/ Parish Council / Minutes / 31st May 2020

Creech St Michael Parish Council – Logs of Decisions made during Corona Virus Lock down

Corona Decision

Decision made



(11 Max)


Business Continuity of the PC;

In light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and government advice, this council resolves that:

(i) Should the council be unable to meet for whatever reason, the Clerk be given delegated authority to progress all ongoing matters and projects and authorise all regular payments and incur expenditure in line with the council’s agreed budget and decisions taken.

(ii) Any decisions taken under resolution (a) above will be taken, whenever possible, in consultation with the Chairman (or Vice Chairman of PCouncil) and the relevant Committee/Panel Chairman (if appropriate). A record of all decisions and expenditure incurred under delegated authority will be kept and reported to members monthly (or if Clerk falls ill when the council next meets).

(iii) The authority to decide the council’s response to planning applications be delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Planning Panel and Chairman (or Vice Chairman) of the PC. Whenever possible, PCllrs will be informed of applications out for consultation and will be invited to submit comments to the Clerk.

(iv) The provisions outlined in resolutions (a-c) above will override any requirements to the contrary in the council’s standing orders, financial regulations or terms of reference.

(v) Should the Clerk be unable to perform his duties, Councillor tba will assume the role of Proper Officer and RFO in an unpaid capacity.

(vi)  During any period of non meetings the use of email will be taken to keep all PCllrs aware of any significant items ahead of any decision being taken.

Passed 26 3 20.

6 Votes for.


Staff – caretaker.

That with immediate effect that the Caretaker be asked to cease all duties but continue to be paid her full wages AND that the PC Clerk be instructed to ask HM Govt to meet 80% of the cost (once the furlough scheme is in place) of the wages.

Passed 26 3 20

7 Votes for.

1 Cllr withdrew (having declared an interest)


Cancelation of forthcoming planned meetings.

That the CSM PC cancels the next scheduled PC meeting due to have been held 6th April and the Annual Parish Meeting planned for 24th April and postpones the Parish Council Annual General Meeting due to be held on 4th May.

Passed 26 3 20

8 Votes for.


Arrangements for the Youth Club.

To suggest that CYP seek the Govts support that has been offered for 80% of wages (furlough scheme) and that the CSM PC looks to support by these staff by meeting the remaining 20% of their wages during the Govt period of Corona Virus enforced closure.”

Passed 26 3 20

8 Votes for.

1 Against.


March invoices to Pay (non routine)

1st Wellington Scout Group - Grant for use of Scout Minibus on the 16 3 20 in order to tour CSM village and development sites in West Monkton with the Leader of SWTC, Portfolio holders and Officers incl PC reps £50.00 (50% of the £50 reimbursed by WM PC).

E-lectrics (Ian Barrass) Supply and install photocell timers to lights £262.80.

Passed 26 3 20

8 Votes for.


Corona Virus Decision 6 - April Planning Decisions.

A. 14/20/0008 – change of use to a crane hire depot and vehicle recovery yard (sui generis) at Creech Mills, Mill Lane Creech St Michael (retention of works already undertaken) – target date 08/05/2020

B. 14/20/0010 - erection of a two storey extension to rear of 39 Arundells Way – target date 13/05/2020

c.  14/20/0013 – erection of a detached garage with workshop at 2 The Glebe Vicarage Lane CSM


NOT to support with comments and concerns.

Not to support with reasons.

To support.

10 Votes for.


PC Minutes of the 2nd and 9th March 2020

A . To adopt the minutes of the PC meeting held on the 2nd March as a true and accurate record and to instruct the Chair to sign the minutes as an accurate record.

B. To adopt the minutes of the PC meeting held on the 9th March as a true and accurate record and to instruct the Chair to sign the minutes as an accurate record.

Agreed 6 4 20

Agreed 6 4 20

6 Votes for.

1 abstention.


Taunton Unparished Area

To support the request from Wiveliscombe Town Council that Taunton Town be parished with the result that all Council Taxpayers in the District no longer pay for services in Taunton that would be charged as a Parish precept in the rest of the District. CSM PC agrees to joining a plea to Somerset West and Taunton Council that this is done before March 2021 or, if this is impossible, to levy a special rate on Taunton for the local services provided there.

Agreed 7 4 20

8 Votes for.


PIP - Replacing the stolen items.


9 4 20



PIP – Lock Box and replacing the stolen items.

