/ Parish Council / Minutes / 4th January 2021


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held on Monday 4th January 2021

held using Zoom at 7pm.

Present; PCllrs S Greenhalgh (Chair), S Hutchings (Appointed Vice Chair Min 21/4), B Brighton, P Brown (from Min 21/6), C Cudlip, N Davidson, Y Guest, J Peilow and P Tucker. (Parish Councillors). The Clerk. SCCllr D Fothergill (from Min 21/6). No members of the Public attended.

21/1. Chairman’s Welcome. SG welcomed all and Chaired the meeting.

21/2. Apologies. PCllr A Gunstone (reason accepted), SWTCllr D Durdan.

21/3. Declarations of Interest. (1) Declarations of Individual Members. SH re Planning 20/10 (1) 0036 and re caretaker. SH did not take part or vote on these items. ND declared an interest in the Canal Carpark Min 21/16.

(2) The Clerk on behalf of all PCllrs had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Cllrs to take part in the discussions on the precept at the Dec and this meeting. The PC granted the dispensation. Minute 20/187 refers.

21/4. Vice Chair. Following the resignation in Dec of the Vice Chairman it was proposed that S Hutchings be appointed Vice Chairman. Proposed BB, Seconded JP. All voted for.

21/5. SWTC Councillors’ Report. No report. SG asked if KD had replied yet on the PC request for the SWTC maintenance grant to be increased. The Clerk advised KD had been fully briefed and a call had been made to remind her but that an outcome is still awaited.

Action. KD to reply to SWTC grant increase request.

21/6. Minutes of the PC Meeting held on 7th December 2020. (These had been previously circulated to PCllrs). The minutes of the 7th Dec mtg were agreed. The minutes were then authorised to be signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting. Proposed SH, Seconded CC. All for bar YG who abstained.

(DF and PB joined the mtg).

21/7. Matters Arising from the minutes of the 7th December Mtg. The Clerk having previously circulated a report reported that:

20/134(7) Banking. No change. He has yet to apply to open a Deposit Acc with Nationwide Bdg Soc as he has been prioritising getting add signatories on Lloyds on line account. ND and PT now had online authorisation.

20/172. Finance (10) Climate Change. No change. PC bid for an E car charger at the Rec Park and the VHall bid (less its contingency) submitted ahead of the SCC deadline. Outcome expected 15th Jan 2020

20/173. Rec Park. (1) Operational Items. key holders are to be reviewed.

(2) Toilets. The Football Team Managers have been informed of the PC requirements on cleaning.

(4) Play Equipment. Clerk and CS had chased Sutcliffe’s to do repairs. Repairs to be done 30 11 20.

(5). CCTV/Security alarm (CC). Clerk has circulated quotes and put-on Dec agenda.

20/175. Footpaths/Rights of Way. No change. 11.3 Bull Street Waste Bin EA permission now granted, SH/CC to install waste bin on the Bull St ramp.

20/178. Website/Email addresses. As it was agreed that responsibility for taking this project forward was with PCllr Pengelley and she has resigned this project now needs reallocating.

Action. It was agreed that the Clerk obtain 3 quotes for a new website.

(2) Planning Application 14/20/0008 Mill Lane, CSM 13 3 20 Change of use of land to a crane hire depot,

including the storage of containers on site in association with crane hire. (retention of works already

undertaken). Agreed representations to SWTC Planning Manager with a copy to the SWTC Leader, CSM District Cllrs and case officer raising the PC concern over the length of time to reach and publish a decision on this planning application have been sent and followed up.

(4) Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension 2. PB reported that RGP Highway consultant’s report on road safety

in the village had been issued to SCC Highways. A positive meeting was held at which the report had been discussed and an agreed meeting with Technical Officers has been organised for 29th January.

(5) SWTC Local Plan SHLAA. The Clerk having circulated SWTC’s maps explained that Council as

part of their local plan work had approached local landowners and developers with a “Call for sites”. These

had yet to be subject to either SWTC evaluation or to a planning application. The Clerk suggested that representations be made to SWTC to support that site being included within the MH2 development as this would facilitate passage from CSM to/from Walford Cross and the green necklace envisaged between. I have written to Nick Bryant at SWTC.

20/193. Budget 2021-2024. As we have had received the DLO charges for next year (21/22) I have updated the budget and recirculated for consideration at the Jan mtg.

(7) Rec Pavilion Gas Supply. The agreed SSE contract (£68p.a) has been replaced with one with a higher s/c (Est £100p.a). An alternative with Utilitia at the lower price of £44p.a has been entered into wef 23rd Jan 2021.

20/195. Personnel Sub Cttee. draft Terms of Reference of new sub cttee circulated.

20/196. Rec Park (2) Rec Park Panel. CS is currently looking at noticeboard costs and external funding.

