/ Parish Council / Mhue 2 / Agenda 26th September 2019

Agenda for a meeting of the MHUE2 joint panel of CSM PC and WM PC.

Meeting to be held on Thurs 26th 2019 7pm in CSM Village Hall, Cartwright Room.

Agenda Items;

1. Apologies/Attendance

2. Declaration of Interests

3. Notes of meeting held on 18 6 19 (attached) / Matters Arising.

4. Agree Terms of Reference (attached).

5. To receive an update from Andrew Penna SWTC Garden Town Coordinator (if available).

6. Find a collective position on:

6.1 Road Safety in CSM.

6.2 New A38 and closure of existing A38 to traffic/school access

only?/classified as a strategic route?

6.3 ERR between Langaller roundabout and Monkton Elms roundabout –

foot and cycle paths/ clear way-marking/ crossing places/ speed

restriction/ access to Monkton Elm Garden Centre

(important to the community - local employer of circa 50 - 60 people,

multi million pound business).

6.4 Location of open space close to Cricket Ground 

6.5 Location of school/District Centre and access

6.6 Marketing policy for District Centre

7. MH2 Masterplan. To request that Parish Councils are consulted / have sight of / input into MH2 Masterplan before the consultation with the general public.

8. Reallocation of Employment Land for Housing. To understand what area is to be reallocated/impact upon Hyde Lane.

9. SWTC’s Local Plan Review/ Taunton Transport Strategy/ Garden Town Dev. Discuss ensuring the two Parishes benefit.

10. M5 J25 Works/ A358 duelling. Discuss impact.

11. Highways. To agree seeking greater direct visibility of Highways.

12. Meeting dates and a timetabled schedule of events.

Joint Panel Clerk SA 20 9 2019