/ Parish Council / Minutes / 4th April 2022



Minutes for the Meeting of Creech St Michael Parish Council [CSMPC] held at Creech Village Hall on Monday 4th April 2022 at 7:00pm


Councillor Attendance

Cllr Annabelle Peters – Chair



Cllr Margaret Gover



Cllr Neil Davidson



Cllr Yamina Guest



Cllr Charlie Cudlip



Cllr Paul Tucker



Cllr Peter Brown







Also Present: County Cllr. David Fothergill and District Cllr. Norman Cavill - Somerset County Council (SCC), 9 members of the public and Tamsin Ely, CSM Assistant to Parish Clerk.


Meeting started at 7:05pm



Chair’s welcome: Cllr. Peters welcomed all and opened the meeting.


Public Question time: The Chair invited questions from the public.

- Mr. Peilow spoke of his troubles of sheep worrying. Cllr. Peters reported having sent an email to the PCSO to which a generic response thanking Cllr. Peters for her email was received but nothing further.

Action: Cllr. Peters to follow it up.

- Mr. Greenhalgh asked whether the PC had applied for A&S Police funds to buy two SIDS. Cllr. Brown

responded that he would take the matter forward urgently.

Action: Cllr. Brown to follow it up.

- Cllr. Peters asked Cllr. Cavill about a piece of land that had been reported to have been cleared by Somerset council re what is going to happen with it? Cllr. Cavill thought it had been cleared with a view of housing.


To receive any apologies for absence: Cllr. Gover and Cllr. Guest.


Declarations of Interests:

Declarations of Individual Members

- Cllr. Davidson – confirmed a conflict of interest - has pecuniary interest in the Canal car park.

- Cllr. Cudlip – license application MA/52586

- Cllr. Brown – license application MA/52586

Dispensation Request

The councillors named above have a dispensation granted by PC for 12 months to enable them to take part in discussions with regard to the named license application – expires 10/02/2023.



Cllrs. agreed the Minutes of the meeting held on 7th March 2022 (These had previously been circulated to Cllrs). The Chair signed a copy of the minutes for the records.


Matters Arising:

The chair ran through the action points from the previous meeting which had all been completed.

  • Chair to write to the CEO to express concerns and query the decision making process. Cllr. Peters confirmed this has been done and the response has been circulated to the Cllrs.

  • Assistant to Clerk to inform SW&T Planning and Licensing of the CSMPC comments – Done

  • Canal Panel - Cllr. Gover reported having received correspondence regarding the gateway being quite slippery and unsafe. Council discussed the possibility of putting something down i.e grit. Cllr. Davidson to ask volunteers if they can help on a webinar – Action for next meeting.

  • Community Grant Fund Panel – Cllr. Peters to write to the successful applicants and Steve Altria (RFO) to liaise with the applicants to disperse the money following receipt of the letter – this is being done.

  • Email from Assistant Clerk to West Monkton Parish Council - Community Transport Scheme, Cllr. Brown to respond – Done.

  • Rec Park - CCTV option as voted on previously in council or at least a security light. Cllr. Fothergill warned of the extra regulations involved with CCTV. Steve Altria (RFO) to check the insurance implications. Not sure if this had been done, Cllr. Peters to check.

  • Cllr. Peters to enquire if the workman that fixed the notice board in Ham would quote for the job. Cllr. Peters reported having been informed that it will be expensive. Also CSMPC have not yet decided what is happening with the notice boards as some may need replacing and moving.





Planning Applications: To consider the following application/s and to agree the Planning Development and Transport’s Panel’s recommendations.




Installation of 2 No. first floor balconies at Husk Farm, St Michael Road, Creech St Michael (retention of works already undertaken)

RECOMMENDATION: The panel were undecided so Cllr. Davidson read out the following and asked council for their opinions.


Background Comment for PC Meeting : This is a retrospective planning application which has arisen because the renovation works at Husk Farm, previously supported by the PC, now includes balconies on the north and west sides.

Balconies were not included in the previous planning application 14/18/0035 but Juliet style balconies were commented on by the case officer: 'To the north (side) elevation a Juliet balcony would be included to the upper floor double windows. The west elevation to the annexe would have an open balcony to the first floor. This would be above what had been a lean to single storey extension. And the proposed change to the approved design is not considered to be harmful to the building and at variance with the consented design. The feature would look contemporary and in contrast to the heritage elements.

The proposals are considered to be acceptable.

