/ Parish Council / Minutes / 3rd February 2020


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd February 2020

in the Cartwright Room of the Village Hall.

Present; PCllrs S Hutchings (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), B Brighton, P Brown, C Cudlip, N Davidson,

L Gates, A Gunstone and P Tucker. (Parish Councillors). The Clerk. SCCllr D Fothergill. Four Members of the Public attended.

20/23. Chairman’s Welcome. SH welcomed all.

20/24. Apologies. PCllr Y Guest whose apologies were accepted. It was noted that PCllr A Gunstone had sent an email of apology for the previous meeting but that had been sent after the Clerk had left to attend the PC. SWTCllr D Durdan.

20/25. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. SG regarding Planning item 20/32 Crown Lodge (SH did not vote on the item) and caretaker. ND re Canal Carpark item 20/40 and didn’t participate.

20/26. Vacancy on the PC. The Clerk advised that a resident had shown interest in the role. Jo Pengelley introduced herself and remained to observe the meeting.

20/27. SWTC Councillors’ Report. No report.

20/28. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised that;

(1) The Somerset Fund. Grassroots community groups are encouraged to apply for grants up to £1500 before deadline of 14th Feb. The fund supports all ages and a wide range of causes.

See www.somersetscf.org.uk/somersetfund or call 01749 344949

(2) Climate Emergency Strategy Events. Public events have been rescheduled to discuss the first Somerset Climate Emergency strategy. 8th Feb Bridgwater Hse, TA6 3AR, 15th Feb Mendip DC Offices BA4 5BT and 22nd Feb Yeovil’s Vicarage St Methodist Church BA20 1JB. 10-4pm

(3) Community Connect. SCC Adult care Team have a new website to provide a repository of helpful information and Groups that can help www.somersetcommunityconnect.org.uk

(4) Fizz Free February. Initiative as part of Sugar Smart campaign to encourage young people to ditch sugary drinks. See www.sustainweb.org/news/nov19_fizz_free_february/

(5) Talking Cafes. Adult Social Care now have 17 talking cafes and a network of village Agents to enable people to live as independently as possible.

(6) Free Health Checks. Free 30min Checks for over 40s. To find out more see https://somersethealthchecks.co.uk/about-nhs-health-checks

Bovine TB Somerset Trading standards have launched a new information pack with aim of reducing the impact of the disease.

(7) Somerset Prepared. The official partnership working closely to deliver advice, support and training to

enhance local resilience to emergencies. For further information visit www.somersetprepared.org.uk

20/29. Minutes of the 6th January 2020 Mtg (These had been previously circulated to PCllrs). The minutes of the 6th January meeting were agreed without amendment. These were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

20/30. Matters arising from the minutes of the 2nd December. The Clerk reported that;

19/230. Right of Way – Accessible Gates T10/15. SCC RofW, Mr Sloman and Mr Reed have been advised of the PC decision to fund up to four top up grants per year of £125 to those who have been given a SCC grant. Fred A Court has been asked to indicate future need/priority to help inform the PC decision making. Requests are awaited from Mr Sloman and Mr Reed. SCC have now advised they will pay the full cost of approved gates (not 25%) in order to improve access and that the Ramblers as volunteers would install them free. The PC decided to withdraw their offer.

Action. Clerk to write and withdraw the PC Offer to Mr Sloman and Mr Reed and advised them of SCC advices/ offer.

19/231(1) Crufts Meadow. SWTCs engagement lead had arranged for the Willow Trees and vegetation to be cut back and the Canal Society had agreed to cut back the bank vegetation. CT advised on 18/12 it had not been done. She has now been advised that the Canal Trust did the work but after her inspecting she has asked the Canal Trust to return to complete the job. The question of who owns the land between fence and water edge remains unsolved. 20/5. DD asked to make enquiries of SWTC Estates as to ownership of Crufts Meadow Canalside.

The Clerk advised he had written to the Land Registry to establish the Canalside owner.

19/231 (5) Arundells Way road sign. SWTC to replace as one side is spelt correctly but the other has just one L. Can someone check if this has been done.