PCllrs to make suggestions for sites for planting trees. PB offered to plant the trees.

SG offered to meet with AG and explain re locks and timings. JP to develop booking system further.

AG to raise issues at Panel mtg - the need for a sign to warn about kite flying near cabling at the bottom of the Rec Park, the Play Inspector’s report stating the need for a sign for the outdoor gym equipment stating height and age requirements (larger sign), the app referred to on the notice doesn’t work (Sutcliffe’s should shortly activate as they’ve now been paid). Rec Park Panel to report.

(3) Equipment Repairs. (5) Play Equipment Project. The Clerk advised that £354.39 remained and suggested an item be purchased for the Rec Park. It was agreed the panel is to make a decision. Rec Park Panel to decide to report.

(6) CCTV/Security Alarm. SG to ask PIP if they will fund A Birch’s quote for the alarms (£400 plus Vat). CCTV paused until a summer review

(7) Security. SG advised that Marine Fitness will lock up the Rec Park in the evenings (Mon to Fri) in lieu of having use of the Park to exercise Tues to Thurs. This will leave the Parish Lengthsman to un/lock at weekend’s and it was agreed to pay 1hr a week wef 7th Dec. Cover for the caretaker will be done by NC within existing hours SG to draw up an agreement with Marine Fitness (to include an exit clause). Clerk has adjusted Parish Lengthsman’s pay.

20/197. Village Hall AV equipment. PC’s agreed grant of £1k be held back in order that a drop-down screen and a projector from a different supplier be examined in order for PB to try and get a cost nearer the budget; noting as the main user the PC may need to top this up if not achieved.

20/199. Footpaths/Rights of Way. 12.2 Training. FA’C has booked three (incl Parish Lengthsman) strimmer certificate course places.

12.3 Dog bin. Request for additional bin. It was agreed to purchase and site a bin by the existing Canal and River Trust sign about 8 metres from the bridge (Creech side) nr Cathill Farm. Clerk has asked Canal Trust for permission to install and awaits their response. Clerk has also written to the resident that suggested an additional bin was required at Ham EA Ramp.

20/200. Canal. ND advised that two meetings had been held of the panel and minutes had been previously circulated. A bollard is suggested rather than a gate in order to stop overnight parking without blocking other forms of access and location is to be agreed subject to establishing who owned a stretch of the road.

Clerk has established ownership of road. SG to discuss with the Parish Lengthsman carpark security.

20/201. Youth Club. Following the PC decision to no longer fund the Youth Club wef 31.1.21, the Clerk as requested has approached neighbouring Parishes to see if a joint club could be formed but there was no interest other than West Monkton. As this was likely to only be a small contribution reflecting 3 members this would not be enough to proceed. It was agreed to suggest to WM PC whether there was scope to meet and explore linking in some form and for the Clerk to bid to Som Community Foundation to see if they would fund the Club. A response is awaited from WM PC and SCF.

20/202. Annual Parish Meeting. The Clerk advised that a decision would usually have been made on the format of the APM and preparation commenced. SG suggested given the Covid situation SALC be asked for guidance. SALC have replied to the Clerk without guidance.

20/203. Correspondence. The Clerk has reported the gas leak that had occurred in the gas pipe line at Creech Heathfield to SWTC planners so they are aware of the potential hazard in order that they may consult Wales and West and take it into account. Bull St Waste Bin. JP asked when this would be put in place. JP advised that there is a Bat roost in the pill box and suggested a sign be placed to deter disturbing the bats. The Clerk asked JP to provide wording for a sign so he could get a quote. CC suggested a mesh across the opening instead. It was agreed the canal panel would examine this.SH/CC to install bin.

21/8. County Councillors’ Report. DF advised; (1) Covid-19. That the Prime Minister is to make an announcement at 8pm (Clerks note – National lockdown 3 commenced the following day). The figures are going the wrong way with 424 cases in SW and Taunton. SCC are trying to keep open the schools but from tomorrow they have been advised to only open for those whose parents are critical workers or are vulnerable. Vaccination programme commenced with over 80s prioritised, for details see www.somersetccg.nhs.uk/health/local-services/health-services-during-coronavirus/covid-19-vaccinations-in-somerset.700 SCC staff have been redeployed to help support the programme by doing the admin tasks; this will have an impact on some services.

(2) Broadband. The rollout was now recommencing and would now be in the form of fibre to the house. Contractors are Airband, True Speed and Wessex Internet.

(3) 2021 Primary School Places: Applications for Primary School places in 2021 need to be made through Somerset County Council’s website: www.somerset.gov.uk/admissions The deadline is Friday, 15 January 2021.

(4) Local lockdown. YG asked if a local lockdown had been considered. DF advised that the powers were limited to closing local spaces, preventing/events and mtgs/gatherings taking place and that there had been no need.