In their access and design statement to 14/22/0012/LB the applicants state: "The dwelling at Husk Farm received planning and listed building Consent in 2019 for extensions and alterations incorporating existing outbuildings to form an extension to the property and an annex. This work is complete. The applicant proceeded to construct 2 external balconies at first floor level without realising that additional consents were required. The application is now to retain the balconies as constructed.

The balconies have been constructed sympathetically and in keeping with the existing building aesthetic, using modern contemporary materials that blend in with and enhance the buildings as existing. The balconies are of steel structures with timber flooring and glazed panel balustrading. Lan Collier Architects Ltd.

The Heritage Officer of the District Council is recommending refusal of 14/22/0012/LB because the proposals do not better reveal the significance of the building and have a harmful impact on the listed


The issue the PC needs to decide on with this application is whether or not the balconies now constructed have a detrimental effect on the listed building and whether they should be retained or

removed and what comment to make if any.


The Cllrs. were not familiar with the detail and asked the clerk to request a further extension, if it is not granted CSMPC will not comment.

Action: Clerk to request a further extension.

Proposed by ND | seconded by AP | all in favour



Erection of an extension to the rear of 7 Heathfield Close, Creech Heathfield

(retention of works already undertaken)


Proposed by PB | Seconded by CC | all in favour



Conversion of barns into 2 No. dwellings with demolition of agricultural structures and associated works at Charlton Coach House, Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield

Withdrawn application

Action: Assistant to Clerk to inform SW&T Planning and Licensing of the CSMPC comments.



- Cllrs. agreed the monthly payments in the April Financial Transaction Report (circulated in advance of the meeting) (Appendix A)

Proposed by PB | seconded PT | all in favour

- As already agreed in March 2022 the RFO and the chair of Finance signed off the asset register on 28/3/22.



Committees, Panels and Working Groups - (reports circulated in advance of the meeting)

Planning, Developments & Transport Panel

Cllr. Brown reported a hold up with the traffic management scheme due to problems with contractor supplies, the work is now looking likely to happen in April but no definite date had been set.


Canal Panel

Cllr. Davidson reported the gate work having been out to tender and the chosen contractor is due to start work on the 5th May 2022.

Cllr. Davidson confirmed he will pick up his action point from the last meeting with regard to moving the stones for the slippery path.

The Canal panel has some resident members, one of which is moving out of the area.

Proposed for Jane Wilmington to join the panel.

Proposed by ND | seconded CC | all in favour

Cllr. Cudlip updated council on the status of the signage.


Communications and Website working group

Cllr. Brown reported the need to set up the agreement with Adrian Birch formally for the website and facebook.

Action: Cllr. Brown and assistant clerk to liaise.


PIP working group

Cllr. Cudlip (although no longer on the PIP group) read out the proposal for PIP to be reimbursed for costs up to £500 for the village clean up day on 7th May 2022.

Proposed by CC | seconded AP | all in favour

Action: Assistant to clerk to formally notify PIP that this has been agreed.


Community Grant Fund Panel

Cllr. Peters reported the last community grant having been a success and the panel will look out for more.


Rec Park Panel

Cllr. Gover was absent due to illness but had provided a report

Proposal for Ladies Only Walking Football use of MUGA at £15 per hour.

Proposed by AP | seconded ND | all in favour

Action: Cllr. Peters to check with Cllr. Gover if a schedule is being created.


Staffing Committee

Cllr. Davidson reported Steve Altria had informed the committee of a national pay rise from NALC of 1.7% backdated to April 2021. Proposed to implement this pay rise where applicable.

Proposed by ND | seconded CC | all in favour


To receive County and District Councillors’ Reports:

Cllr. Fothergill (county councillor) briefly updated council with the following:

  • Covid restrictions practically all lifted from 1st April, over 75s boosters available.

  • Local Government Reorganisation and elections taking place on the 5th May 2022.

  • Just received £50,000 from the Local Government Association for local community networks.

  • Anyone over 40 can receive a health check through the NHS.

  • New mobile phone laws with regard to driving from 25th March

  • A new Solar Park had been agreed to be built on reclaimed land in Bridgewater, out for tender.

  • £250,000 had been invested into Somerset for the aid of Ukraine refugees.


Notice Boards: To discuss any required replacements and decide on budget and specification for quotes.

Cllr. Peters reminded council that the notice board on Arundells way was damaged in the winds, it was old and in need of replacement rather than repair. After discussion about moving boards and replacing multiple boards, council decided to allocate up to £1000 for noticeboards from the other assets budget for the purchase and installation of a new aluminium lockable notice board to hold at least 6 A4 sheets to replace the one on Arundells Way, then to discuss the other boards at a later date.

