/ Parish Council / Mhue 2 / Minutes 7th November 2019

Minutes of a meeting of the CSM PC and WM PC MHUE2 joint panel.

Meeting held on 7th November 2019 in BACH Hall, West Monkton.

13.Attendance.; Those Present;


PCllr Charlie Cudlip

PCllr Alan Hall (Panel Vice Chair/Chaired meeting)

PCllr Simon Hutchings (PC Chair)

PCllr Hazel Ellis

PCllr Brenda Brighton

PCllr Barry Gage

Clerk Steve Altria

PCllr Stuart Haskins

(PC Chair attending as Substitute for MB)

Clerk Amy Shepherd

Asst Clerk Tricia Cavill

Also, present was SCCllr David Fothergill, SWTCllr Norman Cavill, SWTCllr D Durdan, Andrew Penna (SWTC Garden Town Coordinator).

Apologies Received - Panel Chair CSM PCllr Peter Brown, WM PCllr Mark Besley

14. Declaration of Interests. None given.

15. Notes of meeting held on 26 9 19 (previously circulated) / Matters Arising. The notes of the 26 9 19 meeting were then agreed without amendment. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record. It was agreed that there were no matters arising outstanding that did not appear on the agenda.

16. Project update. AP advised that following the decision to call a general election SWTC had entered a period of Purdah and therefore the Councils Executive would not be considering the plans in Nov and Dec as intended. As a result, he was not able to discuss the S of Langaller Plan. AP explained that whilst the content of the document was not political, the potential for it to be used as part of political campaigning, the Council had taken a cautious approach. The Chairman noted this.

AP explained that new dates would be set for the SWTC Exec and then there would be targeted consultation on a concept masterplan and the South of Langaller plans which would first be with the panel. AP reassured the panel that the these would not be ‘set’; if issues emerged, they would be addressed and changes made. The master plan was not much different from that already seen bar that it addresses some of the road issues made by the panel which had been taken on board.

AP informed the panel that following Exec in Feb would be considering a Development Guide for MH2 and the wider SS1 policy area, to guide the development and form the basis for determination of future applications.

AP then confirmed that the Design Guide and Charter for the Garden Town had been approved by Executive in October; comments would be welcome. The District Wide Design Guide is intended to be published in the new year. He also advised that National Design Guide had been published by the Government and would be a very useful tool in determining applications.

AP explained that he had not had recent contact with the Developers until last week when they advised that they were working to submit a planning application in March/April.

Cllrs Cavill and Durdan informed the Panel that the Dec Full Council had been moved back to 17th Dec. AP set out that it was still intended that a meeting making the CSM NH Plan would take place and was not covered by purdah. (Clerks note; since mtg verified that it’s the Nov spec mtg that is postponed and that the 3rd Dec mtg and NH plan making will still take place.)

17. Reallocation of Employment Land for Housing. Again, as with minute 16 AP advised that he was not able to share. He reassured that there was a lot the PC can support; more areas of green space, high quality design etc.

18. Highways. AP reassured the panel that the concerns of the Community were in the forefront of thinking. SCC Highways and the PRC developers had met last week and it was impressed upon the Developers that the scope for highways needed to take account of traffic related issues in CSM. The modelling work they do must include CSM.

AP explained that it was recognised that the old A38 which will be retained as a bus route and is required for access would be reached by road but it was important not to separate MHUE1 from MHUE2. A connection between Creech St Michael and West Monkton would be maintained but would be likely to be less direct. Cllr Fothergill noted that this could be similar to the links through MH1, such as Pippin. AP set out that it would be desirable to remove the bund alongside the current A38, which would help to create a more open environment and assist in forming linkages between MH1 and MH2.

BB raised her concern that the 1000 parents of the school children dropping them off enroute to their work will swamp the developments narrow estate roads and restated the panels view that access should be from the old A38.

AP also advised that the new ERR2 will be a single carriageway. Detailed discussions with the County and the PRC were ongoing with a critical issue being the speed of the road from Walford Cross and the need to reduce that as part of any junction solution.

19. SWTC’s Local Plan Review/ Taunton Transport Strategy/ Garden Town Dev. AP advised that the local plan was currently under review. SA explained that he had now been informed that the TTS that went to TDBC scrutiny on Dec 2017 would form part of the Local Plan review.

SA also advised that he had attended the recent RIBA Garden Town Design Charette and this had illustrated exemplar designs and workshops were held on a range of areas to seek improvement. See also minute 16 re design guides.

20. AOB. TC asked when the Waterways Strategy would be available. AP advised Atkins were doing this as part of the Local Plan review and he would need to check with Nick Bryant (SWTC).

21. Meeting dates. AP to advise relevant SWTC Exec dates; so probably first week in Jan.

Steve Altria

Clerk, CSM PC