/ Parish Council / Creech Neighbourhood Plan / Minutes 5th October 2017


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC Neighbourhood Plan Panel
held at 6.30pm on Thursday 5
th October 2017

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present Co-opted Parishioners C Cudlip (Chair), F A'Court, J Birch, L Crowley and J Scott, S Altria (Parish Clerk). PCllr Ian Wright and one Member of the public also attended.

NP17/118. To receive any apologies for absence. PCllrs K Reed (Vice Chair) and P Brown, Co-opted Parishioners A Hayes, J McCarthy, A Oldham, J Read and S Coles (WYG).

NP17/119. Declarations of Interests. No declarations were made.

NP17/120. Minutes - to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 20th July 2017. (These had been previously circulated to Panel Members). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

NP17/121. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 20th July 2017.

The Clerk advised;

(1) NP17/77 Youth Club. The Clerk advised that he had repeatedly requested costing’s from Somerset Rural Youth Project. They had now asked for a meeting in order to understand the requirement. He explained that SRYP had to await the outcome of bids that they had submitted for Nat Citizenship and Youth funding in order to enable them to be in a position to continue to provide open access youth sessions across the County. This had now been confirmed thereby enabling SRYP to proceed.

Action. The Clerk to arrange a meeting with SRYP and to invite KR/CS/YG to attend along with himself.

(2) NP17/115 Walford Cross Depot - Proposed Erection of 11 no light industrial units (in 2 No building). Class B1/B8 usage (Planning App No 14/17/0020). The PC had objected to the planning application as the larger single building was too close to a residential house, that some of the trees that are to be removed are thought to have TPO on them and that the PC did not wish to see more displaced vehicle sparked in the access lane as Walford Cross is dangerous. The terrace building would replace the need for additional employment land becoming available in the urban dev area. Also noted was Charlton Road residents concern over adding to flooding. The agent for the applicant had since written to TDBC addressing these points. The Clerk advised that the PC had yet to consider their response.

NP17/122. TDBC Pitch Strategy. It was noted that TDBC had adopted an updated Playing Field Strategy and that they had not adopted the suggestions the PC/NH Panel had made at the consultation. The Clerk had replied asking TDBC if its Cllrs are even aware of the PC’s response.

NP17/123. Housing Needs Survey. The Survey commissioned by the PC and conducted by TDBC on its behalf (report already distributed to Panel Members). It is noted that the Survey represents the findings at a set point in time, that personal circumstances are constantly changing and this should be taken into account when making any recommendations. Based on the analysis of the information received, none of the respondents were identified to be in high priority housing need.

It is noted that 8 respondents highlighted a preference for renting from the Local Authority or a Housing Association, plus a further two highlighted this option as a second choice. This is in contrast to the 26 applicants currently expressing Creech St Michael as their parish first choice on Homefinder Somerset. However, in view of the existing 80 rented properties offering a range of accommodation type already present within the Parish, of which 20 rented properties were provided within the last three years, it is considered that this level of need could be met within existing stock.

11 people indicated that they may be interested in Low Cost Home Ownership options, including Discounted Open Market and Shared Ownership properties. Taking into account the financial information provided, despite the larger preference for Discounted Open Market properties, it is not considered that this type of property would be affordable to the majority.

A reasonable level of interest was also expressed in Shared Ownership houses and the financial information submitted appears to support their suitability for this. There have been 15 new shared ownership properties provided within the Parish over the last three years. Feedback from the housing associations marketing these properties advised they struggled to sell some homes to local people, despite intensively advertising within the local vicinity.

9 of the respondents were seeking non-affordable tenures including lower cost open market housing and 15 were already homeowners, who were looking for a more affordable open market home ownership option and down-sizing opportunities.

There were 9 current homeowners who stated that they would be interested in a small bungalow/flat in the future, which includes instances of specific adaptations. Whilst not within the affordable element of the report, it is important to note that this has nonetheless identified a specific future need for smaller open market bungalows to be provided to meet the needs of current homeowners who wish to downsize/move to more manageable accommodation.

In view of the information received through the survey, although a low level of affordable housing need has been identified, taking into consideration the existing housing options available within the Parish, it is not considered necessary to provide any additional affordable housing at this time. However, it is recommended that a housing needs survey is undertaken every 3-5 years to reassess the housing need within the parish.

For future plans affordable housing should be incorporated to provide a broad choice of homes for local people at a price they can afford.

NP17/124. Ecology Survey

The Clerk advised that the conclusions of the Ecology Study commissioned by the PC are included in the draft CSM NH plan that had been circulated and the ES report itself will be circulated the next day.

NP17/125. CSM NH Draft Plan (V3) Review.