19/210 Road Safety. SWTC engagement lead to organise a walk through the village by the SWTC Portfolio Holder Mike Rigby. The Clerk has contacted him several times and despite a promise to do so has not yet done so. The Leader of SWTC has now agreed to walk through and a request to learn of dates has been made

18/134. Footpaths. (2) M5 Tunnel Langaller. Letter to SWTC highlighting the need to include in any planning consent sent 24th Jan.

19/17 (2) Rec Park “No dogs” signing. SG advised he has the dog signs ready for installation once the fence was in place.

19/29 and 19/216(8) Notice boards. PC agreed the Arundells board was in need of attention. Clerk had shared details of Woolmer Fitzpatrick’s noticeboards and prices for a range of new recycled plastic Boards. Agreed that the garage noticeboard be removed and resited on new posts to replace that at Arundells and Clerk to ask Gill Underhay if a noticeboard could be put up on her wall alongside the red defibulator box. Gill advises she has a noticeboard which she will put up on her wall and the PC can then make use of it. No change.

Action. CC/SH to relocate garage noticeboard to Arundells and install on new posts.

19/216(8) Notice boards. The legs of the noticeboard at Ham are showing signs of rot (2 years max life), the Ham dog bin needs a repaint and the noticeboards at Arundells (see item 19/214 (19/24)) and Creech Heathfield (locks) need attention. No decisions have been taken.

19/40 (3) Speed watch. No change.

19/159. Fire Service. The Fire consultation outcome report has been published and circulated. The CFO recommended that Taunton lose its 3rd Appliance (but not its crew) with cover being provided by Wellington and Bridgwater. The Fire Service Board have now met and decision the third will crew be given a fire flighting appliance though this is understood not be a full fire engine.

19/161. Technology. Village Hall Cartwright Rm/PC. No change.

19/163. Website Bios. No change.

19/178. Village Hall Staging. CC has moved the staging to the Rec Park.

19/190(5) Rockett’s Cottages. No change.

19/216(7) Risk Assessments. No change.

19/219. Canal Carpark. Solicitors chased again by Clerk and promised to advise shortly.

Ham Village. A request had been submitted to SCC for No HGV Signs. SCC advised the engineer is off until Jan. No change

19/236(1). Rec Park Panel Mtg. The Clerk has asked Sutcliffe to provide age guidance to enable stickers to be put on play equipment. The Play Inspection Co has undertaken a post equipment installation for the PC and Sutcliffe’s have now forwarded their inspectors reports. There are discrepancies and the Clerk will raise these with Sutcliffe after consideration at the Feb PC meeting. The Clerk has asked the caretaker about the impact of the new equipment and has been advised that she wishes to undertake a period of review as whilst she is managing at present this is unlikely post spring. The Chairman will make proposal re vegetation cutting at the next PC mtg.

19/239(6) PIP Banking. The Clerk has obtained a debit card for PIP (SG) use in order to avoid using either personal or retained PIP income and invoices are to eb paid using the PC Lloyds online bank account wherever possible. Finance Sub Cttee agreed cash receipts should be banked more frequently as received.

19/239(7) Assets - Sale of Conference Equipment. Following the decision to sell on the 2/12 the Clerk has asked CC for some pictures so he could sell on Ebay. No change.

19/240(2) Cooks Close - Dumped cars on Highways land. DF explained that the cars are not dumped as someone locally owns them. It was noted that the cars were largely incomplete and in poor state and should not be allowed to remain as they are. DF confirmed SCC are addressing this. Clerk has written to the DVLA. No change or reply.

19/243. Annual Parish Meeting April 24th Friday 2020. Limited community contacts list received Clerk has yet to take forward.

20/7. Planning Application. 14/19/0036 16 Rockett’s Cottages, Hyde Lane. The Clerk has written to the applicant to explain the various SWTC policies the application does not comply with.

20/11. Budget 2020/21. The Clerk had informed TDBC of the PC precept.

20/14 (2). Planning Application 14/12/0043 Derham Close, The S106 agreement required the submission of a Public Open Space Man Plan, to be agreed by SWTC. This has not been submitted E/0227/14/19). A request for an update from Enforcement was replied to saying their progressing this without giving further detail.

It is anticipated that the developer hasn’t responded to SWTC.

BB requested that in future where ‘no change’ had taken place that this appear at the front of the point. This was agreed.

20/31. Standing Orders - Guidelines for reviewing Planning Applications at PC Meetings. Deferred.

