/ Parish Council / Minutes / 16th May 2022



Minutes for the Annual Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council [CSMPC] held at Creech Village Hall on Monday 16th May 2022 at 7:00pm


Councillor Attendance

Cllr. Annabelle Peters – Chair



Cllr. Diane Phillips



Cllr. Neil Davidson



Cllr. Kenneth Hunt



Cllr. Paul Tucker



Cllr. Simon Hutchins



Cllr. Peter Brown







Also Present: County Cllr. David Fothergill and District Cllr. Norman Cavill - Somerset County Council (SCC), 14 members of the public and Tamsin Ely, CSM Assistant to Parish Clerk.


Meeting started at 7:05pm



Chair’s welcome: Cllr. Peters welcomed all and opened the meeting.


To receive any apologies for absence: None.


Election of Chair and to receive the Chair’s declaration of office

Two councillors were proposed for the position of chair.

- Cllr. Peters - Proposed by ND | seconded by DP

- Cllr. Hutchins Proposed by PB | seconded by KH

There were 3 votes for each councillor. Cllr. Hutchins voted for himself and Cllr. Peters informed him this was not possible. Upon checking this was possible so Cllr. Hutchins vote has been included. Cllr. Peters had presiding vote as the current chair so Cllr. Peters will continue as chair.

Cllr. Peters signed the declaration of acceptance of office.


Election of Vice Chair and to receive the Vice Chair’s declaration of office

Cllr. Davidson

Proposed by AP | seconded by PT | 4 in agreement | 1 abstained

Cllr. Davidson signed the declaration of acceptance of office.


Cllr. Peters announced that there would be a change in the agenda order; moving the co-options of new councillors to the end of the meeting. The reasoning given that it would be beneficial to the candidates to see a meeting before committing themselves. Council previously had a rule that 3 meetings should be attended, this was not enforced as not properly documented and being post election the vacancies need to be filled as soon as possible.


New clerk appointment

It was proposed by the Staffing Committee to appoint Andrew Williams as the new Clerk and RFO to start as soon as possible with a 3 month probationary period on salary point SCP20 to work alongside the existing clerk Tamsin Ely. CV already circulated to councillors.

Proposed by ND | seconded by PT | 4 in agreement | 3 abstained


Cllr. Hutchins stood and announced his resignation and moved to the public area at 7.11pm


To receive the Councillor’s declaration of office

The clerk handed a declaration of acceptance of office forms to each of the 6 councillors which were filled in and collected and then signed by the clerk. Note: Cllr. Brown did not complete the form.


Declarations of Interests:

Declarations of Individual Members

Cllr. Davidson – confirmed a conflict of interest - has pecuniary interest in the Canal car park.

Dispensation Request – None.


Talk by Rob Parish (5 minutes) - Project Developer of Novus. Proposing a Solar and Battery Storage project at Ham Farm.

Simon Murrell, the Senior Project Manager gave a 5 minute talk about the project and then opened the floor for questions.

- A member of the public asked if there was any donation of power to the community. It was confirmed that the same community benefit is upheld across all of their sites and could be discussed in further meetings with the parish council/community.

- A member of the public queried the pay back period. Simon confirmed this is a relatively small scheme.

- A member of the public queried why using green fields as opposed to brown fields. Simon responded that there are very few brown fields available.

A few minutes into the public questions, Cllr. Brown asked the chair to move on as 5 minutes had passed, the chair responded that standing orders dictate a 15 minute slot is allowed including the questions.

Cllr. Brown left the meeting at 7.22pm.

Simon Murrells said he was open to questions anytime during or outside of the meeting.

- A member of the public asked if there is a community fund that will become available to local parishes. Simon confirmed there would be £250 per mega watt per year for 40 years.

- Cllr. Phillips thanked Simon for his time and queried a transport plan and the logistics of this. Simon responded that they would be very happy to work with the community to schedule delivers and such at times outside of busy periods to limit disruption.

Cllr. Peters thanked Simon and he left the meeting.



Cllrs. agreed the Minutes of the meeting held on 4th April 2022 (These had previously been circulated to Cllrs). The Chair signed a copy of the minutes for the records.

