/ Parish Council / Minutes / 2nd March 2020


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd March 2020

in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall.

Present; PCllrs S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), B Brighton, P Brown, C Cudlip, N Davidson,

Y Guest, A Gunstone, J Pengelley (from item 20/48) and P Tucker. (Parish Councillors). The Clerk.

Four Members of the Public attended.

20/45. Chairman’s Welcome. SH welcomed all.

20/46. Apologies. PCllr L Gates whose apologies were accepted. SCCllr D Fothergill. SWTCllrs D and K Durdan.

20/47. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. ND re Canal Carpark item 20/61, SH re caretaker, CC re Planning Application 14/20/0007CQ at Brickyard Farm, Bull St, PB re VHall. None voted.

20/48. Vacancy on the PC. The PC decided to Co Opt Jo Pengelley onto the Parish Council.

20/49. SWTC Councillors’ Report. No report.

20/50. County Councillors’ Report. The Clerk gave DF report;

(1) SCC Budget: SCC Councillors have approved a £338m budget for its services with robust financial plans in place across the next three years. No cuts to frontline services are planned and the Council has improved its financial resilience by increasing its levels of reserves. The budget includes;

  • £1.5m to be spent installing 20mph advisory zones outside half of Schools (rest in 2021).

  • £133.5m to fund infrastructure projects, including new schools and expansions, highways etc.

  • £6.3m investment into social care to help fund increased national minimum wage and quality provision.

  • £4.5m to introduce a Family Safeguarding model to better protect vulnerable Children in the County.

  • £2m to provide better access to bus services for residents living in rural areas.

  • an undertaking to maintain the authority’s General Fund reserves, vital to financial stability, at the

projected end-of-year figure of £19.69m across 21/22 and 22/23.

The budget plans will see more than £775 million spent on services in the coming year and a 1.99% increase in the County Council’s element of the Council Tax. The Govt allows a further 2% for Adult Social Care.

(2) Climate Change Fund for Towns and Parishes: A £1m climate change fund has been created by SCC which will be available for parish and town councils to bid for green initiatives in their own patch as SCC acts on its decision to sign the national Climate Change Emergency Declaration which aims to make Somerset carbon neutral by 2030 –More details will be published in the next few months with clear guidelines and governance.

(3) Covid-19 is believed to be spread from person to person through cough droplets. Simple basic hygiene measures can help prevent its spread. For the latest information, advice and guidance, check out  www.gov.uk/guidance/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-for-the-public

(4) One Somerset SCC Leader David Fothergill has now formally written to Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, kickstarting the case for One Somerset – A Unitary Council for Somerset. Around £25 million every year can be made available to reinvest and improve vital services by cutting waste and reducing duplication.

(5) Brain in Hand: A digital helping hand is about to be trialled in Somerset to provide tailored support for people with mental health issues or learning disabilities. Brain in Hand is a personalised app that links the user with their carers and support teams.

(6) Children’s Mental Health: SCC is deploying two teams to boost children’s mental health as part of its programme of support for children and schools. The initiative which has won £400,000 in Government trailblazer funding through the Fit for my Future partnership sees a Team working in the Taunton area

(7) Utility Company prosecutions: Two utility firms have received significant fines after pleading guilty to roadwork’s offences. Verizon UK Ltd (£30,000 and costs) and Western Power Distribution £20k and costs)

(8) Connecting Devon and Somerset: CDS has launched a fresh procurement to find new contractors to roll-out superfast broadband across the two counties.

(9) Route 29 Bus. It was reported that a driver had said route 29 was to cease coming though CSM from end of March.

Action. The Clerk to raise with Transporting Somerset.

20/51. Minutes of the 3rd February 2020 Mtg (These had been previously circulated to PCllrs). The minutes of the 3rd February meeting were agreed without amendment. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

20/52. Matters arising from the minutes of the 3rd February. The Clerk reported that;

19/230. Right of Way – Accessible Gates T10/15. SCC RofW, Mr Sloman and Mr Reed have been advised of the PC decision to fund up to four top up grants per year of £125 to those who have been given a SCC grant. Fred A Court has been asked to indicate future need/priority to help inform the PC decision making. Requests are awaited from Mr Sloman and Mr Reed. SCC have now advised they will pay the full cost of approved gates (not 25%) in order to improve access and that the Ramblers as volunteers would install them free. The PC decided to withdraw their offer. Clerk has written and withdrawn the PC Offer to both advising them of SCC advices/offer.

