/ Parish Council / Mhue 2 / Minutes 18th June 2019

Notes of a meeting held in order to explore establishing a MHUE2 joint panel between CSM PC and WM PC.

Meeting held on 18th June 2019 in CSM Village Hall, Cartwright Room.

1.Attendance.; Those Present;



PCllr Simon Hutchings (Chair)

PCllr Stuart Haskins (Chair)

PCllr Brenda Brighton

PCllr Hazel Ellis

PCllr Peter Brown

PCllr Barry Gage

PCllr Charlie Cudlip

Clerk Steve Altria

PCllr Alan Hall (Vice Chair)

Geoff Hope

Parish and District Cllr Norman Cavill

Clerk Amy Shepherd

Asst Clerk Tricia Cavill

No apologies were given. Introductions took place.

2.Update. It was noted that there is a new Director of Persimmon and SWTC Planner Andrew Penna is aiming to get agreement on the development within a more realistic timescale. AP has held a number of meetings with Somerset Highways since the last joint meeting (held on 2nd May) in order to reflect the comments made at that meeting and have since briefed their master planners Thrive. AP is now awaiting Thrives revisions ahead of meeting with the panel.

3. Panels Term of Reference. The draft document was discussed and it was agreed that each PC would be represented by 4 PCllrs each. CSM PC nominees as above. WM PC to determine their next representation at their next PC mtg. The Panel is to be Chaired by CSM PC and it was agreed that Peter Brown would be Chair. WM PC are to select the Vice Chair.

Also agreed was to permit substitutes and to allow other PCllrs to attend as observers. 3 Clerks to attend. CSM PC Clerk is to be nominated “single point of contact”.

4.Aims. The document “CSM PC” aims was considered line by line and a number of changes made in order to reflect a joint position. WM PC to agree changes made.

5.Other items. CSM Clerk to request of AP;

5.1. Meeting dates and a timetabled schedule of events.

5.2. To request greater visibility of Highways.

5.3 That SWTC Policies not been updated for ten years plus be subject to a programme of policy reviews (with input from PCs.)

5.4 To request greater clarity over what for is included in the HIF bid.

(document from Alyn Jones, Director of Economic and Community Infrastructure Operations, SCC Highways) refers and sums £ for each item.

5.5 To ask how the consultation on the Taunton Transport Strategy is being taken forward, its outputs will emerge and its timetabling.

CSM PC Clerk SA 20 6 2019