Proposed by ND | seconded AP | 3 in favour | 2 abstained; Cllr. Phillips and Cllr. Hunt were not present.


Review of delegation arrangements and terms of references to committees, sub-committees, employees and other local authorities.

The documents had already been circulated.

Proposed by ND | seconded by DP | 4 in favour | 1 abstention


Cllr. David Fothergill asked the chair/clerk if council were still quorum. The clerk confirmed there were 5 councillors and 4 would be quorum.


Arrangements for the review and adoption of appropriate standing orders and financial regulations.

Financial regulations were adopted in March 2022.

Cllr. Peters proposed CSMPC adopt the legal SO from NALC.

Council decided to hold on adopting them until all councillors had read and considered the document.

Action: Councillors to read the model Standing Orders document from NALC.


Adoption of new LGA Model Code of Conduct – email from SWAT.

Cllr. Peters proposed CSMPC adopt the legal SO from NALC (LGA Model Councillor Code of Conduct City Town and Parish CLEAN VERSION May 2022)

Proposed by DP | seconded by AP | all in favour


Review of arrangements, including any charters, with other local authorities and review of contributions made to expenditure incurred by other local authorities.

Not applicable, proposed to remove this item from SO.


Review of representation on or work with external bodies and arrangements for reporting back.

The clerk had confirmed the CVPC representative for the United Charities prior to the meeting.


Make arrangements for the review of inventory of land and assets including buildings and office equipment.

- Inventory audit not required at present.

- To agree who is going to analyse and action the findings

- Date for next inventory check - at least September, add pictures and “what three word” locations (or similar).

This item was appropriate for Cllr. Brown who had left the meeting, it was proposed to move to the June agenda.


Public Question time: A member of the public questioned if this item had been missed, the chair confirmed she asked for any other questions at the end of the questions for Rob Parish, but as missed the item could now be inserted and Cllr. Peters asked if the public had any questions.

- A member of the public mentioned the warning lights near the school not working and having been dysfunctional for a long time. Also the trees are covering the signage and he was concerned for the children nearby the school. Cllr. Tucker agreed the signage would benefit from being moved more towards the edge of the road. Action: Cllr. Fothergill to report the issue.

- A member of the public reported an overgrown hedge over a footpath (St Michaels Road, by the bus stop at the top). Action: Cllr. Peters to write to the homeowner requesting they cut the hedge.


Make arrangements for the review and confirmation of arrangements for insurance cover in respect of all insured risks.

Mid way through the second year of a 5 year Insurance contract.


Make arrangements for the review of the Council’s and/or employees’ memberships of other bodies.

Action: Clerk to create a spreadsheet.


Make arrangements for the establishment or review of the Council’s complaints procedure. Establishing or reviewing the Council’s procedures for handling requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Action: Cllr. Peters to ask Steve Altria if there is one for CSMPC.


Make arrangements for the establishment or review of the Council’s policy for dealing with the press/media.

Action: Cllr. Peters to ask Steve Altria if there is one for CSMPC.


To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports:

Cllr. Fothergill (county councillor) briefly updated council with the following:

  • The local county government reorganisation is underway with the deadline of 08/01/2023.

  • The Chief Executive has resigned.


Last Meeting Action Points: The chair ran through the action points from the previous meeting.

  • Steve Greenhalgh requested CSMPC write to Somerset Waste as they drive their lorries through Creech St Michael on non collection days and this is not the route they should be taking. CSMPC to write to SWAT council. The assistant to clerk has done this, no further action.

  • Mr. Peilow spoke of his troubles of sheep worrying. Cllr. Peters reported having sent an email to the PCSO to which a generic response thanking Cllr. Peters for her email was received but nothing further. Cllr. Peters to follow it up. Still no response, no further action.

  • Mr. Greenhalgh asked whether the PC had applied for A&S Police funds to buy two SIDS. Cllr. Brown responded that he would take the matter forward urgently. Cllr. Brown to follow it up.

  • Rec Park - CCTV option as voted on previously in council or at least a security light. Cllr. Fothergill warned of the extra regulations involved with CCTV. Steve Altria (RFO) to check the insurance implications. Not sure if this had been done, no further action.