19/231(1) Crufts Meadow. SWTCs engagement lead had arranged for the Willow Trees and vegetation to be cut back and the Canal Society had agreed to cut back the bank vegetation. CT advised on 18/12 it had not been done. She has now been advised that the Canal Trust did the work but after her inspecting it she has asked the Canal Trust to return to complete the job. The Clerk advised he had written to the Land Registry and had established that the Canal bank (to the wire fence) owner is the Canal Trust and that the grassed area between the wire fence and houses are SWTC. Further enquiries have established the canal bank ownership to the west. A site meeting between CSM PC (SH, BB and the Clerk), SWTC and Canal Trust is to take place on 3 3 2020.

19/231 (5) Arundells Way road sign. No change. (Not checked to see if the sign has been replaced yet).SWTC to replace as one side is spelt correctly but the other has just one L. Can someone check if this has been done.

19/17 (2) Rec Park “No dogs” signing. No change. SG advised he has the dog signs ready for installation once the fence was in place.

19/29 and 19/216(8) Notice boards. No change. PC agreed the Arundells board was in need of attention. Clerk had shared details of Woolmer Fitzpatrick’s noticeboards and prices for a range of new recycled plastic Boards. Agreed that the garage noticeboard be removed and resited on new posts to replace that at Arundells and Clerk to ask Gill Underhay if a noticeboard could be put up on her wall alongside the red defibulator box. Gill advises she has a noticeboard which she will put up on her wall and the PC can then make use of it.

Action. CC/SH to relocate garage noticeboard to Arundells and install on new posts.

19/216(8) Notice boards. No change. The legs of the noticeboard at Ham are showing signs of rot (2 years max life), the Ham dog bin needs a repaint and the noticeboards at Arundells (see item 19/214 (19/24)) and Creech Heathfield (locks) need attention. No decisions have been taken.

19/40 (3) Speed watch. No change. SG suggested re-approaching the Police as he believed resources to provide training are now available.

19/161. Technology. Village Hall Cartwright Rm/PC. PB reported that the Village Hall Cttee had obtained a quotation for Audio Visual Equipment and a Hearing Loop for the Cartwright Room and had enquired as the major user if the PC would consider contributing towards the cost. This was agreed to in principle but a request was made for additional quotes to the one available being obtained first. BT wifi will operate in Cartwright Rm as well as the Main Hall.

Action. PB to inform the Village Hall Cttee and facilitate additional quotation(s).

19/163. Website Bios. No change

19/216(7) Risk Assessments. No change

Ham Village. A request had been submitted to SCC for No HGV Signs. SCC advised the engineer is off until Jan. A reply had since been received asking for evidence and details of lorry companies before SCC would consider.

19/236(1). Rec Park Panel Mtg. The Clerk has asked Sutcliffe to provide age guidance to enable stickers to be put on play equipment. The Play Inspection Co has undertaken a post equipment installation for the PC and Sutcliffe’s have now forwarded their inspectors reports. There are discrepancies and the Clerk will raise these with Sutcliffe after consideration at the Feb PC meeting. The Clerk has asked the caretaker about the impact of the new equipment and has been advised that she wishes to undertake a period of review as whilst she is managing at present this is unlikely post spring.

19/239(7) Assets - Sale of Conference Equipment. No change. Following the decision to sell on the 2/12 the Clerk has asked CC for some pictures so he could sell on Ebay.

19/240(2) Cooks Close - Dumped cars on Highways land. No change (The clerk had not checked to see if removed). DF had explained that the cars are not dumped as someone locally owns them. It was noted that the cars were largely incomplete and in poor state and should not be allowed to remain as they are. DF confirmed SCC are addressing this. Clerk has written to the DVLA. No reply.

19/243. Annual Parish Meeting April 24th Friday 2020. The Clerk restated the new format and explained that a short formal intro was needed to update PC activities, deal with apologies, last mtg mins etc. As a limited info on community groups existed the Clerk has made enquiries and had now issued invitations to 36 Village Groups. A decision was taken not to invite Groups based outside of the village that had members who resided in CSM. YG asked that Tone Youth be invited. It was agreed badges were required for PCllrs to facilitate “meeting your PCllrs”. A discussion took place about whether presentations should be given on the subject of Unitary Somerset.

