/ Parish Council / Mhue 2 / Minutes 25th November 2019

Notes of a meeting of the CSM PC and WM PC MHUE2 joint panel.

Meeting held on 26th September 2019 in CSM Village Hall, Cartwright Room.

  1. Attendance.; Those Present;


PCllr Charlie Cudlip (Chaired meeting)

PCllr Alan Hall (Panel Vice Chair)

PCllr Simon Hutchings (PC Chair)

PCllr Hazel Ellis

PCllr Brenda Brighton

PCllr Barry Gage

Clerk Steve Altria

PCllr Mark Besley

PCllr Stuart Haskins

(PC Chair attending as Observer)

Clerk Amy Shepherd

Asst Clerk Tricia Cavill

Apologies Received - Panel Chair PCllr Peter Brown, WM Parish and District Cllr Norman Cavill, SCCllr David Fothergill. Andrew Penna (SWTC Garden Town Coordinator).

Others invited SWTCllr D Durdan.

2. Declaration of Interests. None given.

3. Notes of meeting held on 18 6 19 (previously circulated) / Matters Arising. The spelling of PCllr Hopes first name was corrected. The notes of the 18 6 19 meeting were then agreed without amendment. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record. It was agreed that there were no matters arising outstanding that did not appear on the agenda.

4. Terms of Reference. A discussion took place on the remaining point to be agreed; voting rights. It was agreed that only the 8 PCllrs would have a vote (or their substitute PCllrs) and in the event of a tie then the matter would be fed back to each PC for their consideration in order to see if can be resolved at the next mtg. The TOR were then signed and dated by the Chair.

5. Project update. AP had advised that following the joint PC mtg with Thrive that he had some further discussion with SCC on highways looking at issues raised at that meeting. Since then, there has not been substantial progress.  The Thrive design team have been working on a Guide for the land south of Langaller.  That document is going through internal review.  AP stated he hoped to be in a position to bring that to the PCs in the next 2-3 weeks as they we are discussing which meeting of the SW&T Exec that will be Reported to. Public consultation will follow.

If there is a planned joint meeting in the weeks ahead please do let me know – that might be a good way to bring things to the PCs, although that ought to be a private ‘in camera’ briefing.

On MH2 AP is still expecting to be in a position to have a revised Masterplan to show to PCs in November.  That is dependent on getting some information back from the consortium.  Disappointingly AP fears that little work had been carried out on key areas like flood risk and noise had proved correct. AP understands that work has only recently been commissioned and draft reports received and he had not seen those but clearly, they could impact on key issues like the road alignment.  AP expects to have an update in the next week.

This was discussed. It was noted that urgency had disappeared in getting a master plan in place and little was happening as developers are focusing their build elsewhere.

Agreed to state that the PCs should be further consulted before Executives make decisions and to time the panels next meeting to facilitate that.

6. Specific issues discussed:

6.1 Road Safety in CSM. A discussion took place on need to see Traffic modelling both now and post western relief road opening. Need to fully understand the model used was agreed as principal Councils are having to over reply on developers’ consultants. It was also agreed that whilst the centre of CSM had now become similar to WM before the relief road was built there are specific concerns in WM too and that this item should be Road Safety in both Parishes.

Clerk to write to Alyn Jones, SCC to request that traffic modelling area is widened to include both Parishes. Copy of letter to be sent to D Fothergill, N Cavill, D Durdan, A Penna and Clerks.

6.2 New A38 and closure of existing A38 to traffic/school access only? /classified as a strategic route? It was agreed that there is a need to see Plans first. Also, to understand what the M5 alternative route is. Clerk to draft Letter and to examine past Planning Applications.

6.3 ERR between Langaller roundabout and Monkton Elms roundabout – foot and cycle paths/ clear way-marking/ crossing places/ speed restriction/ access to Monkton Elm Garden Centre. It was agreed that there is a need to see Plans first. Also plans for Gas Main, Flooding, need for Bridges and Clarity over employment area.

The development of a ring road ahead of house building at Chippenham was

Recognised as the preferred approach to infrastructure provision for developments.

6.4 Location of open space close to Cricket Ground.

The open space being opposite the Cricket Ground was agreed.

6.5 Location of School/District Centre and access.

The access to the school was agreed should be from old A38 with in and out

Entrances. The School should be sited alongside the district centre and the open space as proposed in the revised Thrive plan to enable this to become the centre focus of the development and so community events should be focused here. There should not be vehicular access to the school site from the District Centre.

6.6 Marketing policy for District Centre. There was agreement that evidence of proactive marketing must be provided.

6.7 Management of Public Areas. Need to make a decision recognised, could be a joint management company overseen by a joint panel. WMPC Clerk to seek advice and examples where S106 agreements have included Town/ Parish councils for management of open spaces. Would need to ensure enough money to provide facilities is agreed and that this is inflation proofed.

The Panel needs to agree trigger points and to ensure that they are in agreements with

developer and that no changes occur without PCs knowing.

Clerk to add trigger points to agenda for future joint Panel Meetings.

WM PC shared that the developers are claiming that the £400k to provide two pitches and changing rooms was not enough to. Discussed WM PC taking the sum and overseeing building.

7. MH2 Masterplan. To request that Parish Councils are consulted / have sight of / input into MH2 Masterplan before the consultation with the general public.

It was felt that there was a real likelihood of the plan getting too set from the comments at 5 above and that needs to be stopped. Clerk to draft a letter to AP. PC should be involved well ahead of November.

8. Reallocation of Employment Land for Housing. To understand what area is to be reallocated/impact upon Hyde Lane.

It was felt very likely that discussion was already taking place but without PC consultation. Again, need to take place with PCs ahead of any decision with AP and key decision makers. Clerk to draft letter.

9/10. SWTC’s Local Plan Review/ Taunton Transport Strategy/ Garden Town Dev and M5 J25 Works/ A358 duelling. Panel agreed these were areas where joint working and knowledge sharing would be of benefit and should feature, as appropriate, on future agendas. It was recognised that the ‘East of Taunton’ voice would be louder and more likely to be heard than any one PC. Also need to ensure rat running from A38 to A358 is stopped.

11. Highways. It was agreed that there must be greater direct visibility of Highways. Clerk to add to Letter to be drafted.

12. Meeting dates. Provisionally agreed as 29th Oct 2019 7pm at the BACH Hall in order to facilitate early Thrive/AP briefing to the panel (Clerks note : since changed to 7th Nov 7pm)

Steve Altria

Clerk, CSM PC