Proposed by AP | seconded PT | all in favour


Queens Jubilee: To discuss and decide on any events/memorabilia etc.

CSMPC are stretched at the moment and council are aware of other events organised within the village.

CSMPC will work to support anything organised by communicating via facebook.


Defibrillator: Email re grant available, decide if any are needed and budget.

CSMPC have received 2 emails:

- One email mentioned an available grant of up to £300 towards a defibrillator. Steve Altria confirmed the assistant clerks suspicions that that is likely to be a sales email rather than Government grant.

- The other was from Sammie Millard-Jones who is Cheddon Fitzpaine and Trull’s Parish Council Clerk and also her son plays sport at the CSM rec park. She sates ‘The Premier League have committed to funding defibrillators in grounds that are used for football matches and practices and I wonder if with your permission I may be able to look at getting one set up in Creech Park’.

Action: Clerk to contact Sammie Millard-Jones with the requested permission.


Dog Bin North End Creech St Michael: Re-siting of the dog bin at North End as it is currently situated next to a bench. Proposed to budget up to £50.

Proposed by PB | seconded PT | all in favour


VH Surgery:

Cllr. Peters who has attended for the last 2 months reported it being slow and would benefit from being better publicised and a more obvious setup making it obvious CSMPC are there to help and not just to recruit councillors. Cllr. Peters asked for a volunteer for the 3rd Saturday in April, as April will be Easter Saturday it was decided to miss April and start again in May with the new Council.

Cllr. Fothergill said after May elections, if voted in, he and Cllr. Cavill could assist in someway with the surgery.


Civility and Respect Email - Consider writing a letter of support.

Cllr. Peters asked council if Cllrs. had read the email, Cllrs. hadn’t, it was suggested they please read the email and Cllr. Peters offered to summarise the topic and put a proposal forward for the May meeting.

Action: Cllr. Peters to summarise the topic and put forward a proposal forward for the May meeting.


Field of the Year Competitions: Email re competition entry.

Cllrs. decided after discussion that it would not be of benefit to the council and resources are stretched at the moment.


Residents email list: Council to decide if wanting to start an email distribution list.

Cllrs. are concerned about data protection and GDPR. Cllr. Peters confirmed CSMPC would need to register with ICO at a cost of £35 per year direct debit, £40 otherwise. Cllrs. discussed methods of collecting email addresses to build the list; facebook, rec park survey, website, VH surgery. Proposed to move forward and put the data protection in place and start building the list.

Proposed by AP | seconded CC | all in favour.

Action: Assistant to clerk to look into ICO and ensure CSMPC are registered.


May meeting date: Assistant clerks clash of dates due to Bank Holiday, proposal to move May meeting to Tuesday 3rd May.

The May meeting is already scheduled for the 16th May 2022.


Vice Chairman: Appoint vice chairman.

Cllr. Peters explained that CSMPC should vote in a vice chair to cover until the AGM on May 16th. After discussion it was decided no vice chair was required until the May meeting where positions would be filled.


Correspondence - To consider any correspondence received that Cllrs. wish to raise that has already been circulated. [no resolutions can be made]

- email from Mr. Peilow and to the police about Sheep Worrying – already covered in the ‘Public question time’ as Mr. Peilow attended the meeting.

- email to/reply - CEO Taunton DC about Burger Van licence process - already covered under ‘Matters arrising’. The response has been circulated to Cllrs.

- Solar and storage installation Novus are proposing at Ham Farm, Creech St Michael – this will be discussed when an application has been submitted.


New Matters to be carried forward: None


Meeting closed at 20.31


Council to decide if to exclude Public and Press for these items.

Staffing Committee items:

- Cllr. Davidson reported to council that the clerk job is being advertised on Indeed and in The Leveler which is published mid April. So far there are 2 responses to the Indeed advert, one was not suitable as they were looking for evening and weekend only work. Cllr. Davidson spoke of the second applicants skill set and all agreed they should be interviewed.

- Cllr. Cudlip mentioned a gentleman named Martin Lewis who has expressed interest during speed watch.

- Cllrs. discussed making sure everything is covered for staff if there is an election and the staffing committee Cllrs. are not re-elected. Cllr. Davidson proposed for Ian Morgan who advises CSMPC on staffing matters for a budget, Cllr. Brown mentioned there may be some of the up to £5k that was delegated to personnel to cover all recruitment exps left to use. It was decided to wait until the May meeting after elections.

- Cllrs. discussed the risk assessment with regard to the staff and it was mentioned that some insurance companies provide a free risk assessment.

Action: Assistant clerk to contact Steve Altria to request he check with CSMPC insurance company.