(5) Elections 2021. CC asked if the Sec State had agreed to the suggested postponement. DF advised he would make a decision after a consultation period so a decision was not expected until February.

21/9. Budget/Precept. PCllrs considered the Councils 3 year forward budget (2021-2024) in detail along with its CIL monies and balances before setting its precept and budget for the forthcoming 2021-2022 (draft papers having been previously circulated and discussed at the 7th Dec meeting) year at £57,985.00 (a 3% increase of £1.60 p.a for a band ‘D’ home) in order to agree a balanced budget. The further annual above inflation increases i.e grass cutting, dog bin emptying was noted; pressures across the whole of local government are likely to require continual future year increases in Council Tax and that any new demands arising during the year would not be provided for. It was noted no CIL or S106 money was due next year either. It was also agreed to utilise the remaining unallocated CIL of £6,833 plus up to £3200 of this (2020/21) year’s budget underspend to provide a provision for 4 village gateways. Proposed PB, Seconded BB. All voted for.

Action. The Clerk to inform SWTC of the precept. Proposed CC Seconded PB. All voted for.

21/10. Planning. (1) Applications. The following applications were considered and observations agreed;







Land opposite Creech Allotments, Creech Heathfield. Change of use of land from agricultural to commercial amenity use for dog exercise and training with erection of fencing to boundary and formation of car park

NOT TO SUPPORT with commentary on the danger of access onto the derestricted road.

SG proposed, seconded ND. All for.



65 West View, CSM: Erection of a single storey extension to the side with formation of ramped access from the highway

NOT TO SUPPORT with commentary over the impact on the residential character and concern over the access arrangements. Also, a suggestion that an application for the other side of the house would be considered more favourably. CC Proposed, PT Seconded. All voted for bar PB who abstained.



Lydes Farm, Adsborough: Prior approval for proposed change of use from agricultural building to dwelling house (Class C3) and associated building operations at the cow stalls.

TO SUPPORT as long as the retained roadside wall does not obstruct the visibility of cars exiting the site.

Commentary on removal of any contaminants made and a preference expressed for a natural roofing material such as clay tiles or natural slate. SH Proposed, BB seconded, All voted for.



Barnoaks, Worthy Lane, CSM: Conversion of garage sited in the front garden with raising of roof and insertion of first floor for use as a home office and ancillary accommodation

TO SUPPORT along with a request that permitted dev rights are removed by a Condition to ensure the building is not extended and that planning control over subsequent use or sale as a separate building be imposed.

JP Proposed, PT seconded. All voted for bar BB, SH and CC who voted against)

(2) Applications decisions made by SWTC as Non material amendments" (Planners do not consult the PC);







18 Dillons Rd, CSM. Replace the render on the rear and side ext to red cedar timber cladding.

Refused by SWTC.



Winnats, North End CSM. Removal of small windows to front and side elevations, installation of cladding to front and side elevations, reduction of window size to dormer, removal of door to side bin store and replace with cladding

Under consideration

by SWTC.



Notification to remove a single section (120 metres) of hedgerow to make two fields into one on land south of Charlton Road, Creech St Michael

Application refused but three entrances subsequently approved.

(3) Monkton Heathfield Urban Extension 2. PB updated on the Panel activities including response made to

application 48/20/0050 for the Erection of a 66 bedroomed care home (Class C2) with associated parking, access and landscaping at Heathfield Industrial Park, Hardys Road, Bathpool. Highways Officers have offered a site meeting on 29th January to examine road safety in the Village.

(4) 14/20/0008 Creech Mills, Mill Lane CSM – AMENDED change of use to a crane hire depot and vehicle recovery yard (sui generis) (retention of works already undertaken). The decision of SWTC to refuse this application was noted and that they will now be taking enforcement action.

21/11. Finance. The Clerk reported that (1) Routine Payments and Receipts made since the Dec meeting (schedule circulated) were; The Clerks, Caretakers and Parish Lengthsmans Wages, HMRC and SCC Pension Fund payments, Clerks Dec Expenses £122.48, Lloyds Bank (Bank Charges 10 11 to 9 12 20) £7, SPFA (Memb 20-21) £15, EDF Electricity (£46 Pavilion/£15 Garage).

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; SW Lottery (Proceeds Dec £10.00), Creech Cougars £200.00.

(3) Bus Shelter for Creech Heathfield. That SWTC have advised that it has no funds available for a bus shelter this year.

(4) Rec Park and Dog Bin Charges. The DLO quotation for 2021-22 grass cutting and dog bin emptying was agreed (to include a 9th bin once installed).SH proposed, PT Seconded. All voted for.

(5) Rec Park Pavilion Gas Supply. That the intended contract with SSE had been withdrawn by the supplier but that a new and cheaper 2-year contract replacement with Utilitia had been entered into.