A discussion took place on how future contentious planning applications should be addressed.

It was agreed that if a planning application was identified as possibly being controversial, that the Planning Panel would request the PCllrs to meet 15 minutes earlier in order to discuss or arrange an alternative meeting.  PCllrs to contact the Planning Panel, as soon as possible, to discuss any contentious points on a planning application.

20/32. Planning. (1) Applications. The following applications were considered and observations agreed;






14 20 0001 LB

Ham Wharf House, Ham, CSM: Installation of windows and door to porch with erection of canopy

To support.


14 20 0002

Ham Wharf House, Ham, Erection of a detached carport to the front.

To support.


14 20 0003

Crown Lodge, Crown Lane, C Heathfield. Erection of a single storey extension to the front and rear.

To support but also to report that the planning notice had not been posted or neighbours informed.

(2) Enforcement. 14/18/0015 The Bartons. SWTC had advised that they had checked the three windows

at first floor level on the north elevation have all been fitted with opening restrictors in accordance with the

details submitted and approved. Furthermore, the windows have been obscurely glazed to a height of 1.7m

as required by Condition 16. BB highlighted that there were 4 windows to the rear not 3.

Action. Clerk to check with enforcement regarding the fourth window.

(3) Land west of Derham Close. A request has been made by agents acting for the owner who wishes to

develop this field for a meeting. The PC agreed that the planning panel and other available PCllrs would meet

the agents to hear what they had to say.

(4) West Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension2. PB advised that SWTC had provided a presentation of

their plans for the land south of Manor Farm and a master plan for MH2 to the joint panel on 20th Jan having

already issued these in a report to its Executive and on the website. The CSM and WM PC Joint panel sent

a response to SWTC on 23rd Jan expressing key points which were then developed at the Executive Meeting

on the 28th. As a result, a visit by the Leader and Portfolio Holder of SWTC had agreed to visit the village to examine the road safety issues and then to look at MH1, MH2 and the Land at South of Manor Farm, Langaller proposals and to discuss the key issues highlighted incl exit from rear of the proposed industrial estate onto Hyde Lane, the removal of the road between the Cricket ground and Langaller roundabouts, the lessons from and impact upon MH1 and the proposed district centre, the need to have enough school places and the ERR2 built out ahead of houses. It was agreed to fund transport est at £150 to tour the sites to be shared with WM PC if agreeable.

(5) SWTC Local Plan 2040. The Clerk reminded PCllrs of the importance of the SWTC Local Plan within a

plan led planning system. As SWTC are consulting on the Issues and Options docs until Mon 16th March he suggested it essential that the PC make its views clear on the Parishes development needs over the next 20 years and on climate change. Copies of the documents have been provided to PCllrs and are also available to view at Deane House and Libraries. Consultation events are being held; incl in Taunton Library 26 Feb 2-7pm.

Action. PCllrs were asked to provide the Clerk with their views ahead of agreeing a PC response at the

March PC meeting.

(6) SWTC Employment Local Development Order (LDO) for small scale industrial space. It is noted that

SWTC are consulting on this proposal until to Mon 16 March 2020. Information on the consultation via the

following link: https://yoursay.somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk/strategy/employment-ldo/

Action. PCllrs were asked to provide the Clerk with their views ahead of agreeing a PC response at the

March PC meeting.

20/33. Finance. The Draft minutes of the Finance Sub Cttee of 27th Jan had been previously circulated to PCllrs.

Bills to consider for payment; It was agreed to pay Jim Pike (Electrical Load Test and Advice) £80.00,

S Hutchings (Reimb of cost of Concrete, Cement blocks ducting Electrical and Plumbing items and a gate for Rec

Park) £701.15, Lawrence Rayment (40’ storage container and crane hire) £1,950.00, Ian Barrass (supply of 2 lengths of SWA cable for Rec Park) £277.76, Howard Durbin (2 grass cuts at the park and west view green) £144.00, John Miller (Digger hire trenching gate post footings, fence removal and various and 20ton of stone) £1,211.26.

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; Western Power (Pole Wayleave) £7.61, Zurich Insurance (Insurance Claim payment) £7,319.35, Somerset Lottery (Proceeds) £10. 00.

