/ Parish Council / Minutes / 1st November 2021


Minutes for the Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council

held in the Village Chown Hall on Monday 1st November 2021 at 7:00pm


Cllr Annabelle Peters – Chair from minute 213


Cllr Neil Davidson


Cllr Simon Hutchings - Vice Chair 


Cllr Charlie Cudlip


Cllr Sarah Elliott


Cllr Margaret Gover


Cllr Brenda Brighton left at minute 221


Cllr Diane Phillips from minute 230


Cllr Paul Tucker left and returned during minute 229


Cllr Peter Brown left and returned during minute 226


Also Present: County Cllr D. Fothergill Somerset County Council (SCC) District Cllr D. Durdan, Somerset West and Taunton (SW&T), two members of the public and the CSM Parish Clerk.

Meeting started at 7:02pm

The Public and Press are entitled to ask questions ahead of the meeting. Please see note at end of agenda*

Chair’s welcome

AP welcomed all and opened the meeting

Election of Chair – Cllr Annabelle Peters was elected as the new Chair. AP signed the Declaration of Acceptance form

Proposed by CC | Seconded by ND | 9 in favour (AP didn’t vote, as vote was for her being Chair)

Action: Clerk to notify SW&T of new Chair and submit Declaration of Acceptance form.

To receive any apologies for absence

Cllr Yamina Guest sent her apologies

Declarations of Interests. Declarations of Individual Members
ND – confirmed a conflict of interest - as has pecuniary interest in the Canal car park.

SH- confirmed a conflict of interest – as he is related to an employee

To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports
SCC Cllr Fothergill gave a verbal report, [please see appendix 1]

Noted; Primary school application deadline is 15 January 2022

SW&T Cllr Durdan reported James Hasset CEO has departed – the position is currently unfilled.

Action: Clerk to share approved CSM PC minutes with County and District Cllrs.

Minutes Cllrs agreed the Minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 2021 were an accurate record. (These had previously been circulated to Cllrs) The Chair signed a copy of the minutes for the records.

Proposed by SH | Seconded by CC | 8 in favour | 1 abstained (as not at last meeting)

Matters arising- from the Minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 2021 [Clerk’s report]

The Clerk’s report had previously been circulated to the PCllrs - there were no queries

Parish Councillor responsibilities and Committees, Panels and Working groups

Cllrs agreed to share the aims and responsibilities of each committee, panel or working group, to help set the 2022 budget (and +3 year forecast), to be added to the new website and to update any terms of reference needed. Cllrs discussed panel and working groups meeting regularly and reporting to the PC each month.

Action: Cllrs to send bullet points of aims and responsibilities to the Clerk before the December PC.

Action: Clerk to confirm if the Finance Committee needs renaming if it hasn’t got delegated powers and only works to recommend to the PC.


1.Planning applications. Cllrs considered the following application/s and made observations.







Application to carry out management works to one Beech tree included in Taunton Deane Borough (Creech St. Michael No.1) Tree Preservation Order 2009 at 1 St. Michaels Cottages, Vicarage Lane, Creech St. Michael (TD1062)

To SUPPORT on the basis the applicant is applying to raise the canopy to approximately 3 metres, thereby reducing shading to their garden and preventing excessive overhanging the adjoining property. The Parish Council notes that the works will be carried out by a qualified arborist.

Proposed by SH | Seconded by BB | all in favour

Action: Clerk to inform SW&T Planning of the PC’s decisions

For information: The PC has notified SW&T Planning Enforcement over the erection of a fence on public open space at Sweeting Close, which has not been permitted by new permission or amendment to the extant permission. This is in addition to notification last year of the land being sold to the Hendon Scouts not in line with the agreed planning permission - SE to report back.

Finance – 1. Cllrs approved the monthly payments.

Payments to be authorised [amount in £ including VAT]


SW&T Council

6x Grass cutting + 13 Weeks Dog bin emptying



Porter Dodson – completion statement fees for access to Canal Car Park, Deed of Easement


  1. Proposed by SH| Seconded by ND | all in favour

  2. Subject to the Clerk checking this was the amount agreed when the solicitor was engaged to complete the work.

Proposed by AP| Seconded by SH | 8 in favour | 1 abstention.

Action: Clerk to make authorised payments

Action: Clerk to check solicitors fees match those agreed under the former Clerk

Routine Payments- since the September mtg (schedule circulated); wages and expenses for the Clerk, Caretaker and Parish Lengthsman and HMRC payments. [amount in £ including VAT]

EDF (Engine Shed Elect. Acc 671119305698



EDF (Pavilion elect Acc.671119306523



CSM Village Hall Sept Lettings

L Online


Utilia Pavilion gas- September



Lloyds Bank Charges (10 Sept - 9 Oct 2021)



Tesco (mobile phone top up) Clerk's phone

L Debit Card


SLCC annual membership

L Online


Somerset Playing Fields Association

L Online


Monies received and banked since the last meeting. [amount in £ including VAT]

Tone Youth Football

Pitch Fees - Sept


SW&T Council

Grant (P/Field & B/Ground)


Lloyds Bank



SW Lottery

Lottery Proceeds



Community Grant part1



Community Grant part2


SW&T Council

CIL funding


2. Risk Assessment of Assets - Cllrs agreed they would check and report back on the parish assets. (list already circulated) The clerk suggested photographing each asset and noting their location through the What 3 Words app.