  • Assistant to Clerk to inform SW&T Planning and Licensing of the CSMPC comments. The assistant to clerk has done this.

  • Cllr. Brown reported the need to set up the agreement with Adrian Birch formally for the website and facebook. Cllr. Brown and assistant clerk to liaise. The clerk confirmed this was with Steve Altria to have a last check before sending it to Adrian.

  • Cllr. Cudlip (although no longer on the PIP group) read out the proposal for PIP to be reimbursed for costs up to £500 for the village clean up day on 7th May 2022. Assistant to clerk to formally notify PIP that this has been agreed. The assistant to clerk has done this, no further action.

  • Proposal for Ladies Only Walking Football use of MUGA at £15 per hour. Cllr. Peters to check with Cllr. Gover if a schedule is being created.

  • Defibrillator: Email from Sammie Millard-Jones who is Cheddon Fitzpaine and Trull’s Parish Council Clerk and also her son plays sport at the CSM rec park. She sates ‘The Premier League have committed to funding defibrillators in grounds that are used for football matches and practices and I wonder if with your permission I may be able to look at getting one set up in Creech Park’. Clerk to contact Sammie Millard-Jones with the requested permission. The assistant to clerk has done this and Steve has provided details for the previous defibrillator purchases in case the PC want to purchase one.

  • Civility and Respect Email - Consider writing a letter of support. This is on the agenda.

  • Assistant to clerk to look into ICO and ensure CSMPC are registered. Steve has reported that The PC is already registered with the ICO and has paid its membership for the forthcoming year.

  • Cllrs. discussed the risk assessment with regard to the staff and it was mentioned that some insurance companies provide a free risk assessment. Assistant clerk to contact Steve Altria to request he check with CSMPC insurance company. Steve has checked and let Cllr. Peters know that they no longer provide this but has sent her a “How to do a Risk Assessment Guide”.

  • Steve Altria to put in a claim to the insurance company for the fallen notice board on Arundells Way. Steve has requested the information be sent to him i.e. date, pictures, exact location etc.


Planning Applications: To consider the following application/s and to agree the Planning Development and Transport’s Panel’s recommendations.



Erection of front porch with alterations to windows on the front elevation at Willows, Bull Street, Creech St Michael




Proposed by ND | seconded by DP | all in favour


Erection of a two storey extension to the rear of 11 Mill Lane, Creech St Michael

RECOMMENDATION: Comment: that it is not in keeping and seems overdevelopment of the site but no specific objection.


Proposed by AP | Seconded by ND | all in favour


Erection of extension to garage with conversion into ancillary accommodation with erection of first floor extension to the rear, erection of porch to front, installation of photo voltaic panels to roof, reconstruction of front boundary wall and construction of driveway at Delta, Curvalion Road, Creech St Michael

RECOMMENDATION: Comment: Creech St Michael share the concerns highlighted in the highways report.



Proposed by AP | Seconded by DP | all in favour


Application to carry out management works to one Cedar tree included in

Taunton Deane Borough (Creech St. Michael No.1) Tree Preservation Order 1977 at 5 The Glebe, Creech St. Michael (TD122)




Proposed by ND | seconded by AP | all in favour


Application to fell three Ash trees and to coppice two Alders included in

Taunton Deane Borough (Creech St. Michael No.1) Tree Preservation Order 2011 on land to the south of Walford Farmhouse, Walford Cross (TD1082)

RECOMMENDATION: Support providing the tree preservation department agree the trees have the disease.

Proposed by AP | seconded by PT | 4 favour | 1 against


Erection of a first floor extension to the side of 11 Homefield Close, reech St Michael

RECOMMENDATION: Support with a comment that sufficient parking should be provided for any extra cars.

Proposed by PT | seconded by ND | 4 in favour | 1 abstention



Cllr. Peters informed council and the public that CSMPC are working on reforming a planning applications panel. Cllr. Phillips offered to be on the planning panel.

Action: Clerk to inform SW&T Planning and Licensing of the CSMPC comments.

Action: CSMPC to form a new planning applications panel.



To agree the monthly payments in the Financial Transaction Report (circulated in advance of the meeting) Proposed by AP | seconded by ND | all in favour

Action: Clerk to check the reimbursement for Sarah Elliot.