(3) Payments made since last meeting; the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, the Clerks January Exp’s £128.36 and other invoices received; Water2Business (Rec Park Water 27.6.19-9.1.2020) £13.45, S Greenhalgh (Reimb for PIP Bingo Pens) £28.68, EDF (Pavilion Electricity) £30.00, EDF (Rec Park Garage Electricity) £10.00, Bibby Factors Bristol Ltd (3d Security Rec Park 23.12.19-26.1.20) £420.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning (5 Bus shelter Cleaning) £75.00, S Greenhalgh (Reimb of PIP Bingo Prizes) £90.00, LAYZ RICKS (123 chip suppers PIP event for senior citizens)£601.50, Asda (PIP Various food for senior citizens supper)£47.94, Mademoiselle Desserts (PIP-15 cakes for senior citizens supper) £54.00.

(4) Payments authorised for payment when received; Sutcliffe’s (Play Equip Works retention payment),

SCC/Porter Dodson Solicitors (Canal carpark purchase sum and legal costs), CYP (for Youth Club) £320 and 4

Neighbourhood Watch Signs for Ham Village (and further 4 Ham Road funded by WW). Those on annual list.

(5) Insurance Claim. The Clerk reported that settlement had been received £7,319.35. Cover had been extended by £1k for Youth Club items, £2k for Staging and £2k for the Container at no additional premium.

(6) Banking Update. The Lloyds Bank Mandate had been signed and sent off but returned by the bank as they had a signing query on the mandate. This would now be clarified and resent back to Lloyds. The new debit card obtained for agreed PIP expenditure by SG had been successfully used for the first time. The forms had been obtained in order to open a deposit account with Nationwide BS.

Action. Clerk to take forward various banking actions.

20/34. Rec Park. (1) Improvements. The PC were updated on the progress of projects and agreed how to proceed (1.1) Fencing - quotes are awaited (1.2) Premises. CC explained that quotes had been examined and it was agreed to ask Ian Barrass to install in the Pavilion a new 63a 3 phase supply with interlocked commando plug on inside wall. Provide portable 3 phase fuse board in weatherproof enclosure complete with 1No. 32a 3 phase outlet, 1No. 32a single phase outlet and 2No. 16a single phase outlets. Install photocell and timer to car park flood light £2297.82 plus vat and in the Engine Shed Install 2NO. Photocells and relocate switch inside for new lighting. Remove existing single-phase fuse board and Install 1No. 6-way Hager 3 Phase distribution board, reconnect exiting circuits. Install removed fuse board in ticket booth, connect previously laid SWA cable and install 1No. Light and switch. £1241.90 plus vat. IB to also do PAT Testing. SG to ask PIP to fund internet, Wi-Fi and security cameras in Park (1.3) Storage Container. SH had spent the week trenching, installing footings and services and overseeing the arrival of the container. It was agreed to have welded on the container a cover for padlock. (1.4). Equipment Project. The contractor had supplied a post installation inspection report. As there were differences to the PC own report the Clerk would identify these and add to the already submitted snagging list; CC to review for progress before Clerk submits to the contractor to action.

Action. CC/SH to oversee works, SG to get fencing and gating quotes and seek PIP funding. Clerk/CC to notify equipment supplier of outstanding works.

(2) SWTC Parks. Clerk and Chair reported back on meeting held with Parks on 23 1 20 on their services. Maps of the Parish had been supplied with SWTC owned land showing. This highlighted that some areas traditionally cut by SWTC no longer would be. DF advised that he had emails he would forward to evidence SWTC had maintained one area now being disputed. The Clerk had queried this at the meeting and he will continue to identify owners with SWTC. It was noted that the dog bin bill for last years is overdue though sum due is known. On the Park grass cutting however staffing difficulties in the DLO coupled with the closure of the park during the equipment project was causing them invoicing difficulties. It was known that the football season was played out but that not all the cuts were done during the period as another contractor had to be employed on occasions.it was agreed to offer £800. The requirement for this year was discussed and it was agreed to retain current levels, with additional strimming at the rear of the site but the grassed area to be cut is larger. The Clerk had also advised of the need to be informed of charges in the sept/oct in future for the following year in order that can be factored into the PC budget setting process.

