/ Parish Council / Creech Neighbourhood Plan / Minutes 30th January 2018

Notes of meeting between Ruishton, Thornfalcon and Henlade Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Creech St Michael Parish Council held 30th January 2018


Ruishton, Thornfalcon and Henlade (RTH) Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group:

Mike Marshall (Chair of Steering Group), Roy Bulgin, Jim Claydon, Dave Duke and Catherine Faulkner (Administrator)

Creech St Michael (CSM) Parish Council:

Simon Hutchings (Chair of Parish Council) and Steve Altria (Clerk)


CSM gave an update on their Plan. They are currently at the Section 14 consultation stage which is an informal consultation and is being carried out by CSM PC. The closes on 2nd February 2018. Following this CSM will ask TDBC to do a Section 15 consultation which will be on a revised draft after amendments following feedback from the Section 14 consultation period. CSM have chosen to carry out their Environmental Assessment in parallel to the Section 14 consultation period. This is undertaken by TDBC who are also paying for the assessment.

In relation to CSM’s NP, the policies within the NP apply to the whole parish and not to specific development issues or areas. Throughout the development of the plan CSM had 8 headings with around 10 topics under each heading. These summarised the key things people in the parish said and are high level aspirations. These then directly follow through to the consultation documents and community action plan. CSM have taken photographs of the problems identified in the plan and these will be included in the plan document. CSM advised that they also had an ecological survey carried out.

RTH informed CSM that they have completed their Household Survey and are using Project Teams to look at issues raised in the Household Survey. An Employment/Business Survey and two school surveys have been completed. The Housing Needs Survey is out now. A Vision and high-level Objectives have been drafted for discussion with the Project Teams.

Regarding timescales, CSM are aiming for completion of their NP by November 2018. RTH will probably take another year to complete. RTH have concerns that a new local plan may be put in place which will not be in line with their NP. In addition, the changes to the A358 will have a large impact and the RTH plan process has been trying to keep in line with those timescales.

Development in parishes

A discussion was had as to whether any development in CSM may have a knock-on effect on RTH parish. CSM advised that there is currently no date for consideration of the Gladman planning application. If it is approved, it will be a significant impact to CSM as it is approximately ⅙ of the size of CSM and there is not sufficient infrastructure to support a development of this size.

The only other developments are the current developments at Monkton Heathfield, of which the bulk is in CSM parish. 900+ have been built in West Monkton with 3,500 to be built in CSM. TDBC have not yet released any CIL money to SCC yet in relation to these builds.

If the new A358 is built, RTH’s view is that it will open up land for development within the parish, therefore the NP needs to consider the type of building it would wish to see. A couple of developers have been met with as part of the plan development process to find out their aspirations. All of them are watching Gladman. They all agreed that it depends partly on which route is chosen as to the outcome for the future for, primarily, Henlade.


CSM hope the proposed works at Creech Castle will help reduce rat running. Traffic speed and volume are the top issues for CSM which came through both in their survey and verbal representation. This manifest themselves as road safety concerns and stem from rat running, poor sight lines, narrow or no footways and bridges and volumes. CSM were told by parishioners they would want pinch points in their parish. CSM advised that they propose to put in place a traffic management plan with support from SCC Highways.

Traffic is also the top issue for RTH which includes the A358 congestion. RTH PC would like to see provisions put in place to safely join the A358, ie traffic lights at Lipe Lane, to reduce traffic through Ruishton.

CSM advised that they have been telling SCC, TDBC and HE that they need to think wider than their scheme and consider impacts, safety etc. RTH agreed with this.

Cycle paths/Footpaths

CSM would like enhanced cycle and footpath facilities. RTH advised that they had put in a comment in to the West Monkton NP consultation process regarding a cycle path from Ruishton alongside the riverbank to Hankridge. There is no outcome at present. One thing CSM is thinking of is using an access/bridge across the canal off the Arundells Way area to use as a cycle/footpath to town.

Community facilities

Regarding primary schools, CSM is full and Ruishton is also at capacity. Ruishton Primary School also has access problems due to the number of cars trying to get to the school and on-road parking within the residential area. SCC do not know what is needed for secondary schools yet. Heathfield has taken over the old primary school. With 3,500 new homes to be built, there will need to be consideration of schooling.

In relation to other community facilities, CSM are trying to protect them. CSM advised that they have community assets which includes a Rec Field. They built a case for it by considering how the land is used currently. CSM are also trying to develop the concept of a green wedge and a gap between settlements. West Monkton has planning permission for 2 football pitches and a pavilion in place which the developer is to provide.

Future joint working

It was agreed that joint working between CSM and RTH could include:

  • looking at the effect of any housing developments and road infrastructure.

  • looking at how our footpaths could join up, and with wider footpaths/cycleways. CSM agreed to find out who would be best placed for them to take this piece of work forward and pass the information to the RTH Administrator.

  • An agreed ambition to work together regarding flooding. CSM PC has asked for the road to between CSM and Cheats Road to be raised and it has gone to the Rivers Authority for them to see how it could be funded. CSM to send RTH Administrator the details

  • It was agreed that both CSM and RTH need to seek to ensure (now) that when the the sewage road works are completed the new road is used and not existing roads

  • Continued joint working on NH Plans.

Catherine Faulkner

Ruishton and Thornfalcon Neighbourhood Plan Administrator

Email:  RuishtonNP@hotmail.com

Telephone:  07740 624726