In the absence of Cllr. Brown it was decided to move the remaining finance items below to the June agenda.

- Bank Address - old Clerks address is still on correspondence

- Final Year End A/cs. To receive the final accounts for the year 2021-2022 and bank reconciliation and asset listing (separately circulated)

- Internal Audit 21/22. To receive the report of the Internal Auditor and the RFO.

- Annual Governance Statement. Cllrs. to review and confirm each responsibility has been undertaken during the year 21/22.

- Accounting Statements. Cllrs. to review the Accounting Statements for the year 21/22.

- Banking. To consider additional signatories to the bank account.



Committees, Panels and Working Groups - (reports circulated in advance of the meeting)

Planning, Developments & Transport Panel

Cllr. Brown was not present and no report.


Canal Panel

Cllr. Tucker confirmed the gates having been relocated but not being locked at present. The additional fencing is now in place and it has had a general tidy up.

Cllr. Davidson reported the signage had been ordered.

Cllr. Davidson confirmed he had picked up his action point from the last meeting with regard to moving the stones for the slippery path but more will be needed for a long term solution.


PIP Working Group

Adrian Birch had circulated an email reporting back after the Village Clean Up.

PIP are planning some events, nothing set yet but looking at

  • Cream Tea Lunch July 22nd

  • Picnic in the park in September, soft drinks bar, games etc.


Communications and Website working group

Cllr. Brown was not present and no report.


Community Grant Fund Panel

Nothing to report at the moment.


Footpaths/Rights of Way – report already circulated, Cllr. Peters read it out.


Rec Park Panel – a report had previously been circulated.

Sarah Elliot spoke and requested the following representing the panel:

- Vandalism to the toilets (it had been checked and the footballers are happy with the removal of the urinal)

Paint walls and floor. Remove existing sink and pipe work. Fit new stainless steel sink in place of urinal using existing waste and cold feed only. Replace existing WC with vandal proof stainless steel closed coupled WC, (gentworks.co.uk). WC stainless steel closed coupled Stainless steel sink (508mmx420mm). Armadillo vandal hand dryer. Floor and wall paint 5L. Plumbing supplies. Labour Please note this is £840 for all the work. £2822.45 ex VAT.

Proposed by PT | seconded by AP | all in favour

Cllr. Peters asked if this could be claimed on the insurance but it is unlikely as it hadn’t been reported to the police so CSMPC do not have a crime number. Cllr. Peters reminded council that all incidents must be reported.

Action: Steve to check if this can be claimed on the insurance.

- Park Pavilion building: These items would save money in the long term with timers etc. The PIR sensors are a safety precaution as these sensors enable lights to come on during an emergency.

Fit PIR sensors to lighting in Entrance, 2 no changing rooms, large store room and outside toilet. Excluding shower room. Fit timer to 4 no heaters, this would be 1 timer to control all heaters. Fit timer to water heater. Wire and fit Emergency light externally above main door. Replace existing external SON light in the carpark area to new LED flood light with PIR control.

£1,021.90 ex VAT

Proposed by AP | seconded by PT | all in favour

- Graffiti to the wall of the engine shed and some of the play area flooring.

The panel have gained quotes detailed in the additional report. Councillors expressed concern at the cost. Adrian Birch offered to gather some volunteers and paint the wall if CVPC could provide the paint.

Action: CSMPC to organise Adrian Birch and volunteers to paint the wall.

- List of requests from the panel to be authorised by council:

  • Volunteer & Caretaker rota to lock and open the vehicle gate until the Panel can report back to the PC in June 2022 on other options.

  • Consolidation of all Party in the Park materials in the Engine Shed to the Container storage.

  • Consolidation of all Football club equipment from the ticket office and pavilion building to the Engine shed. Key holders will be updated.

  • Consolidation of all Caretakers materials and equipment from the Engine Shed to the ticket office, which becomes the Caretakers Office.

  • Agreement to invite residents who expressed an interest to join the Rec Park Panel as co-opted members.

  • Rec Park Panel to scope with CYP Youth Workers how the pavilion building could work for them.

Proposed by PT | seconded by AP | all in favour

The Rec Park would like to schedule a briefing meeting before the next full council meeting.