Action. The Clerk to advise DF of the new format for the APM and to obtain conference badges for PCllrs.

20/14 (2) Enforcement (i) Mill Lane – SW Crane Hire. SWTC had decided to request a retrospective application from SW Crane Hire in order to regularise their use of the land in Jan and though SWTC has now received it has failed their validation process so two weeks have been given to provide the required information.

The PC Clerk had identified the owners of Mill Lane and a request for the PC to write to them was considered. A decision was taken to respond to the Planning application and that a resident’s letter would have more impact.

Information on registered lorry bases had been acquired from the Traffic Commissioner’s but having examined this no cranes were registered. Enquiries were now being made as to why this should be.

20/14 (2). Planning Application 14/12/0043 Derham Close. No change. The S106 agreement required the submission of a Public Open Space Man Plan, to be agreed by SWTC. This has not been submitted E/0227/14/19). A request for an update from Enforcement was replied to saying their progressing this without giving further detail. It is anticipated that the developer hasn’t responded to SWTC.

20/32 (2) Planning Enforcement. 14/18/0015 The Bartons. SWTC had advised that they had checked the three windows at first floor level on the north elevation have all been fitted with opening restrictors in accordance with the details submitted and approved. Furthermore, the windows have been obscurely glazed to a height of 1.7m as required by Condition 16. BB highlighted that there were 4 windows to the rear not 3.

The Clerk has checked with enforcement regarding the fourth window and received reassurance that all four have restrictors.

20/34 (2) SWTC Parks. The Chair and Clerk had been informed on 23 1 20 that SWTC were not responsible for clearing the ditch at the rear of West View. Maps of the Parish had been supplied by SWTC showing owned land. DF had advised he had emails he would forward to evidence SWTC had maintained one area. The Clerk had sent these to SWTC and as a result confirmation had now been received that their operative inspects West View ditch once a week. He ensures the grids are clear and the watercourse is flowing freely. Any issues found are reported back to the Council and action taken as necessary.

20/36. Highways. A number of defects have been reported. Potholes on the railway and canal bridges and a stretch of Hyde Lane between the Cottages and the Rugby Club. A street light outside 31 Arundells has failed.

20/37 (14.2). Bull St. No change - though EA reminded. SH/BB suggested following a site visit that the intended site of the waste bin be reconsidered and it was agreed to place alongside the green comms box by the riverside. It was also agreed to have some recognition plaques/stickers done. SH will produce the artwork and the Clerk to obtain EA agreement.

20/39 (1) Youth Club Grant. No change. DF was thanked for facilitating a SCC Improving Life Grant of £500 to purchase sports and health improving equipment for CSM Youth Club. CYP will organise a photo of cheque handover to DF. PCllrs to be invited. Clerk to advise PCllrs of date of the cheque handover photo call once agreed by CYP and DF.

20/53. Planning. (1) Applications. The following applications were considered and observations agreed;







Crown Lodge, Crown Lane, Creech Heathfield. Erection of a single storey extension to the front and rear. Amendment to application.

Agreed to support and to observe CSM PC were unable to identify a change of window size in the “south” elevation but there appears to be removal of a fanlight window in the rear “north” elevation. 



Replacement of workshop on land at Flightline, Adsborough

To make an observation on the overall size of the building and that it would have a detrimental effect on the outlook/views of the three Adsborough Cottages located behind.



Brickyard Farm, Bull Street, CSM -

Prior approval for proposed change of use from agricultural building to

dwelling house (Class C3) and associated building operations

To make several observations regarding Conditions Q2 Agricultural Buildings to Dwelling houses: (b) noise impacts upon the development. (c) contamination on the site – A Contamination Report should be undertaken

(e)  whether the location or siting of the building makes it otherwise impractical or undesirable for the building change from agricultural use to a use falling within Class C3 (dwelling houses) of the Schedule to the Use Classes Order”. Absence of Information was highlighted on adequacy of curtilage parking, visitor parking, and number of cycle parking spaces and a comment made on the infrequency of bus services rather than “the frequent bus service” stated.