SC had circulated a third alliteration of the draft plan having taken on board the panels comments at the last meeting, the WM draft plan and the Housing and Ecology report results. This draft had been circulated to Parish Cllrs two weeks ahead of an additional meeting on 16th October to consider the NH Plan to which Panels members are invited. The Clerk asked for comments ahead of or at the meeting. These will be sent through to SC as received.

It is intended that the PC be asked to sign off the plan in order that it can go forward to TDBC (AR)

for informal review and then a formal consultation with statutory and local residents. The later would involve an evening or afternoon public event to explain and allow residents to further review and comment over a six week period (ahead of formal consultation later). In view of timescales it is hoped that this can be achieved ahead of Xmas and the formal consultation in the new year. To take this forward the Clerk will request a meeting of TDBC (AR).

IW highlighted the need to press for what Villagers want and the value of maps/diagrams/drawings to demonstrate the requirement as this removes opportunity for misunderstandings and misinterpretations to occur. The Clerk had also asked WYG to review the Sedgemoor plan and ensure it dovetails with CSM PC as it’s a Neighbour. He suggested we put in all our identified requirements and let TDBC reject those not acceptable to them. FA’C suggested the introduction could be more positive and he would provide alternative wording for consideration.

Action. The Clerk to ask Ann Rhodes for a meeting, All requested to make comments on the plan ahead of attending the PC meeting on the 16th Oct 7pm.

NP17/126. Next Steps.

The Clerk reminded Panel Members to comment on the draft plan and to attend the PC meeting on the 16th 7pm at which signoff of the draft plan will be considered. Following signoff a meeting with TDBC will informally review the plan, a meeting will then take place to understand the (sect 14) consultation requirements and following that consultation to take place.

NP17/127. Highways.

1) Hyde Lane Safe route to School. Whilst agreement had been achieved between Persimmon and SCC on providing a foot/cycleway as a safe route to school (M/bridge to Hyde Lane Cottages) on a Hyde Lane footpath the developers will seek to bring forward as part of the WM Urban development plans.

2) Hyde Lane Crossing. No update other than project in design.

3) M5 J25 upgrade planning application. Sunita Mills, Service Commissioning Manager Transport Policy, Mike O’Dowd Jones Strategic Commissioning Manager Highways and Transport and Richard Needs Service Manager Engineering Design of Somerset County Council had attended the sept PC Meeting to explain their improvement plans for the motorway junction. A presentation was given and the slides since circulated. The various developments within Taunton will create hotspots junctions so SCC are looking to address these. It was explained that they don’t have money to do all but SCC does have the funding to do the Motorway Junction, Creech Castle and some improvements along the Toneway. It is anticipated that work will start next summer to be completed 2020. One year of the construction would be off the highway and the second would necessitate restricted lanes and some overnight working in order to minimise the disruption. PB had asked for details of vehicle movements in the Village for analysis/interpretation and he had been liaising with SM since to obtain and understand these.

SCC Officers had been advised that the real concern is that with 4500 new houses additional homes being built the urban extension combined with Nexus will inevitably lead to more traffic on St Michaels Road through Creech.   Volume and speed are the main concerns. The hazard is compounded by narrow footways over the canal and rail bridges and a blind bend at the junction with Ryesland Way.  MO’D had advised that an efficient J25 would make journeys through the junction more attractive. The PC had asked for a physical pinch point (6 foot 6 inches ) to be created during the works with a physical barrier ensuring that larger vehicles cannot use the road, particularly as there is an absence of police enforcement. This lead to a discussion on acceptability of the access for the emergency services and it was agreed to examine the Transport Reg Order, to consider this further and if necessary seek to change the TRO.

The Clerk advised he had suggested working with Highways England to jointly reengineer the roundabout to make it much larger so that the duelled A358 could join thereby removing the need for a J25a. SCC advised this was outside of their project/ timescales/cost and control. He also suggested a J24a at Walford to enable access onto and from the motorway from the A38 using the existing road bridge. SCC advised HE were not keen to have junctions too close together.

(4) A358/A303 duelling. HE have advised that further consultation will take place on more than one route this autumn and that they are monitoring traffic at 34 sites.

NP17/128. Planning (1) Gladman. A letter requesting a closed meeting to discuss their proposed planning application to build 200 houses on Land off Langaller Road had been submitted to the PC. The PC had decided not to accept at this time but to ask Gladman to keep the PC informed of its plans. It was noted Gladman believed TDBC had not allocated a five year supply of homes in its plans but TDBC advises it has. The similarity with an appeal for a similar development by Gladman in Wellington due to be heard on 13th February was noted. (2) Nexus, Strategic employment site. The Taunton Deane Borough Council Scrutiny Committee will consider the L.D.O. for the Nexus 25 site at the November meeting.

NP17/129. Date of Next Meetings. The next Meetings are Monday 16th October at 7pm (PC Meeting) and then the next NH Plan mtg is 16th November Thursday 6.30pm both in the lower CSM VH Cttee room.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net