Action: Clerk to organise the meeting.


Affordable Housing – Email from Kevin Ferriday, Vice-Chair, Nether Stowey Parish Council. Proposed to respond to join and support the forum.

It was decided this was suitable for the housing development panel.

Action: Housing development panel to consider.


Love Musgrove Launches 25th Anniversary Appeal Email from fundraising team, fund raising/donation request.

Agreed to donate £150

Proposed by AP | seconded DP | all in favour

Action: Clerk to organise the donation.


Notice Boards Decide between options

Preference would be recycled plastic with CSMPC banner, lockable, pins rather than magnets, anti vandalism glass if within budget. If not default to aluminium green.

Proposed by AP | seconded by PT | all in favour


VH Surgery

Cllr. Peters asked for a volunteer for Saturday 18th June. Cllr. Davidson and Cllr. Hunt volunteered. Cllr. Phillips said she would volunteer but can’t do June.


Civility and Respect Email - Consider writing a letter of support.

Cllr. Peters summarised the email and asked if council wanted to show support.

Proposed by ND | seconded by DP | all in favour

Action: Cllr. Peters to send an email to confirm CSMPC support.


Risk assessment for Park and Zurich Insurance

It had been confirmed that this is no longer available through the insurance.


Village clean-up day

Already covered by the PIP Working Group.


Somerset Jubilee Parish Portraits - email from Somerset Archives and Local Studies.

CSMPC are very stretched at the moment with just 6 councillors and unfortunately do not have the resources. It was agreed to put an article in the Creech PC Magazine to advertise.


Bench at North End

Action: Cllr. Davidson to ask Charlie Cudlip.


Correspondence - To consider any correspondence received that Cllrs. wish to raise that has already been circulated. [no resolutions can be made]

- email from Mary Clark asking if CSMPC know of any Jubilee celebrations. Norman Cavill mentioned some which could be found at www.monktonmatters.co.uk.

- Nina Barnard locking rec park.

Action: Sarah Elliot to reply.

- email from the Village Hall Committee. Jan king explained that there is a dance class who use the hall on the Mondays when council don’t and they have requested CSMPC could meet on another night or room so they could have the hall on all Mondays. It is possible for CSMPC to use the Cartwright room and there had been a previous agreement to put audio/visual equipment in the Cartwright Room and CSMPC had agreed a budget of up to £1000. CSMPC agreed to this and move to the Cartwright Room.

Action: Adrian Birch and Jan King to work together to organise the audio/visual equipment in the Cartwright Room as soon as possible.


New Matters to be carried forward: None


Vacancies on the Parish Council

There were three vacancies available for co-option onto CSMPC. David Griffin had provided a CV previously.

David Griffin spoke for a few minutes of his background.

Proposed by AP | seconded by ND | all in favour


Meeting closed at 21.00.


Council to decide if to exclude Public and Press for these items.

The public and the assistant to the Clerk left after the main meeting.

Staffing Committee items:

ND advised that the Staffing Committee were proposing that CSMPC moved to a model of one Clerk/RFO and one Clerk, rather than a Clerk/RFO and an Assistant to the Clerk.

Andrew Williams would hold the Clerk/RFO role, Tamsin Ely would be a Clerk. This was in part as Tamsin had amassed a significant amount of knowledge [given she is a Clerk at another Parish].  She would therefore remain on SCP 18 on a permanent basis, something that had been agreed at the February meeting on a temporary basis. 

Proposed by ND | seconded by PT | 4 in favour | 1 abstained

Training - proposed for the clerk and all Cllrs. to take up training opportunities.

ND advised that the Staffing Committee were proposing that all Cllrs. be required to undertake the essential Cllrs. course, (parts 1 and 2) run by SALC within their first year, ideally within 6 months.  The Clerks would maintain a ‘training log’ for both PC staff and Cllrs.

These are two, 2 hour ‘on-line’ training sessions funded by the PC.

Proposed by ND | seconded by PT | 4 in favour | 1 abstained

Line Manager for Caretaker - A decision on the line Manager for the Caretaker was deferred.

IT for clerks

The Clerk [TE] had been given the laptop and phone of the previous Clerk.