The Chair and Vice Chair can use PIP funds to pay for a lock box to be supplied and fitted and good quality padlocks to the shipping container that resides in CSM Recreation Park and also have the ability to replace items that were stolen in the burglary in 2019 from the engine shed.

Agreed 21 4 20

10 votes for.


Reconciliation and Year End Accounts


The final accounts for the year 2019-2020, bank reconciliation and asset listing had been circulated previously and have been reviewed in detail. The total income for the year was £597,384.53 and the Expenditure £573,809.25.  The Balance in the Bank is £123,740.23 (uncommitted £26,892) at 31.3.20. These were agreed and then signed by the Chair.

Agreed 28 4 20

6 Votes for.


Annual Governance Statement


The PC reviewed and confirmed it has undertaken each responsibility during the year and authorises the Chair to sign off the annual governance Statement.

Agreed 28 4 20

9 Votes for.


Accounting Statement


The PC reviewed the Accounting Statement and authorises the Chair to sign off the Accounting Statement.

Agreed 28 4 20

9 Votes for.


Hyde Lane Scheme of works

The PC reviewed the plans of SCC Highways to improve Road safety along Hyde Lane and agrees with the plans.

Not Agreed

19 5 20

6 Votes against.

2 votes for.


Membership of Planning Panel and MHUE Joint Panel

That Jo Pengelley join the Planning Panel and also replace Simon Hutchings on the MHUE2 Joint Panel (SH will act as substitute in the event of one of the four PCllrs not being able to attend a future mtg) with MH PC.

Agreed 1 5 20

9 Votes for.


April Planning Decisions 14 20 14 and 14 20 15.

A.14/20/0014/HR – Notification to remove 2 sections of hedgerows (10 metres each), 1 on land in field east of M5 and 1 in field north of St Michael Road CSM.

B. 14/20/0015/HR – notification to remove a single section (10 metres) of hedgerows on land in a field east of the M5 and north of St Michael Road, CSM.

Decision taken;

To Support with a condition.


8 Votes for.


Zoom Subscription

The Clerk take out a Zoom subscription on behalf of CSM PC £12.99pcm.

Agreed 6 4 20

9 Votes for.


General Worker

To employ Nigel Cridge for 4 hrs pw to undertake grass cutting and vegetation clearance duties within the Parish until end of August by which time a review will have been held to establish ongoing need.

Agreed 6.5.20

9 Votes for.


May Planning Decisions 14 20 16 and 14 20 17

A. 14/20/0016 – Variation of Conditions No 2 (allow the commercial sale of birds of prey) of application 14/19/0022 on land opposite Broomhay, White Street Ham

B. 14/20/0017 – Variation to Conditions no 5 and 6 (to allow the sale of birds of prey and to remove the restriction of the number of birds allowed to be kept) of application 14/16/0022 on land opposite Broomhay White Street Ham.

6 5 20

Decision taken;

Not supported with reasons

Not supported with reasons

8 Votes for.


May Planning Decisions 14 20 18 No 18 Dillons Rd CSM

Erection of a single storey side and rear extension and construction of dormer window to the principal elevation.

14 5 20

Decision taken;

Not supported with reasons

7 Votes for .

1 Cllr Withdrew

(having declared interest).


Persimmon/Redrow Consultation Response (Monkton Heathfield Dev 2)

To agree the PC response to the developers Persimmon and Redrow consultation. Extensive discussion on requirements has taken place between CSM (and WM) PC and the developers.



19 5 20

7 Votes for.


Highways Consultant Report

That the CSM MH2 Panel members be delegated to meet with WYG and RGP in order to select one of these consultancies to prepare a Feasibility report showing the potential options for Traffic Management to reduce speed and volumes through CSM with 3 associated costed proposals and to be authorised to commission the preferred consultancy within an overall budget of £6411.


19 5 20

7 Votes for.

1 Vote against.


Rec Park Signage

That closure signage be placed at the park is “beefed up”. Quotation for A1 size signs on Correx at a cost of £80 for two signs considered.

Not agreed

19 5 20

6 Votes against.

2 Votes for.


Hyde Lane Safety Scheme of Works further vote

The PC reviewed the plans of SCC Highways to improve Road safety along Hyde Lane and agrees with the plans and welcomes further discussions.

C/Fwd to PC mtg on 1st June 2020

for discussion and decision.


Steve Altria



1 6 2020