Action. The Clerk to resolve invoicing, ordering and ownership issues with SWTC.

20/35. Party in the Park. (1) Senior Citizens Chip Supper 24th January 2020. SG advised that the event had been well received and enjoyed by 123. School children had assisted and DF was caller. Meat dinner prizes were welcomed. (2) PIP Event 18/7/2020 Update. The budget was considered and agreed for this year’s event and expenditure against budget authorised. There would be increased security this year funded by a small increase in adult ticket prices to £8, to £8 for teenagers, with children u12 remaining at £2. The bands have been booked and event is to start at 4.30pm. A residents meeting had been held on 30th Jan for neighbours and villagers. Only one resident had turned up and when hearing that the event would be a renewal of last years was content. The next PIP meeting is on 25th Feb 2020 7.30pm at the Bell PH.

Action. SG is to complete the application for the event.

20/36. Highways. A number of defects were reported. Potholes on the railway and canal bridges and a stretch of Hyde Lane between the Cottages and the Rugby Club. A street light outside 31 Arundells has failed.

Action. Clerk to report to SCC Highways and Street Lighting.

20/37. Footpaths/Rights of Way. 14.1 The report of the Parish Footpath volunteers had been previously circulated. 14.2 Bull St. SH/BB suggested following a site visit that the intended site of the waste bin be reconsidered and it was agreed to place alongside the green comms box by the riverside. It was also agreed to have some recognition plaques/stickers done. SH will produce the artwork and the Clerk to obtain.

Action. Clerk to agree the new site with Env Agency and to obtain stickers. SH to install bin and to do artwork.

20/38. Carey Grove Park. PB reported the outcome of a meeting with SWTC Estates and discussions with VHall. The question is whether it stays a play park or not. VHall Cttee keen to take on in order to develop community use through using it with the building but not as a play park. It had been established that the park had been transferred to SWTC originally by the VHall Cttee. A further meeting had been requested with SWTC to explore options though it had been established they are prepared to lease it and to have access via the VHall rather than Carey Grove.

20/39. Youth Club. (1) Grant. DF was thanked for facilitating a SCC Improving Life Grant of £500 to purchase sports and health improving equipment for CSM Youth Club. CYP will organise a photo of cheque handover to DF. PCllrs to be invited. (2) Panel Report. A report of the youth club panel had been previously circulated. The Clerk reported the appointment by CYP of Mel Gowan as the Asst Leader and the departure of their volunteer. CYP had requested that they remain in the cartwright room until the end of April and had a key to enable use of the MUGA on good nights. SG raised his concern over behaviour and the young people being on their phones. AG explained the value of young people having safe places to go and other responsible adults in their lives. BB suggested PCllrs to visit the club over the next month. CC highlighted “two men and a van” option he had seen advertised.

Action. PCllrs to visit the club during February. Clerk to advise PCllrs of date of the cheque handover photo call.

20/40. Canal Car Park. The Clerk advised that he had chased both sets of solicitors and advised that he had been promised this was in hand.

20/41. Website and standard email addresses for PC Emails. The new email addresses are ready and LG is to test then issue. The new website is written using Word Press and AG offered to support LG in maintaining it and to provide LG with training on how to use it. LG suggested the PC may need to consider an outside agency to manage it, if there is eventually a need for online booking for the MUGA, and if we couldn't keep up to date, especially in view of the new legislation which needed to be implemented by September. LG suggested she liaise with the outside agency. CC asked where the site was hosted and stored. LG confirmed Adrian Birch hosted the site. The Clerk confirmed the PC had the hosting and ownership rights.

20/42. Correspondence. CC raised that the VHall Cttee suggested a joint panel. It was agreed to consider this at the next meeting. LG advised that PB was the PCs representative on the Village Hall Cttee and it was his role to ensure each was kept informed of relevant matters. PB confirmed this to be the case.

20/43. Items for the next meeting. Agree reply to SWTC consultations on Local Plan, LDO for employment land and the climate agenda. Village Halls suggestion for Joint panel with PC. Staff Matters.

20/44. The Council decide to exclude Public and Press for this item. Staff Matters.

The meeting was closed at 9.15pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Future Meetings; The next CSM PC mtgs are on 2nd March and 6th April 2020 at 7pm in the Cartwright Room, Village Hall.