/ Parish Council / Minutes / 2nd August 2021


MINUTES for the Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council

to be held in the Village Chown Hall on Monday 2nd August 2021 at 7:00pm


Cllr Steve Greenhalgh – Chair until minute 172


Cllr Neil Davidson


Cllr Simon Hutchings - Vice Chair until minute 165


Cllr Annabelle Peters


Cllr Paul Tucker


Cllr Charlie Cudlip


Cllr Peter Brown


Also Present:

County Clllr David Fothergill Somerset County Council (SCC). District Cllr, David Durdan– Somerset West & Taunton District Council (SW&T). 5 members of the public and the CSM PC Clerk.

Meeting started at 7:00

Chair’s welcome

SG welcomed all and Chaired the meeting.

To receive any apologies for absence

Cllr Guest sent her apologies

Cllrs discussed repeated absence by Cllr Guest and chose to vote on not accepting the apologies.

Proposed by SH | Seconded by SG | three in favour four against – apologies accepted

Declarations of Interests. Declarations of Individual Members

ND – confirmed a conflict of interest for item 166 – as has pecuniary interest in the Canal car park.

SH- confirmed a conflict of interest for item 172 – as he is related to an employee

Appointment of members to council/committees

CSM PC has three vacancies that it can now fill by co-option. Given the PC decision (see Oct 2019 mtg item 19/187 mtg) that individuals to be considered should have attended at least two meetings it is anticipated a decision will not be made before the September 2021 meeting.

Two members of the public attended this evening with a view to be co-opted. One person has now attended two meetings. Anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor is encouraged to contact the Clerk for further information. clerk@creechstmichael.net or 07708680797

To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports

DCllr Durdan reported that there will be delays in the recycling pick up by a week. If residents’ recycling had not been collected one week, it would be picked up the following week. The green waste bin service has been suspended for 6 weeks, but will roll over for 8 weeks next year. SCC Cllr Fothergill shared that some parishes were creating a community green project to take the garden waste whilst the suspension was in place.

County Cllr David Fothergill gave his report- please see appendix 1.

Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 July 2021 and the Extraordinary meeting held on 22 July 2021.(These had been previously circulated to PCllrs)

The minutes of the 5 July 2021 mtg were agreed. The minutes of the 22 July 2021 mtg were agreed.

The minutes were then authorised to be signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

Proposed by ND | Seconded by CC | all in favour

Matters arising- from the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 and 22 July 2021 [Clerk’s report]

The Clerk’s report had previously been circulated to the PCllrs - there were no queries


1.Planning applications. To consider the following applications and to make observations;







Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the existing change of use of land from agricultural to domestic garden at The Crown House, Crown Lane, Creech Heathfield

No comment



Application for Outline Planning with all matters reserved, except for access and landscaping, for the erection of up to 35 No. dwellings with associated works, formation of access, landscaping, ground engineering and drainage works on land to the west of Derham Close, Creech St Michael.




APPEAL - Erection of a two storey extension to the front of Top Cottage, Coombe Lane, West Monkton




Erection of a part two storey and part first floor extension with formation of vehicular and pedestrian access at Woodcross Farm, Foxhole Lane, Creech St Michael


Additional comments from PCllr Brown: The adopted Neighbourhood Plan now formally part of the Local Plan did not make provision for any more significant Development in Creech given the scale of previous development off Hyde Lane and Creech’s status in the LP as a minor rural centre. The LP Core Strategy makes provision for 250 dwellings across 5 Minor Rural Centres including CSM.   That is 250 dwellings across all 5 settlements during the plan period 2011 to 2028.  The adopted Neighbourhood Plan for Creech indicates that in the period since 2011 at least  134 dwellings have been built off Hyde Lane.   This is well over 50% of the allocation for the period 2011 to 2028 for the 5 settlements identified as minor rural centres in the core strategy. This application is also  premature in that before the end of this LP period the Neighbourhood Plan will need to be reviewed. The Parish Council supports a plan led approach to future development in and adjacent to the village. The need for development of this site can be assessed alongside other possible options in terms of the overall aspirations and needs of the village. The PC agreed the Planning Panel’s recommendations and the additional comments by PB.
Proposed by PB| Seconded by CC | all in favour but 1
Action: Clerk to inform SW&T Planning of the PC decisions.

3. Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension 2 (MHUE2) Panel had not heard from Persimmon recently, it was thought the next phase planning application was July /August, but nothing has been received. PB suggested co-opting Brenda Brighton onto the panel.

