NH Plan Budget and to seek grants to minimise costs to Parishioners/PC.




Parish Councilors and Parishoners appointed (and dismissed) by CSM PC.        


 Advisors as and when the Panel requires.


The Parish Clerk




The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be elected from within the membership of the Panel and shall be so elected on an annual basis.


Such elections shall be held in May each year.


Membership of the Panel will be determined by the CSM PC. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld providing the Panel remains a manageable size.





The panel will determine the frequency of its meetings to reflect key decision making and PC meeting dates as required. Meetings will normally be held in public.




The Panel is advisory to the CSM PC; it has no delegated authority to make decisions.

A majority of the PCllrs and Parishioners on the panel is required to be quorate.




The Panel will be subject to the PC Code of Conduct, its Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. Meetings will normally be minuted and published publically on the website.




The role of the Advisors is to proactively drive the publication of the CSM NH Plan (WYG) and undertake the various consultations required (CCfS). Advice will also be given by TDBC and SCC Officers/Cllrs.

It is also anticipated that the panel will work with other PC NH Plan panels and others.




The Group may be terminated by CSM PC after due discussion with the Panel at any time if it appears to them to be in the best interests of CSM. If the inspection or referendum rejects the Plan, the PC reserve the right to terminate the appointment of the Panel or to make such other arrangements as the PC considers appropriate.


Panel membership:

Representing the Parish Council:

PCllrs. Ian Wright, Lynn Gates and Kym Reed


Charlie Cudlip and Emma Tucker (ET TBC)



Jane Birch CCfS

Alex Bullock WYG


Parish Clerk

Steve Altria


23 5 2016