21/12. Personnel. Draft Terms of Reference for the Personnel Sub Cttee were considered and agreed with the following amendments (i) Para 5.6 PC to retain decision making on pay awards, honoraria and increments, (ii) Para 5.12 The Sub Cttee to do all staff reviews, (iii) Add a Para 7 setting out the Appeals Sub Cttee arrangements.

PB Proposed, SH Seconded. All voted for.

Action. Clerk to arrange a first meeting.

21/13. Rec Park. (1) Operational Items. Nil. (2) Rec Park Panel. SG confirmed that he had spoken to AG re floodlights and fitness group. SG advised that the Rec Park closing time has to close when it gets dark as there are too many H&S issues at present. As the evenings get lighter this will change. YG and JP advised that the Rec Park Panel wishes the Park to be open until 9pm and for the lights to be switched on. SG explained that Marine Fitness, in lieu of using the Rec Park 3 days a week, will lock up 5 evenings (Mon and Friday at 5.30pm and Tues to Thurs at 7.30pm). NC will un/lock at weekends. YG to contact Marine Fitness to see if they can be more flexible. PB asked that whatever the PC is doing it is publicised and he suggested that more volunteers be sought. JP explained that the panel intended to do this in the spring. BB reminded that CS was looking into a noticeboard so that such detail can be posted. YG asked if there was a job request form for the Parish Lengthsman. It was agreed to have 3 keys cut for £10 for the referee’s room.

Action. YG to contact Marine Fitness to see if they can be more flexible. AG to get keys cut. Clerk to develop a job request sheet.

(3) Development Projects. Alarm. The Clerk asked if the PIP panel had agreed to fund the alarm system agreed at the last meeting. SG advised that he had yet to ask them but would do so and advise him.

Action. The Clerk to write to instruct the alarm installer IF SG confirms that the PIP panel agree to fund.

(4) National Lock Down. DF advised that the Prime Minister had announced a third lockdown to commence the next morning. Further details are to follow. It was agreed that if permitted the Rec Park would stay open. If the Govt guidelines required closure however then the Clerk is to furlough PC staff. Proposed SG, Seconded BB. All voted for.

21/14. Highways. (1) Defects. SG reported that a barrier on the M5 motorway bridge at Langaller is missing.

(2) Coombe Lane. The Clerk advised that Highways had now offered a site meeting the following week but that the complainant had yet to respond as to whether they were available. Until they did the meeting would not take place. (3) Fingerposts. The PC considered the quotations from Somerset Forge for restoration of three further finger posts. The PC agreed to funding two; those at Ham Rd/Lipe Lane and at the Maypole Inn. SG proposed,

CC seconded. All voted for.

Action. The Clerk to advise the volunteers and ask to progress these two restorations.

21/15. Footpaths/Rights of Way. 14.1 Defects/Issues. No report from the Parish Footpath volunteers.

21/16. Canal. ND advised that the panel had met online twice and had a further meeting planned for the next day. The plans for clearing vegetation would be discussed depending on lockdown restrictions. Also signing. BB reminded that any hedgerow planted 20 years or more ago would need permission before removal. ND confirmed that no hedgerows were being removed only overgrown vegetation. SG advised that NC did not want to do un/locking.

The Clerk updated on who the owners of the track between Vicarage Lane and the railway bridge are. It was agreed to write to them to alert them to the need to repair potholes.

Action. The Clerk to write to the track owners and ask them to do repairs.

21/17. Youth Club. The Clerk explained that Covid Tier 4 requirements would prevent the youth club from opening and the village hall is closed too. SCF had agreed to fund the club during Feb and March. WM PC had advised they did not wish to have a joint PC Club. BB advised that a WM/Bathpool local resident, who is in the process of setting up a Youth Club, also intends speaking to WMPC. The Clerk then advised that WM PC had decided to support the resident to set up a volunteer run club for their Parish. YG and the Clerk highlighted some of the challenges with such clubs.

21/18. Annual Parish Meeting. The PC took the decision not to hold an APM in 2021 due to the uncertainties around Covid. SH proposed, CC seconded. All voted for.

Action. Clerk to cancel provisional booking of VHall.

21/19.Corona Support. YG asked how best to get support for any family needing it in the Parish. DF suggested they be referred to the SCC Corona Virus Line 0300 790 6275.

Action. The Clerk to put a reminder of the Corona Virus Line Tel number on the Parish Facebook site.

Mtg ended 9.06pm

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net

Future Meetings;

The next CSM PC mtgs are on and 1st February and 1st March 2021 at 7pm virtually using Zoom.

Please see Agenda placed on CSM Website 3 days ahead of the meeting or Email the Clerk for an agenda. Zoom access is shown in blue at the top.