PB proposed | CC seconded – 5 voted in favour | 2 against

4. Traffic Calming – Proposals to reduce the speed in CSM through road signs and lines has been agreed with SCC and communicating this with residents will go live soon, with residents having an opportunity to feedback over the next fortnight to CSM PC. After this SCC will need to publish a Traffic Regulation Order with a full consultation over three weeks. PB explained they hoped to get these proposals in place before the end of the year. Cllr Fothergill confirmed that the proposals could be in place in September.

1. Routine Payments- since the July mtg (schedule circulated); wages and expenses for the Clerk, Caretaker and Parish Lengthsman and HMRC payments.

Lloyd’s Business Bank

Charges (10 June -9 July 2021)

L Online



Annual membership

L Online


CSM Village Hall

June Lettings

L Online



Pavilion Gas 1.6.-30.6.21




Pavilion Electricity




Rec Park Garage (electricity)




Clerk’s training

L Online



Event License

L Debit Card


Note: EDF Rec Park Garage (electricity)- price will increase from August [ £34 to £40 by Direct Debit]

2. Payments to be authorised 

S Altria

Clerk finance - transition

L Online


Tesco Mobile

Mobile phone top up

L Debit Card


3. Monies received and banked since the last meeting

SW Lottery

Proceeds July


4. Annual Audit – the external audit has been submitted, a report is expected in the next month.
Payments were agreed by the PC and signed by the Chair.

SG proposed | SH seconded | all in favour

Action: Clerk to make authorised payments

Covid Funding- Cllrs discussed the government’s £500,000 available for Somerset town and parishes to focus on “Opening up safely - Connecting Communities” Access to the funds will be from September with applications/questions about the funding to be sent to SALC (who are processing the applications) from August.

Action: Cllrs to send their ideas to the Clerk by Friday 6 August.

Local Government Re-organisation
Cllrs discussed the potential impacts and opportunities for the parish and its residents as Somerset moves to a Unitary authority. In particular the discussion focussed on the new Local Community Networks (LCNs) that will be set up. PB and AP fed back from the meeting held by West Monkton PC on 28 July to discuss forming a LCN. (Notes from WMPC previously circulated to Cllrs) 15-20 LCNs will be formed across the county, grouping parishes and towns with 3-9 elected Unitary members. Budgets could be devolved. PB commented that how its decided Taunton will be parished will affect the parishes that surround it and how LCNs may be formed. There may be devolution of activities to groups of parishes and towns. Parishes are being asked to come forward now if they are interested in forming a pilot LCN with other parishes. This does not commit them to stay in that group when LCNs are finally formed in the county.

Action: LCNs to be an item on September’s agenda.

19:51 SH left the meeting.

Deed of Easement – The updated copy was received that morning, so the Clerk asked for more time to check the terms. PT and CC signed provisionally.

Party in the Park working group. Cllrs discussed the request for a budget of £2,000 to purchase and install a David Knight memorial in way of a large picnic bench with plaque and possibly a small bench. It was noted that a plaque had previously been agreed for the MUGA in the Rec Park, but hadn’t been actioned yet, due to Covid.

It was resolved to agree that Party In the Park panel should decide and PC would release the funds accordingly.

Proposed by SG | Seconded by CC| all in favour

Rec Park Panel SG stated he was no longer on the Rec Park panel. Panel members not present to update; but Cllrs understood 3D security had agreed to the locking of the park, but it was thought the Rec Park needed to finalise the details.

Footpaths/ Rights of WayThank you to the Parish Footpath Volunteers for their report, which had been shared with Cllrs ahead of the meeting. SCC Cllr Fothergill was asked if there was a reply to a Rights of Way query at the Canal car park. Cllr Fothergill would forward the reply to the Clerk.

Action: Clerk to circulate the email from Cllr Fothergill to Cllrs.

Correspondence that Cllrs wished to raise – AP asked if the PC would support a letter to the Canal Trust on behalf of pedestrians who were unhappy by the speed cyclists were going on the canal paths.

Action: Clerk to send a letter to the Canal Trust on behalf of the PC

New Matters to be carried forward - None

Public meeting ended 20:11

Council to decide to exclude Public and Press for these items

20:45 SG leaves and resigns as PCllr and Chair.
As the Chair resigned and the Vice Chair had left earlier in the meeting, Cllrs agreed that ND would chair the remainder of the meeting.