55 Arundells CSM Prior approval for proposed Extension to rear.

Not to make any response on this Prior Approval application.

(2) Application withdrawn. It was noted that the following application had been withdrawn;






16 Rockett’s Cottages, Hyde Lane, CSM. Erection of 1 No. dwelling with garage and associated works in the garden

(3) Land west of Derham Close. The report (previously circulated) of the Planning Panel meeting of the

14th Feb with the agents acting for the owner who wishes to develop this field was considered. It was decided that an application was premature and that SWTC should consider this along with other possibilities as part of that process.

(4) West Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension2. PB advised that the CSM/WM PC Joint Panel had provided a response to SWTC plans for the land south of Manor Farm and a master plan for MH2 ahead of and at the SWTC

Executive on 28th Jan in order to raise the many concerns that have been identified. The Panel had since met and is planning a tour of the site and walk through the village by Leader and Portfolio Holder, SWTC on 16th March. A meeting with Highways had been arranged for 12th March. The key issues where highlighted then it was agreed to hold an additional meeting of the PC on 9th March to discuss this further and the following items at 5,6 and 7.

(5) SWTC Local Plan 2040. SWTC are consulting on the Issues and Options docs from Mon 13th Jan to Mon 16th

March. This is the first consultation stage in the Local Plan process. Given the importance of this plan the PC decided to agree its response at an additional PC Mtg meeting to be held on 9th March.

(6) SWTC Employment Local Development Order (LDO) for small scale industrial space. SWTC is consulting from Mon 13 Jan to Mon 16 March 2020. Information on the consultation via the following link:

https://yoursay.somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk/strategy/employment-ldo/ . C/Fwd to 9th March PC Mtg

(7). Design Guide for Somerset West and Taunton. SWTC are consulting on the draft document which sets out how the Council wants to improve design quality. The consultation is taking place from Weds 5 Feb to Mon 30 March 2020. C/Fwd to 9th March PC Mtg.

20/54. Finance

  1. Bills authorised for payment; C Cudlip (Reimb for A1 Clear sheets) £25.70, B Brighton (Reimb for print

cartridge) £11.00, SWTC (Dog Bin Emptying 18/19) £2510.97, SWTC (Dog Bin Emptying 19/20) £2620.80.

  1. Payments made since last meeting; The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund

payments, Clerks (Feb Expenses/Shredder) £307.64, EDF (Pavilion Electricity DD) £30.00, EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity DD) £10.00 and invoice (16.8.19-12.2.-20) £49.01, CSM Village Hall (Use of Hall Jan 2020) £159.00, Costco (PIP items) £80.20, SWTC (Grass Cutting 19-20) £960.00, SWTC (Premises Licence 2020) £100, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (3d Security Rec Park 27.1.20-23.2.20) £302.40, Lloyds Bank Charges £13.65.

  1. Payments previously authorised for payment when received; Sutcliffe’s (Play Equip Works retention

payment), SCC/Porter Dodson Solicitors (Canal carpark purchase sum and legal costs), CYP (for Youth Club) £320 and 4 Neighbourhood Watch Signs for Ham Village (and further 4 Ham Road funded by WW). Those on annual list.

  1. Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; Nigel’s Windows £50, C Heathfield Hair and Beauty

£50, QS Printers £50 (All Website Adverts 2019) and Somerset Lottery Proceeds £8.00.

  1. Banking. A decision was taken to close HSBC Acc. As Lloyds had confirmed the requested addition of three

signatories on the account was now in place those PCllrs were encouraged to log on and familiarise themselves.

20/55. Rec Park (1) Issues. Increased damage has been noted on a number of occasions by the caretaker since the light were left on. YG highlighted the need to report on each and every occasion to the Police as resources are allocated based on reporting. It is hoped increase usage of the MUGAs will overcome vandalism.

It was agreed to allow the footballers to put up the goalposts on the existing pitch and for games to commence once the pitch was in a position to be played.

(2) Improvement Projects. Updates were given on the progress of projects and next steps agreed;

(i) Fencing; A quotation from Nailsea Fencing was accepted to complete the fencing and to provide gates x3.

Existing fencing will need to be removed. It was agreed to use £8000 of CIL money to fund these works.

