/ Parish Council / History

On November 10th 1894 the parish overseers Worthy Day and William Belleti put out public notices to the attend the first Parish Meeting in Creech St Michael, under the new Local Government Act of the same year, which took place on 4th December 1894. The purpose of the meeting was to seek nominations for Creech St Michael's first Parish Council. Reverend Bownes took the chair and received seven nominations for only six places. The council members were formally elected at a Parish Meeting on December 13th 1894 held in the Parochial School Classroom. The first councillors were Worthy Day, Robert Howe, Jas Matthewson, John Henry Dunning, William Henry Kelland and James Pendry; Joseph A Garner having withdrawn from the running. The meetings were held quarterly.


1995 'Tacker' Sweeting (Chairman) and Fred Hunt (Vice Chairman) cut the cake celebrating the 100th anniversary of Creech Parish Council. 

 At its first meeting the Council members elected John Henry Dunning as Chairman and Captain Jenny as Clerk. At the next meeting held in October 1895 the council heard how Jane Dowling (-1850) had left a sum of £300 to Trustees of the Jane Dowling Charity which was to be invested and the income from it distributed to the poor in the parish who were not in receipt of 'parish relief'. Many years later this charity has been combined with others and whilst the qualifying criteria have changed to meet modern times a few people in the parish still receive a small token amount each year.

 Over the years there have been many Councillors and Clerks. Tribute was paid to all the members past and present at a Centenary Concert Supper and Exhibition held in the Village Hall on Saturday, 25th March 1995. Sidney (Tacker) Sweeting (Chairman) and Fred Hunt (Vice Chairman) cut a cake during the interval of a brilliant concert courtesy of CADS Creech Amateur Dramatics Society. Proceeds of the concert were donated to St Margaret's Somerset Hospice.