/ Parish Council / Mhue 2 / Minutes 27th November 2019

Meeting including representatives of SCC Highways, Persimmon Homes, Creech St Michael Parish Council and West Monkton Parish Council

27th November 2019 at 3pm at the BACH


In attendance:

Clerks: A Shepherd, S Altria, P Cavill

SCC: Andy Coupe, Alyn Jones

Persimmon: Kate Payne, Ben Smith

WM Councillors: S Haskins, H Ellis, R Tully, A Hall, G Hope, N Cavill, B Gage, M Besley

CSM Councillors: S Hutchings, P Brown, B Brighton, C Cudlip

Introductions took place and purdah constraints were noted at the beginning of the meeting.

1. WRR:

Persimmon confirmed that the contractor is ready to start work on the WRR and the legal agreements are very close to being finalised with SCC. Work is expected to start in January / February.

The consultation in respect of the traffic calming measures in Monkton Heathfield must commence before the start of the WRR construction work.

The consultation is being prepared by Persimmon and will show the traffic calming already agreed (which includes traffic lights, puffin crossings and bus gate) and then highlight areas of consultation i.e. additional traffic calming including road markings, coloured tarmac etc.

If the extra traffic calming measures outlined in the consultation are not agreed by the majority, Persimmon does not have to implement them. The consultation will request a simple yes/no answer from those responding to indicate if they support the additional traffic calming measures proposed but it may include a comment box for analysis later.

It was noted that the timeline for works on A3259 is restricted by the start date of works on Creech Castle which allows only a short window of opportunity, so the consultation needs to commence as soon as possible or the WRR construction work on the A3259 would have to wait until after Creech Castle is finished in 18 months’ time.

Persimmon plan to make the consultation available on a website so all businesses and residents can respond. Creech St Michael PC will also be able to respond to the consultation. The link to the consultation can be published on the Parish Council website and Facebook page and reference to it can be made in the January / February Village News edition. The Parish Council could also facilitate an open session at the BACH to help those people that aren’t confident with using computers to view the proposals and respond.

Although there is no timeline for the consultation, Persimmon expect it to remain open for 4-6 weeks, starting preferably before Christmas.

The need for clarity within the consultation between the measures to be delivered and those being consulted upon was stressed, it was agreed that these would be shown in different colours within the consultation.

It was noted that another meeting post consultation would be useful to discuss the responses, take stock and discuss any timeline for delivery of the additional traffic calming measures, if approved by the majority of consultees.

Much discussion followed on whether the bus gate should form part of this consultation or not, concern was expressed that the majority may reject the proposals because of the inclusion of the bus gate and as a result none of the additional traffic calming measures would be required to be delivered by Persimmon.

A Jones referred to email correspondence with the Parish Council in April 2017 during which an offer was made to include the bus gate consultation in this required traffic calming consultation.

Following discussion, it was agreed that reference to the bus gate could not be excluded from this consultation.

A Jones confirmed again the commitment that SCC had made previously with WMPC to undertake a traffic counting exercise in and around Monkton Heathfield once the WRR was operational.

A Jones requested that WMPC provide him with the locations that are of particular concern for rat running and potential pinch points if the bus gate was in place. SCC will then consider these concerns and any mitigating actions that are possible.

It was noted that a timeline for delivery of the bus gate or the specific position of it had not been agreed and that analysis of the responses to the consultation may help to inform this in addition to the Traffic Assessment which will need to be done for MH2.

2. Traffic Modelling:

Persimmon’s engineers are currently scoping a report for the traffic modelling for MH2, that report will be shared and discussed with SCC on 11th December 2019.

A Jones confirmed that the data currently being collected at locations in and around Creech St Michael will help to inform the traffic modelling.

A Jones confirmed that the data collected will be shared with the Parish Councils as soon as it is available.

It was agreed that a joint meeting in the new year would be useful to look at the scope of the traffic modelling for MH2 with a view to developing a travel plan for the locality.

3. MH1:

SCC confirmed that they had requested an update on the schedule regarding the adoption of the Aginhills development, the update wasn’t received in advance of the meeting, but A Jones committed to pass the update on when it was received.

Persimmon confirmed that they are working closely with SCC Highways regarding the adoption of highways in MH1, remedials to the main spine road including Roys Place, Pippin Road, Hardys Road are being carried out, an inspection by SCC will follow and if SCC are happy then the spine road would be adopted after 3 months (usually longer).

