/ Parish Council / Mhue 2 / Minutes 26th May 2020

CSM & WM MHUE2 Joint Parish Panel

Minutes of the Panel Leadership Review Meeting held using Zoom on 26th May 2020

59. Those Present;


PCllr Peter Brown (Panel Chair)

PCllr Alan Hall (Panel Vice Chair)

Clerk Steve Altria

PCllr Stuart Haskins (PC Chair)

Clerk Amy Shepherd

Asst Clerk Tricia Cavill

Apologies Simon Hutchings (PC Chair)


SWTC (WM) Cllr Norman Cavill

With a context of two responses being sent to the SWTC Exec on 20th May PB explained he had called the meeting to outline some of the difficulties being experienced in the Joint Panel operating. After discussion it was acknowledged that the two Councils ways of working are different. It was agreed that as formal Joint Panel arrangements were not working the following approach should be adopted.

61. Agreed ways forward:

  • There would be occasions where it would make sense or suit the PCs to meet jointly i.e with third parties such as Developers, SWTC and SCC for the purpose of receiving a presentation or information about proposed developments.

  • The two Parish Councils would then consider the information presented by third parties independently to develop any required response.

  • Any responses developed in relation to the information presented or information received by two Parish Councils from third parties will be shared with the other Parish Council, including any relevant information received during respective liaison meetings with Andrew Penna, SWTC.

  • Each Parish Council Panel will issue separate submissions unless otherwise agreed.

62. Other points / action points suggested:

  • CSM PC to establish monthly liaison meetings with A. Penna.

  • WM PC had reviewed the CSM NH Plan. CSM to similarly reviewing the WMPC / CFPC Neighbourhood Plan to help inform its response to Masterplans.

  • Neither PC decided to support the suggested by Arts Taunton to commission CreateStreets to review the SWTC MH2 Masterplan.

  • CSM PC have commissioned a Traffic Management Consultant to develop some concrete proposals to put to SCC / SWTC to improve road safety in CSM. Implementation expected through S106 and/or SWTC CIL contributions.

AS/SA 28 5 2020