Action: Clerk to email Cllrs a link to What 3 Words app and ask to take photos of each asset as a helpful record.

Action: Clerk to update the asset register as information is reported back.

Action: Cllrs to inform the Clerk of any missing/new assets that need to be added to the register.

Local Community Networks (LCNs) – SE gave a report to the PC having attended the Parish and Town Council Conference on 7 October. (notes had already been circulated) The PDT Panel have agreed to continue to report back to the PC on LCNs and Local Government Re-organisation updates.

PC and Committee Dates 2022- Cllrs agreed the proposed dates for Full Council and Committees in 2022 (see end of minutes for full list)

Proposed by SH| Seconded by AP | all in favour

Connecting Communities

Cllrs agreed the Canal Car Park working group to lead on arranging the Canal signage and leaflet drop as part 1 of the bid. (previously circulated)

Cllr Durdan asked to attend a meeting with the Canal Working Group.

Action: Canal working group to contact Cllr Durdan about attending their next meeting.

Cllrs agreed the Finance Committee would mange the process of awarding funds to community groups as part 2 of the bid (previously circulated). The PC would vote on the merit of applications and decide who would be awarded any funds.
Proposed by AP| Seconded by SH | all in favour

Action: Finance Committee to add grant process to their next agenda.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons Event - 2nd June 2022 – Cllrs agreed to support the wider Jubilee Celebrations being proposed by the Village Hall Committee next summer. The PC decided not to commit to a Jubilee Beacon at this time.

@creechstmichael.net email addresses for Councillors- Cllrs were asked by the Chair to set up a creech.net email, there is IT support arranged if needed.

Action: Clerk to email PT his password and log in details again.

Cllr profiles for the new Creech St Michael website – Cllrs agreed to submit a bio and photograph before the December meeting. (bio prompts already circulated by the Clerk)

Action: Cllrs to send their bio and headshot photo to the Clerk by December.

A358 Taunton to Southfields Dualling Consultation - Cllrs agreed that the Planning, Development and Transportation Panel can confirm the final PC response in time for the consultation deadline (November). Cllrs agreed on balance CSM PC will withdraw from the Informal Group of Parish Councillors, to better represent the CSM parishioners in the immediate area that will affect them most.

Proposed by SE| Seconded by SH | all in favour

Action: Clerk to write to the Chair of the Informal Group of Parish Councillors to withdraw CSM PC from the group.

Deed of Easement- Cllrs agreed the Deed of Easement in regard to access to the Canal Car Park. (already circulated)

Proposed by CC| Seconded by PT | 7 in favour |1 abstention

Action: Clerk to return the signed Deed of Easement to the solicitors.

Panel and Working Group reports

Planning, Developments & Transport Panel – PB gave a verbal update which included, updating the Community Action Plan. Traffic Management delays due to materials. CSM PC will update residents when SCC confirm a date that works to the roads will start. The panel propose to buy 2 x SIDs £3.5K each. (from £10K budget) to be used across the Parish. (notes already circulated)

Canal Panel- ND reported the panel were arranging another date to move the gate. They would be meeting to pick up the agenda items and would circulate a report mid month to all Cllrs.

Youth Panel- ND reported an email from the Community Youth Project manager had been received asking for a contribution to funding.

Rec Park Panel- no updates. Noted; a recent email from a resident enquiring about opening and closing times.

Action: Clerk to ask 3D security what are the usual opening/ closing time over winter?

Action: Panels to make any proposals at the December meeting from their monthly meetings.

Footpaths/ Rights of Way – the PC thanked the Parish Footpath volunteers for their report. An email had been circulated asking if the PC would support, in principle, strengthening links between Creech Heathfield/CSM/Langaller/Monkton.

Action: Clerk to invite the Footpath Volunteer/s to a meeting to discuss further.

PIP working group – no updates

Communications and Website working group – The Clerk reported that the new website would go live in stages. Legally required pages and PC and Cllr information first. Additional pages would be completed in the second stage.

Vacancies on the Parish Council - Cllrs agreed and voted on co-opting Diane Phillips after a brief introduction by the applicant. DP signed the Cllr Declaration of Acceptance form and joined the Cllrs for the rest of the meeting.

Proposed by AP | Seconded by SE | all in favour

Action: Clerk to notify SW&T of co-opted Cllr Phillips and submit Declaration of Acceptance form.

Cllrs agreed and updated the membership on the committees, panels and working groups.

PB to be removed from the Staffing Committee. DP to be added to the Staffing Committee, Planning Developments and Transport Panel plus Health and Safety and Village Hall rep.

Proposed by SE| Seconded by AP | all in favour
Action: Clerk to circulate updated list .

Correspondence – it was noted:

BB may wish to update the PC by email, (as she was unable to attend the full meeting) about a meeting regarding the former Engine Shed at the Rec Park.