Proposed by CC| Seconded by PB | All in favour ND Chaired the meeting

The meeting ended at 9.20pm

Ros Moreton, CSM PC Clerk 07708680797 Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

The next Creech St Michael (CSM) Parish Council meetings are on:

Monday 6 September at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Monday 4 October at 7pm in the CSM Village Chown Hall

Appendix 1 – Cllr Fothergill – Somerset County Council Report August 2021

Coronavirus infection rates: As at 30th July the number of confirmed Covid cases in Somerset was 26,526 (up from 20,982 on 25th June) and the number of Covid-attributed deaths 802. The rate per 100,000 stands at 206.9 (47.1) for Somerset with Mendip at 234.5 (40.7), Sedgemoor at 195.7 (74.7), South Somerset 214.4 (20.8) and SW&T at 187.0 (58.7). The number of total deaths across the County is currently 40% below the 5-year average and the latest R-value for Somerset is between 1.3 and 1.5. Despite significant progress and even for those who have had both jabs it is vitally important to remember, to observe Hands-Face-Space and to Ventilate indoor areas at all times.

Road map out of lockdown: It is expected that the final lifting of restrictions including the need to self-isolate will be removed from 16th August 2021.

Somerset Coronavirus Support Helpline: A single phone number continues to be available for anyone in Somerset who needs Coronavirus-related support. 0300 790 6275, is open seven days a week from 8am to 6pm.

Vaccination programme roll-out: Somerset continues to have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country with the latest figures showing over 93.7% of the adult population having had one dose of vaccine and 77.4% having had both doses. Work continues to encourage further take up particularly amongst younger adults and a real focus on ensuring the second vaccine to this group.

Picture 1 Local Government Reorganisation: The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has delivered his decision on which unitary council business cases met his three tests and will therefore be progressed through Parliament. A single unitary met all of his clear tests including the ability to improve local government and services. It is expected that the orders will be laid before Parliament in the late Autumn and a vesting date of the new authority as April 2023. Work with partners will now commence to progress through the transition period.

Tick warning: With the warmer weather come ticks, which thrive in woodland, long grass and even urban parks. SCC has put together a ‘tick list’ to follow to reduce the risk of being bitten including: Walking on clearly defined paths, wearing light coloured clothing, using an insect repellent, wearing long trousers and long-sleeved tops to reduce the skin exposure and carrying out a regular tick check after outdoor activities. Being bitten by a tick doesn’t usually require hospital treatment but people are advised to dial NHS 111 if they start to feel unwell.

County-wide Bus Services: Following the Government’s announcement in March of the new National Bus Strategy – ‘Bus Back Better’ a £3 billion pot of funding is being made available to improve bus services across the country and Somerset County Council can bid for a share of this in partnership with operators. But first, the Council needs to know about residents’ experience and where the gaps in services are.   You can take the survey at https://somerset.inconsult.uk/somerset.bus.survey/consultationHome

Reflections of the pandemic: The Somerset Library Service is inviting people to share their experiences of the last sixteen months, to be recorded for future generations. As part of ‘Reflections’, a county-wide creative response to the pandemic, libraries will host a series of free drop-in sessions throughout August and online via social media. The collaborative artwork and film will be given to the South West Heritage Trust as a ‘record’ of the experiences of Somerset people during the pandemic. The film and artwork will then be showcased at the evening ‘Reflections’ event to be held on the 10 September. This initiative forms part of Somerset Libraries’ response to initiative, funded by The BBC and Arts Council England.

Summer holidays school meals support: The Department of Work and Pensions has extended its Covid Local Support Grant, providing £1.4m to Somerset County Council who will use the grant to fund food vouchers worth £15 per week for children eligible for Free School Meals over the six-week Summer Holidays. SCC has been working to tackle holiday hunger during the pandemic, providing funding for food and vouchers over the October, February, and May half-term periods, as well as the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Forecast heat wave: Many forecasters are expecting temperatures to rise again in August and so Somerset’s Public Health have issue the following important advice: Look out for others, especially older people, young children and babies and those with underlying health conditions. Stay cool indoors: open windows when the air feels cooler outside than inside; shade or cover windows exposed to direct sunlight; move to a cooler part of the house, especially for sleeping. Keep drinks within easy reach – water is better than sugary or caffeinated drinks for staying hydrated. Avoid excess alcohol. Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals. Try to keep out of the sun between 11am to 3pm.

National Recognition: Somerset County Council has been shortlisted for three prestigious national awards in recognition of its work during the coronavirus pandemic. The categories include; ‘Best Workforce Transformation’ for its redeployment work during the pandemic, ‘Community Heroes’ for the work of Community Council for Somerset’s Village and Community Agents, and ‘Delivering Better Outcomes’ for Somerset’s Micro-providers, independent care providers who proved a lifeline for Somerset’s isolated rural population throughout the pandemic.