Action. SG to inform contractor.

(ii) Equipment Project. The Clerk had sent the contractor the PC updated snagging list (following the independent inspectors post installation report) and a response has been received which CC is now examing. The Electrician has installed the new switches in the new lights and a solar light in the carpark. These will stop the lights needing to be switched on at a set time and thereby keeping energy usage low. The next step is to get the lights controlled through an App.

Action. CC/SH to identify items remaining on snagging list so the Clerk can respond to the contractor.

(iii) Storage Container. Electricity supply in now needs connecting up. Racking to be relocated in the spring.

(iv) Premises. Need for wifi discussed.

(3) General worker. SH proposed and it was agreed to employ a general worker the equivalent of one day a month and to finance appropriate training eg strimmer’s. hedge trimmer use. Would also work at the canal carpark and other sites in the Parish as directed. Rate to be agreed at next meeting.

Action. SH to take forward employing a general worker.

(4) Grass Cutting and Dog Bin Emptying. It was agreed to contract with the SWTC DLO for 20-21 year.

The Grass Cutting and strimming to be for 18 cuts, 3 weed killer spraying of the car park and one initial overmarking of the pitch and to keep under review the need for further overmarking.

Action. Clerk to inform SWTC.

20/56. Party in the Park 18/7/2020. SG gave an update; a meeting is planned for 3rd March in the Bell. Bands and PA equipment are booked. Evening event only this year. SWTC had advised that a premises licence rather than an event licence be applied for. This was agreed and a notice will be put in the Gazette; if any enquiries are received the evening event will be the same as in previous years but with additional security.

20/57. Highways. A number of defects were reported. The junction of West View and North End is breaking up. PT and the Clerk had reported a stretch of Hyde Lane between the Cottages and the Rugby Club was damaged and cones had been put up pending repair as a result. The Clerk had also informed WM Parish. Pot holes in Dillions Road. A street light outside 31 Arundells has failed again just two days after being promptly repaired.

Action. Clerk to report to SCC Highways and Street Lighting.

20/58. Footpaths. The report of the Parish Footpath volunteers had been previously circulated. The concern raised this month was just over the border in WM Parish so the Clerk had reported to WM PC.

20/59. Village Hall. (1) Carey Grove Park. PB reported that SWTC were happy to pass on to Village Hall Trustees and the covenant can be removed on the instruction of the VHall Trustees. Access must be maintained but this can from VHall site. This is now a VHall matter. (2) Joint panel. The two organisations work closely facilitated through PB as the PC representative and where felt necessary a “task and finish” group could be established to address a specific issue. No standing joint panel was needed.

20/60. Youth Club. PCllrs having visited the Club reported back on their visits and having considered a survey from members discussed the findings at some length. It was decided to continue to support the Club and extend the SLA for a year from 1st June on the same terms incl cancellation clause as before. Rates to be agreed at the next meeting. PCllrs keen to see Club back at the Park. YG asked if the use of the engine shed could be escalated, to include input from members. It was agreed CC will ask contractors to specify work required and to submit quotes for consideration.

Action. CC to ask contractors to specify/quote for required works. Clerk to liaise with CYP over contract.

20/61. Canal Car Park. The PC having decided to purchase the Car Park had raised question of the Solicitors. The Clerk advised that he had chased both sets of solicitors and as a result had received a reply an hour before the PC meeting. JP was asked to examine and advise the PC accordingly.

Action. Clerk to pass papers to JP and then JP to advise the PC on acceptability, risk and way forward.

20/62. Website and standard email addresses for PC Emails.

In her absence the Clerk read LG’s report that she was in the process of sorting out generic email addresses. She and AG have been provided with editor access to the new website, in order to familiarise themselves with the site before it goes live. It still needs the new pages LG has ready to be uploaded. LG and AG will take forward. 

20/63. Correspondence. None raised.

20/64. Items for the next meeting. None.

20/65. The Council decided to exclude Public and Press for this item. Staff Matters.

The meeting was closed at 9.35pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Future Meetings;

The next CSM PC mtgs are on 6th April and 4th May 2020 at 7pm in the Cartwright Room, Village Hall.

24th April Annual Parish meeting. Main Village Hall 7pm for 7.30pm