A resident gave the Chair a list of concerns at the beginning of the meeting.

Action: Clerk to follow up with the resident about the issues they had listed.

New Matters to be carried forward

Council to decide to exclude Public and Press for these items

Staffing Committee – ND gave a brief update

Meeting ended at 9:40pm
Ros Moreton, CSM PC Clerk 07708680797 Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

The next Creech St Michael (CSM) Parish Council meeting is on:

Monday 6 December at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

2022 Dates

Monday 10 January 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 07 February 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 07 March 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 04 April 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 16 May 2022 TBC

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 13 June 2022 TBC

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 04 July 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 01 August 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 05 September 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 03 October 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 07 November 2022

at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Appendix 1



Coronavirus infection rates: As of 30th October, the number of confirmed Covid cases in Somerset was 57,072 (33% up from 42,800 on 30th September) and the number of Covid-attributed deaths 872. The rate per 100,000 stands at 709.7 (320.2) for Somerset with Mendip at 853.9 (379.8), Sedgemoor at 653.5 (292.3), South Somerset 668.3 (298.2) and SW&T at 713.0 (321.7). The number of total deaths across the County is currently 12% above the 5-year average and the latest R-value for Somerset is between 0.9 and 1.1.

Infection rates in Somerset continue to be very high. It is therefore important even for those who have had both jabs to remember to observe Social Distancing and to always ventilate indoor areas.

Somerset Coronavirus Support Helpline: A single phone number continues to be available for anyone in Somerset who needs Coronavirus-related support. 0300 790 6275, is open seven days a week from 8am to 6pm.

Vaccination programmes roll-out: Somerset continues to have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country with the latest figures showing over 95.6% of the adult population having had one dose of vaccine and 91.9% having had both doses. Work is focusing on Children aged 12-15 years old and the third booster jab which is due 6 months after the second.

Local Government Reorganisation: Following the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (now renamed Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities DLUHC)) decision to support the move to a single Unitary Council across Somerset the transition programme, lead teams and governance structure have been agreed by all Councils. A LGR Joint Committee to oversee the transition has been approved by all five Councils and will sit for the first time on 5th November 2021. It is expected that statutory orders will be available in early November before being laid before Parliament in January 2022 with an agreed vesting date for the new authority as April 2023.

Major investment in infrastructure: Major improvements to the A38 northern corridor heading into Bridgwater are a step closer after the Government approved a £10 million funding bid. Money from the Treasury’s Levelling Up fund will help pay for more than £3.4 million worth of cycling and walking infrastructure along the entire corridor as well as a remodelled Dunball junction and significant improvements to the Canon/Cross Rifles junction.  In the same announcement, £5 million was also approved from a separate fund to re-open a train station in Wellington.   

Applications for school places 2022: All children starting school for the first time in September 2022, as well as those moving between infant and junior or first and middle school applications must be submitted between Monday 27 September 2021 and Saturday 15 January 2022. www.somerset.gov.uk/admissions

Young Carers Support Survey: The County Council are inviting young carers, their parents/guardians, schools and other professionals working with young carers in Somerset to complete short anonymous surveys by Sunday 21 November in order to gain a better understanding of the services and support provided across the county and how it could be improved. The electronic survey can be accessed via www.somerset.gov.uk/youngcarers (A young carer is anyone under the age of 18 who provides care for another person by taking on practical or emotional responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult).

Reaching Carbon Zero: Somerset County Council has approved major investment to help save hundreds of tonnes of carbon every year. Earlier this year, SCC successfully bid for £4.1m from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, to make public buildings more energy efficient. This and addition SCC funding will enable decarbonisation projects across several Council owned buildings, including Taunton Library, Yeovil Library, Frome Library, Glastonbury Hub, Milford Infants School, Chilthorne Domer School, and County Hall. Work will include the installation of heat pumps to either replace or supplement existing gas heating systems, replacing windows with double glazing, upgrading building insulation, improving building ventilation systems and installing solar panels. The implementation of these combined schemes is expected to reduce the carbon output of the property estate significantly and move the authority closer to its Carbon Zero target by 2030. 

Making streets safer: Funding to help tackle violence against women and girls has been awarded to Somerset County Council. Working with North Somerset, SCC have made a successful joint bid to the Home Office Safer Streets Fund for £324,449. The bid presents an opportunity to work together in tackling Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) crimes across the area. The plan sets out a two-tiered approach involving: Prevent – to change behaviour and stop incidents occurring such as VAWG education and awareness in schools, communications campaigns, research and engagement within communities, and Protect – to strengthen the response where incidents are prevalent, such as a safe haven scheme and enhancing the CCTV network and street lighting.

Domestic abuse and modern slavery: New free online resources are available for both professionals and the public to help spot the signs and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of domestic abuse and modern slavery. Members of the public have free access to a set of modules providing guidance on recognising the signs of domestic abuse and modern slavery and what they can do to help. https://somersetsurvivors.org.uk/somerset-survivors/support-for-a-friend-or-family-member/