The residential streets around them can then be adopted; later parcels will have to go through 12 months adoption period.

The ERR is very close to adoption because it has been open to traffic since 2015, Persimmon say all done, SCC say some structural details need attention. SCC and Persimmon are meeting to discuss and agree the remedials required.

4. Former Employment Land:

Persimmon stated that MH2 is their priority, and therefore the former employment land site is not a focus for them at the moment. They want to ensure MH2 approval as a priority.

It was noted that the former employment land site will do to SW+T Council Executive in December.

It was agreed that the Joint Panel should request a meeting with A. Penna (SW+T Council) as soon as possible after the Executive Meeting / General Election to discuss plans.

5. MH2:

Persimmon confirmed that their masterplanners, Pegasus are working closing with SW+T Council and their masterplanners, Thrive.

The road layout in MH2 will determine the development. Once the road layout is established the detail can be determined. The comments from the SCC Highways are expected in a couple of weeks which will help to finalise the road layout.

Thrive will then be able to finalise the masterplan. Timescales for sharing the masterplan are not determined but Persimmon committed to providing the timescales when they are clearer. Persimmon hope to submit a planning application in respect of MH2 in March / April 2020, based on the LA Masterplan.

P Brown highlighted the formation of the Parish Councils Joint Panel and the commitment from both Parish Councils to work jointly regarding engagement with relevant parties in respect of MH2.

Persimmon provided some detail regarding the MH2 development including:

  • 1600 houses would be built in MH2 (excluding employment site reallocation)

  • That the ERR2 will have the capacity to be dueled.

  • A green necklace will surround the development but crossing points are yet to be established.

  • The details of the retail centre will form part of the masterplan but it will provide all elements allocated in the Local Plan

  • The access into the retail centre will be a major change from what was previously presented, and access to the school site during building will be from the current A38.

  • Employment land will be available to the East.

  • Flooding maps and information will be used to inform the detail and any need to mitigate in the development.

  • The gas main will still be diverted.

  • HIF fund will not be going towards the new ERR so it will be built as houses are built and not in advance. Given the priority is for road safety and traffic calming in CSM and WM, the affordability and desirability of the A38 being replaced at significant cost with a narrower ERR2 along with the resultant need to downgrade the existing A38 and the interim impact of the ERR2 being built out in stages was questioned ; particularly as it is not in HIF bid.

  • The development will reflect both the Neighbourhood Plans and the Garden Town Initiative / principles. T. Cavill highlighted that Garden Town initiative should provide the opportunity to make MH2 quite special. Bungalows, footpaths and cycle tracks joining up with the surrounding infrastructure, swales, rain gardens for water resilience, increased insulation, community gardens/sitting out areas/balconies for apartments, orientation of houses for solar gain wherever possible.

  • Cycling and walking routes to join up both MH1 To MH2 but also to wider network to incl WM and CSM was raised. The cycle / walkway using the M5 underpass tunnel was discussed, S Altria provided the contact details of Highways England to Persimmon to investigate further.

  • Park and Ride site is part of Local Plan therefore has to be allowed for.

  • A Design Code will be developed for the whole development.

  • Fibre broadband will be available to the door from the day of occupancy for all homes on MH2.

It was raised that many of estate roads on MH1 where too narrow and that a lack of two car parking, poor design, lazy parking and statement buildings without adequate parking being placed at junctions was causing residents difficulties and buses problems at key points throughout the estate. Persimmon advised they would provide to policy compliance. It was suggested that the policy needs review, as does careful design and siting of buildings.

Car charging points were discussed. Persimmon confirmed that they provide 60amp. This prompted a wider discussion including how electric cars belonging to statement buildings and others without front parking spaces would recharge.

T. Cavill highlighted the need to ensure that a more robust Travel Plan is developed for MH2 and that more attention should be made to ensuring the successful delivery of it to ensure, as far as possible, that public transport is the preferred method of transport.

6. Any other business / issues

R Tully raised concern about the Safe Route to School during the construction of the WRR. Persimmon confirmed that the contractors will develop a traffic management scheme, which will include the Safe Route to School. This scheme will require approval by SCC.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting ended at 5.25pm.

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