New equipment – a laptop and phone is required for the Clerk/RFO.  Expenditure had already been approved by the PC up to £700.

ND was to ask Keith Marlborough who runs a local IT company for some recommendations on laptops and then purchase one.

Clerks phone

The PC were happy to continue to fund the Clerk’s phone, that had ceased to work in the month as the contract had expired. The Clerk to look at options at around £10/per month, and where the number was retained. 

Proposed by ND | seconded by PT | all in favour

Appendix A


16th May 2022 CSM PC Meeting – Financial Transactions Report



Bills to consider for payment


Payment type/Cheque no

Amount (inc VAT)

S Altria

Finance Support April/Early May



Barracuda Computer Solutions Ltd

Domain Renewal (PIP) creechpartyinthepark.com - 1 Year







Payments made




(L=Lloyds Acc)

(incl VAT)


Pavilion Electricity




Engine Shed electricity




Pavilion Gas



T Ely

Asst Clerks April Salary,March OT and NJC Pay Award arrears wef 17 1 22



T Ely

Asst Clerks April Exps




Tax on salaries April



K Hutchings

Caretaker's salary March

Standing Order


K Hutchings

NJC22 Pay award arrears 21-22



Lloyds Bank

Charges (10th Feb to 9th March 2022)



Even Handed Licensing Ltd

Advert in the Leveller for Clerk



Quality Services Printers (Taunton) Ltd

Rec Park Questionairre (Comm Grant)



Creech St Michael V Hall

PC use of VHall in March Inv 646



Creech St Michael V Hall

PC use of VHall in April Inv 708



R Moreton

Jan 22 Overtime 5 hrs



J Down (Contracting) Ltd

Canal Carpark Gate installation (repl for cancelled cheque 127)



Contract Sign systems

Canal Signage



A Birch

Reimb of Village Litter PickUp Exps (PIP)



K Hutchings

Reimb of caretakers exps (bin bags)







Payments already approved to pay on receipt of invoices;



Those on the Annually approved list of routine payments [see minute 19/216 (7i)] as listed overleaf.


Recruitment of New Clerk/Locum Costs As delegated to Personnel Sub. Rec Park Improvement Work

Ground Works budget



Grant 4 Neighbourhood Watch Signs for Ham Village (and further 4 Ham Road funded by WW) £120





Income since last meeting




SW Lottery


L Online



Precept (1st 50%)

L Online


Tone Youth

Pitch Fees April

L Online










Steve Altria




Finance Support to CSM PC 16th May 2022







Reported to Council and authorised for payment………………………………………….… Chair 16th May 2022.





Financial Regulations – Payments Authorisation







The PC Financial Regulation provide for the PC to agree a list Annually of payments that can be made (normally online) and reported to the next PC meeting. Payments NOT on the agreed list [see Nov minute 20/172 (6)] or specifically agreed are put to a full PC meeting for authorisation. ALL payments are signed off by three signatories.





Routine payments agreed that can be paid on receipt;







Clerks Wages




Asst Clerks Wages




Caretakers Wages




Parish Lengthsman Wages








Som Pension Fund Acc




Clerks and Asst routine (copy sent to Finance Sub monthly)







Caretakers Cleaning and H&S Mats Exps



Parish Lengthsman Expenses




Security - contracted payments



DD Engine Shed Electricity Supply



DD Pavilion Electricity Supply




DD Pavilion Gas Supply




CSM VHall Lettings




K Signs (SW) Ltd (Annual update of banners)



Window Cleaning Charges




Int Audit Fees




Membership Fees (SALC/NALC/SLCC/ALCC)



Lloyds A/C charges




Termly Septic Tank Empty




CPRE (Membership)




water2business (Water at Rec Park supply)



Som Playing Fields Assoc (Ann Play Equip Insp/Memb)



Community Youth Project (Contracted and Grant Payments only)



Allotments Rent




Devon and Somerset Fire Protection (pavilion fire ex insp)



Ext Audit Fees




Components/Parts for Play Equip repairs



PIP Payments per Agreed Budget



Any specifically payment preagreed by the PC



Tamsin Ely, CSMPC Assistant to Clerk, 07708680797, Email clerk@creechstmichael.net