- Cllrs. discussed the fallen notice board and insurance implications, after checking the policy it appeared CSMPC are covered for the storm that damaged the notice board.

Action: Steve Altria to put in a claim to the insurance company for the fallen notice board on Arundells Way.

Tamsin Ely, CSMPC Assistant to Clerk, 07708680797, Email clerk@creechstmichael.net


Appendix A


4th April 2022 CSM PC Meeting – Financial Transactions Report



Bills to consider for payment


Payment type/Cheque no

Amount (inc VAT)

S Altria

Finance Support March



S Altria

Pay Award 2021 Arrears 1.4.21 to 13.6.21



S W and Taunton Council

Qtr 4 Grass Cutting and Dog Bin Emptying Charges



R Moreton

Jan 22 Overtime 5 hrs







Payments made






(L=Lloyds Acc)

(incl VAT)


Pavilion Electricity




Engine Shed electricity




Pavilion Gas (£326.11 refund requested and rec’d)



T Ely

Asst Clerks March Salary



T Ely

Asst Clerks March Exps




Tax on salaries March



K Hutchings

Caretaker's salary March

Standing Order


Lloyds Bank

Charges (10th Feb to 9th March 2022)



Somerset County Council

Advert for Clerk



Buyer Direct Ltd

2 Gazebos (PIP)



3d Security

Rec Park Locking Up 21.2.22 to 13 3 22.




Phone top Up 28 2 22



A Birch

Reimbursement of North End Expenses



Creech St Michael V Hall

PC use of VHall in Feb



Tone Youth FC

Reimb of white lining paint




Community grant




SCC and the Flower Show Grants



POP In Club

Community grant



West Monkton Scout Grp

Community grant



Creech St Michael V Hall

Community grant to Arts Group



Creech St Michael V Hall

Comm grant Subsidy for refreshments £350 and activities rent £800



St Michael PCC

Community grant



Creech Modern Sequence Dance Club

Community grant



North End Roundabout Community

Community Grant



M Gover

Reimb for repairs to vandalised window in Rec Park



T Trump

Caretaker Cover (24th, 25th, 28th, March 2022)



K Hutchings

Caretakers Expenses







Payments already approved to pay on receipt of invoices;




Those on the Annually approved list of routine payments [see minute 19/216 (7i)] as listed overleaf.

Recruitment of New Clerk/Locum Costs As delegated to Personnel Sub. Rec Park Improvement Work

Ground Works budget



Grant 4 Neighbourhood Watch Signs for Ham Village (and further 4 Ham Road funded by WW) £120





Income since last meeting




SW Lottery


L Online


Heathfield Hair and Beauty, QSPrinters and Nigels Windows

£50 each for website adverts 2021

L Online

150.00 (in total)

Tone Youth and Ruishton FC

Rec Park Pitch Fees. Tone £260.00 and £80.00

L Online


Ruishton £60.00

(in total)


Refund of overcharged gas bill

L Online


Steve Altria




Finance Support to CSM PC 4th April 2022







Reported to Council and authorised for payment……………………………………………………….… Chair 4th April 2022.





Financial Regulations – Payments Authorisation







The PC Financial Regulation provide for the PC to agree a list Annually of payments that can be made (normally online) and reported to the next PC meeting. Payments NOT on the agreed list [see Nov minute 20/172 (6)] or specifically agreed are put to a full PC meeting for authorisation. ALL payments are signed off by three signatories.





Routine payments agreed that can be paid on receipt;







Clerks Wages




Asst Clerks Wages




Caretakers Wages




Parish Lengthsman Wages








Som Pension Fund Acc




Clerks and Asst routine (copy sent to Finance Sub monthly)







Caretakers Cleaning and H&S Mats Exps



Parish Lengthsman Expenses




Security - contracted payments



DD Engine Shed Electricity Supply



DD Pavilion Electricity Supply




DD Pavilion Gas Supply




CSM VHall Lettings




K Signs (SW) Ltd (Annual update of banners)



Window Cleaning Charges




Int Audit Fees




Membership Fees (SALC/NALC/SLCC/ALCC)



Lloyds A/C charges




Termly Septic Tank Empty




CPRE (Membership)




water2business (Water at Rec Park supply)



Som Playing Fields Assoc (Ann Play Equip Insp/Memb)



Community Youth Project (Contracted and Grant Payments only)



Allotments Rent




Devon and Somerset Fire Protection (pavilion fire ex insp)



Ext Audit Fees




Components/Parts for Play Equip repairs



PIP Payments per Agreed Budget



Any specifically payment preagreed by the PC